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#rockbox log for 2013-09-04

00:00:04dunpealso every time it happens, it takes a couple of minutes to get it back to functional state
00:00:48wowanamewell i'm dissuaded now
00:01:02pamauryI know, but in the mean time I need to write the potential fix ^^
00:01:40pamaurymaybe they changed something on the newer models ? If it had happened before I think I would have heard of it
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00:17:36dunpealdefinitely not a "newer model" issue. if anything, it's an older model; I bought it shortly after release.
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10:59:23copperthis is backwards
10:59:53copperwith %Vd and %Vl, you need to load first (%Vd) and specify later (%Vl)
11:00:11copperbut with %VI and %Vi, you need to specify first (%Vi) and load later (%VI)
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11:18:31copperand I don't know how to use %Li
11:18:51coppertried that, but it doesn't seem to work
11:19:45copper(that also requires me to duplicate /.rockbox/icons/asianclip_clippy.bmp to /.rockbox/wps/Googley-FuzePlus-Clippy/asianclip_clippy.bmp
11:20:15copperthe whole thing is very inconvenient
11:20:53copperdealing with the menu title and the menu like that forces me to handle various sets of coordinates to make it work with different font sizes
11:21:23copperand it will break with any font size that I haven't accounted for
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11:21:45copperthe menu title color should be a parameter of %Vi, or something
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11:25:34copperhmmm, figured out the icon thing
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11:48:41copperok, there's no way I can do this without it breaking horribly with different font sizes
11:48:59copperI'd have to completely isolate the menu title, but my design doesn't allow it
11:49:29copperand even then, it wouldn't work so well
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14:56:03copperamayer: I'm unable to use %Lt (and %Li) without having it break the design when using different font sizes
14:56:43copperI would need to visually separate the menu title from the menu, but I don't know how to do it, aesthetically, without it breaking too with different fonts
14:57:01copper(and without looking weird)
14:57:04amayeryou just need 3 viewports
14:57:05copperwithout it*
14:57:31amayer1 viewport for font size 14, 1 viewport for font size 19 and one as the main viewport
14:57:44amayerand use %vd and %vl
14:57:51copperyeah but that will work with 14 and 19 but nothing else
14:58:01amayer*ponders* very true
14:58:22amayeri dont usually switch the font size so i never really thought about it
14:58:27copperif the menu title had its own separate zone, like the top bar, it would work, more or less
14:58:42copperbut it won't work when trying to align it with the menu
14:58:42amayerthats the way i usually handle it
14:59:18copperalso, it needs duplicating the icons file
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14:59:41coppercopying it from the icons directory to the wps directory
15:00:03copperand aligning the icon with the menu title is yet another problem
15:00:12copperas it stands, it's awfully inconvenient to use
15:00:37amayeri didnt think it would be so much work
15:00:49copperthere should be a "menu title" set of properties, integrated into the menu itself, with Rockbox doing the alignments
15:00:52amayermaybe ill just customize mine to make it work. yours needs to be more flexable
15:01:10copperwith Rockbox integrating the menu title into the menu
15:01:37copperanything else is just a hack
15:01:46copperthat doesn't work so good
15:02:09amayerwell mine work good. but you cant change the size of my menu titles. they are usually set by the theme and dont use the system font
15:02:43coppertbh, texts and fonts handling could use some improvements
15:03:12coppersuch as automatic alignment of text within its viewport, so that you don't have to manually set multiple alternate viewports for every font size
15:03:13 Quit rdn (Quit: Ex-Chat)
15:03:53copperpixel sizing and positionning in general is very rigid to begin with
15:04:34copperwhich leads to lots of alternate theme code that takes a long time to work out, and never gets used
15:05:03copper(calculating the correct sizes and positions for every alternate viewport)
15:05:16copperchange the font, and most shit breaks
15:05:19amayeryou could always fix the themeing engine. I fixed the slider on progress bar and volume bar because it bugged me.
15:07:00copperI designed my themes to perfectly handle TWO font sizes only, and that alone took a lot of work and a lot of extra code, that is loaded in memory but never used
15:07:56copperit's not just viewport dimensions and positions that needs to be handled, but also cases where larger text needs to be handled differently
15:08:17copperlike, if you want text to fit within a set viewport, and do something special when it doesn't
15:08:34copperlike cropping it and adding an ellipsis, or whatever
15:08:44copperor showing half the information that you would with a smaller font
15:08:54 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
15:09:51 Quit petur (Quit: Nettalk6 -
15:10:13copperwhen font size changes significantly, you're forced to adapt your design beyond just dimensions and positions, if you don't want it to look weird or inadequate
15:11:52 Join kevku [0] (~kevku@2001:470:27:773:0:feed:c0f:fee)
15:13:47copperand what font looks pretty or what font size is needed to be readable, is highly subjective
15:15:25copperI can only try to choose a font that *most* people might like, and handle font sizes that covers "normal" and "low" eyesight
15:16:24coppernot accounting for the fact that Rockbox users aren't exactly "normal people" ;)
15:18:43copperI didn't cover smaller font sizes because I think that covers a smaller minority than the one that needs larger text
15:19:16coppersmaller text = younger people, which are less likely to use Rockbox
15:19:22copper(I think)
15:19:53copperand (I think) size 14 is "ok" for them as it is
15:20:25copperhmmm, I can't remember if the iPod Classic OF has a font size setting?
