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#rockbox log for 2013-09-15

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00:09:15pamauryKotH: just for reference, try to attach datasheets to the wiki page rather than link to them
00:09:25pamaurylinks quickly die
00:09:59pamauryand change the "D2" reference to "CowonD2Info" so it's recognised as a wiki page
00:10:17pamaury(like TelechipsInfo)
00:11:01KotHD2 reference?
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02:36:32dragonman77hey If I install rockbox on a ipod video can I go back to official fw later?
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03:07:58saratogadragonman77: the installer actually sets up dual boot, so you can run either by holding down a button during start up
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10:53:11qualeSo I'm looking to buy a new Sansa of some flavor or another, and I see the Clip Zip is now "supported" −− is that synonymous with "feature complete"? (docs and theme ports notwithstanding) From the looks of what I can find on the wiki, that does seem to be the case, at least..
10:54:20qualeBasically, I'm trying to see if there's anything that "doesn't work" −− e.g, I had a Fuze a few years ago that was absolutely fantastic, save for USB not working unless I rebooted into the OF
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11:06:10copperthere are some outstanding USB problems
11:06:11 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
11:07:28copperpamaury: I see that the touchpad disabling feature when locked has been merged for the Fuze+?
11:07:36copperseems to work well
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11:23:39qualeah, interesting. I think I'll grab a Zip anyways, maybe I could help test patches or something, if they show up. Failing that, not too big a deal to just use the OF for USB, I think
11:23:45qualethanks :)
11:24:50pamaurycopper: yes
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11:45:11KotHwhy does the configure script warn me, if i use a newer gcc than 4.4.4?
11:47:05pamauryKotH: are you using your own cross compiler ?
11:47:56pamaurywe always build with known versions of gcc to avoid any problem
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11:53:14KotHyes, just build one using crosstool-ng
11:53:27KotHand yes, i just stumbled into a problem
11:53:33KotHthough one that should be easy to fix
11:53:41KotHif i can find the linker script
11:55:03pamaurythe linker scripts are target specific
11:55:17pamauryusually in firmware/target/arm/<target name>/{boot,link}.lds
11:55:22pamaury{boot,apps}.lds more likely
11:56:47KotHhow can i tell the makefile to print me the command it executes?
11:58:05pamaurymake V=1
11:58:19pamaurythat will be *very* verbose
11:59:33KotHi'm an ex-mplayer developer. i'm not easily scared by such things ;)
12:00:41pamauryWe haven't a tcc901 port in our tree currently, right ?
12:01:47pamauryBy the way, do you publish your code somewhere before it is pushed to our trunk ?
12:01:56pamauryI'm curious ^^
12:02:35KotHi have no code at the moment
12:02:48KotHi'm still trying to figure out how the OF sets up the hardware
12:03:08KotHwhen i'm done with that, i'll start porting the S9 or D2 fw to the d20
12:03:26KotHer.. d2, there is no s9 support
12:04:58KotHpamaury: i can send you my current idb file, if you want to have a look.. but there is not much there yet
12:05:02pamauryactually, I think it could be a good time to try out something, if you want: I have a developped a very nice tool called hwstub for the imx233, it's a small binary that you send to the device which creates a usb connection and you can send commands to the device, mostly R/W anywhere. Then I have created a tool which runs on the host which can be scripted with LUA. Together with a register map that could can write in XML, it gives you a very
12:05:02pamaurypowerful hacking framework
12:05:35pamauryI was able to develop whole LCD drivers to several players with this, very very handy
12:05:50KotHthat sounds cool
12:05:59pamauryI always wanted to port to port it to the TCC lines because they have usb recovery mode
12:06:21KotHfeel free to send it this way :)
12:07:10pamauryI need to see if I have a TCC901 based player somewhere, so I could do the work; it's not super hard in theory: write the SoC specific code which init usb and then write a smallish usb driver
12:07:55pamauryLet me see what is the usb core of this soc
12:09:08CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
12:09:08*KotH has nightmares from writing usb device code
12:09:34pamauryoh that's cool: it's the same usb core as in TCC7801
12:09:43pamauryand I have a TCC7801 device
12:10:49pamauryso what I can do while your are exploring the OF is try to port hwstub to TCC7801
12:11:09pamauryand then you'll to the step to TCC7901, which I hope is not too big
12:14:16KotHi havent had a look at the differences between TCC7801 and TCC7901 but i dont expect them to be big
12:14:26KotHat least not in that regard
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14:23:46pamaurydoes someone have the TCC760 and TCC770 datasheets ?
