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#rockbox log for 2013-08-12

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01:05:02[7]andypotter: I think the serial port works fine in emCORE, but I'm not completely sure right now
01:07:00[7]if not I could give you some hints on what to look for
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07:37:41theunleethi if my enCORE is stuck at the console screen, how do i reboot the ipod
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07:52:03*[Saint] guesses that theunleet figured out his slightly silly question
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09:03:04andypotter7: I've downloaded the emCORE source and will have a look. Also downloaded ipodlinux source as that appears to support the 3rd gen serial port. Could be back with a multitude of questions later.
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09:39:40*[Saint] pings TheSeven so he actually knows andypotter is talking to him
09:39:59[Saint](people very rarely read logs without a personal highlight)
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09:55:11copper[Saint]: I need to go on a few errands. Cancel my appointments and take messages. Thank you!
09:57:04wodzTheSeven: ping
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13:03:50duncannI face an issue with RBUtility and linux
13:03:57duncannI can't patch my firmware
13:04:19duncann"could not write firmware"
13:04:34duncanndoes anyone have an idea how to debug it ?
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13:10:35duncannok forget I found it. Thanks
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13:38:53TheSeven[Saint]: I'm highlighting everything in here that contains "emCORE" anyway :)
13:38:58TheSevenwodz: pong
13:40:04wodzTheSeven: Do I assume correctly that in order to sync 'simulated' memory and IDA database I need to take mem snapshot?
13:42:18pamaurywodz: when you have time, can you send me your hwstub work in progress so I can have a look ?
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13:43:05wodzpamaury: Sure, later today when I get back home
13:44:53pamauryTheSeven: wodz: by the way, I successfully patched the fuze+ using hwpatcher and hwstub: I can now stop the OF at any time using a key combination and then hwstub is launched and I can poke memory and registers :D
13:47:02TheSevenwodz: yes, I think so
13:47:45wodzTheSeven: Is it versioned or something?
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14:34:04TheSevenwodz: I don't think so
14:34:27TheSevensilly IDA doesn't even have an undo operation for trivial stuff, so I doubt it has one for complex stuff :)
14:39:34Zagorguys, how is the status of Devcon this year? the wiki suggests low interest. are we scrapping it this time?
14:42:13wodzI would like to meet dev team this year BUT since there was no strong decission I dubt I'll be able to afford expensive air ticket as it is now.
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14:47:17pamauryIt seems there is low interest, I would like this to happen though
14:47:43pamauryespecially since there was a week-end nearly everybody was able to come
14:48:13pamauryyeah sept 14/15
14:48:53pamaurybut Peter said he wasn't sure he could host or something
15:10:26pamauryZagor: do you know anything about this ^
15:12:23pamaurywe should ask petur
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17:04:36coppermy new theme for the iPod Classic:
17:11:29amayercopper: very nice!
17:12:21copperthat one took me a while
17:12:29copperthe wps code, mostly
17:12:53amayeri think it could use a softer icon set tho. the default one is kinda loud and takes over the theme
17:13:12copperyou mean the colors?
17:13:20amayeryeah kinda
17:13:42amayerthe icons just REALLY stick out and the rest of the theme is kinda lost in the background in my opinion
17:14:05copperhmmm, are there other Rockbox-ready sets linked somewhere?
17:14:08 Nick Zambezi_ is now known as Zambezi (
17:14:21amayerive seen them before but i forget where.
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17:16:52copperamayer: fantastic, thanks
17:33:57copperamayer: nothing "works" (aesthetically) but grayscale icon sets
17:34:07copperbut I think it looks kinda weird
17:34:32amayeryeah that might look kinda weird
17:36:06amayeri didnt see any that really stood out like they would work with your theme.
17:36:40copperuntil I find something better, I'll keep using the tango_small icons
17:36:51copperI think they're quite crisp
17:37:00copperand more importantly, they're the right size
17:40:33copperis there a file (.??s) for recording?
17:40:43coppera theme file for the recording screen
17:48:27wodzcopper: no
17:58:39amayerwhat ever happened to the ipod classic cpu boost patch? did that get submitted to trashed?
18:03:43amayernvm found it... i never knew gerrit had more then one page of open patches
18:11:08wodzit has quite a few more :-)
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18:43:24amayerwodz: yeah i noticed...
18:47:33pamaurybluebrother: did you have a look at the RBUtil patches for CAB ? I don't remember sorry...
18:50:25wodzNow, with massive help from author ofbch lib shipped with linux kernel I am able to simulate in software ecc hardware of rk27xx using free software only :-)
18:50:36wodzs/ofbch/of bch/
18:51:24pamaurynice :)
18:58:28wodzThe nand chip in my DAP is crap. There are cells which have 4bits flipped :P This ECC thing is incredible allowing it to work correctly at the end.
18:58:59wodzerr, s/cells/sectors/
18:59:29pamauryI guess that's the whole point of BCH ;)
19:00:50wodzthats true, but still amazing
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22:57:52TheSevenjust dropping this here, might be helpful for people dealing with synopsysotg:
22:58:16TheSevencontains some register definitions that even I didn't know about yet :)
23:00:15 Join Mir_ [0] (
23:01:45gevaertsTheSeven: it does say "ephemeral", so I hope you grabbed a local copy :)
23:02:38TheSevennot yet, just ran across it a minute ago by accident, while trying to figure out what the heck the raspberry pi kernel option "dwc_otg.lpm_enable=0" is all about
23:05:38 Quit amayer (Quit: Leaving)
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23:15:57pamauryTheSeven: and what does that mean ? low power mode enable ?
23:16:14 Nick Mir_ is now known as Mir (
23:16:25TheSevenprobably "link power management" or something... it's related to devices (such as a keyboard) waking up the host from standby
23:16:39TheSeveni.e. not relevant for our purposes
23:51:50 Quit Rower (Quit: Hmmm...)

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