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#rockbox log for 2013-09-13

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00:14:18[Saint]That's odd.
00:14:39[Saint]RoLo is usually fine on the Classic.
00:14:41wowanameyes it is
00:15:17[Saint]I did once manage to crash it trying to RoLo between Rockbox and the Apple OF on an iPod Video
00:15:36[Saint]...but I'm not actually sure if that's supposed to work or not. :)
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09:44:20kugeldoes someone have a x5/m5 remote?
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09:47:59kugelbmp.c is evil
09:48:05kugelwe really failed at reviewing this one
09:48:27kugelperhaps we just accepted bmp resize + on load at all costs :\
09:50:05kugelUnhelpful chose his name wisely as far as the maintainability of his code is concerned :(
09:51:23Unhelpfuluhoh. :|
09:51:43kugelUnhelpful: so many ifdefs, it's unworkable
09:51:50Unhelpfulbmp.c was… already not great, btw :P
09:52:10kugelUnhelpful: nice to see you! :p
09:52:59kugelUnhelpful: I'm nevertheless diving into it. I have a question, at the end of read_bmp_fd(), in the if (remote) case; why is only VERTICAL_INTERLEAVED handled?
09:54:12Unhelpfulbut a big chunk of fail on my part was the relation of the loader and scaler to each other - the scaler's state should go in some struct that it initializes for the loader, and then the loader just passes chunks of decoded image to some do_scale(…) instead of the loader having to implement a callback to fetch a small chunk of image
09:55:59Unhelpfuland i really don't remember what the supported cases were about. i vaguely recall that they were specific to which hardware actually existed, but i could be entirely wrong about that.
09:56:47copperwell, fuck me
09:56:58kugelcopper: no, thaks
09:57:06copperthere's a tiny 1x2 pixel error in my Fuze+ themes
09:57:26kugelUnhelpful: ah, I see, actually only VERTICAL_INTERLEAVED exists non-mono variants
09:57:56Unhelpfulsorry-it's-been-so-long-since-i-looked-at-that. :|
09:59:09Unhelpfula thought: perhaps we could compact code *and* make this more maintainable by inverting the scaler/loader relationship as i suggested, and providing a number of unscaled output handlers with the same interface.
10:00:47Unhelpfulyou'd only need to build ~2 per platform, selecting the right one for a display would be a matter of grabbing it from a pointer, etc
10:00:54kugelI'm currently uncompacting as to get out of this ifdef hell
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10:02:16lebellium_gs2Kugel: I have the remote and M3/X5
10:03:21kugelUnhelpful: the scaling is always enabeld for PLUGIN, right?
10:03:33kugelfor core it depends on HAVE_BMP_SCALING
10:04:11Unhelpfulyes, the plugin version always enables it because even mono target have the greylib (but on OLED mono, ZOMG HORRIBLE)
10:05:43kugellebellium_gs2: my question was answered, but thanks anyway
10:06:56lebellium_gs2I thought it was for on-device testing but no problem :)
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10:27:38kugelwhat the heck is wrong with the m3 sim
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10:30:10lebelliumwhat is wrong with it? I used it yesterday to make my theme
10:34:03lebelliumwell I got a "read_bmp_files: can't open '/.rockbox/backdrops/cabbiev2.bmp', rc: -1" but apart from that it worked fine
10:39:52lebelliumUser feedback: "One thing takes a bit longer: The YP-R0 tried to initialize a new database (of course due to there where none), but it hangs up every time.
10:39:54lebelliumSolution was easy: I had to change the "directories to scan" in the "general settings/database", which is a bit mistakable if the language is already set to "german". Then it says only: "Verzeichnisse auswählen" what means "choose directory" and I interpreted that wrong as the directory for the database file...."
10:40:02lebelliumI noticed the same issue on Rockbox for Android
10:40:22lebelliumlooks like a particular RaaA issue
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10:41:03lebelliummaybe that's for you kugel?
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12:13:46lebelliumcopper: given that the "submitted" field is updated everytime you update your themes, why don't you use usual versionning (v1.00 etc...) instead of date?
