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#rockbox log for 2013-08-16

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00:08:35[Saint]copper: Rockbox has absolutely no concept of auto-kerning.
00:08:57[Saint]So, occasionally, some letters will look like complete ass.
00:09:38[Saint]There are a few params to pass to convttf to make the effect less obvious, but, its nothing that can be fixed 100%.
00:10:40[Saint]relevant xkcd:
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00:52:37wowanamei found a bug but it's probably already marked on the bug tracking website
00:53:08wowanameone time error: tried to access database list and it returned an error with address 0x65029840
00:54:25wowanamewhole bunch of times i've crashed shit trying to use themes (or do anything else) :p
00:54:35wowanamebut it's way better than the original ipod fw <3
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00:55:40wowaname[0]=2&sev[0]=&pri[0]=&due[0]=&reported[0]=&cat[0]=&status[0]=open&percent[0]=&opened=&dev=&closed=&duedatefrom=&duedateto=&changedfrom=&changedto=&openedfrom=&openedto=&closedfrom=&closedto= is a wont fix?
01:00:22wowanamewhy what
01:00:28gevaertsIt's not marked as won't fix
01:00:51wowanamesomeone in comments said; that must have been previously
01:02:32gevaertsWell yes, but then JdGordon tends to want to mark bugs as won't fix if he doesn't feel like fixing them right away :)
01:03:29wowanamerockbox is so fun to play with
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02:00:45wowanamei must fail at themes...
02:01:35wowanamehello, manual
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02:11:56JdGordongevaerts: ?
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09:29:59BonesHi, for the Sansa Fuze+ port the wiki says I need a copy of the latest firmware for the Fuze+. Why? is this for dual boot, or is the RockBox firmware using parts of the original firmware?
09:31:10jhMikeSdual-boot is at least part of it looks borken
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09:55:10ZagorjhMikeS: thank, I'll take a look
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12:26:09copperwoah, wtf
12:26:17copperthe radio disappeared from my Fuze+
12:26:55copperhmmm no
12:26:58copperI must be blind
12:27:12lebelliumthe radio chip burnt during the night
12:28:02bertrikcopper: the main menu is dynamic in the sense that it doesn't show the radio menu if the tuner is not found
12:28:25bertrikso perhaps there was some transient bug/problem causing tuner detection to fail
12:33:33copperit's gone again
12:35:02copperhow do I bring it back
12:35:41pamauryif it's not there is means there is a problem with the chip
12:36:10pamaurythe radio code has not changed in a long time so it's unlikely to be a bug
12:41:09bertrikpamaury: i2c could be in a confused state
12:41:24pamauryyeah but why now and not before ?
12:41:33bertrikdidn't you change the drive strength recently?
12:43:42copperit's a bug
12:44:47copperevery time I boot with the latest Fuze+ build, FM radio disappears
12:45:00copperevery time I boot with a backup build (f285 something), it's there
12:46:41copperf285a0 works
12:50:09[Saint]have you lodged that motherfudger in flyspray?
12:50:19[Saint]sounds like a very easy repro.
12:52:25pamaurybertrik: no
12:52:48pamauryI changed the driver strength of the sd, but it's not in the trunk and it's unrelated anyway
12:53:07pamaurycopper: can you bisect ?
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13:12:27copperb662e3a2dcaf144471e0558681f4b78dac013f30 is the first bad commit
13:12:47copperbertrik: that's you!
13:13:08copperI'm not sure that's correct
13:13:31lebelliumthat's basically the latest commit
13:16:33pamaurystrange, that's usb, how could it be related ?!
13:17:11pamaurylet me check on mine
13:19:08pamauryit works on mine, that must be a different problem, this commit is just unrelated
13:19:30copperI just tried again with the build before last commit
13:19:35copperlast build doesn't
13:21:00pamaurybad build ?
13:21:41copperno, I rebuilt it
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13:28:41[Saint]copper: have you tried (as one should) nuking your config.cfg and starting clean for the repro steps?
13:28:44 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
13:28:48[Saint](back it up, of course)
13:30:24[Saint]backing it up is good for two reasons, for you, obviously, and for anyone else looking into the bug in case it turns out its a particular setting at fault
13:35:28pamauryby the way, the whole storage idle thing seems just wrong
13:36:12bertrikpamaury: oh, by design, or by implementation?
13:36:21pamauryI don't know, both ?
13:37:09pamauryTake logdisk: you log things, buffer is not full, idle has been called. By implementation, next idle will be in 30 sec. Now shutdown, no storage idle called, you just lost your log
13:38:08copper[Saint]: indeed that works
13:38:24pamaurycopper: really ? that's strange
13:38:39copperI'm gonna re-do my configuration
13:39:53bertrikpamaury: I was under the impression that the idle callback is also done on shutdown
13:40:26bertrikI know it's not done for rolo
13:41:07pamauryI don't know, i'm trying to use logdisk to log performance counters and the result is just wrong, missing lots of events, especially in the end, whereas logf shows them
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13:42:33[Saint]copper: if you can find the culprit .cfg entry - that would be of *immense* help potentially
13:42:44[Saint]perhaps you can pamaury caould diff your configs?
