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#rockbox log for 2013-09-12

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02:42:44[Saint]...does anyone actually know what powerpan is saying?
02:43:31[Saint]It certainly *seems* like he is trying to convince Rockbox to partner up with his no-name hardware development company....<massive_step_missing>...profit?
02:43:57[Saint]I wonder if he missed me "you're free to fork and do as you please" statement.
02:46:00wowanamehello mr krabs
02:46:47[Saint]...I..I'm not sure who told you that, but its not true. I went to the doctor, got a creme, and its fine now.
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06:31:50owen1does rockbox support ISO Media, MPEG v4 system, iTunes AAC-LC? i try to listen to
06:32:12owen1but my rockbox freezes in the middle.
06:32:28owen1and sometimes it does't let me play those files at all
06:32:59owen1if it's not supported, is there a way to convert it to different type?
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09:28:49lorenzo92kugel: what do you think about g#395? this time I ported only the necessary, no plugins at all for example...
09:28:52fs-bluebotGerrit review #395 at : Samsung YP-R1 target port by Lorenzo Miori (changes/95/395/4)
09:29:05lorenzo92there are still some minor things to fix of course
09:32:55kugellorenzo92: one after another
09:33:02kugelcan we deal with the safe mode task first?
09:33:25lorenzo92kugel: absolutely, sorry
09:34:30lorenzo92I think it works fine, I'm testing again on my R1 right now
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09:45:45lorenzo92kugel: strangely exit-on-power-button in safemode doesn't work anymore, I'll see why
09:46:10kugelwhat do you mean=
09:47:29lorenzo92in the safe mode, if you hold power button the player should ask you to disconnect the player and then shut down
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11:36:27kugellorenzo92: is that in git or with your change on gerrit?
11:36:42kugelbecause i didnt see that when testing the other task a few days ago
11:37:08lorenzo92kugel: gerrit g#528
11:37:11fs-bluebotGerrit review #528 at : Samsung YP-R0/YP-R1 Safe Mode improvement by Lorenzo Miori (changes/28/528/8)
11:41:13lorenzo92not time to look at this yet, I'll do that later
11:53:10Cosmo^well ... battery bench results are in
11:53:27Cosmo^looks like it just needs calibrating to account for age related degradation of the battery
11:56:24Cosmo^as it drops down from 97% charge about 84% in one or two minutes then smoothly goes down after that
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12:02:11copperCosmo^: how long did you get?
12:03:09Cosmo^just over 19 hours
12:05:28copperplaying what kind of files?
12:05:40copperthat's a rather low figure
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12:15:56Cosmo^that's just MP3s
12:16:18Cosmo^I wasn't expecting a great figure, this isn't a new iPod
12:21:41[Saint]What device is this?
12:22:04[Saint]~19 hours, says the logs, but I missed the device if it was stated.
12:26:58Cosmo^yeah it's a 120gig classic
12:27:13[Saint]Oh, wow...that is much lower than I would expect.
12:27:23Cosmo^to be fair, it's an old, well used, second hand device
12:27:45[Saint]I can easily get 40+ hours out of my 160GB "fat" 6G
12:28:26[Saint]but, to be fair, that model has a larger battery at 850mAh
12:28:32Cosmo^it looks from the battery logs that through its age the battery is now at about 83% of its design capacity
12:29:01wodzCosmo^: how did you deduce this?
12:29:38[Saint]debug/battery perhaps?
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12:30:09LunaVoraxDoes Rockbox support other filesystems than FAT?
12:30:13wodzbut there is no straight connection between voltage and capacity
12:30:16wodzLunaVorax: no
12:30:47Cosmo^wodz, I did a battery bench yesterday and last night
12:31:05Cosmo^I'm just checking the output now and the voltage drops down to 83% in about 2 minutes then hits a smoother curve down to 0%
12:31:09wodzCosmo^: but you don't have discharge curve of NEW battery
12:31:13Cosmo^no, that's true
12:31:24Cosmo^but surely this is based on the expected voltages of a fresh battery?
12:31:47wodzCosmo^: So you don't know what capacity belongs to voltage range 100%-83%
12:31:49[Saint]the calibration is guestimation.
12:31:52Cosmo^the rockbox ipod classic battery percentage/voltage curves must be based on something right?
12:32:09[Saint]its way off.
