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#rockbox log for 2013-10-11

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05:00:37guymannhi all
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05:37:21[Saint]JdGord: Do you think I should add the shut down in main menu re-working to a new task, or breathe some new life back into your old task?
05:37:45[Saint]Either way, I have it working, and I have made the slight manual change required.
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06:08:08JdGord[Saint]: idunno... whatever
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13:13:06ZagorI'm starting an upgrade of the server now. It might get a bit bumpy.
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14:15:17Zagorwe're back. can someone check if the php newline bug is still there?
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14:18:11gevaertsZagor: it still seems to be there
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14:31:38gevaertsZagor: curl -s|head
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15:11:29*[Saint] wonders why the CE_ATA Classic sucks *so* bad with mass transfer.
15:11:52[Saint]5.3MB/s :'-(
15:12:33[Saint]Whereas my "regular" Classic gets around 20MB/s
15:12:50[Saint][7]: any ideas? ^
15:20:08[Saint]Quite possibly/probably, but its way above my head - I can only /just/ follow the code, but not enough to be able to see anything wrong with it or improve it.
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15:22:59eternnoirHi everyone, is rockbox installer download link broken? It show "Internal Server Error" when I download from this page ""
15:23:23gevaertseternnoir: there's been some work going on on upgrading the server. I suspect this is related
15:23:30gevaertsZagor: ^
15:24:03gevaertsThe entire wiki seems to be broken right now
15:24:33eternnoirgevaerts: got it. thx
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15:43:32Zagorwiki and download works again now
15:44:01Zagornew apache version upgrade was not entirely seamless...
15:47:23gevaertseternnoir: can you try again?
16:03:59eternnoirgevaerts: it work!!thanks
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17:20:14JinxDoes anyone recommend a case for the Sanza Clip? I see a few on Amazon that protect the buttons, but none that protect the screen
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17:34:37gevaertsJinx: how were you planning to break such a tiny screen?
17:35:04Jinxnot break necessarily−−fingerprints etc.
17:35:15Jinxthe cases i was looking at are silicone... not hard :)
17:35:32Jinxjust thought it was odd that they covered everything *except* the screen
17:36:07Jinxetc. = also scratches
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17:42:21soapyou'll spend more time and money preventing aesthetic damage to a $30 item than said scratches will ever matter.
17:43:01soapSix months from now you'll not even think about the player's appearance but rather be treating it like the tool it is. Don't polish a hammer!
17:43:43 Quit pretty_function (Remote host closed the connection)
17:53:41Jinxif you saw my watch you would realize it's more than just aesthetic damage
17:53:51Jinxit seriously hinders the ability to use the device
17:54:25Jinxwith a proper case, damage could occur, and if necessary the case could replaced for $5 instead of $30
17:54:31Jinx($40 is what i paid actually)
17:54:53Jinxdon't get me wrong
17:54:55Jinxi understand your point
17:55:21Jinxi wouldn't polish a hammer :) (though i would clean it)
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18:42:55MarcAndersenI can't get my sansa clip zip to play m4a voice memos recorded by apple ios devices, but other m4a files works fine, is this a known issue?
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19:14:53Karrdeis there DRM on them?
19:15:23MarcAndersenno, it's voice recordings made on an iphone
19:17:38 Join pretty_function [0] (~sigBART@
19:21:43copperMarcAndersen: are you running Linux? I seem to remember you from #hydrogenaudio.
19:22:22MarcAndersenwell, mostly windows and mac, but a little linux too. i'm monsterhead on there
19:23:26copperMarcAndersen: if you were running Linux, I know a command that you could run to list the characteristics of the file.
19:24:24MarcAndersencopper: what if I upload a short one, could you run the command on it?
19:24:30copperMarcAndersen: can you upload a file somewhere? For the sake of your privacy, you could make a dummy recording.
19:24:37copperMarcAndersen: yes, definitely.
19:25:57coppergot it
19:26:14copperit's mono
19:26:37MarcAndersenit sure is, but rockbox just skips it
19:27:10copperlet me try it on my Clip+
19:28:46copperhmmm, skips here too
19:29:47MarcAndersenI think there's a bug like this on the tracker but i'm not sure
19:30:54copperif anyone else would like to pitch in, here's the output of ffprobe:
19:31:11copperI don't see anything out of the ordinary
19:31:21copperplays fine with mplayer
19:31:37copperas well as Chrome's built-in player
19:32:04copper"profile=unknown", is this problematic?
19:32:09MarcAnderseni have 2 media players for the blind, a book sense and a victor stratus which both plays them fine
19:33:03MarcAndersenbut as always, I like rockbox much more
19:33:14copperthat says that HE-AAC isn't supported on Sansa players
19:33:33copperis 64 kbps HE-AAC territory?
