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#rockbox log for 2013-08-29

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14:15:30lorenzo92TheSeven: I'm considering to avoid FTL hacking on samsung YP-Z5, but instead working using a known FTL, what do you think? Yes, I don't care about OF at all :D
14:20:03lorenzo92kugel: I don't see the 24 bit option in bmp2rb, which is what I actually need7
14:20:28lorenzo92oh actually I didn't see the -r option, let me see
14:32:37lorenzo92kugel: modifying it for my needs...
14:33:15pamaurylorenzo92: I don't think we have any 24-bit support in rockbox for images
14:33:40lorenzo92I know, but I need it for the safe mode raw images, so I can add the 24 bit option to the tool
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15:07:45[7]lorenzo92: can you give me some information about the flash memory below that FTL?
15:08:32lorenzo92yes, even the original source code (originating from another similar device, which ftl is the same i assume, also looking at debug strings)
15:08:33[7]page size/OOB size, block size, number of chip selects, endurance data, ...
15:08:36lorenzo92ah ok
15:08:46lorenzo92well I don't know now, they are samsung nands
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15:09:02[7]do you have a part number?
15:09:21lorenzo92yes but I don't know if it's correct or not, let me find it
15:09:34lorenzo92I've seen a lots of variants
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15:23:14WilliamXieI just registered a wiki account and I'd like to add a new port page
15:23:41WilliamXiei wounder if anyone can add me to the group
15:24:21lorenzo92I'm curious: what player? :)
15:24:38WilliamXieTatung eilo P810
15:25:03pamauryoh that's amazing, I found how to handle the creative players file system problem \o/
15:25:07[7]<[7]> and the format looks similar to the nano2g
15:25:08[7]<lorenzo92> good because I wanted to use its FTL, since I don't have time to spend on reversing samsung stuff
15:25:08[7]<[7]> looks like we have all but the first one in the nano2g driver's table:
15:25:08DBUGEnqueued KICK [7]
15:25:08[7]<[7]> {0x2555D3EC, 4096, 3872, 0x80, 7, 2, 1, 2, 1},
15:25:08[7]<[7]> {0x2514D3EC, 4096, 3872, 0x80, 7, 2, 1, 2, 1},
15:25:09***Alert Mode level 1
15:25:09***Alert Mode level 2
15:25:09[7]<[7]> {0x2555D3EC, 4096, 3872, 0x80, 7, 2, 1, 2, 1},
15:25:11[7]<lorenzo92> good!! thanks for the hint ;)
15:25:13[7]<lorenzo92> so basically I need to fill the table with other models, as well as write my own low-level reading stuff (which I was working on, getting it working)
15:25:15[7]<[7]> so these are all blocks=4096, userblocks=3872, pagesperblock=128, t1=2, tWP=1, t2=2, t3=1
15:25:17[7]<[7]> I guess the SoC has hardware-accelerated ECC?
15:25:20[7]<lorenzo92> exactly I also need to make it working
15:25:22[7]<[7]> is it a separate core like in the nano2g that can process arbitrary data, or is it tied into the NAND controller like on these allwinner chips, thereby nailing down the ECC data position in the OOB area?
15:25:24[7]<lorenzo92> it is a separate unit, not tied to nand
15:25:26[7]<lorenzo92> let me ask pamaury to be precise
15:25:58WilliamXiea very old one,but the hardware seems very common,PP5020D,WM8731,boot though a mid file in HDD
15:26:26WilliamXiemi4 file,just like samsung players
15:26:43[7]WilliamXie: you should have edit permissions now
15:26:44pamauryWilliamXie: I don't know how to add anyone to a group, Zagor can you do that / explain how to do this ?
15:26:50pamauryah thanks [7]
15:27:04[7]pamaury: you just need to edit the username into the alphabetically sorted list at
15:27:25pamaury[7]: can you believe that, once in a while mp3 manufacturers do things the right and sensible way
15:28:28[7]pamaury: lol it seems to happen sometimes... what are you referring to? :)
15:28:59pamaurycreative player usually uses their own, proprietary partition table and file systems
15:29:21pamauryI didn't want to support them in rockbox so I thought we could just erase the creatvie fs and use FAT instead
15:29:58[7]and guess what, the creative firmware can mount that? :)
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15:30:14pamauryBUT, it appears the partition table has named entries like "minifs", "cfs" with sizes and the rescue mode can reformat the cfs partition. So it's actually possible to add another entry (say "rockfs"), resize the "cfs" one, ask the rescue mode to resize and you're done
15:30:59pamauryyou loose all data but you still have working OF and rockbox, that's nice
15:31:24pamauryand you can choose how much you dedicate to each one
15:31:37pamaurythe only downside is that you need to raw access to the storage to do that of course
15:31:43[7]pamaury: what kind of storage is backing that btw?