14:23:48pamauryKotH: ?
14:29:01KotH760 here
14:29:11KotHrev 0.07...
14:30:55pamaurysame here
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18:24:07serbA Question:
18:24:20serbwill installin rockbox on my sansa clip uncap some sort of invisible volume limit ?
18:26:56lorenzo92I think that the setting "line padding in lists" must be placed in the theme settings menu, instead of hiding it in the touchscreen setting menu
18:26:56copperserb: I think the EU volume cap can be lifted with the OF
18:27:02copperby choosing another region
18:27:27copperserb: but Rockbox has no such cap in any case
18:27:51lorenzo92this is a setting that is NOT related to touchscreen in any way! what do you think? I'm going to write a patch for it ...
18:28:30lorenzo92and, striclty speaking, it may be enabled also for non-touchpad devices, i don't see any problem
18:30:50lebellium_gs2Copper: my issue is fixed. That's what lorenzo is currently talking about :)
18:30:54lorenzo92...and a question that came to my mind: is it possible to configure this setting via a theme-configuration (i.e. a theme may force a specific value). lebellium?
18:31:29serbu off #foobar2000 dude?
18:31:34copperI never was there
18:31:49serbwith the of ?
18:32:04copperyeah in the OF there's a "region" setting
18:32:10copperset it to "World" or somesuch
18:32:15copperor, just install Rockbox
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20:00:02pamauryKotH: does usb work on the cowond2 ?
20:00:23gevaertsIIRC it should
20:00:37gevaertsAlthough also IIRC it's disabled by default
20:01:10 Part ghallberg ("WeeChat 0.4.1")
20:01:13gevaerts(due to no reliable write support on flash)
20:01:27pamaurybecause I'm looking at the driver and i'm trying to use it for hwstub and there is no way this can work it seems
20:01:54KotHpamaury: i dont own a d2
20:02:01pamauryit fails at SET_ADDRESS
20:02:25pamauryalso usb_drv_send doesn't handle ZLP (other than doing the complicated equivalent of a nop)
20:02:38KotHpamaury: do you have a beagle to debug what's going over the bus?
20:02:53pamauryI have a USB analyser
20:02:56 Join Zarggg [0] (
20:03:24pamaurywell *the* usb analyser of Rockbox
20:03:40gevaertsGood to be reminded where it is these days :)
20:03:55pamauryand the software is sooooooo bad
20:05:08pamaurywhat about the other TCC7xx targets, does any of them has working USB ?
20:05:43pamauryfrom TargetStatus it seems not
20:06:03*gevaerts tries to remember which other TCC7xx targets we have
20:08:20pamauryc100, m200, logikdax, iaudio7, cowond2
20:08:38gevaertsNone of those is very advanced
20:08:50gevaertsI *believe* logikdax has usb
20:08:58gevaertsIt has little else though :)
20:11:51pamauryI hate usb controllers with poor datasheets, you have to figure out all the important details youself and usually these are stupidly conceived
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20:42:07pamaurygevaerts: do you know anyone who has the TCC77x datasheet ?
20:43:52gevaertsI seem to have it
20:45:15gevaertsMail sent
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21:15:45saratogai'd have to dig but i probably have the telechips stuff somewhere if its needed
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21:59:49lorenzo92kugel: ping
22:01:24*wowaname intercepts ping
22:01:27owen1does rockbox support ISO Media, MPEG v4 system, iTunes AAC-LC? i try to listen to
22:01:36owen1but my rockbox freezes in the middle.
22:01:40wowanameit supports mp4
22:01:42wowanamelemme check the other 2
22:02:48wowanameAAC should work
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22:22:53lorenzo92 g#617
22:22:56fs-bluebotGerrit review #617 at : Move List Padding in Lists option by Lorenzo Miori (changes/17/617/1)
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22:53:05lorenzo92someone expert with uisimulator? I'm getting a sim_creat not declared error, and I don't find the proper define to tune ^^
22:53:51wowanamei'm not an expert
22:54:04wowanamehave never run into that error (yet)
22:54:33lorenzo92i got an hint, it's a plugin.c issue, let's see
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23:05:43saratogaowen1: thats not an AAC-LC file, but it does play for me in the rockbox sim
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