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#rockbox log for 2013-09-06

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02:43:39*[Saint] just noticed how gerrit fucks up the recent commits list
02:44:19[Saint]august, august, may, august, july, august...etc. :)
02:44:47wowanamesounds like how i get my texts since my service sucks
02:45:18wowanamesend something at say noon and THEN i get a message from 1159 and it appears after the one i sent which confuses me
02:45:27wowanameok i'm done
02:45:31[Saint]It is still in order of commit, but the dates taken seem to be the date the task was added to gerrit.
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02:45:51[Saint]wowaname: /topic
02:46:00\derp\yes i know
02:46:21\derp\wait are you talking about the offtopic rule or something else
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14:27:24lebellium[Saint]: %?cc<yes|no|maybe> works on Ondio FM but not on FM recorder :/ FM recorder only accept %?cc<yes|no>. If you add the undefined state, it fails to load the theme
14:29:36[Saint]lebellium: Yeah...I'm not really in a position to be able to do anything about that.
14:30:02[Saint]Perhaps you might like to lodge a bug report and then prod Jd or kugel.
14:30:58lebelliumUnless JdGordon can fix that, I guess I'll simply give up. I wanted my theme to support both RTC and non-RTC devices but I won't die if the clock doesn't display :)
14:31:25gevaertsWhat's "%?cc<yes|no|maybe>" supposed to actually mean?
14:32:30lebellium%?cc only says if the RTC clock is set or not. The undefined state can say if there is actually a RTC clock in hardware, which is what I need for my theme to support both Ondio and Recorder
14:33:27[Saint]Its basically <set|not set|not present or undetectable>
14:33:59lebelliumI also understand it like that
14:34:19lebelliumbut since "not present or undetecable" make the theme fail on targets with a RTC clock
14:34:22lebelliumI can't do much
14:34:32gevaertsThe code doesn't seem to agree
14:35:58gevaertsAccording to the code, it basically means "Is CONFIG_RTC defined?"
14:36:39[Saint]Hum...I was sure there was a third tuple for "not present, or no idea what it is".
14:36:47[Saint]I guess not.
14:37:12lebelliumI guess there is one since it works on Ondio FM. Yes or No doesn't display but Maybe displays :
14:37:44gevaertsLook for SKIN_TOKEN_RTC_PRESENT in the code
14:38:12[Saint]Yeah, I'm looking there doesn't seem to explain lebellium's behavior though.
14:43:05lebelliumso the code says there is no third tuple?
14:44:53[Saint]Which stumps me as to why throwing a three-tuple condition at it works.
14:45:11[Saint]I guess it is ignoring the first case? ...dunno.
14:46:33lebelliumwell if it's not expected to work like that, I can't expect it to be fixed the way I want it so better give up, no clock :)
14:47:10[Saint]It should be fairly trivial to add a
14:47:19[Saint]n "is RTC present" tag.
14:47:52lebelliumprobably, but JdGordon doesn't seem to be much available lately
14:47:56[Saint]That was you could combine the two tags and check for presence of RTC, as well as whether or not it is set if present.
14:48:24[Saint]Well, he's not working presnetly - so now is probably one of the better times to catch him.
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14:51:17lebelliumHe made a bug fix for the Ondio FM bug (#g614) but I can't even tell him it works and he can push it to master since he hasn't come up here since then :P
14:51:20fs-bluebotGerrit review #614 at : radio: fix FS #12747 by Jonathan Gordon (changes/14/614/1)
14:52:00[Saint]One does that via gerrit.
14:52:10[Saint]ANd then any active developer can push it.
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14:52:28[Saint]Add yourself as a reviewer.
14:52:30lebelliumyes but you know, I have no account because blablabla :)
14:52:41[Saint]Right. So, stop bitching :P
14:52:50lebelliumlet me register as lebellium and I'll comment on gerrit
14:53:17[Saint]On a serious note, you could poke any active developer for this - it seems trivial.
14:53:56lebelliumI don't know if devs like that one of their patch is commited by another one
14:54:30[Saint]Well, that's kinda the idea...sorta.
14:54:51[Saint]If it wasn't meant to be reviewed by others, it wouldn;t go through gerrit, and it'd just be pushed directly.
14:55:10[Saint]It doesn't really matter who pulls the trigger at the end of it.
14:56:21lebelliumah ok
14:56:38lebelliumthen I confirm it works and any dev reading this can push it. Thanks :P
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15:02:09pamaurywhy doesn't JdGordon pushes it ?!
15:02:36gevaertspamaury: because lebellium doesn't want to tell him it works! ;)
15:02:57lebelliumI want to tell him here and not on gerrit under my real name
15:03:17lebelliumalways the same story
15:03:32pamauryI see, then maybe I can push it then
15:05:20lebelliumyes, unless bluebrother^ wants to double check on his Ondio FM?