15:26:03amayeri dont believe so
15:26:18amayercopper: what editor do you use when making themes (text editor)
15:28:56 Part LinusN
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19:04:42einhirnafter a quick search I didn't get any results for the following error message on my rockboxed Archos Recorder V1:
19:04:53einhirnATA Error -11
19:05:09einhirnIs there a list of error codes and their meaning?
19:16:07KotHi have some infos on the cowon D20 internas. where do i put that stuff?
19:16:16gevaertseinhirn: Not as far as I know. Reading the source is the usual way of undertanding those
19:17:19einhirnI already dove into the source and looked for the usual suspects i.e. ata.c ata.h etc. but didn't find anything like error reporting...
19:17:26gevaertsAnd that's not always easy...
19:18:05gevaertsYou need ata.c. -11 almost certainly comes from "rc = rc * 10 - 1;"
19:19:16 Join SomeRandomDudeMa [0] (4dfeebca@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
19:19:29gevaertsKotH: the wiki is the usual place, but I've never worked on an early port so I can't really advise on how to set up the structure for one properly...
19:20:22einhirnyes, found a mail archive entry "-11" means harddisk inaccessible...
19:20:46*KotH pokes funman
19:21:07SomeRandomDudeMahi there, people of the irc
19:21:11einhirnthis happens when I use a SD to CF adapter. With a real CF card it's working.
19:22:03einhirnnow I'm getting ATA -31 *g*
19:22:08einhirnwhatever that means...
19:23:54SomeRandomDudeMaI have some trouble with a rockboxed sansa clip, it was given to me with a "File not found" error on startup so i booted into original firmware and reinstalled it with the installer
19:24:27SomeRandomDudeMaon reboot rockbox did work, but it crashed and battery indicator didn't work.
19:24:45SomeRandomDudeMaSo i went back to OF and decided to uninstall rockbox altogether.
19:25:12SomeRandomDudeMaFormatted the flash from OF and reverted to factory settings
19:25:36SomeRandomDudeMaAfter reboot it's completely dead for some reason, can't even boot to OF
19:25:42SomeRandomDudeMaI didn't touch the bootloader
19:25:44 Join pretty_function [0] (~sigBART@
19:26:01gevaertsThat definitely isn't expected
19:26:20gevaertsDoes a hard reset (holding power for at least 30 seconds) do anything?
19:26:21SomeRandomDudeMaWhen I connect it to the PC after that i got a 0 byte partition
19:26:55SomeRandomDudeMaThen i did a hard reset and now I'm getting ram instead of the flash
19:27:29SomeRandomDudeMa(I mean it detects the player but it acts as if flash is corrupted)
19:27:44gevaertsright. I can't help much with that, I haven't really followed the various clip unbricking discussions. Possibly funman, bertrik, or [7] know more
19:28:29SomeRandomDudeMaI could do the pin short thing, but I don't want to open the thing up since it's not mine and that would damage the case.
19:30:29SomeRandomDudeMaLooks like they are lurking, I guess I will wait for a bit then.
19:33:21SomeRandomDudeMaOk... I tried holding the select button when plugging it in to the PC and it detected a 1.9GB raw partition
19:34:32SomeRandomDudeMaAaaaand it is no longer readable
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19:51:15einhirngevaerts: ATA -31 could be something about ATA status register or so.
19:51:30 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
19:51:53einhirntoo bad, I was really looking forward to using my completely flash based AJBR...
19:52:45einhirn44pin to CF adapter: Works (with real CF card)
19:52:45einhirnCF to SD card adapter: doesn't work.
19:53:32einhirnLuckily I just tested with SD cards I already have in use, so I can send back the 128 Gig SD card I now have no use for...
19:55:49SomeRandomDudeMaWhat are you using this adapter for? DSLR?
19:59:10einhirnNo, I bought it for use in Archos Jukebox recorder.
19:59:25einhirnBut obviously it doesn't work.
19:59:48einhirnCF cards have an ATA interface so there is an easy adapter to IDE44 pin.
20:00:15einhirnLooking for reasonably big CF cards I found that they are either expensive as heck or not available.
20:00:35einhirnthen I stumbled across that adapter and gave it a try.
20:01:15einhirnanyway, looks like the stuff is going back to the vendor - no use wasting money on it.
20:01:37einhirnSorry, I've got to leave now...
20:03:08 Quit einhirn (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
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21:38:55Kensu[19:57:55] <Kensu> Hi, the themes are not working
21:38:55Kensu[19:58:05] <Kensu> they make just jibberish images
21:38:55Kensu[19:58:12] <Kensu> but the default one works perfectly fine
21:49:26amayerKensu: what target are you using?
22:00:37Kensuwhat's a target amayer
22:00:47amayeryour mp3 player
22:00:47Kensuipod video if that's what you wonder about
22:00:51amayeryes :)
22:00:54Kensubut I'm using an ipod classic
22:01:10amayerok how are you installing the themes? are you doing it manually or through the rockbox utility
22:01:31KensuI download them and then transfer them into the rockbox folder
22:01:35amayer(im at work, hence responce lag)
22:01:58amayerso you extract the contents to the root of you ipod video correct?
22:02:32KensuI don't feel any response lag so do not worry :)
22:04:21 Part SomeRandomDudeMa
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22:27:17amayerhave you tried more then one theme? and are you sure you are getting them from the ipod Video section of the themesite?
22:32:07 Join Strife89 [0] (~Strife89@2602:306:250c:6af9:e430:3778:c0bc:27dc)
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