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#rockbox log for 2013-08-19

00:06:03lebelliumnever head of these nicknames
00:06:23lebelliumthey don't seem to be much active, are they :)
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00:22:29lebelliumoh Nico_P was responsible for WPS code before JdGordon ? But where is he? Still another French gone :(
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01:21:06JdGordon|lebellium: ?
01:21:08JdGordon|jhMikeS: ?
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01:24:51lebelliumJdGordon: oh sorry, I didn't want to highlight you. I'm just wondering who is this sNico_P and where is he now :)
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01:43:53jhMikeSJdGordon: yes?
01:50:48[Saint]TheSeven: Have you ever noticed that the Classic HDD doesn't seem to sound like it appreciates fastboot very much?
01:51:20[Saint]It sounds like the drive just abruptly powers down.
01:52:00[Saint](in the initial second or so of emCORE fastboot before Rockbox takes over)
01:52:01jhMikeSJdGordon: just wanted to know what you thought about g570 (I'm very tired right now though)
01:52:03wowanamethere's a lot of things the Classic doesn't like to do. like support an alternate operating system without hanging every hour
01:52:04fs-bluebotGerrit review #570 at : Remove scroll thread and power scrollers when waiting for buttons. by Michael Sevakis (changes/70/570/2)
01:52:44[Saint]wowaname: No one else seems to have this issue. Perhaps you could enlighten us as to a repeatable fail case.
01:52:56wowanamei had a couple of error codes
01:52:59[Saint]I use my Classic daily, without event.
01:53:06wowanameone i think i relayed to irc
01:53:09wowanamelemme check the log
01:53:31wowanameAug 15 18:53:02 wowaname» one time error: tried to access database list and it returned an error with address 0x65029840
01:54:01wowanamealso, today: undefined instruction @ 0805ee10 when running minesweeper
01:54:26wowanamesalted with random hangs that make a buzzing noise through headphones and require a hard restart
01:55:16wowanameand a few days ago, the FAT32 header was corrupt and i could not write to the disk, either with a computer or internally, and it would immediately panic at startup with a stack overflow for directory cache
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01:57:05[Saint]That it odd. I rely on this target being stable enough for my partner to use on a daily basis, and so far it has done so without issue.
01:57:16TheSeven[Saint]: is it a "hard" or "soft" click?
01:57:27TheSeveni.e. like a menu+select reset, or just like parking heads?
01:57:36[Saint]I use mine daily as well, and have managed to produce a few weird states but nothing repeatable.
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01:57:49[Saint]TheSeven: Its a hard click.
01:58:01[Saint]It sounds like an abrupt poweroff.
01:58:16TheSeventhat is kinda odd
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01:58:32TheSevendoes it also happen when disabling fastboot and then booting rockbox immediately after the menu comes up?
01:58:39TheSeveni.e. before the disk has parked heads?
01:58:51[Saint]One second.
01:59:15TheSevenexecfirmware() is supposed to power down the drive properly
01:59:36TheSevenbut typically the drive is idle and has parked heads itself before emcore powers it down
02:00:31TheSevenin this particular case, it could be that the heads are still on the platter, and the drive doesn't manage to park them in time before it gets powered down by emcore (in the process of handing over control)
02:01:07TheSevenI know that the drive's firmware is buggy enough to signal completion too early, so I added some safety margin already. maybe it isn't sufficient for your particular drive model
02:01:24TheSevenwhich classic model is that?
02:01:35[Saint]Interestingly, it makes the same horrible noise in Rockbox at poweroff.
02:01:42[Saint]ANd I hadn't noticed 'til now.
02:02:00[Saint]The only time I hear it park the heads nicely is during normal usage in Rockbox, and the emCORE menu.
02:02:02TheSevenit probably doesn't if it has been powered off because it was idle before you shut it down
02:03:12[Saint]WHat is Rockbox doing when it spins up the disc to shut down?
02:03:32[Saint]I didn't think we needed to save anything before poweroff.
02:03:37[Saint]I guess I'm wrong.
