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#rockbox log for 2013-10-17

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06:48:04TvilleTitanI'm running into an issue with my Sansa Clip Zip I recently just installed RockBox
06:48:56[Saint]Care to tell us what that issue is? I'm bad with guessing games.
06:51:21TvilleTitanI was listening to random music on mp3 player and the unit froze. After a minute it through an error string on screen and went "black" I did manage to hard reset device back out to sansa logo and it cycle and started over 5 minutes or so later same issue
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06:53:11TvilleTitanthat was two days ago and when i plug device into pc it sames usb is not recognized and when i plug unit into desktop and hold power down for 30 seconds a pixeled screen shows with black lines through it and if i let go of power it disappears
06:54:12[Saint]I would mount the device by booting the original firmware and perform a disc check.
06:55:15TvilleTitanis there a webpage that intails how to boot with orignal firmware
06:56:06[Saint]Or fine manual describes it, yes.
06:56:32[Saint] -
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07:00:58TvilleTitanI cant even boot the orignal firmware
07:01:53[Saint]Do you have a microsdcard?
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07:03:00TvilleTitanNot in there but i do have a microsd card yes
07:04:48[Saint]If you do, you could do one of two things. 1 - transfer a new Rockbox binary to the sdcard and use RoLo to boot into the new Rockbox version and hope you can then mount it, or 2: transfer a (Rockbox patched) original firmware to the sdcard, transfer this firmware to the main storage partition, then reboot the device.
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07:06:15TvilleTitanwhen i plug the clip zip in it says that it needs to be formated
07:07:04[Saint]Sorry, I thought it was clear that you would need to use something other than the device that won't currently mount to transfer any files to the microsd.
07:07:14[Saint]My mistake, should've been clearer.
07:07:29waverzanyone have any suggestions on what to do about a clip zip that freezes at the flower screen? I've tried holding power for 60 seconds, plugging it in to the pc while holding |>>
07:08:15waverzi should also mention it cant be seen by windows and there is no microsd card in it
07:08:17[Saint]waverz: A Rockboxed Clip Zip?
07:08:57waverzill be honest, i think i put RB on this one but i could be wrong, been awhile since i used it
07:09:31waverzi usually put RB on all my sansa devices but not 100 percent sure I did on this one
07:10:41TvilleTitanim having basically same issue
07:11:05[Saint]Quite vastly different issues really.
07:11:13[Saint]You have a potential way out.
07:11:59waverzi think mine might have happened when i either unplugged it from the pc w/o using "safe to remove device" or tried to use a bad sd card
07:12:02[Saint]waverz: What, if anything, happens when the player is connected to a host whilst powered down?
07:13:34waverzit turns on and freezes
07:15:43[Saint]Is the device recognized at all by the host?
07:20:52waverznot sure what else to try, i've done a lot of reading of people having the same issue but no resolution
07:22:40TvilleTitanjust to make sure what is "RoLo"
07:22:46[Saint]At this point I'm not sure what to suggest either.
07:23:53[Saint]TvilleTitan: Ro(ckbox)Lo(ader).
07:24:19waverzi may contact Sansa and see if i can get a replacement
07:24:54[Saint]In the example I briefly explained above, one would transfer a new "rockbox.sansa" file from a current Rockbox build to the sdcard and "run" it in Rockbox.
07:25:23[Saint]This causes RoLo to "update" Rockbox in-place, hopefully allowing you to mount the device.
07:26:01[Saint]In the second example, one would transfer a (patched, or unpatched) original firmware to the sdcard, and then use Rockbox to transfer it to the main storage partition and reboot.
07:27:49[Saint]If we're going to recover this device, we need it to be able to mount to a host - and right now, the sdcard is our only way in.
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07:28:45[Saint]waverz: that is probably the best bet. Sorry I can't be of more help.
07:29:12waverzits ok, i appreciate your time
07:29:37[Saint]With the device stalling before boot, and not communicating with the host whatsoever, I'm not sure in what direction to take it.
07:30:16*[Saint] maintains that this is another one of the reasons he likes iPods
07:30:25TvilleTitanbut once i do your first example i would have to plug the micro sd card into device and get it to turn on correct? If so its not turning on with micro sd card in either
07:31:17waverzyeah, ive gone through quite a few sansa devices but they are so cheap and almost disposable
07:32:10[Saint]TvilleTitan: ....uhhhh, I'm sorry, my mistake. I must've parsed the initial complaint badly.
07:32:26[Saint]So, the device won't successfully boot Rockbox *or* the OF?
07:32:41TvilleTitanno it wont boot anything
07:33:07TvilleTitancomputer will make sound when it plugs in but says usb is damage and to reformat device
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07:34:25[Saint]Hmmmmm. Well, you're a step ahead of waverz at least if the host recognizes it.
07:36:21[Saint]Going out on a limb, if you have your files backed up elsewhere, and the device isn't booting at all anyway, I'm not sure there's a terrible amount to lose by letting Windows format the device if it wants to.