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13:47:06copperI'm trying to reproduce the bug
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14:09:24copper[Saint]: I completely deleted /.rockbox
14:09:34copperunpacked from the latest build
14:09:46copperdidn't change any setting or whatever
14:09:56copperFM radio appears on boot about half the time
14:10:15copperI'm rebuilding the build before last to see if I can reproduce it with that one too
14:12:04copperwith c01a728, FM radio ALWAYS shows
14:12:09copperit's definitely a bug
14:12:29copperand like I said, I tested with the absolute defaults
14:12:47coppercompletely clean .rockbox directory, straight from the
14:15:16 Part LinusN
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14:41:24jlbiasinipamaury: ping
14:42:14pamauryjlbiasini: pong
14:42:29pamauryback from holydays ?
14:43:09jlbiasinipamaury: I got a sd card now so we can see if you can explay me how to update the f+
14:43:46jlbiasininot really, really getting into them actually. That means also some time more for rockbox
14:43:50pamaurysure, first plug your sd card into your compute
14:44:43pamaurydo you have parted, or gparted or partitionmanager ?
14:45:10jlbiasiniI already partition it in fstab
14:45:18pamauryok, run gparted and select your micro-sd card
14:45:25jlbiasiniI'm telling nosens
14:45:43jlbiasiniit's fat32 partitionned
14:45:59pamauryyou will need to modify the layout to have two partitions on your micro-sd card: one standard FAT and another one, don't care about the type and about 100MB in size
14:46:41jlbiasiniok go on describing for some reason I have to reboot to get my sd card read. But let me understand the whole process first
14:46:52jlbiasiniok I know how to do so
14:47:11jlbiasiniwhich one goes first? is it important?
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14:49:56copper guys, did you get what I said about the latest build and the FM bug?
14:51:09pamaurycopper: it works half of the time ?
14:51:32pamauryI don't get how this is possible, it's completely unrelated !
14:51:40copperand since I completely wiped my /.rockbox directory, it can't be a theme or a configuration setting that's at fault
14:52:08pamauryI think we'll need to send you some patches to debug that
14:52:40jlbiasinipamaury: ok, done
14:52:41copperare you unable to reproduce it yourself?
14:52:47pamaurycopper: yes
14:53:05copperthough apparently we have two slightly different models
14:53:11pamauryjlbiasini: ok, now run fdisk on the micro-sd card as root: fdisk /dev/<block>
14:53:13pamaurycopper: do we ?
14:53:17copperdifferent displays
14:53:47pamauryah, yeah but the screen is the only difference as far as I know
14:53:49copperyou made a change that affected my Fuze+ but not yours
14:55:29jlbiasinipamaury: do I run it on the disk (like fdisk /dev/sdc) or on the small partition (like fdisk /dev/sdc1)
14:55:43pamaurythe whole disk (/dev/sdc)
14:55:48jlbiasiniok done
14:56:04pamaurypress "p" (for print) and pastebin the output so I can check
14:59:03pamaurygood, now we will change the partition id of /dev/sdc1 to 53: press "t" then "1"
14:59:09pamaurythen "53"
14:59:55pamaurypress "p" again and it should now show "53 OnTrack DM6 Aux3". If yes, press "w"
15:00:30jlbiasiniok done, what kind of fs is that?
15:00:31 Quit soap (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
15:00:49pamauryFor the explaination: the bootloader will look for a partition of type "53" and consider its content as a plain sb file
15:01:03pamaury*freescale bootloader
15:01:16jlbiasiniah ok thanks
15:01:20pamauryso the next step is to get a bootloader image (take the one from the forum/wiki)
15:01:25pamauryand to write it to this partition
15:01:37jlbiasiniso now I have to dd a sb file to it wright?
15:01:39pamaurythere is a little catch though: it must not start at the beginning of the partition
15:01:51pamauryif must start at sector 4, so you dd this way:
15:02:22jlbiasiniwait I don't dd a modified sb?
15:02:23pamaurydd bs=512 seek=4 of=/dev/sdc1
15:02:43pamauryyou dd whatever sb you want, if you want rockbox you dd a modified bootloader of course
15:03:40pamauryprebuilt release candidate one:
15:03:58pamauryha damn, yes you are right, you must modify the bootloader too
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15:04:10pamauryso you have to build it yourself
15:04:14jlbiasiniI still have it compiled on my tree
15:04:51jlbiasiniok what are the modification to do?
15:04:54pamauryok, build a normal bootloader but before, apply this "patch": in firmware/target/arm/imx233/sdmmc-imx233.c
15:05:22pamauryjust after "#ifdef SANSA_FUZEPLUS" there are two entries, one for "microSD" and one for "eMMC"
15:05:26pamauryswap them
15:05:30 Quit bluebrother (Disconnected by services)
15:05:35 Join bluebrother [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
15:05:39pamaurythis way the first storage will be the microsd and the secondary one will be the internal storage
15:07:18jlbiasinieuh microSD is already the first entry in the code
15:07:29 Quit fs-bluebot (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
15:08:24pamauryah sorry, i'm stupid
15:08:53pamauryhum, ok different approach: comment out the eMMC entry and in firmware/export/config/sansafuzeplus.h
15:09:03 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
15:09:12pamaurythere is #define CONFIG_STORAGE (STORAGE_SD | STORAGE_MMC)
15:09:19pamauryjust remove the | STORAGE_MMC
15:10:46jlbiasiniin what file is the define?