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02:03:58TheSevenhm... it shouldn't need to do anything
02:04:14TheSeveneverything that needed to be done should have been done when the idle callback fired before powering down the drive
02:04:16[Saint]If I let it idle timeout, its deciding to spin up just before shutdown.
02:04:23TheSevenso unless you've e.g. changed settings since then...
02:04:36TheSevenwere you playing music?
02:04:49[Saint]Just sitting on the main menu.
02:04:53TheSevenhm, so it can't be the playlist control file either
02:05:35[Saint]I need to get home and look at this further and make sure everything is kosher and it still acts this way repeatably in a "clean" state.
02:07:02[Saint]Yes. Its definitely, definitely, spinning up and failing to park properly just before shutdown.
02:08:03[Saint]I have no way of loading an unmodified binary onto it at present, but my changes are so benign I really doubt this to be the cause.
02:09:39[Saint]as soon as the Shutting Down splash fires, the disk spins up.
02:10:16[Saint]Of course, that splash doesn't fire long, and very shortly after power is abruptly cut so it sounds kinda unhealthy - even if it is probably fine.
02:10:33[Saint]It makes me wonder what is being read/written at this point?
02:14:31[Saint]If I boot to emCORE menu whilst listening intently, I can hear it behaving as it should. Same as with letting it sit idle in Rockbox. But fastboot and shutting down ROckbox makes a very ugly noise. It surprises me I haven't noticed this before, but not that much I guess.
02:16:08[Saint]Yeah - either this is selective deafness, or its not parking the heads before spinning down in the Rb poweroff/fastboot cases.
02:17:39TheSevenseems like the drive takes too long to park them then
02:19:51TheSevenwe might need to increase the safeguard delay
02:19:51[Saint]sorry, model - Classic 160GB "fat".
02:19:51TheSevenhm, ce-ata... might be a special case
02:19:51TheSevenI'm usually testing on 80gb or on 160gb thin
02:19:51DBUGEnqueued KICK TheSeven
02:19:51TheSeven(I had only borrowed a ce-ata ipod at some point to implement that driver)
02:20:17[Saint]I may be able to ship one on the basis of permanent Rb development loan for active developers.
02:21:37[Saint]failing that, I can try with a larger margin if pointed to the appropriate area(s) of source.
02:25:23TheSevenhm, looks like the ce-ata driver doesn't have any feedback for this and just waits for a second
02:25:53TheSeven(the pata driver waits for RDY and then waits another 33ms)
02:26:13TheSevenincrease that to e.g. HZ * 2
02:26:48TheSevenor maybe try adding a ceata_wait_idle() call before that sleep
02:26:56TheSevenbut I think I left that out because the OF didn't do it either
02:27:38TheSevenfor emCORE it's in
02:27:53TheSeven ceata_write_multiple_register(0, ceata_taskfile, 16);
02:27:53TheSeven sleep(1000000);
02:27:53TheSeven clockgate_enable(9, false);
02:28:03TheSevenincrease that sleep to e.g. 2000000
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02:57:36wowanamei am sure people are aware but you have a lot of broken links on the wiki that i assume should direct to the git repo
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03:53:20eahmguys, why is only WavPack available as compressed lossless for recordings?
03:53:43eahmdon't care about other codecs, I'd only like to know why you picked WV
03:54:16eahmencoding speed? decoding speed? is there a rockbox documents regarding the recording specs?
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04:13:45[Saint]were I to speculate, I would say because there isn't any encoding, so to speak.
04:14:16[Saint]Samples are packaged at given intervals from raw PCM, afaik.
04:17:12[Saint](11, 22, 44kHz etc.)
04:20:49[Saint]Oddly, I can't seem to find any indication that anyone has plotted the CPU hit from recording in various formats/samplerates on any given target.
04:22:36[Saint]eahm: anyway - yeah - I would speculate that wav is offer because it is quite trivial to implement.
04:25:18eahmI was asking about WavPack :)
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04:40:18wowanameguise i'm making a .colours file, currently with 90 working filetypes, if anyone's interested in seeing it
04:42:06 Quit Substanzlos (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
04:47:34*[Saint] once did a similar project with an .icons file and custom viewers icons
04:48:22wowanamei'm also working on the viewers.config
04:48:47wowanamethat'll prolly be more personally-geared but still i can pastebin when finished
04:49:34wowanameif there's more than one entry of the same ext, then will only the first found be used?