12:32:15Cosmo^I see
12:32:20wodzCosmo^: I am not sure it was ever properly callibrated
12:32:28[Saint]if you look at estimated runtime, it'll claim something silly like 9000 minutes
12:32:33Cosmo^well, my intention was to calibrate it to my specific device
12:32:44Cosmo^because I can clearly see that that 100% - 83% band drops off straight away
12:33:10wodzCosmo^: Sure, this IS possible. What you can't claim from your benches is that your battery is at 83% of designed capacity
12:33:16Cosmo^ok, I agree wodz
12:33:20Cosmo^that makes more sense now you've explained it
12:33:49[Saint]this is the smaller, 500mAh battery, yes?
12:34:09wodzI'd say it is more like 50-60% of original capacity
12:34:47Cosmo^yes, that sound feasible
12:35:05Cosmo^my assumption here is that the Rocbox percentage/voltage measurement was accurate
12:35:12Cosmo^based on a new battery
12:35:19Cosmo^which was clearly wrong! :)
12:35:24Cosmo^right I have to run, be back in an hour
12:35:30[Saint]if its a "thin" Classic, they only have a 500~600mAh battery if memory serves.
12:35:41Cosmo^yes, it's a thin one
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13:22:15*lebellium is proud of %?mh<%?mr<%xd(hold_ru)|%xd(hold_u)>|%?mr<%xd(hold_r)|>> with u=main unit and r=remote :D
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13:58:51[Saint]why the need to differentiate between remote hold?
13:59:10[Saint]Surely the user knows which is set, and having both set is unlikely?
14:01:15[Saint]I just do %?mh<%xd(hold)|%?mr<%xd(hold)|%xd(no_hold)>>"
14:09:58gevaertsIf the user knows, why is the indication needed at all? :)
14:10:55[Saint]well, that's a damn good point, seeing as the screen will likely be off anyway ;)
14:21:32lebelliumwhen you have hold both on remote and main unit, you may sometimes forget at some point which one is on or off.
14:22:02lebelliumat least that happens to me with cabbiev2 for Cowon M3 which only shows hold for main unit
14:23:11lebelliumand the screen never turns off on Cowon M3 ;)
14:25:02wodzas on every b&w or greyscale displays :-)
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14:56:16[Saint]Hey, TheSeven, possibly silly question:
14:57:05[Saint]Is there enough room in the FW partition on the Classic to stash a copy of disk mode image?
14:59:28Cosmo^I also meant to ask, in terms of Classic bugs/fixes
14:59:43Cosmo^are there any that are easy that need doing that no one can be bothered with which I could fix for you?
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16:35:56Cosmo^a minor question as well ... if you're doing your own build of rockbox, is there a way to set an alternative default theme?
16:41:52pamauryCosmo^: why do you want to do that ?
16:46:45 Quit z180 (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
16:47:28Cosmo^no particular reason, I'm just interested
16:50:23pamauryI guess it's possible, but not so interesting, since every build should ship with some themes you can change.
16:51:22Cosmo^I was more considering that, for example
16:51:52Cosmo^this iPod I've got doesn't work with the original firmware but does with rockbox, so I thought about the idea of basically building a rockbox build that gets as close as possible to the original firmware look and feel out of the box
16:51:55Cosmo^if that makes any sense
16:53:17copperCosmo^: I don't really understand, you can just change the theme
16:53:47copperdownload the zip file, unpack it at the root, select it in the list of themes, done
16:54:15Cosmo^yeah, that's what I would normally do
16:54:18Cosmo^it was just an idea
16:54:25Cosmo^say, if I was giving the iPod to someone else
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17:04:21[Saint] sec.
17:05:40[Saint]Its a little something I cooked up.
17:06:02[Saint]About as close to a blend of Apple firmware and Rockbox as you can get.
17:08:17[Saint]Additionally, if you want to make a binary ship with a theme other than cabbie, you can simply edit the compiled .zip file and include the theme(s) you want, whilst copying the theme .cfg file to the root of the zip and renaming it config.cfg so it is executed at boot.
17:14:38Cosmo^thank you [Saint]
17:15:33Cosmo^I will put that in later when I do this fresh build with my updated battery measures
17:16:02Cosmo^this iPod has some very strange behaviour, I basically installed Rockbox to try and troubleshoot whether the issues it had were a hardware or software problem
17:16:13Cosmo^turns out it's totally fine with Rockbox, and now I'm keeping it because I quite like it :)
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18:07:26lebelliumFirst theme for Cowon M3! :)
18:09:53copperlebellium: what's the original samsung UI?
