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#rockbox log for 2013-08-04

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03:38:03PrestonI am currently stuck in an interesting situation, for the device I have installed RockBox onto has just crashed, probably due to an overload in the hard disk drive. I am considerably new to the software and I was wondering if anyone if anyone has experienced this issue (for it has prevented me from utilizing a boot or even just the native keys of the device) and if anyone has a solution to the problem. I am currently using an iPod Mini 2nd generation with
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04:45:07arowana[Saint]: What do u know, got iPod 80GB replaced at apple support , and got 160GB in xchange.
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05:46:43[Saint]...and the award for "Most Convincing Attempt to Word a Support Request like a Victorian Novel" goes to....
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06:38:32Jinxlol hey i talk like that too :)
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08:52:06pawanI tried to install rockbox on sansa clip+, but every time I get the error saying "Could not write firmware file". What could be causing the error?
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10:30:16SrRavenIs the sandisk e280 any good?
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12:13:29pamaurySrRaven: yes the e280 is rather good but it's getting very old now...
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14:09:55SrRavenbut worth the 5 bucks?
14:10:41gevaertsI'd say *any* player is worth that if it's fully working
14:11:43SrRavenim just either too stupid or not able to see how the E280 rockbox is (stable or unstable)
14:12:12gevaertsIt's e200 series
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14:13:39SrRavenjust need an emergency mp3 player for my bloody cowon s9 which fails regurlarly
14:15:07pamaurythe e200 is stable and works well, I would say it's worth it as a backup player
14:16:55lebelliumlooks like MS WMP :)
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14:24:07MarcAndersenhi. would it be possible to make the voice in rockbox to speak the file properties and song information windows?
14:25:21[Saint]Only if you pre-recorded *every possible string*, by my understanding.
14:26:15pamaurywe don't have a TTS engine in rockbox, that was the goal of one of the google summer of code a few years ago and it didn't suceed
14:27:02MarcAndersenbut all the letters and numbers are there, and that would be fine for me if someone is interested in helping me
14:27:02[Saint]though, by my understanding, it fell over more because of application from the student than technical impossibility.
14:29:23MarcAndersen@pamaury how it is going with the zen x-fi port?
14:29:25gevaertsSpelling out the info should indeed be possible
14:29:50*gevaerts doesn't know!
14:34:47pamauryMarcAndersen: I haven't done much progress recently, I don't have the time. Last time I worked on it I had the internal storage, sd card, buttons. So pretty much everything was ok except that the screen code is unstable, it works but sometimes it becomes garbage
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14:40:05MarcAndersenpamaury: do you have a test port i can try?
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14:42:36pamauryno, I only have the bootloader for now which makes it pretty useless
14:43:18MarcAnderseni hope we get it working some time, i can't really use it without rockbox
14:43:55pamauryand there is an issue with the install: it requires a special tool to upload the firmware, not that easy to integrate in rockbox utility
14:44:23MarcAndersenthat's too bad
14:44:49pamauryfor a start we can upload a prebuilt binary for this tool but in the future we need to do something better
14:45:14MarcAndersenbut back to the voice thing: i hope that that can be made possible.
14:47:41pamaurysomeone did some work some time ago but he said he stopped for personal reasons, the code is here: that was mostly a proof of concept
14:48:18MarcAndersenare there someone that could continue it?
14:48:37[Saint]You want it. :)
14:48:45pamaurythat's the problem, we don't, not so many people are willing to develop rockbox these days
14:50:01[Saint]No one is born learning how to do such things, everyone who can learned how at some point. You're able to as well.
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14:50:26[Saint](that doesn't sound quite as encouraging as I'd liked)
14:51:10 Part mirak
14:52:05MarcAndersenif i should do that, i would need some help. maybe i will try to find a freelancer then
14:53:30[Saint]Certainly. People would be more than willing to give you some help here. However, it would be more along the lines of the Rockbox core systems, rather than "C for Beginners".
14:53:59[Saint]The latter can be addressed from multiple sources.
14:55:41MarcAndersenbut how do i even start to create something for rockbox?
14:58:05[Saint]I am unsure I follow the question.
14:58:25[Saint]If I do understand, learning C is a rather crucial step.