04:49:45wowaname[Saint]» do you know the behaviour of viewers
04:50:01[Saint]How so?
04:50:09wowanameas i stated above
04:50:28wowanamedefault, jpeg has 3 items
04:50:36wowanameimageviewer, test_core and test_mem _jpeg
04:50:56wowanameare the last 2 ignored
04:51:35*wowaname looks
04:52:16wowanameis that supposed to answer my question
04:52:17[Saint]the two *test_ entries should have the plugins icon
04:52:51[Saint]as, although they operate with jpeg files, they are themselves .rock
04:52:56[Saint]which donates a plugin
04:53:44wowanameoh they're run within the imageviewer?
04:54:41[Saint]No, they're plugins themselves.
04:55:06wowanamebut they're called from the imageviewer or not
04:55:44[Saint]I am completely unsure what you mean by this.
04:56:24wowanamei have no fucking clue what the test_ plugins do
04:56:33wowanamethat's what i mean
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04:57:28saratogaeahm: its a simple, fixed point less lossless format
04:58:20saratogaalso helps that the developer behind wavpack also works on rockbox
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05:12:03*[Saint] can consistently reproduce a data abort on the Classic when attempting to play files from the file browser
05:12:23[Saint]Oddly, it is fine if playback is initiated first with the Database.
05:13:53[Saint]Actually, no, its not. Hum.
05:20:03eahm7:58:18 <saratoga> also helps that the developer behind wavpack also works on rockbox <- yep, this may be it :)
05:20:25eahmI couldn't think of any reasons why not use FLAC as well
05:20:32eahmfaster decompressing etc.
05:21:01 Quit TheSeven (Disconnected by services)
05:21:09 Join [7] [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/TheSeven)
05:31:06saratogayou don't care about decompressing, only compressing for that application
05:31:21saratogawavpack is really simple and can do lossy too
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05:40:08eahmflac is faster even for compressing
05:40:40eahmi guess the size matters more since the compression speed was already enough for the little players' cpus
05:43:59[Saint]iiuc, wavpack isn't really "compressed".
05:46:03[Saint]Someone is free to correct me, but I don't believe it to be compression so much as sampling from PCM at a defined rate.
05:46:36[Saint]In our use case, for recording, at least.
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06:28:12 Join alexbobp [0] (
06:46:05saratogain lossless mode, wavpack is a lot like flac
06:46:20saratogain lossy mode, its basically lossless compression at a fixed number of bits per sample IIRC
06:46:30saratogaso lossy doesn't have a psy model like a normal codec
06:46:34saratogabut its still compressed
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08:58:43 Join Zagor [242] (~bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
09:14:00jlbiasinihi all, I think I could use some help with c compilation: I have 2 new firmware/touchdev.h and .c files. The file touchdev.h is included in my target touchpad drivers and in action.c. Still a function defined in the .h breaks the compilation: "apps/action.c:306: undefined reference to `touchdev_do_hold'" what am I missing?
09:17:23jlbiasiniI don't know if this can explain but I'm compiling the simulator
09:22:57JdGordonhave you added it to firmware/SOURCES ?
09:23:18jlbiasinithis is probably it then...
09:26:51 Quit DexterLB (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
09:30:42 Join LinusN [0] (
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09:37:33jlbiasiniJdGordon: is the correct include in apps "firmware/touchdev.h" or "../firmware/touchdev.h"?
09:37:50***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:38:04jlbiasiniI meant in apps/action.c
09:40:13jlbiasiniok I think I got it
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09:53:05HL521Good morning!
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09:59:27 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
10:03:02copperGoooood mooooorning vieeeetnaaaaam!
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10:47:17[Saint]saratoga: thanks for the clarification
10:57:17[Saint]Would there be any opposition to adding some of the more exotic metadata fields?
10:58:00[Saint]album artist sort order, release type/status, subdisc, etc.
10:59:10Zagorfor acting on or just for displaying in the wps?