15:10:56pamaury firmware/export/config/sansafuzeplus.h
15:11:52jlbiasiniok, can I compile it now?
15:14:52 Quit Rower (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
15:16:21jlbiasiniis it worth to have dualboot then? I means do you remember if at least the usb of bootloader works?
15:17:03 Join soap [0] (~soap@rockbox/staff/soap)
15:17:27jlbiasiniwell details, I can test that myself
15:17:45jlbiasiniso anything else to do before dd it?
15:20:17jlbiasinido I also need a special compiled version of rockbox to go with it?
15:22:39pamaurybut that's not crucial at this point
15:22:46pamaurywe must make sure the bootloader loads correctly
15:23:46 Quit copper (Quit: ZNC -
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15:25:04jlbiasiniso I plug the card in the f+ and see if I can't start...
15:25:44jlbiasiniwell no reaction
15:26:16jlbiasinieither plug usb or press power
15:26:58pamauryhum, maybe you need to set the boot flags on the 53 partition
15:27:03pamaurywith fdisk
15:27:46 Join copper [0] (~copper@unaffiliated/copper)
15:28:28jlbiasiniactually even before there wasn't any reaction except that dmesg report the recovery mode on usb plug
15:29:01jlbiasiniok I on for a reboot then
15:30:09 Quit jlbiasini (Remote host closed the connection)
15:32:03fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision b1209d4, 217 builds, 19 clients.
15:32:14 Join jlbiasini [0] (
15:32:36jlbiasinipamaury: so it's option a in fdisk, isn't it?
15:32:49pamaurythen, press "m" for help
15:33:06jlbiasini"a basculer l'indicateur d'amorage"
15:33:07pamaurythen "a"
15:34:12jlbiasinithen w
15:35:46jlbiasinipamaury: no change :/
15:36:04pamauryhum, can you pastebin the output of "hexdump -C /dev/sdc1"
15:36:14pamaurysorry, hexdump -C /dev/sdc1 | head
15:39:25fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 442 seconds.
15:40:24pamauryjlbiasini: maybe we need to zero out the initial sectors: dd if=/dev/zero bs=512 count=4 of=/dev/sdc1
15:40:30pamauryand then redo the hexdump thing
15:44:07pamauryok cool, can you retry now ?
15:45:59pamauryhum in fact you don't need the boot flag, I've checked againt my fuze+
15:46:54jlbiasiniwell it doesn't seemed to works and then I managed to boot on OF (never did before) so just in case this is a battery charge issue I'm going to wait a bit....
15:47:35jlbiasiniit OF usb bootloader
15:48:31pamauryok so you can boot the OF ?
15:48:45pamaurythat's a good sign actually :)
15:49:31jlbiasiniyes and on unplug I add rb bootloader complaining about file not found as I didn't installed rb directory yet. So I guess it's working now
15:49:45pamaurycool :)
15:50:00pamauryok so I'm sure of one thing: the 4 sectors need to be zero'ed
15:50:08pamauryjhMikeS: working on FAT ?
15:50:26jlbiasiniyes it's seems so
15:52:24jlbiasinipamaury: that's not even sure for the battery is really low. RB bl hold a few second and the screen goes black again
15:53:00pamauryhum, what is the battery level ? it should appear in the bootloader screen in you boot with usb plugged
15:53:50jlbiasini3% and I charging since a minute or so already...
15:55:08 Join Kohlrabi [0] (
15:55:26jlbiasinipamaury: If you want I will try later without the zeroed sectors
15:55:41jlbiasinianyway BIG THANKS!
15:59:42 Part Bones
15:59:56 Quit petur (Quit: *plop*)
16:02:21pamauryyou're welcome
16:13:03pamaurycopper: still there ?
16:13:20pamaurycan you patch the code to see why radio fails ?
16:14:13pamauryedit firmware/drivers/tuner/si4700.c
16:15:27pamauryin "bool si4700_detect(void)", right before "tuner_present = (si4700_read_reg(DEVICEID) == 0x1242);" add
16:15:27pamaury"_logf("si4700: %x", si4700_read_reg(DEVICDID))"
16:15:33pamaurysorry, missing ";" at the end of course
16:15:47pamauryyou need to enable logf with the configure script
16:16:05copperer, line number?
16:17:10copperlogf => how do I enable it?
16:18:42pamauryline 360, when you are in your build dir, do "../tools/configur", select "fuze+", then "advanced" and then "logf"
16:19:40coppererror: ‘DEVICDID’ undeclared (first use in this function)
16:21:02jlbiasinipamaury: I still have a strange compilation error when I try to compile th rb directory :
16:21:23pamaurymake clean
16:21:33 Join ikeboy [0] (
16:21:35 Quit ikeboy (Client Quit)
16:21:57jlbiasinipamaury: i started with a rm -r *
16:22:23jlbiasiniand relaunch the configure script
16:22:52pamauryis this HEAD ?
16:23:58copperpamaury: FM radio always shows now
16:24:59pamaurycan you go into the debug menu > show logf and see what the "si4700: " line display ?
