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#rockbox log for 2013-08-09

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00:01:55wodz[7]: How do you teach ida arch of the bin running in gdbserver? ida connects correctly but thinks the binary is x86
00:02:53wodz[7]: nevermind, figured out
00:04:25[7]it *should* stick to the architecture of the idb
00:05:34wodz[7]: Do you load binary in advance, before attaching to gdbserver?
00:06:30[7]I typically just use a normal idb file with the binary loaded, and then select remote dbg and attach to the process
00:06:55[7]that might speed things up massively
00:07:21[7]if it has to load the full binary via GDB that might take a while, and it might only do that on demand when viewing the area in question, thus missing xrefs etc.
00:10:19wodz[7]: If I load idb, debugger menu doesn't show 'remote GDB' option at all.
00:10:59[7]in which ida version?
00:11:25[7]5.5 seems to work fine for me
00:11:43wodz5.5 also
00:12:46wodzHa I need to click 'play' icon in debugger menu. Super inconsistent
00:14:14wodzanyway I am running rk27xx rb bootloader in hacked skyeye paired with ida :-)
00:23:02pamaurythis usb driver is insane, but I think I have found most of its architecture
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00:28:38pamaury[7]: wodz: new version of my disassembly:
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08:05:01webguest29Csn rocboxs play gif files?
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14:15:46pamauryTheSeven: is there any register at synopsysotg_inepregs.reserved4, ie at OTG_BASE+ 0x904/0x924/...
14:16:17pamauryah no sorry, my mistake again, ^^
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14:40:16wodzJudging from the rom disasm + nand dump it seems that nand bootloader is correctly loaded only because the reading routine do this in 512b chunks. For me size calculation is borked in rom.
14:40:27wodzI mean rk27xx
14:41:15pamauryit's not a bug, it's a feature !
14:41:21pamaury*security feature !
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14:55:42SovonHalderCopper: you here mate?
14:56:09SovonHalderI don't know if it's from my end, but I thought I should tell you this..
14:57:00SovonHalderCover art are not showing on most of the albums on your theme. do you know why this is happening ?
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15:09:42SovonHaldercan anyone tell why album art is now showing in while play display ?
15:09:52SovonHalder*not showing
15:10:51SovonHaldereven in the default rockbox theme, the arbum arts are not displayed.
15:20:59copperSovonHalder: then the problem doesn't lie with the themes
15:21:55SovonHalderhow do I solve it? you know, about 60% of albums shows album art but the rest doesn't
15:24:02wodzHmm, I might be wrong with statement about wrong size calc in rom. It seems there is(are) bit(s) flip(s) on nand in first block. BCH checksum of the first sector doesn't match the one on the flash.
15:24:46copperSovonHalder: notably, Rockbox doesn't support "progressive and multi-scan JPEG files"
15:24:52copperyou have to convert them
15:26:07SovonHalderI'm reading those now. thank you
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17:10:26cooltwouI have an SanDisk Sansa Clip + with Rockbox on it & every time I start with the Micro SD card I get this error: ATA error- 4 what would be causing this
17:18:48SovonHalderCopper: So I wanted to have the album arts in a separate directory ./rockbox/albumart named as albumtitle.jpg because this is the most comprehensive manner to manage album art. So I tried "iPod Album Art Extracter for RockBox" but iPod isn't detected by this aplication
17:18:59 Quit shamus (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
17:19:19SovonHalderdo you know why didn't it recognize?
17:19:40copperI don't know that software
17:19:56copperalso, the simplest scheme is "cover.jpg" in the album directory, IMO
17:20:25SovonHalderI thought that also
17:20:57 Join shamus [0] (
17:21:38SovonHalderbut for that I need to extract all the embedded cover arts. I can extract them using mP3tag
17:21:58SovonHalderbut I do need to convert those image files. don't I?
17:22:40SovonHalderall music files of all albums has embeeed artworks but some are displayed & some aren't
17:23:48SovonHalderso there must be some format incompatibility for those not-showing once. And like you told, I need to check them if they are nothing but JPEG or BMP , right?
17:24:01copper13:24:48 UTC <copper> SovonHalder: notably, Rockbox doesn't support "progressive and multi-scan JPEG files"
17:24:20cooltwou can somebody please help me with the problem I am having
17:24:43SovonHalderhow do I know if a cover is progressive and multi-scan JPEG ?
17:25:12copperI don't know, I convert all my artwork with ImageMagick anyway
17:25:12SovonHalderprogressive is I can tell by PNG format
17:26:49SovonHaldercan it batch convert files from multiple formats−−-to−−-JPEG/BMP?
17:29:29copperit can do anything
17:32:45wodzThat is amazing - nand bootloader occupies 91 sectors, 15 of which have data with errors (recoverable with BCH but still that is over 16% of sectors with errors !!!)
17:33:55coppercooltwou: you mean when you boot the Clip+ with the sd card inserted?
17:36:48cooltwou yes when I hit the power button it shows that error every time when you try to boot the player
17:37:29wodzcheck filesystem of the card in card reader
17:38:22cooltwouplayerok h
17:38:38cooltwouOK how do I do that
17:41:56wodzput the card of question in card reader and then run fsck/chdsk depending on OS used
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18:01:53pamaurywodz: cheap and crappy nand probably
18:03:14bertrikATA -4 sounds more like a block device access error than a filesystem error
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18:04:08bertrikit happens during sd card initialisation
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18:13:12wodzIs the sd init bug fixed in amsv2? I mean this reading after SD_SWITCH command?
18:14:24 Join kevku [0] (~kevku@2001:0:c38c:c38c:1c12:790f:3d69:beac)
18:14:42wodzsome sd cards are picky about this
18:16:25pamauryI don't think so
18:16:46pamauryI fixed it in imx233 and then you suggested that we finally write a generic sd driver
18:18:47wodzyea, I have some early prototype but I am not quite satisfied and then other interesting stuff surfaced :-)
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19:19:55jlbiasinipamaury: I receaved the F+ thanks! I still have to buy a microsd and then will see for the bootloader update
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19:22:17bertrikthe "sd init bug in amsv2"?
19:22:44pamauryit sends a SD_SWITCH but doesn't read the data sent
19:23:11bertrikno, it doesn't, probably confused with AMSv1
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20:49:05cooltwouI don't understand if you told me what the problem with the Micro SD card is
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21:45:37funmanSD_SWITCH is to see the whole device rather than the first "approximately one GB", and on AMSv1 only iirc
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23:15:04user890104is rockbox supposed to be able to play a file, described like this by file(1): test.aac: MPEG ADTS, AAC, v4 LC, 44.1 kHz, stereo
23:16:11user890104it doesn't even give my aac files a music icon in the file browser
23:16:15 Part Galois
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23:16:55soapwhat is the file extension?
23:18:12soapthat's a "streamed" aac file.
23:24:37 Join saratoga [0] (46c080b4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
23:24:55saratoga.aac is not a supported extension
23:25:23saratoga if its just a misnamed aac file renaming it might fix it
23:26:09saratogaif its actually a .aac stream youll need to covert it to something more standard
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23:33:21pamauryTheSeven: don't know if you are interested, i've made some progress on the bootrom on the usb side, i'm close to having to whole picture i think
23:36:07pamaurythe day I meet the guys who wrote this, they are dead, period
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