11:00:52 Quit rdn (Remote host closed the connection)
11:01:40[Saint]WPS/tag cache
11:02:23[Saint]Database display/sorting and WPS display.
11:05:00[Saint]I suppose the issue is standardization?
11:12:45[Saint]supporting equalization info in metadata might be nice, too. Hum.
11:15:28[Saint]Silly informal standards.
11:18:02Zagoryeah that's always a problem when straying off the narrow path
11:31:52 Join lebellium [0] (
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11:53:21JdGordonjlbiasini: shold just be "touchdev.h"
11:53:37jlbiasiniJdGordon: thanks
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12:07:56 Quit saratoga (Quit: Page closed)
12:12:21 Quit DexterLB (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
12:16:56jlbiasiniJdGordon: how can a variable definition in touchdev.h "bool touch_enable = true;" lead to a multiple definition error (given that I've put condition for the compiler to avoid the file to be loaded more than once)?
12:17:19 Join DexterLB [0] (
12:17:20JdGordonbecause you dont do that in the header
12:17:56JdGordondont use a global variable like that... add "touch_enable() and touch_disable() or similar
12:22:53Tornejlbiasini: that causes a variable called touch_enable to be defined in *every* .c file that includes touchdev.h directly or indirectly
12:23:21Torneso then at link time there is more than one symbol with the same name
12:24:15jlbiasiniI would have thought that a ifndef condition would have avoided such a case...
12:24:26TorneNo, every .c file is compiled independently from scratch
12:24:34TorneThat stops the header being included more than once into the same compilation unit
12:24:45TorneYou end up with at most one definition of the variable *per object file*
12:24:52jlbiasiniah ok!
12:35:28jlbiasiniwhat about weak symbol? I have a function that should be weak in the touchdev.c and when possible get redefined at driver level. So I have "void __attribute__((weak)) touchdev_enable(bool en);" in touchdev.h. Then I have 2 complete definition without the weak attribute: one in touchdev.c, one in button-fuzeplus.c. Is that the right way to do?
12:37:28TorneNo, if you declare it as weak in the header then that will make any definition in a compilation unit that uses the header weak
12:37:59Tornethe header should have an extern declaration of the function
12:38:04Tornewithout the weak attribute.
12:38:14Tornethen in touchdev.c you should have a non-extern declaration with __attribute__((weak))
12:38:18Torneand also the definition
12:38:25Torneand in button-fuzeplus.c just the regular definition
12:51:52 Join bertrik [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
12:53:19 Quit kevku (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
13:04:06copperis it normal that %bc doesn't return "c" on the iPod Classic?
13:04:13copper(battery charging)
13:06:36 Join kevku [0] (~kevku@2001:0:c38c:c38c:2c87:b658:3d69:be54)
13:21:55jlbiasiniTorne: thanks very much! So the extern means that the function can be redifined anywhere in the code, isn't it?
13:22:34Torneextern declares that this function will be available in another compilation unit later, and therefore the compiler shoud just assume it will exist and leave it undefined
13:22:45Tornea non-extern declaration takes priority in the same compilation unit
13:23:50jlbiasiniwhat do you call a compilation unit?
13:24:26 Join crose [0] (
13:25:28jlbiasiniah ok I can google it :)
13:29:29jlbiasinipamaury: ping
13:30:00pamauryjlbiasini: pong
13:30:45jlbiasiniit could be usefull to push g#525 because future patches will rely on it
13:31:15jlbiasinipamaury: ^
13:31:26pamauryok let me check
13:31:58jlbiasinialso I thought I will have the new file named touchdev_hold.c/h
13:31:59fs-bluebotGerrit review #525 at : [Fuze+][Touchpad] Improve touchpad power managment by Jean-Louis Biasini (changes/25/525/10)
13:33:01pamaurywhy not touchdev.c/h ? It does a little more than hold since it will contain the weak implementation of touchdev_enable
13:33:16pamaury g#525 looks go, I will commit it
13:33:18fs-bluebotGerrit review #525 at : [Fuze+][Touchpad] Improve touchpad power managment by Jean-Louis Biasini (changes/25/525/10)
13:33:58pamaurydamned, I can't login on gerrit anymore :-/
13:34:21jlbiasinipamaury: ok, also I think I will also document those function somewhere
13:34:33Zagorpamaury: huh? works for me.
