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#rockbox log for 2013-09-02

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03:47:44core_does the ipod mini port work on both 1st and 2nd gen ipod mini
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09:10:35pamaurybluebrother: ping
09:11:19pamaurydo you think you'll have time for the rbutil patch about cab files soon ? If not, should I commit it given that you already reviewed it in the past and I supposedly fixed the issues ?
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09:16:19pamauryjlbiasini: i've seen your comment yesterday, indeed that's a big issue
09:16:59jlbiasiniany Idea where the code should reactivted the touchpad?
09:18:08jlbiasinipamaury: I've tried some grep -R "keys_locked" ./apps but I didn't find other occurences in the code...
09:18:13pamauryI see several options: 1) have softlock in all screens 2) have the lock button unlock in all screens if locked 3) always unlock if you quit the screen 4) always unlock on a button press if the context doesn't allow softlock
09:18:45pamaurymost of the code uses the action code so I think 4) could work
09:19:33pamaury3) could work but has a drawback: you quit wps because of the end of a song, you get back to main menu unlocked and the player still in your pocket so you can press any button by error
09:20:07pamauryso yeah 4) could be good and very easy to implement
09:20:56jlbiasinithe actual behavious seems to be 4)
09:21:46jlbiasinihaha so it's in the part that test for allow_lock that I should add that!
09:22:01pamaurycurrently you get stuck in the main menu with the current code right ?
09:22:12jlbiasiniok I'll have a look. What else should be done on your patch?
09:22:35pamauryto implement 4) I think you can add this at the top of get_action_worker in action.c:
09:22:39jlbiasiniphysical keys are working but touchpad is dead
09:23:10pamauryif(!(context & ALLOW_SOFTLOCK)) button_enable_touch(false);
09:23:15jlbiasiniAnyway I still cannot compile the simulator with your patch
09:23:23pamauryby the way, did you update your gerrit patch with my patch ?
09:23:29pamauryhum, which device ?
09:24:10jlbiasiniI will update it but I still have to fix those errors and bug
09:24:29pamauryare you sure you used the latest version of the patch ?
09:25:16pamauryah you're right, I forgot to upload it, my mistake ^^
09:25:50pamaurythe fix is simple though: in button.c, the content of button_enable_touch should be protected by #ifndef SIMULATOR
09:26:06jlbiasiniit's been a few days in between so I have to check. By the way I also have to add the function at driver level for all target that does need it
09:26:42jlbiasiniok I can change that myself
09:26:46pamauryI have to go, i'll be back at 11:00 or 11:30
09:27:50jlbiasiniok see you then
09:38:46lorenzo92jlbiasini: in a few i'm going to fix the r1 target and hopefully merge it into master, so that I can test your patch
09:39:20jlbiasinijep, if it's ever going to be ready ;)
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09:44:17lorenzo92indeed :D at the moment I'm working on other things like the safe mode, radio module and firmware packer
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10:08:33jlbiasinilorenzo92: actually I was writing about my patch :D It's been weeks for such a superficial function...
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10:16:06lorenzo92jlbiasini: haha I've seen that nothing is trivial when talking about rb code ^^
10:16:52jlbiasinitrue that!
10:20:45wodzthats is not true, it is easy to break something :-)
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10:47:25Jdgordonwodz: did you see my reply about the radio a while ago?
10:48:18wodzJdgordon: yes but I don't remember what it stated
10:48:31Jdgordonthe init order in radio.c is no good
10:50:59Jdgordonwodz: try g#614
10:51:02fs-bluebotGerrit review #614 at : radio: fix FS #12747 by Jonathan Gordon (changes/14/614/1)
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10:52:35wodzJdgordon: I was not the one who bisected this.
10:52:44wodzI don't have ondiofm
10:52:51Jdgordonoh, grr
10:52:52Jdgordonthought you had one
10:53:07lebelliumI'm the one :)
10:53:18lebelliumI can try in a few hours Jdgordon
10:54:19lebelliumAnd I bisected it manually, took me the whole afternoon :( Next time I'll use the git bisect function...
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11:06:23wodzlebellium: Are you kidding? That is insane considering how good git bisect works.
11:07:12wodzlebellium: We even have step-by-step instruction how to do that on UsingGit wiki page
11:07:58Jdgordoncopper: ping?
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11:11:42copperJdgordon: hi
11:11:53Jdgordonim looking at FS #12891
11:11:54fs-bluebot %?if() evaluates enumeration indexes and arbitrary numbers to (number + 1) (bugs, unconfirmed)
11:12:25Jdgordonits a bit annoying, whats happening is because the skin engine is dumb it takes 0 as not a value - which is wrong
11:13:08Jdgordonthe correct thing is to probably fix that and hope it doesnt break themes too much :p
11:13:14copperit wil
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11:13:38copperwhich is why I suggested adding a tag that acknowledges the new behavior
11:14:22Jdgordon%if isnt a very used tag, so breaking shouldnt be a hassle
11:15:17copperwell, it will break MY themes, for one (13 actually!) :P
11:16:12coppermore importantly, it will cause a divide between themes that are compatible with recent builds, and others that are compatible with older builds
11:16:22copperwhat do I do, force people to use dev builds?