12:17:23kugelhm, mono targets dont support jpeg?
12:17:27kugel(in core)
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12:18:58gevaertskugel: that's what I seem to remember, yes
12:19:22gevaertsIIRC the argument was that you can't show them nicely anyway
12:20:04kugelwhat about color targets with mono remote?
12:20:42kugelobviously the code is compiled there
12:20:56kugel(also, that hasnt stopped is from doing other weird shit :)
12:22:19gevaertsHmm, good question
12:22:24*gevaerts doesn't know
12:28:04copperlebellium: because there is no clear "versioning", just fixes over time
12:28:34copperthere is no real 1.0, and there won't be a 2.0
12:29:49copperincrementing a date is not that different from incrementing from 0
12:30:05copperI don't think it really matters
12:31:00copperI don't expect to update them any further, unless there's some other bug I've missed
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13:09:50copperupdated 14 themes: got 28 mails from rockbox :-§
13:15:15lebelliumsure it doesn't really matter, but it's just a bit weird and unusual for me. I like adding 0.01 for a bug fix and 0.1 for a visible change/new feature.
13:19:28copperI think conventional software versioning is overkill for my themes, because I won't be adding "features"
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13:23:07pamauryyeah I finally got the screen of the Creative ZEN working !
13:24:37pamauryI had a problem with the clock polarity: I don't understand why it works, for me it should be the opposite but maybe the doc is unclear on this point
13:32:08lebelliumI'll get the E363 in a few days pamaury
13:36:39lebelliumis there already a way to put Rockbox on it or not yet?
13:38:06pamauryyes but rockbox is not ready yet, but should be soon, at least for basic functionality
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13:46:14pamaurylebellium: don't hesitate to "up" me from time to time, I do many things in parallel so if nobody cares I might switch to something else where other people complain ^^
13:46:50lebelliumno problem, I'm already used to do that with Lorenzo for R0 and R1 :P
13:50:05lebelliumpamaury: what do you think about making SVG pics for Zen X-Fi 2/3 and add them here ?
13:54:03pamaurythat would be create! But I don't know how to do them myself
13:54:18pamaurythat would be good for the sim too
13:54:54pamaurypixelma: can you do the SVG for those targets please ?
13:55:07*pamaury hopes pixelma is indeed the right person and his memory is not failing
13:56:30lebelliumpixelma or perfectdrug. I already asked pixelma for YP-R1 a few days ago but she did not reply, is probably away
13:58:23pamauryok, if you see them try to ask them
13:59:28lebelliumlast year I PMed perfectrug on the forums for YP-R0 and he did it. I never see him on the IRC so I don't know if he's still active
14:01:19lebelliumI'll PM on the forums since I'm not sure they read IRC logs
14:07:38pamauryok thanks
14:08:07pamaurymaybe you can ask him about the Creative devices: Zen, Zen X-Fi, Zen Mozaic but tell him it's low priority
14:12:57 Join pamaury_ [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
14:13:30lebelliumI don't know how long it takes to make a SVG pic but i know that perfectdrug and pixelma usually have little time so I don't dare to ask too much
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14:29:15bjoernbi downloaded the rockbox installer for linux64bit. running it gives me this error:
14:29:39bjoernbdownloading of the bootloader file fails.
14:30:10bjoernbi have downloaded it myself. so the file is on my system, but in the gui i cannot select a bootloader file from disk.
14:31:22gevaertsAs far as I can see, downloading works fine. It's installing it that fails
14:31:43bjoernbgevaerts: ok.
14:32:14bjoernbi have a sansa clipzip which is in msc mode. it should work, because i have had rockbox running on that device.
14:32:29gevaertsCan you copy files to it?
14:32:31 Quit Scall (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
14:32:35bjoernbi just want to install the new version, because the running rockbox now has a data error.
14:33:08gevaertsRight. You shouldn't need to reinstall the bootloader for that
14:33:57bjoernbok now it says not enough space on device. i will delete data and then go for it again.
