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#rockbox log for 2013-09-08

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03:37:06gourd_captainMy Sansa ClipZip running 3.13 is freezing at the boot screen where it says "Scanning Disc". I can power it off, but it'll just freeze again on that screen when I resume. Booting into the OF instead gives a message saying I need more space for the Music DB and it then powers itself off. I can't get it into a USB mode either way to fix the install.
03:37:10gourd_captainAny suggestions?
03:38:56[Saint]Is there an sdcard attached?
03:39:00[Saint]If so, eject it.
03:39:46[Saint]That ought to lessen the amount it is trying to cram into a limited space generating the DB.
03:40:37[Saint]The OF really should be smart enough to just give up if it can't finish generating the DB and let you boot anyway to mount and recover.
03:40:54[Saint]But, 'tisn't. :)
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03:59:52gourd_captainFixed it by booting into the OF without the microSD and then deleting the database files and freeing up a gig on the internal memory.
04:00:11gourd_captain...also, it still amazes me how much more gracefully Rockbox handles the database of music files it uses by comparison to the OF.
04:00:42gourd_captainOh, I also fsck'd the drive and it caught some FS errors, so that might have something to do with it.
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04:42:26[Saint]I wouldn't say its graceful.
04:42:31[Saint]Its just...priority.
04:42:38[Saint]Boot first, Database later.
04:42:58[Saint]"Oh, no enough space for that...wellp...fuck it, I just won't do it then"
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05:06:03[Saint]If you have a question, just ask it. There's people here, even if they aren't active.
05:06:10[Saint]No need to "ask to ask", etc.
05:12:02iso-Ti am having problems installing Rockbox to my iPod 4th gen greyscale
05:12:18iso-Ti tried Rockbox Utility
05:12:26iso-Tbut it doesn't install the bootloader
05:15:00[Saint]I'm guessing the account doesn't have administrative privs.
05:15:11[Saint]It actually probably states this in the error.
05:15:51[Saint]In Windows - this means being Admin, or having an elevated account. In *nix, root/sudo.
05:19:37[Saint](and also for ~75% of all other questions that may arise)
05:20:02[Saint]" Administrator/Root rights. Installing the bootloader portion of Rockbox requires you to have administrative (Windows) or root (Linux) rights. Consequently when doing either the automatic or manual bootloader install, please ensure that you are logged in with an administrator account or have root rights.
05:24:47[Saint]On another note - props for Rockin' the 4G greyscale.
05:25:08iso-Ti tried to use admin rights
05:25:13[Saint]...Its like an iPod 4G Color, or iPod Video, except not totally useless in direct sunlight. :)
05:25:16iso-Ti have also linux USB stick to test
05:25:43iso-Ti installed manually the ipodpatcher, but it doesn't find the rockbox...
05:26:07[Saint]I assume you mean iPod.
05:27:04[Saint]Depending on what Windows version you're using, it should be as simple as right clicking on the RbUtil binary and selecting "Run as Administrator"
05:27:12iso-Ti did that
05:27:26iso-Tbut it didn't help so i used ipodpatcher which is manual install
05:27:28iso-Tnow it says
05:28:01iso-TError! / Can't load rockbox.ipod: / Bad Checksum
05:28:35[Saint]That usually means you installed the wrong binary on the device.
05:29:01[Saint]meaning, you installed the correct bootloader, but the wrong binary.
05:29:16[Saint](it not actually possible to install the wrong bootloader, so you're safe there)
05:29:44[Saint]It could also mean that the binary is so badly corrupt it is unusable...possibly.
05:29:51iso-Twell ipodpatcher says this is [INFO] Ipod model: 1st Generation Nano (32MB RAM) ("winpod")
05:29:58iso-Tbut this is really 4th gen iPod
05:30:32iso-Ti'll reboot to linux
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05:30:43[Saint]The was we detect the iPod model, I am really not sure how that could happen.
05:31:12[Saint]V/PID is pretty bloody reliable, methinks.
05:32:19*[Saint] guesses that that could actually result in the wrong bootloader being installed - but doesn't have any idea how this could come about.