11:16:41copperer, 14 themes
11:17:23wodzcan we check for rb version?
11:17:30Jdgordonwe did have a discussion about a version tag *ages* ago, it didnt happen because we didnt have a need :p
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11:18:03wodzthis would at least help with stables versions
11:18:05Jdgordonhow far from the next release are we?
11:19:47 Join Poodlemastah [0] (
11:19:51copperI wouldn't have a problem with the + 1 thing, if it didn't force me to write non-sensical code like: %?if(%ss(0, 2, %St(font), number), =, 15)<fourteen|>
11:20:17jlbiasinipamaury: I've corrected compilation errrors and bug on g#569 (I did it a little differently than you said, but I think it's ok that way) I hope I didn't forget any touch target to implement driver function in.
11:20:20Jdgordonhehe, fair enough
11:20:26Jdgordonit looks like %mp is actually broken
11:20:32copperit is?
11:20:32Jdgordonit is doing the wrong thing
11:20:33pamauryjlbiasini: did you upload the patch on gerrit ?
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11:21:03Jdgordonall the other tags avoid zero correctly, this doesnt
11:21:08jlbiasinipamaury: yes g#569
11:21:09Jdgordonthe int value and string vlaues are different
11:21:26copperfix that, and it will break themes too
11:21:46jlbiasinithat bot is dead
11:22:56Jdgordonits all bloody broken
11:22:57jlbiasinipamaury: I checked the stuff on both sim and f+ and it works ok
11:23:56pamauryhum, clever indeed, seems good to me. I just hope we don't have any wps/radio screen -> non action based screen, otherwise the problem will surface again
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11:24:20pamauryI need to check something before
11:25:11pamauryok that's fine, is_keys_locked() check for context, so that's the same fix as me written differently, but it's better this way I think
11:25:42pamauryjlbiasini: your patch keeps correctly the #endif /* HAS_SOFTWARE_LOCK */ but I think it's wrong
11:25:56pamauryit's HAS_BUTTON_HOLD
11:26:03jlbiasinipamaury: I also add a check in touchpad_enable to avoid to reactivate the device all the time if we are already on
11:26:16 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
11:26:40pamauryjlbiasini: indentation in touchpad.c is wrong
11:26:46pamaury(in touchpad_filter)
11:27:06jlbiasinifor what I saw it's ifndef HAS_BUTTON_HOLD so I find strange to end it with #endif HAS_BUTTON_HOLD
11:27:37pamauryyou should probably do similarly in touchscreen.c:touchscreen_enable, only call enable_device if the state really changes
11:27:53jlbiasinijep I just thought about it!
11:29:18jlbiasiniso what about this HAS_BUTTON_HOLD comment should I revert it?
11:29:46pamauryI think so
11:30:48jlbiasinipamaury: also you've add a touchscreen_is_enabled function should i add a touchpad_is_enabled checker also?
11:31:26pamauryI don't understand what you mean by checker
11:32:10jlbiasiniit's a function that return the status of touch_enable
11:32:28pamauryyes, it's used by the simulator
11:33:05jlbiasinionly on touchscreen ? not on touchpad?
11:33:08pamauryah ok, understood your comment sorry
11:33:17pamauryI don't think that's necessary
11:33:56jlbiasiniso it's necessary on touchscreen but not on touchpad?
11:33:58pamaurytouchscreen is special because there is no filter function (more precisely the filter function doesn't filter, it translate), so touchscreen and touchpad are handled differently here
11:34:29pamaurymaybe we should modify touchscreen to filter directly in this function, that would be cleaner if it works for the sim too
11:34:52pamauryah right no it cannot work
11:34:58jlbiasinithat goes in a further patch anyway
11:35:22jlbiasiniI mean let's not do everything in this one
11:35:36jlbiasiniwe already have a lot of change here
11:35:42pamauryno it cannot work, the sim handles touchscreen directly, without calling the touchscreen functions
11:35:50pamauryno we need this function
11:36:08pamauryanyway, going for lunch
11:36:09jlbiasinifine, less work, even better!!
11:36:29jlbiasiniok so to sum it up, I revert hold comment
11:36:49jlbiasiniI add a test in touchscreen_enable
11:36:55jlbiasinianything else?
11:37:11jlbiasiniand I correct indend in touchpad
11:38:07drafti just got my SanDisk Sansa Zip in mail and immediately installed Rockbox in it..