16:28:59pamauryis it reliable ? if you shut down and power on does it work and read the same ?
16:32:40copperI don't understand
16:32:56copperdid someone change something?
16:33:32copperthe last commit is unrelated
16:33:33 Join ikeboy [0] (
16:33:38copperso what changed?
16:34:03pamauryprobably a timing issue, for whatever reason
16:34:39pamaurymaybe tuner is still powering up and adding some code give it a little bit more time
16:35:28pamaurycan you remove the _logf line and check that the problem is back ?
16:38:08coppersure enough, it's back
16:38:33copperFM radio disappeared on first reboot
16:41:52pamaurycopper: ok, edit firmware/target/arm/imx233/sansa-fupluze/power-fuzeplus.c
16:42:10pamauryreplace "udelay(5);" by "sleep(1);"
16:44:25pamauryreally ?
16:44:40pamaurymaybe you need to add an include
16:45:22pamauryah :)
16:45:45copperworks consistently
16:45:52pamauryok, interesting. Actually I'm surprise by the udelay(5), I obviously wrote this code but this is a small value
16:46:13copperI don't even notice the sleep(1)
16:47:46pamauryudelay is in µs
16:48:02pamaurysleep(1) is 1 tick (10ms)
16:48:20pamauryI need to read the si4700 datasheet to check the powerup delay
16:49:04copperudelay(5) is 0.005 millisecond??
16:50:09pamaurynot a lot ^^
16:50:59copperany idea why bertrik's commit caused the problem?
16:51:12pamauryvery strange indeed
16:52:11jlbiasinipamaury: head +
16:53:11pamauryjlbiasini: yes
16:57:50jlbiasinipamaury: so head + the patch I pastebin lead to the previously pastebin compilation error
16:59:03pamauryjlbiasini: ok, add this in the sansafuzeplus.h, #define HAVE_MULTIDRIVE and #define HAVE_MULTIVOLUME
17:00:28 Quit ikeboy (Quit: Ex-Chat)
17:00:41jlbiasinipamaury: shouldn't I define NUM_DRIVES to 1 rather than 2 ?
17:02:27pamauryyes probably
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17:21:52pamaurycopper: datasheet that reset timing is 100µs minimum so the udelay(5) is clearly wrong. I'm going to change that, hope it will never happen again
17:22:03copperpamaury: cool :)
17:22:18copperso I wasn't crazy!
17:22:29lebelliumfor once :D
17:22:38pamauryexactly my thought :p
17:23:47fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 630a166, 217 builds, 19 clients.
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17:28:11 Join jlbiasini [0] (
17:28:56jlbiasinipamaury: ok everything seems to work now. I will upload a patch for reference
17:29:32pamauryalso document the making of the micro sd card, that way we have a reference
17:30:51fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 424 seconds.
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17:38:34jlbiasinido you remember the way you had the boot loader looking for that partition on my device? is human madable?
17:39:54pamauryit's kind of tricky
17:40:36pamauryyou need to hook up the i2c eeprom, fiddle with the write protect pin to disable the protection, download the sb file, modifying one instruction and upload the sb file
17:40:45pamauryI'll write a wiki page on this
17:40:52 Quit [Saint] (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
17:41:23jlbiasinilet's make one big page with all those info on it
17:41:40jlbiasiniwe could also put info about the rescue mode
17:41:50jlbiasinisome fuze+ rescue page
17:42:03 Join [Saint] [0] (~saint@rockbox/user/saint)
17:42:33pamauryyes indeed
17:42:45pamaurypart of it is generic for the imx233
17:43:00pamauryyeah, one more item on the TODO !
17:44:15 Quit liar (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
17:46:12 Join liar [0] (
17:47:58 Nick DormantBrain is now known as SuperBrainAK (
17:51:30 Quit shamus (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
17:52:07 Join shamus [0] (
17:54:27jlbiasinipamaury: ok actualy the zeroing part is not mandatory
17:55:02jlbiasiniI just dd a new bl and it worked
17:56:06 Quit amayer (Quit: Leaving)
17:56:12jlbiasinior pehraps the new copy didn't alter the already zeroed sectors? do this make sense?
18:00:11pamauryI already have this problem: flash something, doesn't work, reflash works, strange
18:01:01 Quit melmothX (Quit: #)
18:09:27 Join amayer [0] (
18:29:15 Quit jhMikeS (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
18:32:13 Join kevku [0] (~kevku@2001:0:c38c:c38c:3c30:fa34:3d69:be50)
18:38:25 Quit bertrik (Remote host closed the connection)
18:39:27 Join pretty_function [0] (~sigBART@
18:49:10 Quit kevku (Quit: KVIrc 4.3.1 Aria
18:53:55 Join kevku [0] (~kevku@2001:0:c38c:c38c:91:c70e:3d69:be7a)
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19:07:18 Quit shamus (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
19:07:45 Join shamus [0] (
19:26:47 Quit jlbiasini (Quit: jlbiasini)
19:51:07 Join madcat1990 [0] (~madcat199@
19:52:45madcat1990Guys, I don't say this everyday (But I should). Thank you for working hard on such an awesome firmware! Thank you for making MP3 Players all around flexible, customizeable, and sound great! Thank you!