05:35:24[Saint]It _should_ be 05AC:1203 for the greyscale 4G
05:35:46wowanamecant wait til the ipod classic usb is fixed
05:36:22[Saint]I suspect you can. You've little other choice.
05:36:42[Saint]Also, there's a fallback image preceisely for such events, really is a non-issue.
05:37:23[Saint]ALso also, is tagged "unusable" - things aren't really expected to be functional here.
05:39:01wowanameit is an issue. fucking freezes so much
05:39:26[Saint]Well, its NOT an issue, really. Though I don't blame people for thinking it is so.
05:39:41[Saint]There is no way to install Rockbox on this model we support. So...
05:40:35[Saint]At this stage its basically "If people want to use emCORE to boot an unusable port - great, but, things probably will break"
05:40:43wowanamethe disc wont spin down on the old image
05:40:55wowanameunless it's doing db shit
05:42:23[Saint]I don't blame people for blurring the lines, really. It is a very blurry line. But emCORE != Rockbox, as such, there's no formal way to install Rockbox on the Classic as far as Rockbox is concerned.
05:42:37[Saint]This makes support....interesting.
05:44:07[Saint]It is an odd situation.
05:45:09*[Saint] wants iso-T to come back and give him the result of lsusb on a sane OS.
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05:46:15[Saint]Aha. Excellent.
05:46:29vedosi'm trying to Rockbox 4th gen greyscale iPod, but the Rockbox Utility doesn't want to install new bootloader to it.
05:46:32[Saint]With the iPod plugged in, can you give me the result of "lsusb" please?
05:46:34vedosi tried it already manually
05:46:46vedosit's now in normal mode
05:46:49vedosnot disk mode
05:47:01vedosBus 002 Device 008: ID 05ac:120a Apple, Inc. iPod Nano
05:47:17[Saint]Ok, that is *definitely* a Nano.
05:47:31[Saint]Not a 4G greyscale.
05:48:16[Saint]Yes, that is a Nano.
05:48:25[Saint]A Nano 1G, to be precise.
05:48:38wowanamederp it was the db updating
05:48:52[Saint]So my initial thoughts were correct.
05:49:06[Saint]The bootloader installer, and you placed the wrong binary on it.
05:49:58[Saint]The bootloader is still present, assuming you haven't since restored the iPod, put the correct (nano 1G) binary on the device and reboot and all should be well.
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05:51:48vedosi used ipodpatcher also to flash it
05:52:08vedosshould i format the partititions somehow?
05:52:23[Saint]ipodpatcher does not install a binary.
05:52:27[Saint]it only installs the bootloader
05:53:06[Saint]I really do recommend reading the manual link from earlier
05:56:00[Saint]The release binary for the Nano 1G is here:
05:56:11[Saint]The development snapshot is here:
05:57:00[Saint]Frankly, I recommend using Rockbox Utility, as it doesn't make these types of error.
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05:58:40vedosi probably have to uninstall the ipodpatcher bootloader?
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06:00:12[Saint][15:49] <[Saint]> The bootloader is still present, assuming you haven't since restored the iPod, put the correct (nano 1G) binary on the device and reboot and all should be well.
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06:01:50vedosit's working now
06:01:50 Join dfkt_ [0] (dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
06:01:54vedosthanks for the tips
06:02:09vedosi just removed all the stuff and installed the dev snapshop
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06:20:40[Saint]Well, I guess the whole lack of further input, and then the whole leaving thing means that's a happy camper.
06:21:11[Saint]Can't help but wonder how someone confused the Nano1G for a 4G greyscale, though. Guess I'll never know.
06:21:45[Saint]"This screen is in color! My 4G Greyscale is broken!"
06:22:17[Saint]"also...its less than half the size its supposed to be - 1/10: bad trade, would not trade again"
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06:36:13soaphappy birthday petur
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08:54:16iso-Ti used linux to rockbox my iPod.. it worked perfectly.
08:54:28iso-Tuntil i turned it on and rebooted.
08:54:33iso-Twith MENU + PLAY button
08:54:41iso-Tnow it doesn't turn on
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09:07:08vedosis there any kind of hard reset for iPods?
