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#rockbox log for 2013-09-23

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00:00:48saratoga_the mixer supports it I believe, no idea if the setting is exposed to the user
00:01:39gevaertsI suspect you can probably work around this by using either the EQ precut (not sure about that one) or replaygain pre-amp
00:01:49gevaertsi.e. adjust regular audio instead
00:06:48RhinosaurSo I have rockbox on my Sandisk Sansa Clip+, but it's just freezing randomly, when I select artists, albums or songs. It also freezes in the middle of a song sometimes. I figured there might be some corrupted files, so I tried to open it in my computer, however, I couldn't open it through My computer, because it freezes as well.
00:07:29RhinosaurI can't delete files via my sansa, because it freezes while deleting...
00:07:40RhinosaurI don't suppose anyone could help me?
00:08:44gevaertsRhinosaur: I'd suggest booting to the Sandisk firmware, connecting to your computer, and checking the filesystem
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00:10:02RhinosaurWow, I tried that. But It says it needs 90 more Mb of space.. I guess I put too much files on it or something. I'm no star when it comes to these kind of things..
00:11:10gevaertsThat 90MB thing is related to the database. You can work around that I believe, but I'm not sure how. I'm sure someone else here likely knows though
00:11:28gevaertsWhat you're seeing very much seems related to a corrupted filesystem though
00:11:58RhinosaurAllright, thanks. I'll try to get it working again then.
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00:19:59doug_What format are those notification files in, And where do they sit in the unit?
00:20:25doug_I'm thinking I could open them up and change the default volume they play at.
00:27:37gevaertsIIRC they're headerless speex files, which are then assembled into the voice file by the voicefont tool in the tools/ subdirectory in the source. I don't know the format of that
00:28:10gevaertsI don't expect trying to adjust volume in there will be easy
00:29:00Pandarkno problm for suppresion for me Rhinosaur
00:29:22gevaertsYou could generate new voice files of course. If you do that, you can pass all sorts of options to the TTS, and I'm sure some TTSes will have options for output volume
00:29:35Pandarksometime freeze when i plug in USB
00:30:25Pandarki have a sansa clip+ to
00:33:28RhinosaurI think I might have fixed it..
00:33:56RhinosaurI somehow opened the sansa firmware and formatted it, now let's try to connect this damned thing to my computer
00:34:27RhinosaurYeah! Thanks alot!
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01:42:57JdGord[Saint]: pong?
01:43:28[Saint] I have to remember what that was about. :_S
01:43:41[Saint]It was...something...
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03:25:03webguest16hello! I am attempting to patch my 6G iPod with the ipod6g_charger-v1.patch but am not entirely sure what I'm doing. I've downloaded TortoiseSVN to apply the patch but am not sure what I should be applying it to. If anyone could help me out it would be much appreciated!
03:33:07[Saint]If you're doing this on Windows...don't...just...don't.
03:34:58webguest16I am, unfortunately. I'll take your word for it
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03:35:59[Saint]Using Virtualbox (et al) to provide a virtual machine, or using a LiveCD/DVD/USB etc., with a sane operating system, is a lot better.
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03:36:36[Saint]You may well encounter issues with unix-ish systems like CygWin because no one uses them anymore.
03:39:33webguest16alright, thank you for the advice and link. I'm installing Virtualbox now, I'll be back if I encounter any more problems
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03:59:50[Saint]Hum...Whoops. I probably should've just told that guy not to bother.
04:00:10[Saint]The above mentioned patch only seems to work correctly for a single individual.
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04:41:18[Saint]Ooooh, Ohhh! Brain-thoughts!
04:42:16[Saint]JdGord: I remembered what I was hassling you about - it may not necessarily be a feild you're into, or care about in the least, but, you have opinions just like evryone else and usually respond to me:
04:42:26[Saint]What should I do about touchscreen volume handling?
04:42:44[Saint]*errr, i before e, etc.
04:43:11[Saint]I am really, really struggling to form an "obvious" touch UI.
04:45:24[Saint]How I would like to do it is by switching out the progress bar with the volume bar dynamically (triggered by hardware keys and an on-screen {probably the smaller volume indicator icon} toggle) but time and time again I have watched users whom I have supplied with a device to jam out on completely miss what is going on.
04:46:54[Saint]It doesn't need to be "the right opinion", I just want *an* opinion, from someone who is able to actually comminicate in clear terms why the think X, Y or Z is a good/bad implementation.
04:48:22[Saint]The reason we can't just use the volume indicator icon as a touch-bar is that on L/MDPI targets it has nowhere near enough resolution to be useful
04:49:21[Saint]and making it large enough to do so takes up a lot of sreen real estate, for something that needn't be onscreen 24/7 (even if the space is available for ti, it looks gross).
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05:50:58JdGord[Saint]: you cant just switch out the bar, as you say, users wont notice it
05:51:07JdGordhaving a popup is definitly the best way to do it
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05:53:45[Saint]The popup takes up a fair bit of room that has to obscure /something/ from view (probably the progress bar, and on LDPI targets maybe some metedata as well {which sucks}).
05:54:21[Saint]But, you're right, users have no idea what is going on even if the elapsed/remaining time dissappears and is replaced by "Volume: NdB".
05:55:09[Saint]But, frankly, most users didn't know what was going on with the popup (reusing the context/quickqsreen/filebrowser overflow popup) either. :-S
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05:55:16JdGordobscuring the view is the best way to show something changed
05:56:14[Saint]The other problem I have, from some fairly limited family/freinds/peer testing, is that nothing *looks* like you can interact with it.
05:56:30[Saint]...and I can't really fix that. I'm definitely no artist.
05:56:54[Saint]I've come up with a few things for my own usage and testing but they're definitely not "cabbie".
05:57:29[Saint]bland, sterile, blocky, simple, devoid of color wps.
05:57:33JdGordi dunno..
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05:58:55[Saint]I know that I am pretty much capable of whipping up any ideas that anyone has about how to implement a clean and functional touch UI, but the problem is that no one seems to be having these ideas.
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11:51:52pamaurysaratoga_: I think FAT32 doesn't support file >2GB
11:52:45pamauryah no, it can go up to 4GB-1
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12:53:52lebelliumpamaury: is there any news about NWZ-E360?
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13:42:16pamaurylebellium: should be done this week. As I told you last week I had absolutely no time but this week I should
13:44:33lebelliumok, great :)
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15:49:13amayernot sure who the forum mods are but there appears to be some spam by the users app68 and app69
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15:57:13saratoga_yeah its cleaned up now
15:57:17saratoga_took a while on my phone
15:57:33saratoga_i'm going to block too, since it seems to be only used by spammers
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16:01:13saratoga_i'm never sure about blocking chinese domains because its so hard to tell if theres actual users behind them or not
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16:08:58amayersaratoga_: thanks :)
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19:43:42saratoga_did anyone ever look at FS #9305?
19:43:44fs-bluebot Context sensitive backlight on key press (patches, unconfirmed)
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