19:53:38madcat1990I know its not much, but I just sent a $20 donation to Rockbox.
19:54:22 Quit shamus (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
19:54:53 Join shamus [0] (
19:54:56pamaurymadcat1990: thank you
19:55:19madcat1990No, Thank you!
19:55:59lebelliumis the amount of donations each year available somewhere or is it a confidential data?
19:56:47pamauryno idea, I think its Zagor who handles this
19:57:51pamauryor maybe petur
19:58:32madcat1990This one went to Bjorn Stenberg
19:58:34madcat1990does that help?
19:59:03gevaertspetur isn't a Swede, which means he's excused from administrative duties :)
19:59:14gevaertsZagor handles this stuff
19:59:35gevaertsAnd yes, he is Björn Stenberg
19:59:51pamaurygevaerts: do you know what is the state of devcon ? can petur host us ?
20:00:15gevaertsI have no idea. I'm too busy with stuff for a few months to keep up with what
20:00:18gevaerts's going on
20:00:40pamaurywe need to make a decision soon if we want this to happen
20:01:42pamauryI will send him a mail
20:03:31 Join SovonHalder [0] (SovonHalde@
20:04:00SovonHaldercopper: Can I talk to you about the theme for few minutes?
20:07:36copperSovonHalder: sure
20:16:06 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
20:17:38 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
20:18:23pamauryapparently petur thought that nobody is interested by DevCon given the answers to his last mail
20:18:57copperSovonHalder: hello?
20:20:22SovonHalderokay..I saw your last post on anythingbutipod
20:20:46SovonHalderCan I say something related to your upload?
20:20:57copperjust keeeedding
20:21:05copperdon't ask to ask :P
20:22:13gevaertspamaury: which mail was that?
20:22:44pamauryI think DevCon2013: your action needed
20:22:51SovonHalderWell..don't get mad at me..just saying.. I don't think nobody personally likes to see the release year of the album after when they have to pause the song. why don't just add the year next to album title like (year)?
20:23:00SovonHalderin first braces
20:23:16pamauryHe can still host us though, maybe we need to say "up" :)
20:23:17copperbecause space is limited
20:23:19SovonHalderlike Under The Iron Sea (2009) are adding just after the album name
20:23:49SovonHalderin single line
20:24:02copperthat's already 7 more characters
20:24:19gevaertspamaury: the response was eight names on the list. I'm confused. Sure, we've had more in the past, but that's not *bad*, is it?
20:24:21copperit can be more if the file is tagged with a full date, like 2013-08-16
20:24:49copperI don't think it's a vital piece of information, and if people really want it, they can pause for a second
20:24:54SovonHalderdo you personally tag release year like that?
20:25:05copperbut it's a valid value
20:25:20coppersome people are OCD enough to tag the full release date
20:25:20pamaurygevaerts: I agree, maybe he just got the impression that nobody was interested
20:25:55copperSovonHalder: I appreciate suggestions, but really, I can't please everyone, and if you want it bad, you can just learn how to modify themes, it really isn't that complicated
20:26:13copperit's a lot easier to slightly modify a theme, than to design a whole theme from scratch
20:26:25SovonHalderadding the year next to the album title would be a fantastic idea according to a forum poll I did on our if you please..decision entirely rests upon you
20:27:32copperSovonHalder: we're arguing for nothing
20:27:44copperthat only affects the Fuze+
20:27:47SovonHalderthe addition of + sign when charging & FORMAT | Bitrate is a grand good idea by the way
20:27:55copperthe Classic theme always displays the release date
20:28:59SovonHalderI haven't tried them yet.. I thought a talk to you befor I do will be nice & I wanted to thank you for what you did...fantastic
20:29:42copperon the Classic, only the last line changes from "next song" to "codec" when pausing
20:31:03copperthat's because I'm able to display more lines on the Classic
20:31:22pamaurygevaerts: ok, should we just run a quick check and tell petur we are ok, no reason to loose more time. You are ok to come on september 14 ?
20:31:26SovonHalderare you a graphic designer of some sort?
20:31:33coppermost certainly not!
20:31:38copperI'm only able to copy stuff
20:31:43coppernot really create on my own
20:31:48gevaertspamaury: I am, yes. Nothing booked yet or anything, but I plan to be there
20:31:50SovonHalderwhere from do you come with such brilliant layouts then?
20:32:02coppercopying various designs's dangerously beautiful
20:32:27SovonHalderthank you
20:32:32coppermy main inspiration for the Googley themes is Google, as the name suggest
20:33:02SovonHalderare you done with the theme for now?
20:33:16copperpretty much
20:33:18pamaurygevaerts: he told me he may have a look if we tell him. Ok let's check the others: wodz, kugel, Zagor, AlexP, bluebrother
20:33:20SovonHalderYou haven't uploaded them on RockBox yet
20:33:28copperno because I'm waiting for some feedback
20:33:32copperin case I forgot something
20:33:38SovonHalderwill there be something different when you do?
20:33:47copperbut I don't really want to add anything else, because I don't want to clog the UI
20:34:10SovonHaldercan you give me the links for iPod Classic then please?
