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#rockbox log for 2013-10-13

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03:12:24[Saint]Oh dear.
03:12:50[Saint]ARe we seriously in a state where no one can get the YPr0 toochain going anymore and we're passing around binaries?
03:15:27[Saint]I have tried and tried and tried, and I gave up on it about a year ago. Too poorly documented, too little known of it.
03:16:27[Saint]It doesn't exactly instill me with confidence when someone comes in trying to build it and a lead maintainer throws a binary at them.
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05:41:29diginet1are there any good places to buy 50 pin to CF adapters that aren't chinese?
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06:01:26[Saint]diginet1: Apart from being slightly racist, that also doesn't make much sense.
06:01:44[Saint]Looking for a non-Chinese distributer is only going to cost you more in the long run.
06:02:07[Saint]As you'll be paying a non-Chinese middle-man to do essentially...nothing.
06:02:36diginet1[Saint]: wait what? it has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with the fact that China is physically far away from me I'd rather not wait 30 days to get it, nor do I mind paying a premium
06:03:32diginet1I've bought from DX before and stuff just takes forever to get here
06:03:40diginet1not sure why that makes me racist
06:03:43[Saint]My mistake. It seemed to me to be the usual "Chinese electronics are crap" hole that people seem to fall in.
06:04:18diginet1they've certainly made huge strides
06:04:30[Saint]If you don't mind paying a premium, buy from anywhere that offers a premium shipping option.
06:04:37diginet1but even still, how is thinking chinese electronics are bad make your racist?
06:04:59diginet1uninformed? sure. racist? no.
06:05:11[Saint]Its a racial stereotype, therefore, racist.
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06:05:23diginet1it has nothing to do with Chinese people as a race
06:05:44diginet1and more to do with the fact that many chinese people work in rather abysmal conditions
06:06:01[Saint]And many do not.
06:06:06diginet1okay. . .and many do
06:06:18[Saint]Right. But that's not a gaughe of quality.
06:06:29diginet1it is simply undeniable that China, as a country, has rather egregious humans rights violations
06:06:37diginet1I mean, by that token, saying American cars aren't so great is being "racist"
06:07:23diginet1and again, saying the Chinese government isn't exactly the best in the world is not saying that the Chinese people are themselves bad
06:08:22[Saint]Anyhoo - I think you answered your own question by stating that you're prepared to get it from anywhere.
06:08:41[Saint]Find one you like, make sure its not Chinese in origin, win?
06:08:47diginet1anyway, quality aside, there are people who prefer to avoid Chinese products BECAUSE of the working conditions, for example a friend of mine who lived in China for several years and is intimately acquainted with their culture
06:09:08diginet1I don't care if it comes from China, I'd just like to get it here fast without spending an arm and a a leg
06:09:24[Saint]So, mentioning China at all was erroneous?
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06:09:55diginet1"places to buy" =/= "place manufactured"
06:10:06diginet1a non-chinese vendor
06:10:24diginet1or a vendor not located in China
06:10:41[Saint]I was gonna say, that *was* a bit racist. :)
06:11:10diginet1this is the most bizarre conversation I've had all week
06:11:35diginet1do you routinely read racist intentions into everything?
06:11:39[Saint]Trawling the infonets gets me a multitude of geographical locations for shipping, just gota find one you like I guess.
06:11:54diginet1well yeah, I was just curious if anyone here knew of any specifically
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06:13:05[Saint]Most of the time when people buy such things they buy with the same conditions as you seek now, in my experience. Even if they are looking for an exact model, its is rarely from the same seller.
06:13:24[Saint]Sellers buy a small batch, sell them off, then disappear.
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11:55:04copper[Saint]: jumping to the conclusion that diginet1 feels that the Chinese are an inferior "race" without any consideration to whatever reasons he might have for not wanting to order from China, was a huge leap of bad faith and totally inappropriate
11:56:43copperthere should be some abbreviation for this: BAOR (Baseless Accusation of Racism)
11:58:30[Saint]The fact that I was incorrect was established ages ago.
11:59:09copperask questions first next time :)
12:00:00[Saint]I'll keep that in mind for the fictional uniververse that may exist somewhere where I need you to point out my flaws in order to learn. ;)
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12:05:07copperjust making sure that you understand that the problem isn't that you turned out to be wrong in this particular instance, the problem is accusing people of racism head-on to begin with
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12:06:01[Saint]I don't need you to make sure I understand a fucking thing. :)
12:06:13[Saint]But, thanks.
12:08:27copperlet's just say that was for the record, particularly since this channel is publicly logged
12:10:02[Saint]Well...good, then. As long as you're satisfied now, can we call this a win? WHat is it I need to say to end this? I'm not sure if I missed something.
12:11:07copperI'm done, as far as I'm concerned
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14:49:56soapJumping to the conclusion that publicly calling someone (who you are not a supervisor for / not beneath you in the chain of command) out without any consideration to whether that is likely to produce a pragmatic outcome was a huge act of poor judgment and totally inappropriate.
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14:53:29copperI don't even understand that sentence
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14:54:00copperyou didn't substanciate what conlusion I'm supposed to have jumped to
14:55:46copperwell I assume you meant the "pragmatic outcome" but that was the subject of "any consideration"
14:56:06copperanyway the discussion was over
14:59:43soapMy point was there is no reason to expect publicly calling someone out will produce a useful outcome and you're not [Saint]'s "supervisor".
15:00:21soapand his discussion was over as well. Don't hide behind that.