09:07:30vedosthis is quite weird error.. the rockbox worked nicely, but now the iPod doesn't turn on.
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09:17:26vedosi got it to boot
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09:31:06coppermaybe he's colorblind
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12:43:20lebelliumpamaury: A friend gifted me a NWZ-S545 yesterday but I still have to find a E360 or E370 :D
12:53:34fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 0e8fa70, 217 builds, 22 clients.
13:01:06fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 452 seconds.
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19:12:19lorenzo92kugel: ping
19:12:29 Join kevku [0] (~kevku@2001:470:27:773:0:feed:c0f:fee)
19:13:33lorenzo92kugel: I've seen your Makefile, I'm going to test it now and see if everything's working fine :)
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20:29:25lorenzo92kugel: I think g#528 is complete! Did you test the resulting ROM on device? I did both on R0 and R1 before the Makefile edit, I think this should still work :)
20:29:27fs-bluebotGerrit review #528 at : Samsung YP-R0/YP-R1 Safe Mode improvement by Lorenzo Miori (changes/28/528/8)
20:44:52kugellorenzo92: no i didnt test yet
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20:55:28lorenzo92kugel: okay so you may want to do it...from my view this patch is fine to be your opinion :)
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21:14:07kugellorenzo92: did you test what I uploaded?
21:14:33lorenzo92kugel: not yet on device! just make / make clean / patch process
21:15:04lebelliumkugel or [Saint]: progress bar on cabbiev2 touch 240*400 is broken
21:15:29lorenzo92lebellium: R1 ^^ btw I'm also working on this ;)
21:16:11kugellebellium: in what way?
21:16:38lebelliumkugel: the bar doesn't display, only the progress bar background does
21:16:44lebelliumI can check the WPS code
21:17:07 Join Marex [0] (~Marex@
21:18:33lebelliumkugel: found out the issue
21:19:10lebelliumoop no
21:19:47lebelliumI haven't yet
21:25:22lebelliumkugel: looks like the 240x400 code is old and has not been reworked yet? There is no %V before %pb, that may explains why it won't work
21:26:56 Quit akaWolf (Read error: Operation timed out)
21:28:07 Join akaWolf [0] (~akaWolf@unaffiliated/akawolf)
21:33:23lebelliumlorenzo92: work on progress :)
21:34:03lorenzo92lebellium: hoho great! simple and effective :)
21:35:54lebelliumin progress* tsss
21:36:17lebelliumyeah, now you can't rotate the screen anymore :D
21:42:35lebelliumlorenzo92: can you give me fresh build for YP-R1? The progress bar has different behaviour on today's Onda VX747 UI sim and on my YP-R1 (feb 2013)
21:43:32lorenzo92lebellium: not yet unfortunately :( last gerrit for it is so unsynced that it doesn't compile (conflicts) I'm working on it, so asap i can build it!
21:46:40lorenzo92lebellium: in the meantime I'm also getting interesting results in inspecting R2 rom! R2 is based on the misterious AIT samsung SoC, and from decrypting rom (not complete yet) I understood that is ARM based for sure
21:46:49lorenzo92to say, not a DSP
21:48:00lorenzo92spotted right now header meaning :D
21:49:56lebelliumgood job :)
21:51:43lorenzo92very easy after all: 20 bytes per file, 4 bytes indicating component size, the rest (I assume) md5sum
21:58:05 Quit rela (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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22:10:45 Quit Jinx (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:24:47lorenzo92pamaury: again a C++ bootloader (YP-R2) ^^
22:25:01 Join jlbiasini [0] (
22:35:13 Quit y4n (Quit: MOTHER EUROPA CALLING ME!)
22:36:11 Quit bertrik (Remote host closed the connection)
22:52:08 Quit Rower (Quit: Hmmm...)
22:56:57lorenzo92lebellium: done with reversing the firmware! I got the sysdata, and it's in the same format as R0 and R1!
22:59:03lorenzo92lebellium: uh! strangely sysdata unpacker seems not working hum
22:59:37pamaurydo you have the datasheet for t he R2 soc ?
23:00:47lorenzo92pamaury: unfortunately I cannot find anything in the net (btw I don't have the player)
23:00:48pamaurydo you have photos of the internals ?
