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#rockbox log for 2013-09-03

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11:36:00jlbiasinikugel: so I implemented the stub definition in g#569, is that so?
11:36:03fs-bluebotGerrit review #569 at : touch devices: Disable touch on softlock. by Jean-Louis Biasini (changes/69/569/33)
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19:12:14pamaurybluebrother: ping
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19:36:49copperhmmm, I would never have guessed that blue would be one of the more popular colors
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21:11:42amayercopper: where did you get the grey icon set?
21:11:52amayeri didnt notice you updated it
21:14:47copperit's asianclip
21:15:21coppermodified to be grey for the color themes, and blue for the Clippy themes
21:16:28amayerthats awesome man. im installing the blue one right now
21:16:29copperbottom of the page
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21:19:38amayeri think it looks a lot better now that it has grey icons. my only quarrel with it now is that the title is part of the list. for some reason that gets on my nerves. it seems like you should be able to scroll up to it but you cant. I might modify it so the title is a different color
21:20:06amayeryou really stepped that theme up. its very nice
21:22:13copper"my only quarrel with it now is that the title is part of the list" <- what do you mean?
21:22:22copperthe bottom bar below the menu in the SBS?
21:22:37amayer"the only thing i dont like"
21:22:51amayerquarrel is like a "problem or dislike"
21:23:00copperthat's not what I don't understand
21:23:13copperI don't know what you're referring to
21:23:19copperwhat title?
21:23:34amayerwhere it says "rockbox" or the current folder you are in at the top of the list on SBS
21:23:48copperbut, that's always the case
21:23:51copperwith any theme
21:23:59amayerno its not. check out ANY of my themes
21:24:04copperunless you use "skinned lists" or whatever they're called?
21:24:16amayernope you can do it even without doing skinned list
21:24:41amayer look for %Lt
21:26:25amayerif you put %Lt anywhere it wont put it in the main viewport
21:26:34amayerand %Li is the icon
21:26:58copperI see
21:26:59amayerso you can seperate just the Title out and style it differently without styling the while list
21:27:05amayeri do it for all of my themes
21:27:18copperthanks for the tip, I'll change that tomorrow
21:27:45amayercool beans :)
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21:28:08copperalso, the Clippy themes look better on the actual devices that on the screenshots
21:28:17copperit's the theme that I'm using now
21:28:42copperit makes the DAP look like some cool piece of electronic gear
21:28:53copperwith a kinda vintage feel
21:29:04copperit's hard to describe
21:29:32copperthe novelty of it might wear off though
21:29:59copperit just looks surreal on my iPod Classic :D
21:30:12amayerwe shall see. i really like it tho. your first version of the theme didnt last 2 hours on my device. i have a feeling this one will last a lot longer
21:30:18amayerthats what im using it on iClassic
21:30:20copperI'd probably get a few weird looks in public places
21:30:37copper"what kind of iPod is THAT??"
21:30:48amayerive gotten that a few times
21:30:53copperhehe :)
21:30:57 Join traps [0] (~dewlap@2001:5c0:1000:a::705)
21:30:59amayeror someone in my car picks it up and says what is that?
21:32:44copperI'm pretty sure there's an untapped market for skinnable DAPs
21:32:50copperlike, teenagers, maybe
21:33:17copperteenage girls, especially
21:33:54copperif they knew that they could do that with Rockbox on their Classic, they would flock to Rockbox in masses
21:34:09 Quit kilroy (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
21:34:18copperI guess someone needs to make a few Hello Kitty / Emo / whatever themes
21:35:15amayerhanna montana and 1 direction themes would get one million and one downloads
21:35:21copperhaha, yeah
21:36:31copperif that happened, Apple, Disney and Columbia would probably sue the shit out of Rockbox
21:39:44amayersomething like that
21:42:48 Join liar [0] (
21:56:35funmanjust host the themes on a server in russia
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22:27:06jlbiasinipamaury, kugel: g#569 is ready now
22:27:09fs-bluebotGerrit review #569 at : touch devices: Disable touch on softlock. by Jean-Louis Biasini (changes/69/569/33)
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22:53:13amayercopper: that is creative with the 6 dots in the header being HDD access
22:53:24wowanamewait where
22:54:33wowanameoh that
22:54:41wowanameya i saw that
22:54:59wowanamei wouldnt use it but it's cool
22:55:18wowanameiClassic doesnt work for some reason (possibly the %T tag)
22:55:49amayerwowaname: what part of it doesnt work?
