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#rockbox log for 2013-08-10

00:03:05user890104soap: i tried to extract the audio from a .flv file, using "ffmpeg -vn -acodec copy", basicly grabbing just the audio stream without re-encoding it
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00:03:28user890104i named it .aac myself, what should be the correct extension?
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00:05:08cooltwouI still need to know to fix ATA Error -4 in a SanDisk Sansa Clip + with Rockbox on the player
00:06:12cooltwouwith a Micro SD card in it to get that error when you boot up
00:06:39bertrikcooltwou: the short answer is that we don't know what causes that, other than that it happens during sd card initialisation
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00:09:22user890104this is what ffprobe tells me: Input #0, aac, from 'test.aac':Duration: 00:03:42.05, bitrate: 119 kb/s Stream #0:0: Audio: aac, 44100 Hz, stereo, s16, 119 kb/s
00:09:53TheSevenpamaury: interesting... I'm on vacation until late sunday, so I'm not near the broken clip right now
00:10:25bertrikcooltwou: is it an old card, or a new card?
00:10:31TheSevenif you have a few things I could try to tinker with by then, I'll gladly have a look :)
00:12:29*bertrik wonders why some people use hexadecimal notation when dealing with hardware, even for stuff like dividers
00:12:57*TheSeven can think of a lot of cases where that would make sense
00:13:06bertriklike <some_reg> = 0x64; // set divider to 100
00:14:33bertrikwell, obviously you can't just write <some_reg> = 100; and not even need the comment ?
00:15:05TheSevenwell, if that reg contains something else in higher bits it might be better like this for clarity
00:15:21TheSevenalthough = (100 << 0) might have been even more clear
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02:42:42cooltwouHow or what do I do about this error I get on a SanDisk Sansa Clip + with Rockbox & I get this error when I boot up the player with a Micro SD card it says ATA Error: -4
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04:28:33Maxdamantusapparently it means "/* CMD3 send RCA */"
04:28:49Maxdamantusif(!send_cmd(drive, SD_SEND_RELATIVE_ADDR, 0, MCI_RESP, &card_info[drive].rca)) return -4;
04:30:29Maxdamantusoh, the error codes change depending on the SD driver.
04:35:15Maxdamantusso it means "send CID" failed, whatever that means.
04:35:29MaxdamantusAh, he left.
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19:30:47*copper drops a pin
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19:59:47felix1429Hey all
20:01:17felix1429oooooooor not
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20:01:37pamauryyes ?
20:02:04pamaury[7]: I managed to run hwstub after patching the fuze+ OS :D
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20:27:30IgorCis there more or less stable Rockbox for Android?
20:27:45IgorCI get it from here">
20:28:43IgorCit works pretty well but it has a few bugs
20:29:12gevaertsYes, that summarises the android port rather nicely :)
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21:01:30sakaxis there still some development going on for ipod nano 2g?
21:02:21sakax[Saint], any progress on the usb issue?
21:03:51[Saint]There really isn't any.
21:04:13[Saint]Since there's USB support from the OF, it isn't really a terribly high priority.
21:05:36[Saint]TheSeven has done some work with a generic driver for that USB core, but, as yet, I don't think any of that is in the ROckbox source.
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21:09:28[Saint]Obviously I'm sure everyone would prefer it to work, but, I'm still not certain anyone knows why it broke in the first place - which makes it exceedingly difficult to fix. It isn't as though no one has tried, it just hasn't happened yet.
21:10:04[Saint]While dual-boot exists, and the OF offers USB, it is merely a minor inconvenience - not something that prevents usage.
21:16:18sakaxthat's true
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22:24:39bastihi there. i am trying to uninstall rockbox from my sansa clip+ device. i am using the current version of the rockbox utility. when i try to uninstall the bootloder it says: i can install the bootloder again and install rockbox, but it wont let me remove it. what am i doing wrong?
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22:25:55bastibootloader ^
22:29:10gevaertsbasti: Try a normal firmware update to remove the booloader
22:29:40gevaertsi.e. just take the .bin file you got from the sandisk site, put that on the player, and reboot to the original firmware
22:30:22BagderI'll offer you a read of the most curious email I got today:
22:30:24gevaertsThat should then see the firmware file and update to it
22:30:28Bagdergree sorry wrong channel
22:30:42*Bagder hangs head and runs off
22:32:27basti found it myself.
22:33:19[Saint]basti: you were given the answer several minutes ago.
22:33:22bastigevaerts, sorry i just read your post.
22:33:36bastimy client seems not to notifay me
22:33:39gevaertsWell, rockbox utility gave the answer first :)
22:33:48[Saint]Indeed it did.
22:33:55gevaertsAlthough not in a very detailed way
22:34:03[Saint]The problem is, what users consider a "normal firmware update"
22:34:11bastii thought it was referring to the rockbox firmware...
22:34:13[Saint]or rather *which* firmware
22:35:05bastibetter make that clearer for other dummys like me
22:35:14[Saint]Enough people seem to get this wrong that making it clear that we absolutely do not mean the Rockbox firmware is worthwhile.
22:35:45[Saint]You'd think that it would be obvious that one wouldn't update Rockbox to remove Rockbox, but, apparently it isn't.
22:36:01[Saint](I'm sure when worded like that it seems a little silly)
22:37:16bastii was thinking, that the firmware was to old or something in order to get removed by the utility. because it has been a year or two since i installed rockbox on that thing
22:38:32*gevaerts challenges [Saint] to come up with better wording on gerrit :)
22:38:41gevaertsBet you can't do it!
22:38:49*gevaerts tries to provide motivation too :)
22:38:58[Saint]If that were the case, seeing as we can detect the installed version - we'd print the current/required version(s).
22:40:53[Saint]gevaerts: "s/normal firmware update/normal firmware update {SanDisk FW, NOT Rockbox!)/"
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23:04:20draft[Saint]: are ya here, mate?
23:04:35draftbtw: any Scandinavians in the channel?
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23:48:04AndyPmsg NickServ AndyP Openseedbun
23:49:00Bagderpassword change time!
23:49:28AndyPB*gger It

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