14:34:39bjoernbmaybe that caused the data error, because i copied to much data on it.
14:35:15 Join Scall [0] (~chat@unaffiliated/scall)
14:45:36gevaertsI wouldn't really expect that, but it's possible
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14:49:44bjoernbi seem to have a real problem. starting rockbox ends with a data error. starting sansa firmware ends in endless database update. when i press buttons during starting sansa firmware i get to the settings and can see the filesystem in the file browser on my connected computer. but there are no files in music folder, so i cannot delete any.
14:49:58bjoernbis there a way to delete everything but the firmware?
14:50:04gevaertsTry checking the filesystem
14:50:26bjoernbgevaerts: how?
14:53:26bjoernbrockbox says: Data abort at 30 FSR 0x8 (domain 0, fault address 0x535F31 pc:3004F17C sp:3 bt end
14:54:43bjoernbfdisk does not list a device
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14:56:58bjoernbthis is the dmesg output:
14:58:44gevaertsHmm, looks loike the OF may be in MTP mode?
14:59:05bjoernbthe device is in mtp mode now.
15:00:18bjoernbi format the device from the original firmware and then try again.
15:00:19gevaertsRight. You'll need MSC to check the filesystem
15:00:26gevaertsAh, that's good enough too
15:00:36gevaertsIf it's freshly formatted, it can be assumed to be clean :)
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15:09:20bjoernbit has been formatted. the error msg of the installer is not enough disk space. here is the log:
15:09:42bjoernbwhat i am curious about is the [Utils] Volume name of "/proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc" is ""
15:09:45bjoernb[Utils] total disk space for "/proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc" 0
15:09:48bjoernb[Utils] free disk space for "/proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc" 0
15:09:49bjoernbmessages in the end of the log
15:12:09bluebrother^you've selected /run/lock as mountpoint. That looks wrong
15:12:52bluebrother^that last line is because it looks up all mounts in the system and tries to retrieve volume name / free space / size
15:13:45bluebrother^right now it looks up all mounts. The current development version limits that a bit, because volumes that don't have a usable filesystem (like tmpfs) are a bit pointless to check.
15:14:13 Quit cmhobbs (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
15:14:23bjoernbthank you.
15:14:40bluebrother^plus, on Linux the retrieved volume name is always empty.
15:14:43bjoernb/run/lock was the default. i did not change it.
15:15:17bluebrother^since it hasn't been implemented. On Windows / OS X it will show the name you gave the player (i.e. its data partition)
15:15:44bluebrother^also, I can't see the player being mounted at all.
15:16:15bluebrother^starting line 907 you see the mounts the system knows about. There's nothing of type vfat.
15:16:58bluebrother^in that case the configuration dialog will simply "default" to the first available, since it isn't able to detect something.
15:17:20bluebrother^yet another thing that'll behave differently in current git (due to dropping unusable mounts from the list :)
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15:20:46bjoernbok now i installed rockbox. at least the installer said everything is ok, but starting, it says rockbox: loading firmware: file not fouind please plug usb cable
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15:21:29 Quit wodz (Read error: No route to host)
15:25:21bluebrother^that usually means you only installed the bootloader but not Rockbox
15:26:57bluebrother^connect the player to the PC and install the main Rockbox binary :)
15:27:11bluebrother^(no need to install the bootloader again, you already have this)
15:29:47bjoernbbut i selected rockbox font and themes.
15:31:56bluebrother^there are usually three common errors:
15:32:37bluebrother^1. wrong mountpoint selected. In your case that is unlikely since otherwise installing the bootloader wouldn't work
15:32:49bluebrother^2. filesystem errors. I think we have ruled that out
15:33:30bluebrother^3. entry "Rockbox" hasn't been selected in the installation dialog
15:34:19bluebrother^you can look into /tmp/rbutil-trace.log. That's the log of the last run of Rockbox Utility
15:36:17bjoernbok the mount point is the error. I mounted /dev/sdb now to /mnt but i cannot select /mnt in the utility.
15:37:31bluebrother^tried "refresh"?