11:38:14drafti've been very satisfied so far...
11:38:53draftthere was talk that the USB transfers stall, but i haven't had any problems so far... *knocks on the wood*
11:42:06jlbiasinipamaury: done!
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12:38:08fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision f182a11, 217 builds, 20 clients.
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12:43:30fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 323 seconds.
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13:37:47jlbiasinipamaury: are you back?
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14:23:28Guest10878hi dudes.. any idea why my clip+ doesnt boot when a 16gb microSD card is inserted?
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15:02:40pamauryjlbiasini: yes
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15:39:20lebelliumJdGordon, wodz, bluebrother^ : g#614 works :)
15:39:25fs-bluebotGerrit review #614 at : radio: fix FS #12747 by Jonathan Gordon (changes/14/614/1)
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16:36:05jlbiasinipamaury: I updated the patch, let's push it and see how many target build it will break!! :D
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16:41:46pamaurylet's make a final call
16:41:59pamaurykugel: do you want to have a look at the patch before pushing ?
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16:48:13jlbiasinipamaury: what about the volume problem? Do you know to what it's related? Is there any value I can tweek on to find out which setting is the good one?
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17:03:20pamauryjlbiasini: I need to tweak something in the headers, I'll try to have a look at this
17:04:19pamauryif you want to try yourself: in firmware/export/imx233-codec.h
17:04:43 Quit rela_ (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
17:04:51pamauryreplace AUDIOHW_SETTING(VOLUME, "dB", 0, 1, -58, 12, -25) by
17:04:52pamauryAUDIOHW_SETTING(VOLUME, "dB", 0, 1, -100, 12, -25)
17:05:21pamaurybut that won't fix the radio volume, this is a separate issue, work in progress
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17:32:23kugelpamaury: sure, hopefully this evening
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19:22:23jlbiasinipamaury: what's the issue with radio?
19:26:17jlbiasinipamaury, kugel: g#571 is also waiting for a push...
19:26:20fs-bluebotGerrit review #571 at : fuze+/keymaps: Implement the ACTION_STD_MENU by Jean-Louis Biasini (changes/71/571/1)
19:35:24jlbiasinipamaury: I just tested with new values for AUDIOHW_SETTING, that does it and for what I tested on a very loud mp3 -100 is the right setting.
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22:35:13kugeljlbiasini: g#571 looks good but pamaury should have the final word
22:35:16fs-bluebotGerrit review #571 at : fuze+/keymaps: Implement the ACTION_STD_MENU by Jean-Louis Biasini (changes/71/571/1)
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22:58:39telliottI need help with my Sansa Clip
23:02:39 Join habys [0] (
23:05:23telliottI can't skip to the next track with the directional buttons, only scan within the current track. I found "prevent track skip" but the setting has no affect. I even inserted the line "prevent track skip: off" into the .cfg file and loaded it.
23:05:31 Join wowaname [0] (
23:06:42gevaertstelliott: can you put your .cfg file on a pastebin site?
23:07:57gevaertsi.e. .rockbox/config.cfg
23:08:12 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
23:12:14telliottIt looks like the line is getting removed by Rockbox
23:12:36wowanamewait what's going on
23:12:42wowanamewe're talking about themes at all?
23:12:52wowanamebecause i have a few things i would like to mention
23:13:03gevaertstelliott: default settings aren't stored
23:13:05gevaertswowaname: no
23:13:23wowanamebut i still have a couple of things:
23:13:37wowaname1) cover art won't load when i load a new theme until i restart rockbox
23:14:09wowaname2) %pL and %pR will display (both bars and text, depending on how i use it) but they are always stuck at 0 or some odd number
23:14:13wowanamethey never move
23:17:36telliottIs there any other setting that might affect manual track skipping?
23:18:03gevaertstelliott: I don't know off hand, which is why I asked to see the entire config file :)
23:18:49 Quit lorenzo92 (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
23:23:20 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
23:26:25gevaertstelliott: I suspect the "skip length" option may be involved. As far as I understand that should still let you skip to the next track *eventually*, but with 3 second steps that will take a while
23:26:41gevaertsSo I'd try playing with that
23:28:26telliottThanks. I'll set it ti 1
23:28:45gevaertsNot sure if 1 will help. I'd start with it disabled entirely
23:33:17telliottI found the setting and it worked. Thanks
23:34:12 Quit telliott (Quit: Leaving)
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23:39:58 Quit jlbiasini (Quit: jlbiasini)
23:46:17n1swowaname: [saint] is the resident theme guru but he's not here atm, not many other people know that stuff :)
23:46:50n1showever i'd guess the album art thing is that the aa isn't buffered if not needed so a stop and restart of playback should make it show up
23:46:51wowanamehe helped me install rockbox despite my ignorance
23:48:07 Quit n1s (Quit: Ex-Chat)
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