15:07:38pamaurybluebrother^: here ?
15:07:45pamauryI have something else to ask him too
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20:13:43pamaurygevaerts: do you remember the magic make variable to build a zip without the codecs and/or plugins ?
20:20:24 Quit bertrik (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
20:21:34pamauryyeah, rockbox on sony nwz-e370 \o/
20:21:46pamaurycolors are wrong, lcd is damn slow
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20:34:34*[Saint] starts to wonder if pamaury is human
20:34:57[Saint]...or some form of reverse enginerring AI bot
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22:21:33funmanpamaury: a zip without codecs/plugins? that'd be just one file, no need to zip it
22:21:55funmaniirc i used make bininstall
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22:58:20*copper is getting suspiciously low ratings
23:00:25copperDid I piss someone off?
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23:09:14copperWith ipodWidgets, my latest iPod themes are the worst rated ones
23:09:30copperipodWidgets having a ridiculous number of extremely low ratings
23:09:44copper28 votes, half a star out of five
23:10:29copperand the low ratings count for both the ipodWidget and my themes were lower yesterday and the days before
23:10:37copperas if someone keeps bad-rating them
23:12:03copperhmmm says that ipodWidgets had 4 stars out of 5 with 18 votes back in november 3, 2012
23:13:00 Join kiwicam [0] (~quassel@
23:13:08coppersomeone clearly abused the rating system
23:13:21*gevaerts didn't know this was #copper's-complaint-channel
23:14:33coppershould I not report bugs and / or abuses?
23:16:10gevaertsThat's about 350 lines about this during the last day or so
23:17:29copperwell, do you have something interesting to say about it?
23:19:09 Quit kevku (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
23:19:44copperalso, the ipodWidget rating average looks fishy as hell
23:20:11copperif it had 4/5 with 18 votes, that's 4*18=72 points
23:20:48coppereven if the last 10 votes (from the current 28 votes count) where all 0, the average should be: 72/28=2.57
23:21:05copperhow the hell is it 0.5/5 right now?
23:21:57copperthe theme hasn't been updated since 2009, so the ratings should not have been reset between november 2012 and now
23:26:29copperit's as if, somehow, ratings where taken into account, but without increasing the vote count
23:27:04coppera bug, or someone schooled the system
23:29:43*gevaerts looks at the code
23:30:19copperI'd take a look at the logs, too
23:30:37copperthis seems to be very recent
23:32:02gevaertsLooks like the rating is not guarded at all
23:34:42 Quit rela (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
23:36:17gevaertsRight, it is indeed possible to set any rating value one likes...
23:36:30*gevaerts rated a theme as -40 just now
23:38:03*gevaerts did revert that particular change in the database...
23:38:47gevaertscopper: can you give me the themeid of one or two of your affected themes?
23:40:28copperthemeid 10 is the worst (not mine)
23:40:55gevaertsYes, I did find that one
23:41:10copperI was filing a bug, do you want me to submit it, or scrub it?
23:41:50gevaertsPlease go ahead. The themesite code should definitely sanity-check the submitted value
23:42:55copper"it seems that the rating form doesn't do sanity checks on the submitted value, and someone probably exploited that."
23:43:01copperis that correct?
23:43:28AlexPThe last bit might not be
23:43:39gevaertsWell, it's either accidental or deliberate
23:43:48gevaertsBut some of the numbers do indeed not make any sense
23:44:00AlexPsomeone might just not give two shits about theme ratings
23:44:21copperAlexP: what do you mean?
23:44:32copperit's not just some people rating 0
23:44:37coppersomeone cheated
23:44:50gevaertsAlexP: that ipodWidget theme *definitely* has a lower total rating today than it had a year and a half ago
23:44:56AlexPI mean I'm a bit bored of hundreds of lines of backlog on personal gripes
23:45:08copperthat's not a personal gripe, geez
23:45:27gevaertsAnd that's not one of copper's themes :)
23:45:44AlexPah, go ahead then :)
23:45:46copperFS #12896
23:45:47fs-bluebot Suspiciously low theme ratings, inconsistent rating average (bugs, unconfirmed)
23:49:27coppergevaerts: and you might want to match the out-of-bound ratings with IP addresses from the http logs and blacklist them
23:49:38gevaertsI can't
23:49:46gevaertsThose are POST, so the log doesn't say much
23:49:56coppereh, I see.
23:50:04gevaertsAlso, I can't really show which POSTs are actually about ratings
23:50:23gevaertsAnd furthermore, I don't have that sort of access to the server :)
23:50:23AlexPjust turn ratings off
23:52:16copperugh, I misspelled "where" twice
23:58:53 Quit n1s (Quit: Ex-Chat)

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