15:37:55bluebrother^Rockbox Utility only sees the mounts at the time the dialog was opened unless you click that
15:39:09 Quit kevku (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
15:40:27bjoernbrefresh did not help even restarting the utitilty
15:42:18bluebrother^what does the Help / Troubleshooting / System Info dialog say on the mounts it finds?
15:47:16bjoernbbluebrother^: wait. please tell me how do i have to mount the device and where.
15:47:29bjoernbi plugged the usb in but did not mount it now.
15:54:03bjoernbbluebrother^: your question to the mounts:
15:55:44bjoernbit does not find the 8gb clipzip
15:56:09 Join krabador [0] (~krabador_@unaffiliated/krabador)
15:56:53bluebrother^usually your desktop environment gives you some icon on the desktop you can right click and mount
15:56:55bluebrother^or something like a popup in the panel
15:57:03bluebrother^not sure how current Gnome does this.
15:57:18bluebrother^that should mount it to wherever the system usually mounts removable devices.
15:57:34bluebrother^most distros use /media/<somenameforthedevice>
15:58:17bjoernbbluebrother^: i am not running a desktop environment. i can mount the device on my own.
15:59:08bluebrother^well, then mount it to any sensible location :)
15:59:38bluebrother^I'd use something like /media/player
15:59:58bluebrother^assuming that /media isn't another mount (to some special filesystem like autofs)
16:00:07bjoernbnow i mounted it to /media/usb0
16:00:24bjoernbrockbox info in troubleshooting shows a device with 8gb.
16:00:48bjoernbbut the selection does not show that device
16:02:15bluebrother^it should. Filtering out mountpoint that don't seem to be useful has been added after the latest release
16:02:23bluebrother^try restarting it
16:02:49bluebrother^System Info uses the same code to retrieve the mounts, so it should either show up in both or none
16:03:02bluebrother^but maybe the configuration dialog has been confused :)
16:03:37bjoernbsystem info shows
16:03:38bjoernb7.16 GiB
16:03:38DBUGEnqueued KICK bjoernb
16:03:38bjoernb7.37 GiB
16:04:10bjoernbthe mount dialogue does not show it
16:05:14bluebrother^how does the line for that mount look like if you use mount on the command line?
16:06:34bjoernbok. it works now. i umounted the device and let nautilus (gnome file manager) mount the device. then it showed the device.
16:07:19bjoernbbluebrother^: gevaerts thanks for all the help
16:11:30 Part bjoernb
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16:18:24 Join bjoernb [0] (
16:18:55bjoernbanother question, do sansa clipzip work with rockbox and 64gb micro-sdxc cards?
16:23:57 Quit Zagor (Quit: Clint excited)
16:30:51copperbjoernb: probably - the Clip+ and the Fuze+ do
16:31:02copperjust format it as FAT32
16:32:06 Quit krabador (Quit: Sto andando via)
16:32:09bjoernbcopper: are the clip+ and fuze+ older products than the clipzip?
16:32:29copperclip+ yeah
16:32:32copperFuze+, dunno
16:33:48lebelliumFuze+ released 2010 vs 2011 for Clip Zip
16:34:15bjoernbdo you recommend sandisk?
16:34:37coppernote that the displays are mediocre
16:34:50copperother than that, they're pretty decent
16:35:00copperwith Rockbox, that is
16:35:04lebelliumwell, you can't have everything for such a low price :)
16:35:21bjoernbcopper: what do you mean by displays?
16:35:22lebelliumDisplay is decent on Fuze+ and Clip+ and terrible on Clip Zip
16:35:47bjoernbi own a clipzip and yes the display could be better but works for me.
16:35:48copperlebellium: uh, the Clip Zip is _worse_ than the Fuze+?
