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#rockbox log for 2013-09-19

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01:30:23littleGuygood evening sirs
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01:33:13littleGuywat up
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02:55:43[Saint]Woo!. Bluffed my way through remembering how to take down and rebuild a Video.
02:56:31[Saint]Speaking of which, can someone with a Video handy do me a little favor and check something out for me?
02:58:25[Saint]On the recording screen (doesn't have to be recording), after the disk spins down, does one or more of the channel indicators have an obvious wobble?
03:00:04[Saint]I have two devices here, both of which have the same amount of wobble on the right channel.
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03:30:01[Saint]JdGord: ping?
03:30:24[Saint]...Since I'm poking at it. How should volume be handled on touch targets?
03:31:46[Saint]The way I want to do it is to replace the progress bar with the volume bar when volume is changed with HW keys as well as using the smaller volume indicator as a touch input to get the volume bar to pop up.
03:33:00[Saint]But, this doesn't seem terribly obvious. Even if the elapsed time/time remaining and (if prsent) playlist count underneath what was formerly the progress bar are replaced with "Volume: NdB" it still doesn't seem immediately obvious what happened.
03:33:46[Saint]The alternative is making a massive (to be fine grained enough to be useful) dedicated volume bar/indicator thing. But this wastes a shit-tonne of screen realestate.
03:34:26[Saint]pixelma: (logs) your input is valued here also.
03:35:46[Saint]I'm sure the "right" way to do this is to use the progress bar space and switch out the progress bar with the volume bar (this also means we can re-use the graphics which is a bonus) - but what I am unsure about is:
03:36:01[Saint]a - the method that should trigger this, and
03:36:13[Saint]b - how to make it obvious to the user what is happening.
03:38:04[Saint]Using the smaller volume indicator as a touch area to pop up the volume bar seems obvious enough to me...but in a couple of tests early on no one I tried it out on could figure it out without direction.
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03:42:11[Saint]On a slightly related note, I had a little play and figured out how to do skin based simple touch gestures. :)
03:42:20[Saint]Its really hacky though.
03:43:08[Saint]A "swipe to unlock" gesture is simple enough to implement.
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04:25:13[Saint]Can someone tell me if RoLo is supposed to be able to load the Apple OF or not?
04:26:18[Saint]If it isn't the case, and failure is expected, I may poke RoLo a bit so that it barfs on the original firmware/
04:52:54[Saint]Possibly related to FS #12413
04:52:55fs-bluebot ROLO broken on Nano 2G (bugs, unconfirmed)
04:54:11[Saint]I say possibly, as the behavior is identical to that described therein, but I can't find anything to suggest that roloing apple_os.ipod should work.
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05:05:07[Saint]Aha. It seems it can't be done. Crap.
05:05:24[Saint]Well, I guess it would make sense to check for this then...
05:05:35[Saint]<adds to long ToDo list>
05:06:26[Saint]Some digging lead me to flashsplit.c, though.
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05:14:00[Saint]I can't seem to Rolo into the diagmode or diskmode images either. :-S
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07:41:38*amiconn noticed that one of his build clients lost libsdl-dev in the debian dist-upgrade process
07:42:41amiconnIt's fixed now; sorry for the speckled build table :\
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09:28:47wodzI just love datasheets. The one I am reading now states in preamble that WDT clock is in range 7.8kHz-1.8MHz, In register description the range is 0.6MHz-4.6MHz, in driver source file it is 7.8kHz-3.4MHz but at the same time reg value corresponding to 7.8kHz is marked as undefined :P
09:29:34wodznow pick the one you like :-)
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10:20:57gevaerts[Saint]: as far as I know nobody will *expect* RoLo to work with the OF (it breaks often enough with just rockbox...), but I'd say having it work would be nice
10:21:59wodzgevaerts: on rk27xx rolo works resonably well in booting OF
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10:22:22gevaertswodz: right, you got lucky ;)
10:22:53gevaerts[Saint] was playing with an ipod, not sure which one
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11:18:10doug_trying to load up rock box right now, using the auto utility. Am getting an error, right after the line "patching firmware" with "cannot write firmware file". got any ideas?
11:27:50gevaertsdoug_: I'd say either rockbox utility picked the wrong mountpoint (or you told it the wrong one), or the filesystem on the player is read-only
11:35:29doug_according to the rockbox utility, the mountpoint (this running on a mint linux system) is: /run/lock/ wonder if that means that it was locked by something else that mounted the file system. Will shutdown the rockbox utility, remount the clip+ and restart the uitility. See if that works.
11:36:39pamaury/var/lock is clearly not the right mountpoint. It should be something like /media/CLIPPLUS or something similar
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11:47:07doug_OK, looks like I got it going now by typing in the correct mount point which in this case is /dev/sdb
11:47:18gevaertsIt's not
11:47:24gevaertsThat'd a device, not a mountpoint
11:48:10doug_never the less it looks like the utility is accepting this.