15:32:10pamaurydepends, on zen mozaic it's nand + nand to ata bridge, on zen (x-fi) it's nand + nand to sd bridge
15:32:22[7]ok, so fully abstracted nand
15:32:44pamauryonly the zen x-fi2 uses raw NAND, but only some models, some have emmc
15:33:01pamaury(or nand to sd bridge, not sure I don't have one)
15:33:07lorenzo92back on Z5 we were discussing the nand models, actually nano2g already supports some of the nand I have in Z5
15:33:35lorenzo92so I personally think that using nano2g FTL is worth it
15:34:05[7]this means that we'll have to extend that FTL code to support formatting a flash :)
15:34:21[7](on the nano2g we can rely on the OF having formatted it)
15:35:10***Alert Mode OFF
15:38:54[7]things worth looking at:
15:43:25pamaury[7]: what do you think is the best strategy to change the partition table ? I'm thinking about the current scheme: use a persistent variable to indicate the OF/rockfs partition size, when the bootloader starts, it checks whether the actual size matches the persistent one; if not it resizes the partitions and kill both file systems, ask the user to reformat. Then the user can use a rockbox setting to tweak the size (effective at next reboot)
15:44:13pamauryOr, second option: rockbox knows how to resize and can do it at runtime, and the bootloader only creates the rockfs partition when it doesn't see it, making an arbitrary choice of the initial size
15:45:34[7]how does the OF behave if the cfs partition is trashed?
15:45:47[7]i.e. superblock zeroed or something like that? does it automatically reformat it?
15:46:08pamauryI don't know yet, I have to check, I was thinking about zeroing the superblock yeah, let me check
15:46:27[7]because if it does we can stop worrying about having to make the user reformat it at least
15:47:14[7]changing the rockfs size could possibly be handled by a rockbox plugin
15:47:38[7]and we could teach the bootloader to create an initial one and format it
15:47:43***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
15:49:53[7]if you need some really trivial fat32 formatting code:
15:54:10lorenzo92[7]: thanks for the links, well, at this point writing "formatting" code is also a good idea for other ports
15:55:12[7]lorenzo92: the FTL code in emCORE (but I don't think the one in rockbox) can handle fixing a not cleanly unmounted FTL layer, but not completely reinitializing it. Adding that should be mostly trivial though. But we currently have no code at all for fixing or reinitializing a corrupted VFL layer.
15:56:46[7]then again, initializing a VFL shouldn't be terribly difficult either, and given the way it's constructed it should not get inconsistent due to an unclean shutdown
15:57:12[7]and if something just arbitrarily trashed pages, it's probably best to recreate the whole thing from scratch anyway
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17:29:15RAThomasany crypto geeks in here?
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18:02:36pamauryRAThomas: depends
18:04:59RAThomasit's actually [OT], but I'm trying to decode the data dump from a Fitbit Flex fitness tracker. It's encrypted, but I think I may have found the key (or partial)
18:05:20RAThomasanyway, I'm over in ##crypto now, probably more appropriate ;)
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18:43:19CtcpIgnored 6 channel CTCP requests in 23 hours and 47 minutes at the last flood
18:43:19*[7] makes RAThomas aware of the #rockbox-community channel, which is basically the off-topic lounge of the people behind rockbox :)
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19:21:59RAThomas[7]: :)
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21:17:45pamaury[7]: ping
21:20:02pamaurywhat do you think is better to dual boot on Creative mp3: 1) implement a quick and dirty OF loader (ie small minifs reader and small exec parser) in the bootloader 2) pack OF+rockbox and patch the OF to start a stub which decides which one to load
21:20:36pamaury1) is simpler for packing tools but more complicated for bootloader, it's also more flexible, 2) is more complicated for packing tools but requires no change in BL
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21:30:05wodzpamaury: option 2 is safer imo
21:31:13wodzAnd what do you mean by bootloader? I guess stage1 which runs off the flash or something.
21:31:30wodzIs it stored separately to the OF?
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22:24:48wowanameoh i seem to have trouble with the peak metres
22:24:51wowaname%pL and %pR
22:25:25wowanamethey will show but they do not update (both the bar and text) unless i have the fallback wps loaded
22:26:01 Part jy2wong ("WeeChat 0.4.1")
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22:36:16wowanameok what the fuck? i was able to transfer 1 folder of songs onto my ipod with crunchbang/nautilus and then it decides to I/O errors all over the place
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