19:33:45MarcAndersenwell, maybe i should get a simulator from rasher for another target and try?
19:34:14copperoh right, let me try the simulator myself
19:35:10copperplays on the Fuze+ sim
19:35:14copperlet me try the Clip+ sim
19:37:01copperindeed it doesn't play on the Clip+ simulator
19:37:31MarcAndersenso, is it the memory or cpu requirements?
19:37:56copperI've been told that the Fuze+ is quite performant
19:38:02copperso, maybe
19:38:13MarcAndersenso we can't do anything about it?
19:38:27copperhold on, let me try on a real Fuze+
19:40:33copperhmmm, it doesn't play on my Fuze+
19:40:49coppermaybe I need to update Rockbox on it
19:40:49MarcAndersennow that's strange
19:43:54coppernope, doesn't play on my actual Fuze+, even with the latest build
19:44:35MarcAndersenbut you said it did in the fuze+ sim?
19:45:05copperMarcAndersen: I didn't pay attention, it doesn't actually play on the Fuze+ simulator
19:45:10copperit skips it
19:45:22copperon the actual Fuze+, it doesn't do anything
19:45:33copperI hit play, but it just "stays" there
19:46:00copperMarcAndersen: are there encoding parameters that you can change on your iDevices?
19:46:33copperlike, setting a really high bitrate, like 128 kbps, so that the AAC encoding profile is set to the "normal" AAC profile
19:46:38copper(can't remember what it's called)
19:46:46MarcAndersenno, unfortunately. so at the moment i am converting them to ogg before transfering them.
19:47:27copperif it sounds good enough, I guess that's a decent alternative
19:47:33MarcAndersencan we get it fixed or should I just forget about it?
19:48:18copperI have no idea who's involved with the AAC decoder
19:48:58copperMarcAndersen: the codec table says that the AAC decoder could use more optimization
19:49:01 Join saratoga [0] (123e11e0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
19:49:06copperthere he is
19:49:16copperI was about to mention saratoga as a potential candidate
19:50:12saratogai can't really help you with AAC problems
19:50:32saratogai just worked a bit on optimization, i don't really understand how the whole mp4 mess works
19:51:04saratogabut probably passing a file that doesn't play through foobar or mp4box will fix it
19:51:09MarcAndersenit is just ios voice memos that doesn't work, everything else does.
19:51:24coppersaratoga: re-encoding, or re-muxing?
19:55:06coppersaratoga: "Utilities -> optimize MP4 layout"?
19:55:10copperin foobar2000
19:55:15saratogai'd try that first
19:55:21copperlet me try that
19:55:26saratogaif it doesn't wrok, rebuilding the stream in mp4box or whatever usually will
19:56:18copperthat doesn't work
19:58:32copperah what the hell
19:58:50copperthe "gpac" package for Arch Linux has a man page for "mp4box" but no mp4box
19:59:30coppersaratoga: do you have a command line handy?
20:01:10copperthe help screen really isn't clear at all
20:02:06copperMarcAndersen: MP4Box -add Klaver.m4a newFile.m4a
20:02:31copperMarcAndersen: that command makes newFile.m4a playable on the Clip+, with the same bitrate
20:02:37copperthe same file size
20:02:43coppersaratoga: cheers
20:02:47MarcAndersenbut what is mp4box?
20:03:09copperit's a program that you can install on your Linux installation, look for the "gpac" package
20:04:25MarcAndersenok. i'm not gonna reboot right now, but thanks a lot. will rockbox be able to play the original files at some point?
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20:06:09copperMarcAndersen: MP4box for windows:
20:06:37copperMarcAndersen: direct link:
20:07:08copperno idea if you can use that with your setup (being blind I mean)
20:07:25MarcAndersencopper: thanks! isn't a command line tool as well?
20:07:26 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
20:07:35copperMarcAndersen: it is a command line tool
20:07:59copperI can only assume the link that I shared is a GUI installer, but that will likely install the command line tools
20:08:10MarcAndersencopper: then it should work
20:08:41copperso you should be able to use MP4Box both on Windows and Linux
20:08:53MarcAndersenbut do you have any explanation on why rockbox can't play the original?
20:09:02copperI have no idea
20:09:12copperprobably some obscure format issue
20:09:21MarcAndersenok. that will be it.
20:09:33copperit's a decent fix for the time being, I would say
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21:31:11[Saint]The Database scan paths config seting is a bit useless for multiple paths.
21:31:45kugelit's designed especially for that :)
21:32:00[Saint]It lets you select as many paths as youd like, but only seems to save 64 characters worth in the config.
21:32:51kugelah right, there might be some buffer limit somewhere
21:35:12 Join ps-auxw [0] (~arneb@2001:470:c807:0:1532:4e5f:2ad3:4123)
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