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#rockbox log for 2013-10-07

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03:04:29[Saint]Is there any reson why we wouldn't want the menus to remember the last selected item in a tree?
03:04:47[Saint]I think this should be trivial to implement, should we want it.
03:05:12[Saint](if you've used it - think iPod OF)
03:09:07JdGordblind/memory navigation?
03:09:35JdGordand no, it wont be trivial to implement
03:10:02JdGordthe menu structures are all static const
03:10:08JdGordi.e read only
03:10:10[Saint]it won't be *difficult*
03:10:18JdGordwanna bet? :)
03:11:06JdGorderr, wait, what are you actually talking about? you want to remember position across screens?
03:11:07[Saint]There's a ~10 line POC on flyspray somewhere (just catering for Settings), eaqsily expanded.
03:11:19JdGordi.e menu -> wps -> menu?
03:11:58[Saint]Going into a menu and have the selected item automagically being the last selected item.
03:13:03[Saint]The POC is pretty much completely irrelevant now, most of that code changed too much, but the basic idea still applies.
03:13:14JdGordlink the POC
03:13:24[Saint]It caught my eye the other day, I wondered why it never went in.
03:13:28JdGordim telling you though, it wont be trivial :)
03:13:38JdGordits probably from before the massive menu restructuring
03:13:58[Saint]Yeah, it is, basics still apply though I believe.
03:15:19JdGordthe entire menu and settings codebase was redone
03:15:26JdGordby.... me! :p
03:16:24[Saint]FS #11679
03:16:25fs-bluebot Remember last postion in the Settings menu. (patches, new)
03:16:50[Saint]I believe the basic concept used there can be re-applied, even if none of the code there can be re-used.
03:17:04[Saint]It was just the concept that caught my eye.
03:17:51JdGordactually, yeah, that should still work
03:17:59JdGordit is after the recode
03:18:27JdGordit isnt pretty, but it should work
03:18:51[Saint]blind navigation shouldn't be an issue, it will still voice the current entry when entering the menu.
03:19:15[Saint]it would completely brok memory navigation, though.
03:19:28[Saint]But who really does that - if anyone does, well done, I salute you.
03:20:55[Saint]The method would be entirely different, I know, but the thought of extending this to the File Browser and Database appealed to me also.
03:21:59ikeboyDon't we already have it in the file browser?
03:22:24[Saint]Oh, hmmm...possibly?
03:22:45[Saint]Oh, yeah, Follow Playlist, you're right. Bit different, though.
03:23:21[Saint]This wouldn't necessarily return you to the directory or path that initiated playback.
03:23:43[Saint]It would return you to whatever you were browsing last, which may not be related to whats playing at all.
03:24:20ikeboyThat's what mine is doing: and I'm not playing anything now
03:24:21JdGorddoing it in the database has been a wishlist item for me forEVER
03:24:56[Saint]ikeboy: Hmmm, seems you're right.
03:25:03ikeboyI'm seeing it in both the file browser and database
03:25:12[Saint]Shows how much I use the File Browser, I guess. :)
03:26:00ikeboyNow on the settings I would find it interesting
03:26:22ikeboyWould you want it persistent between boots?
03:26:51JdGordapple probably fels like it persists because they dont shutdown
03:27:03[Saint]I want to play with the Database for a second, see how it behaves.
03:27:04[Saint]Also, yes.
03:27:25[Saint]Apple's only *feels* like it persists, if the device actually shuts down, you lose it.
03:27:30[Saint]As would we.
03:27:45[Saint]It _could_ persist across reboots, though.
03:28:47[Saint]JdGord: it seems like the Database does behave like I want it to...Hmmm.
03:29:28[Saint]I suspect Follow Playlist is the culprit I didn't want.
03:29:29[Saint]This iPod I just reset the setting on recently for testing, so I must've applied something that made it not do as I wish.
03:30:52[Saint]Well, that's nice. So indeed Settings is the one standout area. That patch about can be santitized somewhat.
03:35:35[Saint]I'm happy about ti, but somewhat annoyed that transporting my config.cfg acrosss devices for a few years now - combined with applying a setting I didn't really want - made me think that the default behaviour sucked.
03:36:04[Saint]Turns out the Database does exactly what I wanted it to, and that Follow Playlist is a jerk setting for jerks. :)
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04:45:27Guest91977I recently switched my Sansa Clip Zip to the latest Rockbox. My question is with reference to .m4b audiobook files. I can play these successfully, directly from my ClipZIP, On the Mac using Quicktime, but they will not play on Rockbox. I have no trouble with MP3 and OGG, but m4b will not play. Ideas?
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04:51:39[Saint]Guest91977: I'm not entirely sure that's a supported codec.
04:53:48[Saint]Oh, hmmm, it should be.
04:54:23[Saint].m4b is just .m4a by another name IIUC. Hum.
04:56:24Guest91977m4b is supported according to the list in the Rockbox Manual.
04:57:11[Saint]But that also means that it could be a weird combination, its a container format.
04:59:29[Saint]but I think the audio stream is either mp3 or aaC? both should work. Not sure whats going on.