13:34:36pamauryhum strange, it tells me it cannot login but I'm logged it, interesting
13:34:53pamaurysomething about page cannot be found
13:35:58pamauryjlbiasini: did try different values of the timeout in the patch ? Your commit message says 1 minute but the code says 5 second :)
13:36:02pamaury*did you
13:36:38jlbiasiniyes that's the comment that is wrong
13:37:02pamauryok, I'll commit anyway
13:37:03jlbiasiniwe wanted to check if we couldn't have instant change
13:37:16jlbiasiniIt turned out we can
13:37:39pamauryah good :) I don't know what I would do without you testing everything ^^
13:37:41jlbiasinibut putting 1 sec seemed a little useless to me
13:37:56***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:38:00fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 8d2e4f9, 217 builds, 19 clients.
13:38:00jlbiasiniso I setted it to 5
13:43:10jlbiasinipamaury: another question. Thanks to Torne and JdGordon I'm getting further with that weak functions. But now we have them in touchdev files I cannot set them in touchscreen anymore because else it will be either another weak definition and I assume touchdev wil prevail; or a hard definition and then it will prevail on any further definition at driver level. Is there a way to turn this around our should I define the weak fun
13:43:10jlbiasiniction in touchdev #ifdef HAVE_TOUCHPAD and in touchscreen #ifdef HAVE_TOUCHSCREEN?
13:44:16pamauryI think you should put everything in touchdev.c and leave touchscreen.c alone
13:45:05pamauryie in touchdev.c put the weak implementation and nothing in touchscreen.c; then always compile touchdev.c #if HAVE_TOUCHPAD or HAVE_TOUCHSCREEN
13:45:44pamauryfinally any target can reimplement touchdev_enable at will in any file as non-weak and it will prevail over the one in touchdev.c
13:45:47pamauryis it clear ?
13:46:41jlbiasinipamaury: the problem is that I need a switch in touchscreen.c to be operated by touchdev_enable in the generic case of touchscreen
13:47:06fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 546 seconds.
13:47:46pamauryah, hum.
13:48:05jlbiasiniyes that's the little problem I have
13:48:23pamauryin this case, maybe you can have one implementation in touchscreen.c (#if HAVE_TOUCHSCREEN) and one in touchdev.c (#if HAVE_TOUCHPAD and not HAVE_TOUCHSCREEN)
13:48:29pamaury(both weak)
13:48:55jlbiasiniok that's what I was saying, I just wanted to bu sure
13:49:16jlbiasinithank you I will do that now
14:03:02jlbiasinipamaury: actually I don't think touchdev_enable should be in touchdev at all: a generic touchdev_enable make only sense for the touchscreen device because we have a generic way to silent them with touchscreen.c. For touchpad, there is no generic way and it should be implemented at driver level...
14:14:44 Join Raptors_ [0] (
14:14:44 Quit Raptors (Disconnected by services)
14:16:04 Quit bertrik (Remote host closed the connection)
14:34:53 Join amayer [0] (
15:08:47 Join nerys64 [0] (4515410a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
15:09:21nerys64when porting rockbox to a new device, how does that process begin? Like how do you guys "decode" the initial firmware and make anything bootable?
15:09:56nerys64im asking because the stock firmware on the Fiio x3 is BS
15:16:16 Join synergst` [0] (
15:17:16 Join preglow [0] (
15:17:31 Join linuxguy3 [0] (
15:17:50copper"yes, X3 has some problem with OGG format and we will fix it in the future. sorry it is not a easy work caz X3 is develop from zero . "
15:18:00copper^^ FiiO spokesperson
15:18:19coppershould have gone Rockbox, bitches
15:18:49 Quit shamus (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
15:19:03 Join shamus [0] (
15:19:07 Join rudi_s_ [0] (
15:20:19 Quit rudi_s (Disconnected by services)
15:20:26 Nick rudi_s_ is now known as rudi_s (
15:20:34Zagornerys64: here are some steps:
15:21:13 Join Jack87|Away [0] (Jack87@nasadmin/admin/jack87)
15:21:21copperwhy is it again that such companies (who have no previous experience with DAPs) don't just license Rockbox?
