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#rockbox log for 2013-09-14

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10:34:04ValkuraReignsMy 6th generation iPod Classic with Rockbox on it crashed and continually makes a buzzing noise now
10:34:43ValkuraReignsLast time it did that I did a hard reset and it worked fine afterwards; but now I can't seem to make it reset no longer have long I hold down Menu and Select
10:34:53ValkuraReignsSo I have no idea what to do
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11:43:31lorenzo92a question: on targets where there is an hardware tone control system, is the software tone control disabled? if so why? if not why?
11:44:40lorenzo92because I noticed this on my R1, I have left HAVE_SW_TONE_CONTROLS, so in the menu I get all the options, but are non-working
11:44:50lorenzo92R1 has hardware tone control, btw
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11:46:13bertrikI think software tone control should basically always work
11:47:11lorenzo92indeed, that's why I ask. I should be working even with hardware tone control, I'll investigate about this
11:47:43lorenzo92* it
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12:40:49gustaf1Hey, I'm getting terrible transfer speeds on my sansa zip's internal memory, when it's connected to my raspberry pi.
12:41:06gustaf1The SD-card is fine, and the internal memory is fine when connected to other computers.
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12:41:45ghallbergDoes anyone know wha the cause of this could be?
12:44:32copperghallberg: when you say the sd card, do you mean the card on its own, or via the clip zip connected via USB?
12:44:48ghallbergcopper: Via the clip
12:45:29ghallbergI get 1-2 MB/s on the sd-card and <500 kB/s on the internal memory.
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12:47:33copperghallberg: maybe check the FAT volume of the internal memory for bad blocks
12:47:47ghallberghmm ok
12:48:31ghallbergThey're both formatted with vfat, and mounted with the same options.
12:48:41ghallbergI'll runs fsck on them when I get back from the gym.
12:48:50copperyeah that's what I'm suggesting
12:49:15ghallbergOk thanks.
12:50:07copperfsck.vat -a, and maybe badblocks
12:53:03gevaertsYou should see similar effects from other computers if that were the issues I'd expect
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13:27:55ghallbergMmyeah, I'm pretty sure it's just on the pi, I'll test it on my laptop now.
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14:45:47lorenzo92kugel: ping
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16:21:29lebelliumhum I wonder why there is the same spacing between lines whatever the font used on YP-R1.
16:26:12lebelliumI don't have this issue in the Onda VX UI sim
16:26:34copperlebellium: don't you use one viewport for each line?
16:26:54lebelliumnope, I'm talking about the SBS - menu viewport
16:27:21lebelliumI don't remember facing this issue on another target
16:29:13copperthere is no spacing between lines in the sbs, as far as I can tell
16:29:27lebelliumthe spacing depends on the font
16:29:35copperthere is none
16:29:37lebelliumhere the spacing is the same for a 05 font and a big 20 gont
16:30:01copperwith 14-Nimbus, each line is 14 pixels high, with no spacing between lines
16:30:14copperwith 19-Nimbus, same deal, except each line is 19 pixels high
16:30:58copper"tall" letters on two consecutive lines "touch" each other
16:31:03copper0 pixel in between
16:31:10copperon my Fuze+ and Classic, anyway
16:31:40lebelliumif that was the case, each line/letter would touch the line/letter above and below
16:31:44lebelliumso there is always a spacing
16:31:48lebelliumcall it as you want
16:32:16copperthey do
16:33:55lebelliumDoes the R of Rockbox touch the F of files?
16:34:06copperno but "R" is not the "tallest" letter
16:34:20copperlook at the "y" of "Now Playing"
16:34:39coppera parenthesis is also taller than an uppercase letter
16:34:47copperand I don't think that's the tallest char either
16:37:52copperlebellium: display "Ô" (O circumflex) or "À"
16:37:59copperit touches the upper bound
16:39:27lebelliumok sounds you are right
16:39:27copperthe highlighted line shows letters touching the upper and lower bounds
16:39:33lebellium2s, I show my issue
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16:44:58lebelliumcopper: here's my issue:
16:45:02fs-bluebotGerrit review #534 at : rk27generic: keymap tweaks by Marcin Bukat (changes/34/534/1)
16:45:04fs-bluebotGerrit review #197 at : FS #12390 - Sansa Clip Zip Cabbiev2 Port by Stephen Carroll by Bertrik Sikken (changes/97/197/1)
16:45:21copperthat looks like RaaAaAAaaaA alright
16:45:54lebelliumYes, but not for Android, for YP-R1
16:46:03copperI don't know anything about the android stuff
16:46:15coppermaybe it doesn't handle theme code the same way?