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05:02:20Guest91977So I suppose the workaround is to recombine the contained files into one big mp3?
05:02:35Guest91977...or ogg?
05:03:30webguest56So I had an idea; could there be a port over to the iphone and ipod touch models?
05:04:32[Saint]webguest56: There could be, yes.
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05:04:52[Saint]...but apparently you don't care, so, yay.
05:05:13[Saint]Guest91977: transcoding is likely the guaranteed method here, yes.
05:06:03Guest91977Well, I had originally thought Rockbox supported the chapter context of audiobook files, but if it doesn't, a single file is OK as long as it plays.
05:06:11[Saint]Apparently M4A can contain any number of audio streams, so there's a fair amount of room for error.
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05:07:46[Saint]webguest970: regarding Rockbox for iPod Touch/iPhone, yes, this is possible (for jainbroken devices) but no one is doing any work in this area.
05:09:08[Saint]It would run in a similar fashin to our other hosted targets. It is certainly possible, but it is non-trivial and there is little to no interest in doing so within the current developer set.
05:09:50[Saint]This is unlikely to ever change unless someone enters the project with this specific task in mind.
05:10:09[Saint](which also seems unlikely as the userbase doesn't really converge that much)
05:10:21webguest970Saint: what i really want is an opcode table on assembly for the S5L8900 so i can expiriment with making something
05:11:34[Saint]Well, the only way that's ever going to happen is someone willing to breach an NDA or hundreds of man hours of reverse engineering.
05:12:09[Saint]I think there has been at least some effort on the latter.
05:13:31[Saint]If you're really interested, you'd probably want to talk to the iDroid chaps or the Open iBoot guys.
05:13:57webguest970i would really like to use rockbox on my ipod touch 1g so i can develop for it
05:15:31[Saint]Well, that device has been exploited for an eternity. It would certainly be possible to adapt the current coodebase to run thereon.
05:15:50[Saint]Its not going to happen by itself though, and no one is working in this area.
05:17:19webguest970i could work but i dont know where to start
05:17:59[Saint]A jailbroken iPod Touch can already do most of what ROckbox can do anyway, there doesn't seem to be a lot of point.
05:19:00webguest970i cant develop for it unless it's in HTML and Javascript
05:19:42[Saint]Being fluent in C would be a prerequisite.
05:20:07webguest970i know only a little C
05:20:34webguest970is there a way to develop for it without a mac
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05:23:31webguest970i have a hex editor for my touch 4g, should i start typing in random hex codes? just to start?
05:23:50[Saint]WHat would that achieve?
05:23:53webguest970then how do you do it
05:24:32webguest970i dont know eventually something would happen
05:24:45webguest970just a thought
05:25:25webguest970if rockbox could be ported to it that would be great
05:25:44[Saint]Those last statements don't really inspire me to continue this discussion I'm afraid. This is a massive undertaking.
05:25:57webguest970and because there isnt really anything for it either
05:27:04webguest970is there an opcode table for the S5L8900 though
05:27:59[Saint]There's no full one I'm aware of. No.
05:28:43webguest970but is there one with something on it at least
05:29:52webguest970anything would help
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08:10:13wodzI discovered interesting thing - hifimans nand bootloader uses flash driver which is very close to this in rk28xx linux kernel released from archos. I didn't spoted ftl stuff yet in binary to compare but if we will have some luck maybe we will have ftl source for this players.
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08:29:43mortaliswodz: AFAIK there was about 4 version of ftl library in SDK. When I looked at them some time ago they seems to me quite dissimilar
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08:37:05wodzmortalis: you mean 4 different .a files?
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08:38:30mortalisI remember threre was something like ftl.v3.something ftl.v4.something
08:38:40wodzmortalis: what SDK version? I've seen only one type so far
08:39:36wodzthere should be versioned header files then as structures are different
08:40:22wodzanyway hifimans ftl and my rk27generic does not share anything in common
08:41:39mortaliswodz: IIRC in latest sdk was v4
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09:00:13mortaliswodz: - its header from last SDK
09:00:42mortalislooks similar to rk2808
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09:05:45wodzmortalis: It even states the same FTL version
09:05:49wodzI mean define
09:06:50wodzmortalis: could you pastebin flash.h from this SDK as well?
09:10:03wodzmortalis: that is .c file, I am interested in structures definitions
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09:14:42wodzmortalis: this is flash_dev.h I guess. I am looking for definition of FlashSpec struct (or something like this). This is quite big structure with fields lie AccessTime, MLC, TotalPhySec or similar
09:19:08wodzmortalis: bingo - this one seems to match nand bootloader from hifiman
09:19:53mortalisMaybe I'll try to port rk28 driver on this weekend
09:20:39wodzmortalis: I'll try to dig deeper into dissasembly to confirm.
09:23:20mortalisdo you have System/Os/fs/flash/rk27_flash_ftlv417_arm_lib_100825.lib ?
09:31:52mortaliswodz: I'll upload this SDK. It's not original SDK, it contains some changes, from one guy, but I think this SDK based on last one from alcotel.
