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#rockbox log for 2013-08-30

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00:29:52spitboxerFirst of all I *LOVE* rockbox.
00:30:06spitboxerI've been using it on some Sansa models from the e series to the Fuze and now the Fuze+.
00:30:59spitboxerObservation: The fuze+ blows. Not the rockbox implementation but the sansa product. The new touch pad style interface completely ruins it. In addition to it being a bit unstable of a platform for rockbox, apparently.
00:31:20spitboxerAre there any decent players left with the same kind of solidity and ease of use as the original Fuze ?
00:31:28spitboxer(that run rockbox)
00:31:37spitboxerAlso: I have a feature request.
00:32:10spitboxerI would love if there were a way to delete (and/or move), files and folders within rockbox.
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00:49:59spitboxerAnyway, if anyone sees this and can chime in with a recommendation of another decent, solid player with a microSD slot, I'd appreciate it.
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01:00:20wowanamehi spitboxer
01:00:47wowanamei can't help you but just wanted you to know people will be alive in here any moment now~
01:01:03wowanamebut there is a way to move folders in rockbox
01:01:04wowanameand files
01:01:15wowanamebut it's 1 at a time afaik
01:01:58wowanamejust open the context menu for a file/folder and hit Cut, navigate to the destination dir, open a context menu on any file in the dir, and hit Paste
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01:34:51spitboxerwowaname: thank you! actually i was more interested in the "delete" function
01:35:04wowanamesame way, just hit Delete
01:35:09wowanameinstead of Cut and Paste
01:35:14spitboxerthank you =)
01:35:17wowanameyou're welcome
01:35:18spitboxerI've been using rockbox for a couple years now and and so far I dont think I've seen the context menu!
01:35:28wowanameyeah it's real nice
01:35:30spitboxerany idea what button it would be on a Fuze+ ?
01:35:35wowanameno idea
01:35:41wowanameno idea even what a Fuze+ looks like lol
01:36:06spitboxerwhat kinda player do you use rockbox on?
01:36:16wowanamefor the iPod Classic at least, you hold the centre button to bring it up, and i love how less of a delay it has than the original firmware
01:36:35wowanamei can look up the key for the fuze
01:36:42wowanameshould be in the documentation
01:37:18wowaname19 36 08: spitboxer» what kinda player do you use rockbox on?
01:37:21wowanameiPod Classic 160gb
01:37:29wowanameeffing awesome
01:37:36wowaname'cept the usb is beyond glitchy
01:37:45spitboxerim too much of a klutz for a player with an actual mechanical drive
01:37:59spitboxeri like players that support 32GB micro SD slots
01:38:01wowanameoh this is SD/internal?
01:38:09wowanameyeah i looked into that
01:38:13spitboxeryeah e series, fuze and fuze+ have microSD slots
01:38:24wowanamebut no i was like i'm gonna be downloading a whole bunch of shit; i need room to grow
01:38:28wowaname2000+ songs atm
01:39:36wowanameyou have mentioned this lol
01:39:47spitboxeryeah the fuze+ sucks
01:39:53spitboxerI have 2 fuze and 1 fuze+
01:39:56spitboxeruse em mostly in my car
01:40:02spitboxeror when biking
01:40:23wowanamethe classic is as far as i will chart into apple territory
01:40:33spitboxerhahaha i'm with you on that one!
01:40:37spitboxeri dont own any apple products
01:40:53wowanamethe original firmware for it was amazingly laggy with the coverflow view
01:40:58spitboxerthough i would consider running a hackintosh just go get some actual apple experience
01:41:11spitboxer(and to spite them)
01:41:21wowanamehad a pain in the ass with iTunes until i figured out foobar2000's iPod plugin, and then i found about Rockbox and did away with both
01:41:32spitboxerfoobar2000, excellent choice
01:41:43spitboxerthe only players i use in windows are foobar2000 and 1by1
01:41:49wowanameOS X is decent, since it's Unix based
01:41:50spitboxerin linux I'll suffer with qmmp
01:42:12wowanamelet's pm before someone gets anal in here
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17:29:49madcat1990I don't know how you wizards did it, but even in rockbox mode, Windows still detects my CLip+ as what it is, instead of a mass storage device!
17:30:18madcat1990*instead of just a mass storage
17:30:24madcat1990Which, not gonna lie, is awesome! :D
17:33:26copperwhat is it, if not a mass storage device?
17:34:55madcat1990copper, Basically, there's a devices and printers menu in windows. Usually, when I connect other MP3 Players, they just show as a mass storage device, and use a generic icon from M$. My Clip+ however, SHOWS as a clip+ in the device and printers list, when running rockbox. I usually think CFs just have custom USB code, that makes the device look generic, but you guys apparently took it one step further
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18:37:13Strife89madcat1990: So it's a recognized mass storage device? :)
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19:24:32madcat1990Strife89, you could say that
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23:19:11wowanamehey guys: i cannot write to the iPod Classic's disk either with a computer or internally; all it can do is create zero-byte files and i really dont wanna format the disk again
23:41:30wowanameok then i'll just resort to formatting and avoid letting windows have any interface with the damn thing
23:41:35wowanamethat's likely what fucks it up
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23:46:25*makoto waves to wowaname
23:46:33wowanameholy fuck
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