11:50:10doug_and looking at the utility, it interpeted the mount point as /media/l"my name"/sansa clipp which is a valid mount point.
11:51:40doug_I guess I'd better get some files to dump into the micro sd chip, so there will be something to play.
11:53:24doug_BTW, how long does rockbox on a clip + take to see a micro sd memory stick and see the files therein? Want to be able to switch those memory sticks out so that I can easily change music mixes.
11:54:01gevaertsless than a second, I'd guess
11:55:39doug_I have an old cowon D2, which is dying of old age and hot car abuse. Knew of rockbox but before this point had no reason to use it nor till recently was there a stable rockbox for the cowon. Which since it getting old and weird that really does not matter.
11:57:10pamaurysomeone is starting a D20 port, which is quite close to the D2, so maybe he can try to make the D2 port stable at the same time. One problem is the internal memory I think
11:57:27gevaertsThat's *the* problem, really
11:58:02pamauryone need to reverse the FTL, or just use a one which is not compatible with the OF
11:59:13doug_So when the downloads and install is finished, you start rockbox by rebooting the device?
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12:06:46doug_Even though that clip+ is a "lesser" device than the Cowon D2, no graphics, and no touch screen, it sounds like it will be a much higher performance player than the D2 If you change a memory chip in the Cowon, it would take minutes to see all the music on that stick. Maybe many if the stick was at all large. The sound was good though, played FLAC and other formats though I know it was twitchy with file formats, if not exactly set up li
12:06:47doug_ke the D2 expected them to be..
12:07:10wodzpamaury: When you dig up usb analyzer to play with TCC could you also look at rk27xx?
12:07:49wodzpamaury: To remind you - transfer fails if you bomb the device with ctrl packets
12:11:28doug_Where do you get the TTS (text to speech?) files?
12:11:29pamauryyes, actually when I tried to work on TCC I ran into the issue of insufficiently documented usb core. I think I need to reverse engineer the OF because I don't understand how zero length packets work on this chip
12:11:34[Saint]Hmmm. Torne is probably the one to ask about RoLo/Apple OF
12:12:02[Saint]I found some forum comments from him indicating that its definitely not supposed to work, but it would be nice to understand why.
12:13:31[Saint]In the process of investigation, though, I found a tool I was totally unaware of and eventually got RoLoing into diskmode and diagmode working.
12:13:50[Saint]No idea what I did wrong the first time.
12:16:46wodzpamaury: I am wondering when you will start to reverse engineer yourself :P
12:17:18[Saint]How do we know he hasn't?
12:17:32[Saint]This may be a generation two pamaury. :)
12:18:02pamauryI reengineered myself to be more effective at reverse engineering ^^
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12:21:35pamauryunfortunately that didn't increase the number of hours per day, which is still stuck to 24
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12:26:21doug_The clip+ seems to be working. Thanks to all. Bye.
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20:33:32doug_Rockboxers, got rockbox installed in my clip+ & am loading some music up into a micro sd. Things seem well. How
20:34:07doug_do you get a TTS bit of software to hook up with the utility so that when driving the clip can talk?
20:35:04doug_the utility is balking at the lack of a TTS (text to speech) software
20:35:20gevaertsDo you have a TTS installed?
20:36:00doug_it needs to be installed on the computer running the utility/
20:36:07gevaertsWell yes
20:36:35gevaertsOn linux you can use espeak or festival I believe
20:36:37doug_OK, have never used such an application other than on my phone.
20:37:00doug_OK thanks, will try
20:38:35doug_Kudos to the developers. Rockbox seems to be fast and solid. Will be checking how it sounds in a minute, so as I can get off xchat and hook up the cans.
20:40:39doug_BTW gevaerts, do you ever sleep? You work more than I do, and I'm a stupid American (stupid for working that much, 50 to 70 hours a week my whole life) it's a bad idea.
20:40:59gevaertsOf course I do :)
20:41:22 Quit doug_ (Quit: Leaving)
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21:09:39angelitoHello. I was wondering: I have sucessfully installed rockbox on an IPod Classic 160 GB, and I know it has issues.
21:10:21angelitoOne of the problems I find, is I am unable to dock it to a speaker. I mean the sound goes on for 2 seconds before fading away and starting to charge. Is there a simple solution to this?
21:10:58gevaertstry holding a button while connecting
21:11:12gevaertsMaybe it falsely assumes a USB connection
21:11:25angelitoLet me try it
21:12:26angelitoThanks for the trick gevaers :^)
21:12:49angelitoWill it charge too?
21:12:57gevaertsIt should, yes
21:17:15 Quit angelito (Quit: So long and thanks for all the fish.)
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