15:02:04soaplike six hours over
15:02:50copperso you thought good to add to it
15:03:19copperwithout so much of a point pertaining to the matter at hand
15:04:24gevaertsThere's a clearly defined group of people who do have the authority to call people out in this channel
15:04:26copperisn't that pretty much the definition of flamebait?
15:04:35gevaertsAnd soap happens to be one of them
15:04:56gevaertsYou are *not*
15:07:25copperdo what you like
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19:13:41[7]hm, I'm currently cleaning up my desk and spotted a jtag'ed clip+ below a pile of paper... does anyone still need that? did the bootrom disassembly efforts go anywhere?
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20:42:57megal0maniacTo whoever wrote, thank you, you wizard
20:45:02[Saint]I assume you're not compiling for the YP-R0 then? :-)
20:45:44megal0maniacHeh :) No, just setting up the build environment, fuze+ and clip+ are the potential targets
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20:46:25[Saint]armeabi is important enough to annoy people when it falls over, indeed.
20:46:46lebelliumwould be great to fix this damn R0 toolchain...
20:47:17[Saint]I've tried to get the YP-R0 toolchain as far as I possibly could with hand-holding in a few attempts, but I haven't reached the end in about 2 years.
20:47:20megal0maniacHowever, I am doing it on an armv5te box (Seagate Dockstar), running OpenWRT, chrooted into Debian Wheezy. It's a miracle that I have as few issues as I do.
20:48:02[Saint]you shouldn't run into any issues with anything except the YP-R0 which seems to fall over everywhere, and Android.
20:48:10lebelliumIt worked fine some time ago [Saint]. I successfully got mine when you forced me to set up my own RB environment in linux :)
20:48:14[Saint]everything else should Just Work.
20:48:37[Saint]lebellium: Hmmm, which arch?
20:49:08[Saint]I've been trying on and of on debian 64 bit for an age.
20:49:33lebelliumI used the Ubuntu VM available on the RB wiki
20:50:20lebelliumbut that was early 2013 IIRC. I have no idea when the R0 toolchain stopped working
20:50:20[Saint]Doesn't that come with the toolchains pre-built?
20:50:39lebelliumMaybe some, but no the R0 one for sure :)
20:51:07megal0maniacI'd be happy to play guinea pig?
20:51:35[Saint]Go for it, but it may be a long while.
20:51:37lebelliumI remember Lorenzo explained me how to get the R0 toolchain since I was/am a linux noob
20:51:44lebelliumbut now he can't get it work
20:51:51lebelliumand he doesn't know how to fix it :S
20:52:04megal0maniac1.2ghz arm with 128mb RAM. It will DEFINITELY be a long while
20:52:38[Saint]Ah. Yeah. I've held its hand as far as I could take it, then it just started complaining about shit that wasn't even real, so I wondered how many of the "bugs" I held its hand through were real bugs. :-S
20:53:23[Saint]I believe gevaerts has a build client of similar or lesser statistics
20:53:53gevaerts[Saint]: I wasn't mad enough to build toolchains on that!
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21:03:03*megal0maniac would like to add −−timeout=60 to all the wget lines in that script
21:03:14megal0maniacJust waited 17 minutes for a stalled download :/
21:05:46[Saint]well, then, let me introduce you to :)
21:06:12megal0maniacI know him but I'm scared
21:06:20megal0maniacOne step at a time
21:06:30[Saint]...just the tip?
21:28:53 Quit rela (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
21:41:42megal0maniacWhat exactly does this script do?
21:42:36 Quit robin0800 (Remote host closed the connection)
21:50:46soapwhich script?
21:50:52soap(spelling aside)
21:51:10megal0maniacYes. It seems like gcc is just compiling every file it can find
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21:54:30soapdepending on which archs you pick there is a lot to do.
21:54:31megal0maniacWhat is it actually doing, and why? I know it's necessary, but it's taking forever so now I'm curious
21:54:36megal0maniacJust arm
21:55:37gevaertsBuilding binutils and gcc
21:55:50soapon your slow machine
21:56:29soap(we are talking the dockstar, yes?)
21:56:34megal0maniacWe are
21:56:54soapOn your very slow machine.
21:56:56megal0maniacOh, gcc and binutils specific to the arch I'm building for?
21:57:18megal0maniacCross-compiler. Got it
21:57:31*megal0maniac reconsiders adding the Dockstar to the farm
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22:51:50megal0maniacI keep getting "Permission enied (publickey) when testing the connection to gerrit
22:54:13megal0maniacEmail and username are the same on both github and gerrit
22:56:15soapohh it's been too long. You are unable to pull w/o getting that error?
22:56:38[Saint]restarted the session since setting it up?
22:57:52soapoh yea, that and
22:58:14[Saint]log out, log in, try again.
22:59:11megal0maniacI'm doing ssh -p 29418 as per the doc
22:59:16megal0maniacI'll check that link out quick
23:00:29megal0maniacThe hell?
23:00:34megal0maniacI had no username
23:00:36 Quit stoffel_ (Remote host closed the connection)
23:01:14megal0maniacI didn't check that because... well, its never been possible not to have one :/ It's working now :P
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23:15:29megal0maniacCommitted. I'd let the bot tell you about it bug I forget how
23:16:24megal0maniacNow is the time for shouting. If I've done something wrong, please tell me now. This is a seriously minor patch, so I'd rather find out now than later
23:16:42bertrikAdd a g in front of the number, IIRC, g636
23:16:45fs-bluebotGerrit review #636 at : by (changes/36/636/1)
23:17:06megal0maniacThat's odd. I have no name
23:19:37megal0maniacCool. If nobody has been killed by my commit, then I'll assume all is well and remember the process for next time
23:24:03[Saint]git and gerrit both need a Real Name
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