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#rockbox log for 2013-10-12

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02:17:14diginet1is it true I can use replacement batteries meant for iPods with an iRiver H320?
02:20:32gevaertsAs far as I understand it, just about all mp3 player batteries are interchangeable, as long as they (a) physically fit, and (b) you *very* carefully make sure you get the polarity right
02:21:09diginet1gevaerts: oh. . .how do I know if the polarity is right? (I mean besides turning it on)
02:22:06gevaertsI'd use a multimeter. Unless your current battery is really totally dead you should still be able to work it out from there
02:22:32gevaertsI'd expect wire colours to be red and black in the usual way, but I'd double check anyway
02:22:51*gevaerts would still recommend waiting for confirmation by someone else though
02:23:15gevaertsI mean, I've seen discussions about this, but I've never done this myself
02:24:15diginet1gevaerts: yeah, I will, but thanks for your help anyway
02:26:51diginet1do mp3 player batteries have like specific voltages or whatever?
02:27:36gevaertsThey're all the same chemically, and that's basically what decides voltage and other characteristics
02:28:16diginet1so assuming I know the polarity, and ignoring it physically fitting, any Li-ion battery should work?
02:29:04gevaertsYes, as far as I understand it
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02:29:59gevaertsWell, you can skip the "physically fitting" part if you don't mind an open case with an external battery, but then I'd guess you may hit limits on the charging electronics if you go too big
02:30:48diginet1yeah, I mean, I'm not going to or anything, but there's some really nice, ultra high capacity batteries for smartphones that look like they would fit
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02:32:43diginet1gevaerts: another question. . .can I use one of those 1.8" SSDs? they're pretty cheap nowadays
02:33:01gevaertsMaybe :)
02:33:23diginet1what do you mean?
02:34:25gevaertsFirst of course, you need one that actually uses the correct interface, i.e. a 50 pin ATA one, so *not* a 40 pin ZIF or a SATA drive (although convertors exist)
02:34:46gevaertsSecond, according to the forums, people have mixed results with them
02:34:52diginet1I see
02:34:57diginet1better stick with CF then
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02:52:17diginet1also about the CF hack, do you still need to patch the bootloader?
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08:52:57diginet1does anyone here know anything about H3x0 batteries?
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09:05:36diginet1also I asked this earlier, but does anyone know if you can use 1.8" SSDs (not CF cards with adapters) in iRivers?
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15:24:38andypotterI have uploaded some changes for iPod IAP commands to and would appreciate if some iPod owners could review the code changes.
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16:49:04lestatarHiya, been ages since I been here...
16:49:27lestataranyone around? got a quick question re: album art display on rb 3.13
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16:57:03lestataruh...hello? everyone idling and afk? :)
16:58:19gevaertslestatar: it often helps if you ask a question instead of announcing you have a question :)
16:58:30lestatarlol, apologies!
16:59:01lestatarok, just updated rb to latest 3.13...from a very old version...everything fine, but now for most of my installed themes, album art NOT showing...
16:59:23copperlestatar: update the themes
16:59:29lestatardo i need to re-install the themes i want?
16:59:37copperjust to be sure, yeah
16:59:39lestatargotcha...thanks copper.. :)
17:00:12lestatarjust out of dfkt active here nowadays?
17:00:26lestatari am an old regular from the abi site :)
17:02:02copperhe's around
17:02:31lestatarcool, thanks again copper...will try and ping him another time...
17:03:03lestatarlike i said, been ages since i been here, but as always, props to all the folks who keep working/supporting RB :)
17:03:08lestatarcheers man...
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18:05:38PredelnikCan anyone help me with running for ypr0?
18:05:45Predelnikit just gives me this error
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18:23:22lebelliumPredelnik: kugel should have a copy of the toolchain working.
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18:49:03WormDrinkis there any way to load music onto the sdcard via device like clip+ ?
18:52:30copperWormDrink: just boot the Clip+ and connect it to your PC via USB
18:52:49copperthere will be two "external drives": the Clip+, and the microsdcard
18:52:52WormDrinkyes - but then I only see 4GB, which is the size of clip+
18:52:58WormDrinkcool, did not notice
18:59:58WormDrinkclip+ is awesome
19:12:49copperIt's not bad.
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22:13:53Predelnikkugel: Thank you very much, though maybe I haven't quite figured out how to use it, when I'm trying to compile I get a bunch of errors in pcm-alsa.c
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