09:35:04wodzmortalis: thanks, downloading now
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10:43:14wodzmortalis: This rk2808 sources you provided link to use binary blob for flash driver and ftl so this is not a matter of porting unfortunately. I have real source for some rk280x but define with version seems to be different.
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16:13:44RajahRocksHello all, I am trying to download the Ubuntu VM from the website (, I get a 404 error, anyone know where I can download the image from?
16:16:24 Join ikeboy [0] (
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16:29:26RajahRocksDoes anyone know if the Sansa Clip Zip has JTAG test points?
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16:31:37[Saint]Patience, my child. Patience.
16:31:51pamaurywhat a patience, quit after 1 min...
16:32:16amayer[Saint]: i dont think most people understand how IRC works... or they dont understand that we are all volunteers
16:32:17[Saint]My logs say he didn't even last that long. :)
16:32:58[Saint]amayer: "Please read before speaking: " :)
16:33:14[Saint]I guess it just proves that people...don't.
16:33:29[Saint]If they did, they would understand both those points.
16:34:06amayerI read that but then again i read as much info as i could before i even installed it on my iClassic
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16:35:25amayerwhen people have a problem i guess they are just impatient
16:35:49amayer(not trying to justify their actions just stating an observation)
16:36:07 Join amithkk_ [0] (uid4289@gateway/web/
16:36:18[Saint]People are impatient, generally speaking, full stop.
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16:36:42[Saint]Everyone is the center of their own universe.
16:37:12 Nick amithkk is now known as Guest99228 (uid4289@gateway/web/
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17:32:00pamaurydamn wiki
17:33:27 Quit pretty_function (Quit: Om nom nom)
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18:07:04Mike1hi folks! Is there a way to remove multiple songs from a playlist?
18:07:25Mike1going into every song’s context menu is cumbersome
18:07:56amayerMike1: if you hook it up to a computer you can edit the playlist in a text editor
18:08:19Mike1but directly on the player…?
18:11:28Mike1otherwise I have to say that Rockbox is really great :)
18:11:41Mike1though I don’t know how it affects the battery runtime yet
18:13:20amayerhmm... ive never attempted anything like that. I usually make all my playlists on a desktop.
18:13:45 Join Strife89 [0] (~Strife89@2602:306:250e:a659:84db:612c:c2e0:4ab6)
18:13:49amayerskimming through the manual i dont see anything that pops out about removing multiple songs from a playlist.
18:14:52 Quit Strife89 (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
18:15:01n1si'm pretty sure there is no way to do that
18:15:14n1sexcept for removing them all :)
18:15:18 Join Strife89 [0] (~Strife89@2602:306:250e:a659:84db:612c:c2e0:4ab6)
18:15:24Mike1well, at least I can *add* whole directories
18:17:04 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
18:19:00Mike1is there a Theme or anything else I should try on my Sansa Clip+?
18:25:02 Quit robin0800 (Quit: Leaving)
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18:35:45amayerMike1: its really up to you. thats the point of having so many choices from themes
18:35:58amayerand if you dont like any you can make your own
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18:48:17 Part LinusN
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21:34:16pamaurylebellium: I've got a NWZ-E443 !
21:34:47lebelliumIs it much different from the E360?
21:34:47pamauryout of curiosity, do you have a sony dock station ?
21:35:02 Join GeekShadow [0] (~antoine@reactos/tester/GeekShadow)
21:35:16pamauryI don't know yet, physically it's a bit different but I don't know for the screen for example
21:35:23pamauryit has a microphone also
21:35:34lebelliumNope unfortunately. I don't have a Line out cable either. I know you're working on the WM-port...
21:35:50pamaurywell I don't know yet if I want to work on it
21:36:03pamauryI cross-matches the pinout
21:36:27pamaurybut figuring out the commands on uart is probably a lot of work too and I would need a cable to play with it
21:36:42lebelliumI know that the Sansa Fuze line out is much appreciated among the audiophile community so supporting the WM line out in Rockbox could be great too
21:36:49 Quit kilroy (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
21:38:05lebelliumOk. Well that's not a priority I guess :)
21:39:21pamaurywell, if someone builds me a breakout cable so I can interface it easily, why not
21:41:24lebelliumI could buy something like that
21:41:30lebelliumbut I don't know if it's worth it
21:45:34lebelliumbut maybe what would be great before those things is improving the keymapping. Like using the play/pause button to pause and resume playback instead of "pwr off/option" etc... :)
21:52:41 Join kugel [0] (
21:52:41 Quit kugel (Changing host)
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22:04:25 Quit y4n (Quit: PÆNTS ØLF!)
22:05:38pamaurylebellium: I would rather need a (cheap) dock and hook up some logic analyser
22:06:12pamaurybut yeah that's low priority
22:09:40 Join Joonaa [0] (
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23:50:07 Join MarcAndersen [0] (
23:51:49MarcAndersenHi. I am trying to run the simuolator for the zen x-fi 3, as I am thinking about buying it, but as I am blind I need a voice file which I can't find in the daily build directory and it can not be created in rockbox utility, how do I get one?

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