15:21:44Zagormy guess is they want their own brand and full control
15:21:49Zagorand "how hard can it be?"
15:22:04 Quit Synergist (*.net *.split)
15:22:05 Quit preglow_ (*.net *.split)
15:22:05 Quit linuxguy4 (*.net *.split)
15:22:05 Quit Elfish (*.net *.split)
15:22:05 Quit Jack87 (*.net *.split)
15:22:05 Quit Slasheri (*.net *.split)
15:22:07 Nick Jack87|Away is now known as Jack87 (Jack87@nasadmin/admin/jack87)
15:22:11copperI would think that they would ask themselves "how much is this gonna cost"
15:22:40copperand "how much is it going to cost to maintain this"
15:22:53Zagorwhat? maintain? what's that?
15:23:08coppersurprisingly enough, they do!
15:23:51 Join Elfish [0] (amba@2001:1608:12:1:13:3:3:7)
15:24:36copperI don't know, it just seems so tempting to me, to license a full blown firmware that already does pretty much everything people are going to ask for
15:25:01copperjust make a branded theme and be done with it
15:25:44copperlike, right now, some of their customers are trying to petition FiiO to add a parametric EQ
15:27:31copperand I'm sure they could have easily modified Rockbox to be, erm, more "user friendly"
15:28:15 Join Slasheri [0] (miipekk@rockbox/developer/Slasheri)
15:29:29copperthe reality is that most of those proprietary firmwares are largery inferior, and often downright broken
15:29:58copperbecause they have neither the will or the competence to come up with anything proper
15:30:08copperor the financial means
15:30:18copperpaying competent software engineers and all
15:30:22Zagorand they have been for 10+ years :)
15:31:17copperI think it's FiiO that added a parameter to *disable
15:31:25copper*disable* gapless playback
15:31:28copperdisable it?
15:31:44lebelliumbecause it's not true gapless playback
15:31:54lebelliumit's either gapless on any track or on no track
15:31:55Zagoralso, apple has taught people that gapless is evil
15:32:07Zagorso some people actually don't want it
15:32:16copperiTunes and iPods are gapless
15:32:27Zagoror at least that was the case until they finally added gapless to their ipods
15:32:44copper… a long time ago
15:32:53coppermaybe a decade ago
15:33:00Zagoryou'd be surprised
15:33:38Torne"gapless" means at least two things, also
15:33:40Zagorif took many years of whining for them to admit there it was useful
15:34:11Tornethere's a big difference between "the playback system doesn't insert a gap between the decoded data of one track and the next" and "the decoding system does the weird fucking about you have to do to eliminate gaps from mp3 because of overlapped frames"
15:34:23Tornethe latter requiring special knowledge about the way the encoding was done :/
15:36:22TorneWell, there's only a big difference if you listen to mp3s, but hey
15:36:24Tornemost people do :)
15:37:14Zagorin a similar fashion, it took Spotify ~3 years to add gapless to their client. and they do 100% vorbis.
15:37:25copperI have no idea how feasible it would be technically, but I guess the FiiO X3 would be a decent candidate for a new port
15:37:59***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:38:22lebelliumfind a motivated Rockbox dev who wants to spend €200 then :D
15:38:30coppersounds like a powerful beast, suitable for plugging it into hi-fis and whatnot
15:38:58copper(without gain)
15:39:04Zagorwe have money for hardware, if anyone wants to take a credible whack at it
15:39:06copperIIRC it outputs 1.7V
15:51:16nerys64well, looking at that posted link i think im not really capable of doing that dev work
15:51:38nerys64seems easy enough but at that multimeter and spec sheet of various chips part, i'd get kidn of lost
15:51:46nerys64plus no working mp3 player
15:56:30 Quit Xerion (Quit: )
16:02:46 Join Xerion [0] (
16:02:49 Join bluebrother [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
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16:14:44 Quit DexterLB (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
16:19:39 Join DexterLB [0] (
16:23:46jlbiasinione nasty bug while compiling gigabeat fx simulator:
16:23:56jlbiasiniI didn't do anything in codec...