14:59:07[Saint]Once you can at least understand some of the language it is written in, it stops being magic, and becomes a set of instruction.
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14:59:55MarcAnderseni can only write in autoit and a game variant based on angel script
15:00:00[Saint]It sounds daunting. But it really isn't.
15:00:22pamauryyou have to learn C, first start on your computer. Then the best way is probably to write some plugins for rockbox, which is like writing a small program. And finally hack rockbox itself
15:00:33[Saint]Most people can pick up the basics in a week or so, in their free time, with freely available online guides.
15:04:00[Saint]The trick is starting simple. People often get discouraged when they want to do things they expect should be simple and later find out that it is a lot more complicated than they first thought.
15:04:16[Saint]I'll freely admit I did this myself.
15:07:28lebellium[Saint] almost tempted me to learn C/C++ :D
15:07:43lebelliumbut no, I'll stick to my themes :D
15:09:10MarcAnderseni give up
15:10:35MarcAndersengood bye for now
15:10:43 Part MarcAndersen
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15:12:11pamaury[Saint]: you are not a good marketing guy ;)
15:12:58*pamaury is completely unable to read a theme code
15:15:16lebelliumjust look at CustomWPS on wiki (sorry [Saint] :P ) and you'll be able to do it in 5 minutes
15:16:03pamauryI prefer not to ^^ the day themes can be written in Lua i'll buy it :p
15:17:17pamauryI have close to 0 XP in graphism/design/style anyway :)
15:33:43[Saint]the theme code is amusing.
15:34:48[Saint]Its even difficult sometimes for me to read someone else's theme code due to having my own style.
15:40:50SrRavenSerious question, if you guys are actually programmers, how hard is stuff like coding rockbox for a device ? I am starting my CS degree in October and im curious about the hardware part
15:48:48pamauryit depends
15:49:23pamauryusually programming is not the hard part, what can be hard is to understand how the hardware works
15:51:37pamauryso in an idea world, you should know about how OSes work, at least have a grasp about how hardware work and of course so knowledge of the architecture (ARM for example)
15:52:34pamaurybut you can learn most of it on the fly by asking questions
15:53:04pamauryabout porting to a new device, it range from easy to very hard, depending on the existing code and the documentation available
15:54:39SrRavenso how does it work mostly ? like do you reverse engineer firmware updates ?
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15:59:40pamauryyes usually you have to reverse engineer firmware updates to get some information
15:59:57pamauryusually this is needed for the lcd and for GPIOs
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19:42:52SrRavenanyone here with a sansa clip ever needed to repair it ?
19:42:59SrRavenI got one with a wobbly headphone jack input
19:47:42pamaurySrRaven: the clip v1 ?
19:48:08SrRavensays clip+
19:48:28pamauryI don't remember, I think i've heard this for the clip zip
19:52:11SrRavenhmm,used too much force to "rip" it open
19:52:48SrRavenbut yeh the headphone jack is so wobbly I can take it off
19:52:50*SrRaven needs to solder it
19:56:04pamauryanyone broken headphone jack is a rather common problem with mp3 players
19:57:42SrRavenAlso gonna consider repairing my headphone cable myself
19:57:50SrRavenfcking replacement cables cost 60
19:58:05ZincAlloyhow much were the headphones?
19:58:40[Saint]yay for subtext? :-S
19:59:18ZincAlloy60 still sounds quite a rip off
19:59:44SrRavenWell sennheiser :/
20:00:37ZincAlloyat least it's replaceable..
20:00:57SrRavenwell yes but not cheap :P
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20:01:46ZincAlloymy koss porta pros need a new cable as well. still trying to find something decent
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20:03:50SrRavenyeh next time im repairing this mofo myself
20:03:56SrRavenits aaaaaaaalways the fucking headphone jack
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21:57:53pamaury[7]: I'm working on my firmware patcher, I think I will implement that with lua scripting, it will be easier than any command line interface
21:58:34*[7] admits that he has never even closely looked at lua, let alone done anything with it :P
22:00:22pamauryoh my, finally something the great [7] doesn't know ! ;)
22:04:38*[7] isn't so great anymore ;)
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