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#rockbox log for 2013-08-24

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00:02:08wowanameLeoNerdยป what player are you using
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00:08:58LeoNerdwowaname: iHP140
00:09:12wowanamelol i had umode +D
00:09:19wowanamestill do
00:09:23wowanametesting something in #wikipedia
00:09:53gevaertswowaname: please stay on topic
00:10:01wowanamewtf +D doesnt work
00:10:16wowanameo i have it off. ok gevaerts
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12:22:40pamaurywodz: currently no, the gui cannot create regmap but I plan to add this feature, it should be a problem
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20:10:38*[Saint] just spotted a glaring hole in the documentation...
20:10:54[Saint]The manual still refers to "Playlists" on the main menu.
20:11:07[Saint]...that changed to Playlist Catalogue like...what...a year ago?
20:12:01copperhold the press!
20:14:00[Saint]The addition of Playlist Catalogue *completely* fucked the Playlists section of the manual.
20:14:33coppersounds bad
20:14:38copperhow many casualties?
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20:58:54jlbiasinipamaury: did you saw the comment of kugel on g#569
20:58:58fs-bluebotGerrit review #569 at : touchpad: Disable touchpad on softlock. by Jean-Louis Biasini (changes/69/569/27)
21:01:28pamaurynot yet, I was very busy today
21:02:13pamauryhum, that's not quite fair, we use weak for other subsystems
21:02:35pamauryI'll be back later
21:03:13jlbiasiniI'm not sure how to go forward now: I asked for direction both here and on the mailling list. I've got very few answer (only gevearts, lorenzo and you. And after working hard on it when I finally get ready I have someone pointing out It isn't the right way... Who knows if I rewrite the whole stuff if someone isn't going to come then to say: hey that's not so good :(
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21:12:27jlbiasiniStill if kugel is right about exe compilation we should find another way...
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21:14:31[Saint]Well, unfortunately, trying hard != right. :-S
21:14:50jlbiasinijep, true that... :/
21:17:10jlbiasiniStill I can't find any reference to weak symbols having issue with windows
21:21:17jlbiasiniAnd we use it on firmware/drivers/lcd-16bit-common.c imx233/audio-imx233.c and plugins/lib/osd.c
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22:23:51kugeljlbiasini: you will find in lcd-16bit-common.c that it's special cased for win32
22:26:50kugelweak functions that are meant to be overriden by target code are also very easy to miss for new ports (because they not looking at them doesn't throw a warning or anything)
22:27:26kugelwhich potientially means that this overriding doesnt happen even if there would be a good opportunity
22:28:40kugelnormally a new port work like this: a) change code until it compiles, b) change code until it boots and c) fix user-visible problems
22:29:27kugela missed power saving opporunity that would require overriding a hidden weak function isn't covered by either of them
22:32:08jlbiasinikugel: ok so your idea is a general touchdev_enable_device that would call a touchpad_enable or touchscreen_enable from driver. those function containing only "return" on target not handling power saving
22:32:33jlbiasinidid I got that correctly?
22:35:21kugelyeah, except that _device would be target specific (and touchpad_enable the general one
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22:41:48jlbiasinikugel: the only problem I see with this is how to implement a generic touchpad disable. On touchscreen this is very simple because all touchscreen use the same interface. So we can controls all of them and bind them in the darkness of touchscreen.c, whereas touchpad don't have and cannot have a common interface (because each touchpad is different, some are just a combinaison of button gigabeat, other nearly touchscreen like, t
22:41:48jlbiasinihe fuze+ is somehow in between)
22:44:17jlbiasiniso apart for adding a #define TOUCH_BUTTONS in each touchpad target-button.h file I don't see how we can know which button to silent in order to have a general touchpad_disable
22:53:27kugeljlbiasini: this seems like an orthogonal issue
22:54:14 Quit kevku (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
22:55:46jlbiasinikugel: what does that means?
22:56:26kugelit means that the issue is a different one (even though the topic is the same)
22:56:34kugeland that eitehr can be fixed without affecting the other
22:57:22kugelfwiw, touchscreens also have target specific code (such as button_read_device)
23:03:18jlbiasinikugel: do you have any suggestion rather than a plain #define TOUCH_BUTTONS?
23:04:02kugelno, not now, but that seems ok to me
23:06:41[Saint]having targets that need weird treatment have a specific define seems perfectly sane to me.
23:10:17jlbiasiniok, I'll see also with pamaury on this then
23:11:49[Saint]It seems *so* much better that the target(s) that need weird treatment get the weirdness...rather than making changes all over the show to accommodate said weirdness.
23:12:06[Saint]I believe this was said, parhaps not in so many words, several times the other day.
23:15:55jlbiasini[Saint]: the weirdness is pretty much squared on this one
23:16:42jlbiasiniwe are talking about have_touchpad target with softlock
23:17:35 Join ungali [0] (~yaaic@
23:18:16jlbiasiniit's like 2 or 3 target tops... if not only one. The point is to make the new implementation wide enough so that it could also be usefull on other target(new ones most likely)
23:18:41 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
23:19:42jlbiasinipamaury: have a look at the log kugel pretty much explained his point, I would be happy to have your view on it to...
23:27:31[Saint]well...its like *one* target, as far as I see it.
23:27:42[Saint]I don't understand why any others need to be involved at all.
23:30:11*[Saint] shrugs
23:30:19[Saint]Thankfully, gerrit.
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