16:29:53 Part nerys64
16:31:01 Quit jlbiasini (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
16:36:14 Join jlbiasini [0] (
16:44:26 Quit Zagor (Quit: Clint excited)
16:46:30pixelmajlbiasini: not sure at all, just asking... do you build in a separate directory for the sim or not?
16:48:07jlbiasinipixelma: no I found the issue: I didnt do a rm -r * after having compile the normal and configuring/compiling the simulator
16:49:17pixelmayou should only need a "make clean" after reconfiguring - or build in different directories
16:49:25 Join n1s [0] (~n1s@rockbox/developer/n1s)
16:49:53jlbiasiniI think I justed to be sure ;)
16:50:45jlbiasiniso I nuked the dir
16:59:52 Quit ender` (Quit: Stupidity cannot be cured. Stupidity is the only universal capital crime; the sentence is death. There is no appeal, and execution is carried out automatically and without pity. -- Robert A. Heinlein)
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17:07:48 Join bluebrother [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
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17:37:14 Join kevku [0] (~kevku@2001:0:c38c:c38c:2c87:b658:3d69:be54)
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17:45:25 Join SovonHalder [0] (SovonHalde@
17:45:33 Quit petur (Quit: Nettalk6 -
17:46:13 Quit godzirra (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
17:48:08SovonHaldercopper: is there anything changed on the themes since we last talked about it?
17:48:24copperdid you see my last post on ABI?
17:49:36SovonHalderno I didn't see it..
17:49:39SovonHalderI will now
18:07:11 Join maruk [0] (
18:18:20 Join Dirtydave [0] (
18:28:53 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
18:29:32 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
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18:31:53 Join bertrik [0] (
18:31:53 Quit bertrik (Changing host)
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18:32:14 Quit maruk (Quit: Leaving.)
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18:33:21 Nick lebellium_ is now known as lebellium (
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18:56:11 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
19:06:39 Join y4n [0] (~y4n@unaffiliated/y4ndexx)
19:21:42 Join bertrik [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
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19:24:06 Quit n1s (Read error: Operation timed out)
19:25:30madcat1990Well, it happened again
19:25:51madcat1990while using MP3 Tag, adding covers to about 20 ish files, and foobar2k to play a song at the same time
19:26:12madcat1990I got two empty Removeable devices, and the device (Clip+) Stopped responding..
19:31:02 Join shamus [0] (
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19:49:54 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
19:49:57 Join benedikt93 [0] (~benedikt9@unaffiliated/benedikt93)
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19:54:11 Join shamus [0] (
20:06:09 Nick DormantBrain is now known as SuperBrainAK (
20:25:56 Quit jlbiasini (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
20:45:02 Join jlbiasini [0] (
20:45:26jlbiasiniI have a function declared in firmware/touchdev.h and defined in firmware/touchdev.c, touchdev.c is in firmware/SOURCES. I have a #include "touchdev.h" in button-meg-fx.c. There is a call for this function in button-meg-fx.c, and the compiler keeps on error:
20:54:28 Quit fs-bluebot (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
20:55:01 Quit bluebrother (Disconnected by services)
20:55:06 Join bluebrother^ [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
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21:20:06 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
21:22:24 Join SovonHalder [0] (SovonHalde@
21:22:45SovonHaldercopper: hi, I just checked your bew themes
21:23:29SovonHalderyou really replaced next song with track information ?
21:24:24 Quit fs-bluebot (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
21:25:06 Quit bluebrother (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
21:26:10 Quit Raptors (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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21:35:15 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
21:37:09 Join bluebrother [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
21:37:31copperSovonHalder: I replaced it with date / codec
21:38:05***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:38:09copperyou can press "select" to see where you are in the playlist, and what comes next
21:38:24 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
21:39:56 Join saratoga [0] (123e1f78@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
21:40:04saratogais there a firmware unpack tool for ingenic?