20:34:24copperit's in the forum post
20:34:40copperit's the Googley-Classic-* zip files
20:35:45copperalso you might want to get the font pack:
20:36:06copperand use one of those three fonts: 14-Nimbus, 19-Nimbus or 21-Adobe-Helvetica
20:36:23copperthe themes will load 14-Nimbus by default if it's present
20:42:39 Quit pretty_function (Remote host closed the connection)
20:47:23lebelliumSovonHalder: I always display album year in all my themes because I think it's an important info. So is file codec and bitrate. But everybody has different expectations so as a theme designer at some point you have to make choices based on something, usually based on your own tastes and needs. That's why copper's and my themes don't necessarily display the same information for example ;)
20:47:42lebelliumbut it should be easy to edit copper's theme and add %?iy<%(%iy%)|>
20:47:47lebelliumto get album year
20:47:50copperwhy is codec and bitrate important?
20:48:38copperwhat does it tell you?
20:49:42copper1) I already know how my music is encoded
20:49:55copper2) I'll play the file regardless
20:50:19 Join rdn [0] (
20:50:45lebelliumI don't understand why you ask that. I just said above we all have different needs so people can't expect a theme to be exactly as they wish unless they design it themselves as we both do
20:51:00copperI don't get what's the value of that information
20:51:11copperit's an honest question
20:52:01SovonHaldercopper: I have your previous Googley-Classic-Storm theme
20:52:09SovonHalderhow do I remove it ?
20:52:25copperjust overwrite
20:52:39SovonHalderI just installed Googley-Classic-Green
20:52:52SovonHalderI'll have that too
20:53:05copperload the theme and reboot
20:53:07lebelliumBecause not all my files are a ripped from my own CDs. When it's me it's encoded as MP3 VBR V0. When it's not from me I want to be able to check the codec and bitrate. It helps me to understand why that or that file sounds bad for example
20:53:19coppersometimes rockbox fails to load the backdrop
20:54:02copperlebellium: okay
20:54:22copperI've personally encoded all my files from flacs
20:54:24amayerSovonHalder: if you want to remove a theme you need to delete all the files that are in the the theme zip file
20:58:56copperdoes cabbie display the date and codec?
20:59:07lebelliumthat's why I make my own themes
20:59:17lebelliumIf I liked cabbiev2 I wouldn't
20:59:33copperneither do iPods I think
21:00:27lebelliumthat's why I like rockbox
21:00:50lebelliumbecause it gives me the opportunity to fix what's wrong to me in OF
21:03:39lebelliumthe fact that cabbiev2 and iPods don't display it is not a valid reason, we don't care about that. The only valid reason is that you don't need this information to display, and you are the theme designer and you do what you want with your themes ;)
21:04:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:05:36SovonHalderevery time I copy new themes like Green, Blue or Orange it says to replace .rockbox\icons\asianclip_555555.bmp this file...are this same for all the themes?
21:05:43SovonHalder*is this
21:08:49copperoverwrite everything
21:08:58copperlebellium: it's not the only reason
21:09:08lebelliumhum I guess it shouldn't replace this file as copper's themes don't use this icons set. Looks strange to me
21:09:16copperlebellium: the other reason is that space is limited and I don't want to cram the screen with tons of information
21:09:29copperlebellium: it does
21:09:33 Join lebellium_ [0] (
21:09:36copperthat's my file actually
21:10:12copperalso, I'd rather metadata didn't scroll, if I can help it
21:10:43lebellium_I was about to say limited space is not a problem with scrolling :)
21:10:47copperalso, I always play full albums; so I only need the date information once in an hour (or more)
21:10:56copperscrolling is a poor cop out
21:12:08 Quit bluebrother (Read error: Operation timed out)
21:13:25 Quit lebellium (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
21:13:28 Nick lebellium_ is now known as lebellium (
21:13:30 Quit fs-bluebot (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
21:14:16copperJonathan Ive really knows design, and he would already scream at the five metadata lines on the Classic theme
21:14:37 Join bluebrother [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
21:14:47copperalso, some people insist on having a "next song" line, others insist on having a codec line…
21:14:48 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
21:15:19copperI figured the "next song" line was way more interesting, and that hitting pause when wanting to access extra metadata isn't terribly bothersome
21:15:50coppernext, people will ask for shuffle and repeat icons, and probably other stuff I haven't even thought abou
21:16:10*gevaerts dislikes "next song" lines intensely
21:16:15copperyou can't put everything on a 320x240 display without it looking overcrowded
21:16:19copperand possibly confusing
21:16:21gevaertsI do like "next track" lines though :)
21:16:41lebelliumcopper: either you take all opinions into consideration and you get a compromise which most likely won't be satisfying. Or you consider you are the theme designer, you do what you want and you don't need to try to debate about what is important or not, that's matter of personal tastes
21:16:50copperI don't display either "next song" or "next track", just "->"
21:16:52gevaertsCalling any audio file a "song" is a bit like calling a flac file an mp3
21:17:09amayergevaerts: haha nice
21:17:28copperlebellium: what theme do you use? Samsung-like?
21:17:28amayergevaerts: i caught on to that
21:17:47coppergevaerts: does my arrow satisfy you? ;)
21:17:51 Join stripwax [0] (~Miranda@rockbox/developer/stripwax)
21:18:28lebelliumcopper: Sure, I only use my own themes. If I found another theme as good for my personal tastes and needs, I wouldn't need to design my own themes.