16:46:35lebelliumlooks like
16:46:46copperI remember seeing stuff like that when I tried the android port
16:46:50lebelliumI probably need JdGord JdGordon| here
16:47:38copperand you don't have that problem with the YP-R0?
16:48:06lebelliumnope, although it's RaaA too
16:50:51lebelliumso maybe it's due to the combo RaaA + touchscreen
16:51:00lebelliumI don't see any other difference between R0 and R1
16:52:54lebelliumI assume you have no idea lorenzo92 ?
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17:42:09KotHwould someone be so kind and allow me to edit the wiki?
17:44:42 Join dfkt [0] (dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
17:54:26 Join XavierGr [0] (~XavierGr@rockbox/staff/XavierGr)
18:00:38lorenzo92lebellium: actually, no I don't. The theme engine is the same afaik, no special modifications.
18:00:53AlexPKotH: Wikiname?
18:01:52AlexPshould be done
18:03:08KotHCowonD20Info or just CowonD20 ?
18:03:17AlexPno idea :)
18:03:30AlexPtry to match whatever is there now for other players
18:03:49KotHthat's the thing
18:04:08KotHhalf of them are just the player name, other are *Port, the cowon ones seem to be *Info
18:04:18AlexPI'd say take your pick then :)
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18:06:57WilliamXiesorry I'm here to ask for some help..
18:07:03AlexPgo ahead
18:07:15WilliamXiei'm trying to add a new page for Elio P810
18:08:03WilliamXiebut i'm not familiar with rockbox's wiki,and it seems i edit the webhome page wrongly
18:08:31AlexPYou won't be able to edit the homepage
18:08:41AlexPHave you signed up for a wiki account?
18:09:00AlexPAnd someone has given you write access?
18:09:15AlexPand so what page are you trying to edit?
18:09:32WilliamXiei want to add a page for Elio P810
18:10:02AlexPoh, you mean you edited WebHome. Yes, I see now
18:10:03AlexPone mo
18:10:29AlexPyou seem to have edited it a few times
18:10:59WilliamXieyes,i wrote ElioP810 in Current parent last night
18:11:12AlexPyou don't need to do anything with that page to add a new one
18:11:34WilliamXiejust now i try to edit it back to Main,..
18:11:40AlexPalthough you can add a link to it afterwards
18:11:49AlexPThat page looks OK, I'd leave it alone at the moment
18:12:02WilliamXiesorry i just can't find the link to add a page
18:13:01AlexPTo add a new page, enter it in the go box (top right) or just type in the name manually as (replacing NewPage), then follow the instructions
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19:02:05draftjust wanted to thank you for the great firmware you guys have done. :)
19:02:09 Part zaphee
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19:22:36AlexPta :)
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20:44:26KotHany TCC7901 expert around?
20:45:27KotHi have here weird code that accesses adresses (0xf3005300 and f3005100) which are not listed in the datasheet
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22:36:42pamauryKotH: could be virtual memory
22:36:51pamauryor undocumented registers...
22:38:36 Quit mt (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
22:41:06KotHpamaury: according to the datasheet, anything in 0xfxxx'xxxx is cpu registers, so it could be undocumented registers...
22:41:27KotHbut what is there, and why does cowon set those?
22:42:37pamauryno idea....what is the arm core in it ?
22:43:27 Join lorenzo92 [0] (
22:46:30pamauryI'm not aware of any cpu register at this address for this core
22:47:12pamaurydatasheets says: 0xF3005000
22:47:12pamaurySystem Control and Configuration Registers
22:47:38KotHyes, but it's past the defined registesr
22:48:29pamauryI don't know then
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22:54:19KotHwell.. i think i'll leave it at that for today..
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