23:00:58lorenzo92haha they have used a sql database ^^
23:01:10pamauryhow is it called ?
23:01:16lorenzo92samsung yp-r2
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23:02:09pamauryno the soc ^^
23:02:29lebelliumused in YP-F3/Z3/R2/U7/W1
23:03:42lorenzo92indeed it's like a custom SoC, lebellium I think in Z3 and R2 isn't a DSP, while in the other is (not sure tough) ... I can make files at disposal ;)
23:03:54lebelliumlorenzo92: it was already written in the service manual I gave you that it's an ARM 926 CPU :)
23:04:07lorenzo92oh right :D
23:04:16lorenzo92which model by the way?
23:04:16lebelliumU7 service manual
23:04:21lebelliumI don't have it for R2
23:04:22lorenzo92ah ok then it's not a dsp
23:05:33 Join nosa-j [0] (~m00k@
23:06:07lebelliumYP-U7 and YP-W1 have an AIT 508. R2 has probably an older version
23:07:04lorenzo92in any case sysdata & co is called "LFS -> large filesystem?", the one used in R0 / R1 others?
23:07:06pamaurymaybe AIT is a codename
23:07:16lorenzo92pamaury: yea I think so
23:08:17jlbiasinilorenzo92: I have some views to share about your patch g#615
23:08:20fs-bluebotGerrit review #615 at : Proof-Of-Concept for a "virtual scrollwheel" control method for Sansa Fuze+. by Sander Vocke (changes/15/615/3)
23:08:45lorenzo92jlbiasini: I think it's better then to continue in the forum's post too ;)
23:09:07jlbiasiniha where is that furom post then?
23:09:15lorenzo92btw I'm not the author of the patch :)
23:09:38lorenzo92moreover I won't have much time in a short
23:10:02 Quit n1s (Quit: Ex-Chat)
23:10:11jlbiasinianyway I thing a forum thread is a good idea
23:10:15pamaurylebellium: is the r2 based on linux ? can't you get the source ?
23:11:40lorenzo92pamaury: it *seems* not linux base, no traces of a kernel nor a cramfs. it's more than a seems :)
23:11:44lebelliumpamaury: I did not ask for R2 but for Z3
23:11:46lebellium"We registered an opensource announcement for YP-Z3, so you can find this model in OSRC.
23:11:48lebelliumUnlike R0-R1, YP-Z3 is not use the linux kernel. "
23:12:23lebelliumR2 is also announced on their open source center
23:12:28lebelliumand they would probably answer the same :)
23:14:00lorenzo92we may insist, I'll send them a request
23:14:02lebelliumI also asked for the Q3
23:14:05lebellium"We are publishing product's source code which is covered under GPL, LGPL or MPL.
23:14:07lebelliumBut there's no source code covered under these licenses in the YP-Q3. "
23:15:00lebelliumbut they can lie as they want, we can't check if it's true...
23:23:12lorenzo92lebellium: some (chip?) hints are adx2002 and max14577
23:24:35lebelliumthat's not any hint for me :D
23:24:53lorenzo92for me neither haha just the second one is a usb charger chip haha
23:29:09 Join rdn [0] (
23:31:52lorenzo92lebellium: si470x radio chipp
23:32:41lebelliumU7 has si4709. I assume they used the same on all AIT models. Costs optimization \o/
23:37:14 Nick michaelni_ is now known as michaelni (
23:37:28lebelliumwell spotted
23:37:44lorenzo92fortunately, using debug strings :)
23:37:44lebelliumAIT508 is not there though hum
23:38:54lebelliumso the R2 has a AIT840 or it was just an example?
23:39:08lorenzo92lebellium: just an example
23:39:27lorenzo92it's not RISC code (afaik)
23:46:19lorenzo92lebellium: this is clear, R0/R1/R2/Z3 are built around this "Muon_MP3_Model"
23:46:40lorenzo92which seems to be a framework with a (custom?) OS
23:48:06lorenzo92lebellium: argghhghghghgh the infamous "AceDB" !!!!!
23:50:06pamauryI think the OS is uCOS, lookup on the net
23:55:05 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)

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