21:18:37amayerwhen ever i write a script that deals with audio files (like i always name the vars "trackName" or "trackLength"
21:18:48copperlebellium: no, that was an actual question: what theme do you use?
21:18:53amayerbecause you are right, i listen to a lot of podcasts and they are certainly not songs
21:19:10gevaertscopper: if it doesn't try to brainwash me into wanting to listen to songs, I'm happy :)
21:19:31amayerI have 2 or 3 themes i use that arent mine. but 90% of the time i use one of my themes
21:19:40user890104what does "Error accessing playlist control file" mean after unplugging usb?
21:19:50lebelliumcopper: ? I just told you I only use my own themes. I use "lebellium Samsung-like" on any of my rockboxed DAP
21:20:29copperI don't know what themes you made
21:20:33copperhence the question
21:21:07lebelliumcopper: lebellium%20Samsung-like&searchtype=name">
21:22:42copperjust as I thought, "Random Access Memories", which isn't a terribly long title, needs to scroll on the Samsung-like theme
21:23:23lebelliumwhich may be wrong to you but not an issue to me or someone else.
21:24:33copperaaah, I like the pop-up volume bar
21:24:35coppervery nifty
21:26:53copperis it normal that my cover art doesn't show in the WPS?
21:27:04copperit does show in the SBS
21:27:16 Quit stripwax (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
21:27:58lebelliumthat's a Rockbox bug. I don't remember if reboot fix it but building the database (I assume you don't use the database?) fix it for sure
21:28:15copperI don't use the database in the sim
21:28:40copperI've come across some weird-ass Rockbox bugs while working on Googley, too
21:29:11lebelliumsometimes I report them
21:29:15amayerno samsung-like for ipod video :(
21:29:16lebelliumsometimes I don't
21:29:29copperah, rebooting fixes it
21:30:07lebelliumnot yet amayer. I need to buy a 320*240 device :D I only make themes for players I actually have, I don't like just working with the UI sim
21:30:38amayerlebellium: i understand, would you mind if i ported it and sent it to you to upload?
21:32:12amayeractually i should probably spend more time working on the themesite then working on themes
21:32:20amayer...sooo many projects right now
21:33:32lebelliumI like doing the stuff myself for a device I own. It's just a matter of time, 79 mp3 players as of today, I'm sure I'll have a 320x240 one soon enough! So I'm not really interested by your proposition but you for sure can adapt it and upload it yourself as your own version :)
21:33:55copperlebellium: what, no iPod?
21:34:06amayercopper: or cowen D2
21:34:26copperlebellium: how can you own 79 DAPs and zero iPod!
21:34:48lebelliumHave all iPod a 320x240 screen? ;)
21:35:06 Join stripwax [0] (~Miranda@rockbox/developer/stripwax)
21:35:13lebelliumI'm a Apple hater, I only have some iPod because they have been gifted to me:
21:37:22copperthe Classic is so pretty
21:37:30copperI sometimes gently carress it
21:37:40lebelliumamayer: you're working on improving the upload process on the theme website right?
21:37:54amayerlebellium: yes
21:38:26amayerdota2 and this new chick thats into me take up most of my free time
21:38:49amayerbut i tinker here and there. usually 2 or 3 hours a week
21:39:27lebelliumcopper: You can gift me a pretty iPod Classic if you want :P But personally I will never put some money into an Apple product.
21:39:34copperlebellium: I want to design another theme; I think it'd be nice if it suited those who don't find Googley to their liking
21:40:00copperI'll try to think of something
21:40:27amayercopper: have you tried my oragami theme?
21:40:27 Quit stripwax (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
21:40:49kugelgevaerts: did you (or anyone else) see my last mail to the list wrt to devcon?
21:41:35lebelliumcopper: your theme looks really nice and if I wanted to, I could very easily add permanent file and bitrate display and release date. But as not everybody is able or willing to modify a theme, why not make another version indeed :)
21:42:47amayeryeah its a good idea. ive modified other themes before. one i downloaded didnt show the play state and for what ever reason that drove me up a wall every time i would play music in my car
21:42:53 Quit kevku (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
21:43:05amayerso i added a play/pause icon
21:43:24amayerive never extensivly modified a theme
21:43:37kugelgevaerts: basically more than two weeks ago I noted that the effort is pretty much dead if nobody steps up or even shows interest. no devcon talk (let alone a response) in 16 days
21:43:58copperlebellium: no I mean a different design
21:44:03kugelso now it's even more dead
21:44:19kugeldevcon is pretty pointless right now if you ask me
21:45:12copperamayer: really tiny artwork!
21:45:14lebelliumcopper: I haven't see anyone criticizing or not liking your actual design though
21:45:54copperlebellium: no I mean, Googley is the way I want it to be. I don't really want to modify it just to please people. I'd rather come up with a different design, that would please those people.
21:46:12copperjust for the sake of making something different
21:46:40copperpeople can modify Googley if they feel up to it, it's really not that hard
21:46:49lebelliumI have no design ideas, that's why I chose to make only one theme and adapt it to all the targets :D
21:47:12coppertrying to design something different is where the fun is at!