18:10:17lebelliumSamsung YP-R0
18:11:17lebelliummy first theme was for Samsung YP-R0/Fuze+, it's very close to the original Samsung UI. Of course on other targets it's not necessarily close but I want to keep the same name for all my themes :)
18:13:20copperI see
18:13:50copperit's not obvious, but indeed you use (some of) the design elements of the original theme
18:14:05lebelliumif you look at the 11 themes at the same time
18:14:17lebelliumyou'll see similar design elements :)
18:14:21 Join bertrik [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
18:14:33copperdid you fall in love with the YP-R0 or something? :D
18:14:49lebelliumI have 5 YP-R0
18:14:54lebelliumit's the best MP3 player ever :)
18:15:32copperwhyyy do you have FIVE of them?
18:15:59lebelliumbecause I needed several ones at the time I worked with Samsung to report and fix bugs :)
18:17:29lebelliumthen it was also good to have several ones when lorenzo started the Rockbox port
18:18:49n1smaybe it's good for towers!
18:19:08copperlebellium: how's the central roundish button thing?
18:19:17copperon the DAP, not on your themes
18:19:35lebelliumcopper: better than any touchpad \o/
18:19:43copperis it sort of a cross pad?
18:19:51copperup / down / left / right?
18:20:32lebelliumthe circle frame is up/down/left/right. In the middle the selection button
18:20:55coppertwo more questions: how's the display, and are there RMAA measurements for the DAP?
18:21:41coppernm the last question
18:24:01copperI wonder what the output impedance is
18:24:49lebelliumThe display is average (viewing angles and 2.6" is quite big for 240x320)
18:25:41copperwould you say it's similar to the Fuze+ display?
18:26:01lebelliumlet me compare
18:29:07lebelliumyes it's quite similar. colors are a bit different, viewing angles are bit better on R0, fuze+ looks a bit sharper
18:29:36copperhmm, no reason for me to switch then
18:30:56lebelliumI like the R0 much better than the Fuze+ because of the tactile buttons vs touchpad and plastic case vs aluminum case. The rest is quite similar
18:32:18lebelliumThe Fuze+ has a native port vs RaaA for R0 so the Fuze+ boots faster
18:35:35 Quit maruk (Quit: Leaving.)
18:50:28amayerthe R0 boots OF and then runs RaaA?
18:56:45lebelliumThere is the original Samsung bootloader you can't bypass then either it boots the Samsung application (OF) or RaaA
18:58:04lebelliumthat means you see the Samsung logo for about 10 seconds before it starts rockbox
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19:20:03Cosmo^so, I'm editing powermgmt-ipod-pcf.c for my 6G
19:20:15Cosmo^and I assume that for the 6G it takes the values as defined for 'other' ipods ?
19:23:13Cosmo^nm, found the define for the 6G, I'll add that
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20:28:38draftshould i use MSC or MTP mode on Sandisk Sansa Zip ?
20:30:28Cosmo^so, if I've got a rockbox install on an EmCore based iPod 6G, what's the easiest way to upgrade the rockbox install from a ?
20:35:30Cosmo^nm, got it
20:41:41n1sdraft: msc usually, if you use mtp you'll probably need to use the rockbox database to make sense of the files
21:00:55draftok... i was wondering is it possible to install a Linux Live distro also on Sansa Clip Zip ?
21:01:47draftcan first 512 bytes of sda be overwritten? the files would be in sda1 filesystem as FAT32.
21:02:07draft512 bytes for MBR
21:02:41drafti have Rockbox on flash already... and i tried removing all the files etc. it gives me fallback mode to transfer Rockbox back.
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23:48:50kaputnikmay you can help me
23:49:23kaputniki only hear noise and spikes if i play ogg files on my fuze+
23:49:36kaputnikrockbox is form git master
23:50:08kaputnikmp3,aac and son on are ok
23:54:12 Join [Saint] [0] (65629e67@rockbox/user/saint)
23:54:57TheSevenCosmo^: just extract the zip file?
23:58:13Cosmo^yeah that's fine, I sorted it
23:58:19Cosmo^just had problems going from one install to another, it hung

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