22:56:13wowanamedoesnt load
22:56:37amayerwps works fine for me on target
22:57:00wowanameam i failing at something
22:57:05wowanamei have a Classic, not a Video
22:57:13amayeri likewise have classic
22:57:21wowanamewtf am i doing wrong
22:57:37amayerdo you have the correct font?
22:57:42wowanamei believe so
22:57:51wowanamelemme see in a sec
22:57:56wowanamedoing homework
22:58:02amayerits all good
22:58:06wowanamemore like procrastinating
22:58:18wowanamejust have to find a sociology article and that's it. first day of school
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23:08:01wowanamedammit the disk is taking forever to load
23:08:09wowanameoh there it is
23:08:51wowanameamayer» do you have any idea what %T does because i missed it in the docs
23:09:14wowanamei'm checking again
23:09:55wowanameno there's just %t
23:10:45wowanamei'm missing one
23:11:00wowanamefont* lemme see if it's fixed if i download it
23:12:18wowanameno idea why i wouldnt have 16-adobe-helvetica-bold
23:12:20wowanamei have 14
23:12:29wowanamethx gevaerts
23:12:50wowanameoh touchscreen
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23:20:25dunpealHi. I have 3.13 installed on a Sansa Fuze+. Occassionally, when I start the player, it boots into the manufacturer firmware instead of RB. Is there any way to prevent that?
23:21:04wowanameall i know is that the fuze+ is popular
23:22:24wowanameamayer (even though not here) it works now
23:35:34 Quit liar (Remote host closed the connection)
23:43:47pamaurydunpeal: never heard of this behaviour before
23:47:58dunpealpamaury: I'm not supposed to remove the manufacturer files, right?
23:48:24dunpealpamaury: (the support level for Fuze+ is designated "experimental" on the site)
23:51:57pamauryif that's just once in a while I guess that's ok, but really it never happened to me, that's strange. On the other hand the current bootloader is quite old, maybe that's why
23:52:58dunpealpamaury: are you using Fuze+?
23:53:11pamauryI develop the port ;)
23:53:20dunpealhaha, OK
23:53:28dunpealso basically, there's nothing I can do I guess
23:53:38dunpealI downloaded the latest SanDisk firmware when I installed RB
23:53:54pamauryhow often does it happen ?
23:54:27dunpealit never happened for a while after installation, then happened a couple of times recently
23:55:11dunpeali.e. I installed maybe... a month ago? it was OK for 2 weeks, then it happened a few times last week, and a few more times this week
23:55:38pamauryhum ok, if it happen more or if you find a way to reproduce it often enought, I'll have a look. Otherwise that's hopeless. I have an idea of why it could happen but really just a guess, that could be fixable
23:56:22dunpeal*nod*, I can't think of anything, it's an almost brand new Fuze+ in fact
23:56:46dunpealI bought it a while ago, but with the default firmware it sucked so much, that I just dumped it in a drawer
23:57:04dunpealprobably turned it on 2-3 times before I got RB on it recently.
23:57:23dunpealpamaury: the only other thing I can think of is that I'm using an mSDHC card there
23:57:42pamauryok, let's make a deal then: continue with the current firmware to, say, the end of week. If by the end of the week it occured again, poke me again and I'll send you a new one to try for a week, see if it makes a difference
23:58:49pamauryor if happen often enought before the end of the week
23:58:59dunpealpamaury: awesome, will do

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