21:47:19pamaurylol, that is a nice bug
21:47:35pamauryI knew I was right, I knew it
21:47:49lebelliumwhat bug are you talking about?
21:49:51copperlebellium: Rockbox desperately needs well designed themes. Samsung-like is one of the few that's functional and pretty to look at
21:49:57copperthe vast majority suck ass
21:50:51copperI'm still learning myself, the more advanced stuff
21:50:58pamaurylebellium: I a bug in our code, explains why our new logging mechanism doesn't work relialy
21:51:09copperthere's already a huge difference between Googley and my first theme, grayfog
21:51:46lebelliumAbout design I usually only like mines, yours and amayer's. I woudn't dare to say all others suck but kind of :P
21:51:47 Join einhirn [0] (
21:53:40amayerlebellium: thank you. i havent designed any of my themes personally tho. i work with designers and i just code them.
21:53:53 Quit SovonHalder ()
21:54:13amayerI, like copper, have no creative ability to design themes from scratch
21:55:24lebelliumI don't either
21:55:33lebelliumthat's why it's called "samsung-like"
21:55:38madcat1990If I knew how to code
21:55:42madcat1990I would make a few
21:55:46madcat1990I've got so many ideas o-o
21:55:50 Quit liar (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
21:56:13amayermadcat1990: if you design them and have a similar target as someone im sure you can find someone to help you code the theme up
21:56:25lebelliummadcat1990: I can't code. Learning the theme language is easy for anyone, it's not like learning C/C++ (sorry gevaerts :P ) I assume :)
21:56:36madcat1990Who would care enough to do so, though?
21:56:49madcat1990Also, since my Clip+ has that memory thing, I'm kind of afraid to touch themes :S
21:56:51copperlebellium: that's why I called it "Googley"!
21:57:58amayermadcat1990: is the Clip+ the only device you have?
21:59:08madcat1990@ amayer I have an iMini2G with a broken audio port, Won't turn on...
21:59:28madcat1990Don't you guys have a theme emulator?
21:59:46lebelliumthere an UI simulator to help design themes
21:59:48amayeranyone can compile one
21:59:58amayerkeywork "Simulator"
22:00:04fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision c13f21a, 217 builds, 21 clients.
22:00:58lebelliummadcat1990: look at here:">
22:01:46madcat1990an already compiled version for win32
22:01:48madcat1990I love you guys!
22:01:58copperawesome idea to make a simulator btw
22:02:38madcat1990Y'all got me sold
22:02:42madcat1990I'll work on a couple of themes
22:02:47madcat1990just gotta learn this WPS language thing
22:02:56lebelliumwithout the sim, there wouln't be many themes on the theme website I think ;)
22:03:09amayermadcat1990: ^
22:04:05madcat1990You got it
22:04:07amayerlebellium: i believe that too. i would hate to develop themes if i had to load them on my target to test theme somtimes ill make 5 changes to 1 viewport just to see if it looks better 2 pixles to the left or right
22:04:15madcat1990I'll try deving some for Clip_
22:04:30madcat1990if I make good ones, I'll make some for other devices, upon request.
22:04:49lebelliumamayer: exactly. But I assume the very first themes have been made like that! :P
22:05:40amayeri would end up with broken themes all over the place. a lot of the time i will get distracted and start working on something else
22:06:07fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 362 seconds.
22:06:38amayerquestion tho: why do backdrops fail to load?
22:07:06lebelliumwe can ask the same question for any other bug.... :)
22:07:54amayer*rubs chin* i guess so
22:32:43 Join lorenzo92 [0] (
22:36:09lorenzo92pamaury: I've read the new wiki for rescuing a sansa fuze plus...nice trick, but how can it actually work? is there the support for this built-in in the cpu firmware or so?
22:47:46pamauryI know it works, because it works :) It works because the fuze+ boots off an eeprom, so if you modify it you can boot from sd instead of internal storage
22:48:41pamaurybut the procedure is not trivial at all
22:50:12lorenzo92ah okay indeed :) I understand now, because I wanted to do the same on imx37 at a time but I didn't find any solution without still having to flash a tiny bootloader on the nand
22:50:31lorenzo92and yes flashing an eeprom without a raspberry or so ain't easy ^^
22:50:53lorenzo92...also if someone has succesfully used ext. monitor i2c interface to do so haha
22:57:58pamauryactually it's not a problem to flash the eeprom, you can do it from the imx233
22:58:04pamaurythe problem is that it is write protected
23:00:50 Quit amayer (Quit: Leaving)
23:04:12***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:12:28 Quit einhirn (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
23:18:53 Join jlbiasini [0] (
23:23:51 Join bertrik [0] (
23:24:00 Quit bertrik (Changing host)
23:24:00 Join bertrik [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
23:30:58kugellorenzo92: hey. I disagree that g#321 is a proper fix
23:31:01fs-bluebotGerrit review #321 at : Cube plugin fix by Lorenzo Miori (changes/21/321/2)
23:31:31kugelthe real problem is related to the linker which seems to prefer libc's exit() over the one in plugin_crt0.c
23:31:45kugelbertrik: ^ too

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