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#rockbox log for 2013-10-10

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00:12:29fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision f580714, 223 builds, 17 clients.
00:15:55MarcAndersenThis might be a stupid question, but how does the build system generate the revision number like this new one f580714? Is it just a random hex string?
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00:21:27fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 537 seconds.
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00:37:55sansonicHi! I'm looking for a way to encode speex files, so that I can use custom recordings as .talk files. I found no way to do this through the RB utility.. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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01:37:38[Saint]MarcAndersen: its a shortened (enough to still guarantee uniqueness) git commit hash
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01:52:33[Saint]Oh, dear.
01:52:41[Saint]Someoene brought up the iMod.
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04:29:47soapfucker reported saratoga
04:34:06JdGordsoap: Im pretty sure he has the same mod options as me, is that bannable?
04:34:40soapI just warned. Let him cool off.
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04:35:29soapHe'll either be gone in a day of his own accord or perhaps he'll actually get civil and tear into it. There's plenty of hardware info on those to make a decent go at it.
04:36:39JdGordwith the amount of ......'s he uses I wonder if he's related to my wife :p
04:37:41[Saint]Surprised you didn't call me on that one. :)
04:38:08[Saint]FWIW, I don't think that warning saratoga was out of line.
04:38:16[Saint]errr, reporting, rather.
04:38:29[Saint]That post of his did come off a little doucheesque.
04:38:57[Saint]It is possible to tell someone that the things they believe in aren't necessarily true without sounding like a prick.
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04:39:34JdGorddid a post get removed already?
04:39:35[Saint]Difficult, sometimes, sure.
04:40:00[Saint]"Yeah, thats dumb."
04:40:21[Saint]That would've probably pissed me off too.
04:40:50[Saint](IFF I didn't already know that it was meant with good intention)
04:41:14JdGordah, soap (?) reported his next post, which i don't think is out of line
04:41:27soapI didn't report.
04:41:36soapI just posted a warning.
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04:42:12JdGordoh, sorry:) the reported post email says who reported it
04:43:11[Saint]I would probably be tempted to remove said warning.
04:43:16[Saint]It doesn't sit right with me.
04:43:21[Saint]Both parties are at fault.
04:43:55[Saint]The general public has a right to expect they won't be belittled by staffers. DOn't they?
04:44:04JdGord,43529.msg220918.html#msg220918 is definitly out of line
04:44:44[Saint]Oh, certainly.
04:44:48JdGordand na, I hitnk its just because saratoga spends too much time on the HA forums
04:45:27[Saint]"Anyway, quit your whining" was what really got me.
04:45:37[Saint]Its possible to say that in a much nicer tone.
04:45:52soap[Saint], I hear what you're saying with "The general public has a right to expect they won't be belittled by staffers. DOn't they?"
04:46:02soapand feel saratoga push the line real hard.
04:46:11soapBut I'm not convinced he stepped over.
04:46:19[Saint]I do too, occasionally. I know this.
04:46:19soapIMHO _personal_ attacks are the line.
04:46:28[Saint]That's agreeable.
04:47:30soapBut, yea, I agree with your guiding principal. And perhaps saratoga should be talked to, but I'm not sure on what grounds to call him out, honestly.
04:48:51[Saint]Nor I. "Could you perhaps try to be nicer?" doesn't really work.
04:52:13[Saint]I know I have this issue myself, and I am actively working on it. I make a conscious effort now to make sure that there is no implied tone in my posts, but I still fall down from time to time. It is difficult.
04:52:34[Saint]A lot of the time I get PM complaints about being cold and harsh, and I don't know how to deal with that.
04:53:14[Saint]I often find myself writing, deleting, writing, deleting, sentences over and over again until I'm confident that I won;t offend - and I still get it wrong. :)
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05:35:10saratogai disagree, that link is really dumb
05:35:20saratogaif an undergrad showed me something like that i would get better students :)
05:36:10JdGordsaratoga: you probably should have said something like "I;m an EE postgrad(?) and have done a ton of codec work, those guys don't know anything"
05:36:36saratogayeah, but i don't like to say things like that
05:36:50soapis that the "open with your credentials, close with a dope slap" tactic, JdGord?
05:36:58saratogaplus i figured the fact that i actually know about that hardware ought to give me that credibility anyway
05:37:38[Saint]But that didn;t come to light until after you dismissed the user and made them feel stupid.
05:37:45saratogathat first link basically states that the guy ruined his ipod by shorting the internal click speaker to the headphones so that it makes static when ever the wheel is used
05:38:17saratogai don't really need a grad degree in EE to point out that he did not do as well as he ought to have
05:38:37[Saint]While that's all true, its the tone that matters.
05:39:00[Saint]Its possible to point out someone is wrong without belittling them.