16:36:06lebelliumcopper? the screen? Yes, much worse Oo
16:36:07gevaertslebellium: how do they compare to c200? :)
16:36:42copperlebellium: weird, wikipedia says it's an OLED display
16:36:47copperthose are usually stellar
16:37:04lebelliumgevaerts: ahaha :) I admit my C200's display is worse than Clip Zip. The C200 probably has the worst color screen I have ever seen the last decade
16:37:26gevaertsGood! Things do get better :)
16:39:03lebelliumcopper: looks like you don't really realize the difference between the Clip Zip and Fuze+'s screen. They are very very different. If you find the Fuze+'s screen bad, I don't know what you would say for Clip Zip ;D
16:39:33gevaertslebellium: let's give him a c200
16:39:39gevaertsHe'll like that
16:40:46lebelliumUIsim is not realistic
16:40:53lebelliummy theme doesn't look too bad here
16:41:09lebelliumon device it's a mess of pixels with terrible low refresh rate :)
16:41:17bjoernbit is not all about display quality, the size of a fuze+ is definitally to huge for me. so the clipzip is the best device i found.
16:41:41lebelliumbjoernb: that's totally another matter sure, I use my Clip Zip everyday and hate the Fuze+ :)
16:41:44coppergevaerts: why you mean like that? ;)
16:42:14copperbjoernb: Fuze+ is smaller than an iPod Classic
16:42:15gevaertscopper: it's a nice small device :)
16:42:30bjoernblebellium: do you have experiences with micro-sdxc cards in the clipzip?
16:42:39copperbjoernb: and very light, I don't even feel it in my pocket when I work out
16:43:04lebelliumbjoernb: nope, I have a SDHC 32GB in there. But many people successfully tried 64GB cards in Clip Zip
16:44:46lebelliumgevaerts: I don't remember, you have or had a C200?
16:44:59gevaertsI have a c250v1 somewhere, yes
16:45:12lebellium"somewhere" lol
16:45:36gevaertsI know where it is within 5 meter!
16:46:19 Join kilroy [0] (~dewlap@2001:5c0:1400:a::49f)
16:46:25bjoernbthen have a good day, i am gonna buy myself an sdxc card with 64gb now.
16:46:29 Part bjoernb
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21:04:56lmiorikugel: in some minutes I'm going to review what is going wrong with the safe mode, once everything works I'll poke you for merging :)
21:05:07 Nick lmiori is now known as lorenzo92 (
21:20:26 Nick DormantBrain is now known as SuperBrainAK (~andy@
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23:13:32lorenzo92kugel: R1 works now, testing it on R0...
23:13:49 Quit amayer (Quit: Leaving)
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23:23:58lorenzo92kugel: here it is g#528
23:24:02fs-bluebotGerrit review #528 at : Samsung YP-R0/YP-R1 Safe Mode improvement by Lorenzo Miori (changes/28/528/9)
23:24:13lorenzo92works on R0 and R1!
23:27:16 Quit y4n (Quit: Do you like hurting other people?)
23:28:35pamaurywow this is weird, the code to reset a device block on imx233 was actually buggy from the beginning
23:29:20lorenzo92pamaury: stmp36xx was also affected? which part?
23:29:51pamauryI don't know, I run into this issue for the lcdif on stmp3700, you actually need to deassert reset then reassert and finally deassert, wtf ?!
23:30:22pamaurynow I understand what the manual means by the "correct way of resetting a block"
23:31:05lorenzo92yes I read that too, hum I did not have any issue with lcdif, but this may be related to the nasty crash I had on z5... (never solved)
23:31:40pamauryit didn't result in a crash, just the lcdif was improperly resetted: some registers kept old value
23:31:47pamauryvery very odd
23:32:40pamauryI'm now trying in on fuze+, maybe it can explain some strange and random behaviours
23:33:11 Quit bertrik (Remote host closed the connection)
23:33:32pamauryIt's nice that I actually realised that was the problem, I was close to commit suicide on my Creative ZEN, that would have been quite a thing
23:36:25pamauryin any case, I suspect it mostly happens in case you test the device via USB recovery mode because the reset does not seem to actually reset everything completely
23:39:07lorenzo92after completing R1 port to master, I would like to continue Z5 port
23:54:00 Nick SuperBrainAK is now known as DormantBrain (~andy@

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