21:44:33saratogaah yeah
21:46:38 Quit fs-bluebot (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
21:47:08 Quit bluebrother (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
21:47:27 Quit Dirtydave (Quit: AndroIRC - Android IRC Client ( ))
21:48:20 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
21:48:24pamaurysaratoga: working on an ingenic device ?
21:48:39 Join bluebrother [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
21:48:41saratogajust curious if they use our decoders
22:01:17jlbiasinipamaury: ping?
22:06:34coppersaratoga is really asking about the FiiO X3 :P
22:07:44pamauryjlbiasini: yes
22:07:59jlbiasini g#569 is almost ready
22:08:02fs-bluebotGerrit review #569 at : [touch devices]Disable touch device on softlock/keyhold. by Jean-Louis Biasini (changes/69/569/6)
22:10:51jlbiasinipamaury: I just have a compilation problem with button-meg-fx.c (gigabeat-fx touchpad driver) and I cannot solve it(it would be nice if you could find out why it doesn't compile for the gigabeat-fx). It works on the fuze+ and compile on touchscreen with dependency g#532
22:10:54fs-bluebotGerrit review #532 at : [touchscreen] touchdev_enable implementation by Jean-Louis Biasini (changes/32/532/7)
22:11:39jlbiasinibut this dependency still has to be tested
22:12:09jlbiasinido we know people having gigabeat-fx?
22:15:05pamaurymaybe send a mail to the ML, I don't know who has one. Or look at git blame
22:15:26pamaurysmall remark: why "extern" in the header ?
22:15:56jlbiasiniwich one?
22:15:57pamauryextern void touchdev_enable(bool en);
22:16:09pamaurythat's unnecessary
22:16:13jlbiasiniin touchscreen
22:16:44pamauryin touchdev.h
22:16:50 Join stripwax [0] (~Miranda@rockbox/developer/stripwax)
22:18:45pamauryi'll have a look at the compile error
22:18:51 Nick roxfan2 is now known as roxfan (
22:19:54jlbiasiniit is necessary because touchdev_enable(bool en) is needed by touchdev_disable_dev_on_hold but not defined here: it get defined in touchscreen or touchpad. So I have to declare it. As I used to had a weak definition I needed to have it extern but I guess now I can take the extern attribute out
22:19:58 Quit stripwax (Client Quit)
22:20:47pamaurythe extern attribute is not needed
22:21:20jlbiasinipamaury: you are right I will correct it.
22:21:21*gevaerts has two gigabeat Fs and one gigabeat X
22:21:36gevaertsAnd anyone who doesn't have one of those is insane :)
22:22:39pamauryyou should export touchdev_disable_dev_on_hold is the header (touchdev.h) too
22:23:21pamaury*in the header
22:23:28pamauryand what about the setting ?
22:25:45jlbiasiniwell I tought the setting will come in a separated commit
22:26:27pamauryif you do that then you should default to disable on hold as false
22:26:32jlbiasinibecause this one has already enought differents kind of change that have to be commited together
22:26:35pamaurybut I think it's better in the same commit
22:27:23jlbiasiniyes I know it has to be set to false either way actually but it wass just the draft
22:27:52jlbiasinito recieve all the different advice of stuf to modify
22:28:49pamauryI think the setting should be part of it, otherwise the set_disable_on_hold function doesn't really make sense and if for some reason we want to revert it, it's better to have the setting with it
22:29:07pamaurymaybe someone else can give his opinion on this
22:29:45jlbiasinithe compile error seems to be related to the fact that button-meg-fx.c calls touchdev_do_hold but it does contains #include "touchdev.h" and still errors
22:29:51 Quit SovonHalder ()
22:30:10jlbiasiniok I have no problem with having also the setting with it
22:38:10 Quit kevku (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
22:42:31 Join dewlap [0] (~dewlap@2001:5c0:1000:a::101)
22:45:19 Quit jlbiasini (Quit: jlbiasini)
22:59:11 Quit shamus (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:59:34 Join shamus [0] (
23:05:01 Quit pamaury (Read error: No route to host)
23:05:27 Quit amayer (Quit: Leaving)
23:06:25 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
23:18:42 Part LinusN
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