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05:39:44saratogayeah but its more likely to stick if he realizes if he feels as bad as he should about that :)
05:40:17[Saint]I disagree with that entirely. Its less likely to stick if you need to resrt to that to get a point across.
05:40:27[Saint]Saying "You're wrong, and here's why" is much better.
05:42:31soapI'm with [Saint]. Let's not intentionally make someone feel bad.
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07:20:16[Saint]JdGord: any idea why is giving me grief?
07:20:41[Saint](I changed it to a define, and synced it with git head, yet it doesn't want to play nice)
07:21:15JdGordwhat sort of greif?
07:22:40[Saint]Adding #define HAVE_SHUTDOWN_IN_MAIN_MENU (not included in the linked patch for some reason) is just ignored.
07:22:57[Saint]Its like I have managed to make something syntactically correct, which does exactly nothing. :)
07:24:28JdGordwelcome to the club
07:25:40JdGordloosk like a job for gdb and the sim
07:25:51JdGordmake sure that #define is defined
07:25:54JdGordand not typoed
07:26:05[Saint]that wouldn't compile.
07:26:25[Saint]unless I made it skip warnings, which I don't.
07:27:23JdGordthen splashf the string value
07:27:27[Saint]If I try to use a define that isn't defined, or define a define that isn't used, both (iiuc) should error out.
07:27:29JdGordmake sure it is actually happening
07:27:48JdGordyes and no
07:28:29[Saint]So there's nothing obviously wrong in that patch, as I suspected, is there?
07:28:39[Saint](sometimes I don't trust my own eyes to see errors)
07:29:24JdGordnot that i can see
07:29:35JdGordif you're very lucky i'll have a look tonight
07:30:24[Saint]My idea for how this should work is that targets that are to have Shut Down in the main menu by default should #define HAVE_SHUTDOWN_IN_MAIN_MENU, and all other targets are able to use the Shut Down item should they please by using the (if I'm motivated enough, I'll fix it later) hidden config item.
07:30:42[Saint]As far as I can see it _should_ function so.
07:32:25[Saint]Actually, I probably don't need to do:
07:32:27[Saint]+#ifdef HAVE_SHUTDOWN_IN_MAIN_MENU
07:32:27[Saint]+#define SHUTDOWN_PREFIX ""
07:32:55JdGordyeah, the code looks correct
07:33:00JdGordyou do
07:33:08[Saint]+#ifndef HAVE_SHUTDOWN_IN_MAIN_MENU
07:33:08[Saint]+#define SHUTDOWN_PREFIX "!"
07:33:08DBUGEnqueued KICK [Saint]
07:33:08[Saint]should work fine
07:33:31JdGordroot_menu_set_default is wrong
07:33:45JdGordwhat are you seeing? it is not showing up when it should?
07:34:06JdGorderr, no, thats correct
07:34:22[Saint]Yeah, its just not doing _anything_.
07:35:18[Saint]targets that define HAVE_SHUTDOWN_* don't display the shutdown item, nor do targets that don't have the define yet declare the magic config value.
07:35:49[Saint]I'll work it out, just needed fresh eyes to tell me if I was missing an obvious syntactical error or not.
07:35:55JdGordstrings rockbox.elf | grep !shutdown
07:35:59JdGordsee if that shows anything
07:36:11JdGordactually "$ strings rockbox.elf | grep shutdown"
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07:42:31[Saint]saint@saint-desktop:~/Desktop/iPod_Video$ strings rockbox.elf | grep shutdown
07:42:42CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
07:42:42*[Saint] shrugs
07:44:13[Saint]It is possible that another one of my patches is futzing with this, but if it is, it is doing so in a very odd way.
07:44:54[Saint]I don't have anything else in my tree that touches root_menu.c
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09:47:48copper!seen Torne
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09:57:55pixelmacopper: /msg logbot seen Torne
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10:14:05wodz[Saint]: have you seen my benchmarks of new compressor?
10:17:21copperpixelma: doesn't seem to work
10:19:24pixelmaworks for me, I get it as a "PM" of logbot
10:20:12coppermaybe it "knows" about you but not about me
10:21:51pixelmait's possible that you get as a server notice, not sure. Your explanation could also be possible, I don't think so though. Maybe B4gder or Zagor know
10:30:19copperah, I know why I'm not getting the PM
10:30:27copperlogbot isn't a registered nick
10:31:20copperdamn, 20 days?
10:31:27copperis Torne on vacation?
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10:32:59copperany other Google employee I could ask a question to, in private?
10:34:12Zagorthe nick is registered, but I haven't gotten around to making logbot log in to it automatically every time the network has a hickup
10:34:52copperZagor: how about submitting the nick password to the server upon connection?
