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#rockbox log for 2013-08-28

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00:40:51jy2wongaccording to the AAC decoders could do with some optimization. Is that still accurate?
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01:51:47wowanameugh windows is complaining about the ipod again even though i'm using the fallback image
01:52:17wowanamehopefully GNU/Linux will work with it
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02:17:16saratogajy2wong: aac is pretty efficient, take a look at the benchmarks linked from that page
02:17:27saratogamore optimization is always welcome though
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04:24:51wowaname"Error creating directory: Input/Output error
04:25:03wowanameTrying to use Linux to transfer to the iPod
04:25:08wowanameworked for a bit
04:25:57wowanamei wish luck to whoever is fiddling with the usb interface code
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10:23:54wodzpamaury: Honestly I don't see why relocation might break something. I suspect however that compiling with -mcpu=arm926ej-s is not good idea on arm7ej-s core
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10:59:43pamaurywodz: GCCOPTS=-march=armv5te so there is no issue I think
11:00:41wodzpamaury: In that case I can't see what is wrong
11:01:49wodzvery similar code snippet is used in rb crt0.S for rk27xx
11:05:22wodzthis is minor detail but why sub r7, pc, #8 and later mov r2, r7 instead of simply sub r2, pc, #8?
11:06:34pamaurybecause I copied it from my more general crt0.S in which I used more registers
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11:07:32wodzand it would be wise to compare target address with current loading addres and skip reloc part if this two are equal
11:07:55wodzJdGordon: seen discussion about fm screen bug on ondio?
11:08:04wodz*have you seen
11:08:27JdGordonnope, havnt seen anything about anything recently
11:16:04kugelpamaury: your patch looks good, that's how I envisioned it also
11:16:51kugelpamaury: I'm just surprised that SDL doesnt call touchscreen_to_pixels
11:17:44jlbiasinipamaury: your patch has the same flaw as mine: the compilator doesn't find definition of touchpad_enable_device as it gets defined at driver level... So #if !defined(SIMULATOR) is still needed and so we still have do implement a special simulator part...
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11:24:45jlbiasinipamaury: I didn't really understood the subtility of this patch anyway so I will let it up to you and kugel...
11:25:03JdGordonwodz: not much of a discussion there.... :)
11:27:09kugeljlbiasini: it's not much different from yours
11:27:49jlbiasiniyes but I didn't get what make it really different and why?
11:28:13jlbiasiniI thought the main remaining problem was the simulator
11:28:29jlbiasiniand the filter
11:28:33pamauryjlbiasini: ah right, I forgot about the simulator, I'll upload a new patch
11:29:03jlbiasiniso I didn't really understood what was the modification about...
11:29:59pamaurymy patch is mostly the same as yours, without the setting and some renaming
11:29:59jlbiasinior was it to simplify the simulator part to be implemented?
11:30:57pamauryand yes it was to simplify the simulator part except that I forgot to #ifdef touchpad_enable_device() call
11:32:09jlbiasiniwhile you are at adding something to it you also forgot the !defined(HAS_BUTTON_HOLD) in action.c
11:33:06jlbiasinior how are we suppose to do? Are you going to push your patch or should I complete mine according to yours?
11:33:56pamaurygoing for lunch
11:34:17pamauryno need, it's already protected by !defined(BUTTON_HOLD)
11:34:29jlbiasiniah right
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11:47:43serbive tried runnin /.makmsboot but it just dont work.
11:47:50serbim on arch and ive got sansa clip +
11:49:14JdGordonwodz: replied to the FS task
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12:28:04serb so??
12:28:07serbwhat do
12:29:35pamaurythere is a problem with the build of the simulator in some cases
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12:56:21pamaurykugel: what do you think of the new patch ? pamaury/6353512">
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13:07:06fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 74761b7, 217 builds, 20 clients.
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13:14:18fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 432 seconds.
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13:28:18pamauryZagor: could we fix the build client from "rigaud-dannya": it lacks libsdl apparently
13:28:30pamaurylibsdl-dev more likely
13:28:51Zagorwe can't fix it, we can only block it
13:29:07Zagorunless we manage to contact whoever runs it
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15:27:55mctechie64_My MP3 Player is broken! Rockbox won't remove!!! Sansa clip v2
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15:31:06coppermctechie64_: what do you mean, "won't remove"?
15:32:49 Join mctechie64__ [0] (46d202a2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
15:33:01mctechie64__The bootloader will not remove
15:33:01coppermctechie64__: what do you mean, "won't remove"?
15:33:19copperexplain what you're trying to do (and what you're actually doing)
15:33:56mctechie64__I am trying to revert it to the original firmware.
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15:36:47helpo12345Can anyone help?
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15:39:59helpoMy MP3 player is still not working...
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15:41:06coppermctechie64___: I assume you need to use the sansa installer
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15:41:22cereal_killerWhat effect does it have, if I run the BatteryBench plugin without headphones?
15:41:43cereal_killerDoes that increase the runtime to great extend?
15:42:01pamaurycereal_killer: depends on the headphones but yeah potentially
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15:43:39cereal_killerI did a batterybench on my clipv2, but some questions remain: the textfile states: # Rockbox has been running for 00:09:13
15:44:18cereal_killerBut the last value in the Time field is 11:07:22
15:44:22 Quit helpo (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
15:44:48cereal_killerOh sorry forget that question it is 9 minutes not hours
15:44:59pamaurythe first line only states how long rockbox has been running when the bench started, so you probabyl launched it 9 minutes after startup
15:45:59cereal_killerthank you pamaury, that was the case
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15:47:56cereal_killerI think I do a batterybench again with my headphones (15€ Sennheiser headphones) and post the results on the wiki
15:48:35cereal_killerNow I am waiting for my 5.5G iPod and my Cowon D2 to finish the batterybench
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15:51:32cereal_killerWhat does C, S and U in the output file mean? The cells are empty.
15:53:28pamaurycereal_killer: in the battery bench file ?
15:53:58pamauryto be honest I don't remember, I think it's the power management state
15:53:59cereal_killeryes, the last colums
15:54:17pamaurylet me see the code
15:55:53pamauryU is usb power, C is charging, A is there is charger inserted
15:57:12cereal_killermerci beaucoup pamaury, so there cant be any values
16:00:27kugelpamaury: why don't you implement touchscreen_enable_device() for the sim?
16:00:40kugelotherwise the patch looks good (didnt test)
16:04:27cereal_killerI had my D2 charged fully using a wallcharger, but the batterybench outputfile states 88% for the battery level as the beginning for the test. Rockbox was running 57 seconds until I started the plugin. Is the Level inaccurate?
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16:09:14wodzcereal_killer: It basically means that battery voltage-capacity curve is different to the one used in rockbox.
16:10:53wodzThis curve very much depend on the state of the battery (ie it will change with charge-discharge cycles)
16:11:05 Part Torne
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16:27:03cereal_killeralright, thanks
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17:13:25madcat1990Just an FYI, CabbieV2 broke USB on my Clip+
17:14:41madcat1990After changing the theme, it still wasn't working, so I had to reboot the device
17:14:51madcat1990Hope it helps =/
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