10:35:16copperinstant log in without any special procedure
10:35:43pixelmabtw. it's also only an information about when the nick logged off this channel
10:35:43copperjust submit the password as if the server was password protected
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10:36:36copperZagor: over SSL preferably
10:37:14Zagoras I said, I haven't gotten around to it. I didn't say I don't know how :)
10:38:21coppereh :)
10:48:18wodzZagor: when you are around - could you look why something messes patches from flayspray? I thought it was db corruption of single task but it seems it is more widespread
10:48:55wodzZagor: patches have bunch of empty lines at the beginning
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11:06:38[Saint]wodz: I did, yes. WHat target was that?
11:09:00[Saint]There's a chance I ballsed up the settings, I just reset to default, and enabled the compressor at the lowest threshold (-3dB iirc) so it was actually doing something and left makeup gain, ratio, attack time etc. at their defaults.
11:10:27gevaertswodz: it's *much* more widespread. Basically any php on that server does it, including stuff unrelated to rockbox
11:11:16Zagorwodz: I'm around every day, I just don't have much time to spend. :(
11:12:46wodz[Saint]: Vibe 500 and MPIO HD300 - its all in g#
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11:43:52[Saint],43532.msg220924/topicseen.html#msg220924 is interesting
11:44:01[Saint]interesting indeed.
11:54:45lebellium[Saint]: I'm facing black magic. Still trying to fix the progress bar issue in Cabbiev2 240x400. I downloaded a fresh UI sim, simplified extremely cabbiev2.wps, only put:
11:55:10lebelliumand it still doesn't display the pic entirely Oo
12:01:24lebelliumhum with another dumb 240x8 red pic it works
12:02:53lebelliumso there's something wrong with the progress bar pic
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12:07:51lebelliumsaving it in 24bit instead of 32bit seems to fix the issue
12:11:27copperI always save BMPs in 24 bit for Rockbox
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12:12:48lebellium_Actually I see the file name is "pb-240x32x16.bmp" so I should even save it in 16bit?!
12:13:45[Saint]rockbox will downsample to 16bit (except for app targets?) iirc.
12:13:52[Saint]legacy naming scheme.
12:14:02[Saint]it should accept a 24bit bitmap.
12:14:16[Saint]its probably corrupt in some odd fashion.
12:14:17copper[Saint]: is that why sim screenshots look funky?
12:14:24copperlike dithered images
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12:17:36[Saint]pull the original image out, then use <generic_editor> to convert it to a 16bit bitmap, save it over the original, and voila - should be peachy.
12:17:50copperhmm nope
12:18:18coppermy 16 bit WPS backdrop makes the sim crash :P
12:19:18[Saint]I have a half finished touchscreen conversion for this target sitting on my computer at work, to, lebellium.
12:19:40lebelliumI was about to send you the fix
12:19:50[Saint]But I need to actually go in there, as it looks like its either turned off, or someone changed the network setup.
12:20:03[Saint]Either way I can't ssh in to it. :)
12:29:06lebellium[Saint]: here's the fix If you can check it and push it if it's OK :)
12:31:45lebelliumArf I'm unsure about something. I added a viewport for %pb but not for %T(90,238,60,20,playlist)
12:32:46[Saint]ideally the same viewport would contain both.
12:33:13[Saint]for all touch/image viewports.
12:36:45lebelliumLooks like when I touch the folder icon it still opens the playlist. But I don't understand why it works. %V(22,286,199,8,-) + %T(90,238,60,20,playlist) should be different from nothing + %T(90,238,60,20,playlist)
12:41:24[Saint]that is weird.
12:41:56[Saint]check out for the example on how I handle it
12:42:34[Saint](but most of that is vastly different to git head, and I haven't touched it for a year or so.)
12:43:31[Saint]I (usually) have the touch area at a 0 offset in the viewport that contains it.
12:45:02[Saint]otherwise - if you want to draw them in the ui viewport you need to make sure that every touch define comes before the first viewport define.
12:45:11[Saint]otherwise it'll get weirded up.
12:49:51lebelliumwell, it's only meant as a temporary fix. The current code looks awful and should be rewritten from scratch but for now I would commit it like that if you confirm it works
12:53:20[Saint]I have that selective shutdown working.
12:53:51 Quit einhirn (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
12:54:36[Saint]you can define HAVE_SHUTDOWN_MENU_ITEM if the target should have Shut DOwn in the main menu by default, or any target can add it to the main menu via the config menu.
12:55:29[Saint]most of the credit goes to JdGord, I just brought it up to date and /slightly/ changed the way it gets activated.
12:58:26[Saint]its at for now, I'll breath some new life into the old task for this on gerrit tomorrow some time.
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15:11:04 Part LinusN
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