07:36:55TvilleTitanit wants to format device in FAT and only 30 mbs
07:37:18TvilleTitanexcuse me 30 MBs
07:37:22[Saint]Oh dear. Then, no. Don't do that. Hmmm.
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07:38:23TvilleTitanwhen i plug it in and hold power button after plugin for 30 seconds a pixeled sceen appears but only while i had the power on button
07:38:29TvilleTitanif i let go it dissapears
07:41:25[Saint]Displaying a ~30MB raw partition appears to be a symptom of the device not managing to find the internal storage (for whatever reason).
07:41:59[Saint]One or two other users have reported this, we've no idea how to recover from it, or if it is even possible to do so.
07:42:58[Saint]Displaying a 4, 16, or 30MB partition when the shit hits the fan seems to be fairly common with Sansas, but we've no idea on how these are intended to be used.
07:44:42[Saint]Some of the other Sansa had a 30MB "recovery partition" that could be exposed with some button-press magic, but there has been no success (that I know of) in trying to just drop a firmware in there and hoping for the best with other targets.
07:46:45TvilleTitanthe first time the issue i happend i was able to hard rest device and it came baack fine but 2nd time it hasnt come back to life
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12:42:29wodzpamaury: ping
12:52:42pamaurywodz: pong
12:55:49wodzpamaury: I can't find in docs - what types of boot memory imx233 supports? I see i2c eeprom, spi flash and nand flash. Are there any special requirement for this memories?
12:56:41wodzand second question - dram is to be powered from 2.5V rail. Does LDO integrated in imx provides this or there is a need for external one?
13:00:02pamauryboot types are: i2c eeprom, spi flash, nand, sd, mmc and usb.
13:01:14wodzpamaury: any spi flash is supported?
13:03:29pamauryrequirements for memories. For i2c, slave address 0xA0, two bytes addresses, 400KHz. For spi, either eeprom or nor, at 1 or 12MHz, two byte address for eeprom, three byte address for nor
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13:04:19pamaurySPI must be standard SPI (motorola/winbond)
13:05:37wodzok, thank you
13:05:45wodzwhat about dram power rail?
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13:07:00pamauryimx has an integrated power rail for memory (vddmem) with programmable voltage (1.7V-3.25V)
13:07:55wodzok, thanks
13:08:49pamaurythat's all written in the manual
13:09:52wodzpamaury: yeah, but manual is huge and vague in many areas
13:10:16pamaurynote though, that some boot modes are broken on some older versions of the ROM, there are patches available but they require to boot from eeprom typically to patch the bootloader
13:10:44wodzyes I saw errata
13:10:56pamaurytypically BA NAND I think, which is quite rare anyway
13:13:42pamauryNeed to go, be back later. Are you interested in imx233 ?
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15:36:49SovonHaldercopper: how can I use Tango icon set with your Googley-Classic-Green ?
15:36:59SovonHalderis there any easy way ?
15:48:05 Part LinusN
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16:04:02kugelSovonHalder: edit the theme's .cfg file and point to the tango icons
16:05:03amayerSovonHalder: open the file /.rockbox/themes/Googley-Classic-Green.cfg and comment out the line that says "iconset: /.rockbox/icons/asianclip_555555.bmp" and "viewers iconset: /.rockbox/icons/asianclip_555555.bmp" and uncomment the lines that mention tango_small
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16:29:14ei0rhello. i own a sansa clip zip running rockbox 3.1.3. there is an odd issue with some of my mp3 files not being played back. when there is such a specific file in the playlist playback will stop upon the beginning of such a file (timecode 0:00). the stock firmware plays these mp3s just fine. the files are tagged properly, as far as i can see.
16:30:54gevaertsei0r: do those files maybe have lots of metadata, such as large embedded album art?
16:31:08gevaertsRockbox does handle embedded AA, but we do have some issues if it gets too big
16:31:16ei0rnot at all. no cover art present in these files.
16:31:40ei0rbut wait a moment, there is cover art in the directory. i'll check that.
16:32:47gevaertsHmmm. External AA shouldn't cause this sort of problem
16:32:48ei0rgevaerts: deleting the cover art fixed it. i feel dumb having not tried that before myself. thank you.
16:33:01gevaertsStill weird :)
16:33:05ei0rexternal jpg. it was a 5 mb scan.
16:35:14gevaertsRight, that's a bit big for the zip. It has 8mb RAM, and album art needs to be fully loaded into RAM IIRC, which won't work (rockbox itself also needs a bit...)
16:35:37gevaertsI'd have expected the audio to play fine though, so maybe we have a bug there
16:36:16ei0rhm, it's a weird because the jpg files in that directory don't have typical names such as "cover.jpg", "front.jpg" or "folder.jpg"
16:36:48ei0ri simply wasn't expecting rockbox trying to read these files as they were mainly containing explanatory stuff, not real cover art
16:36:58ei0rso it indeed looks like a bug
16:37:07 Quit kevku (Quit: KVIrc 4.3.1 Aria
16:37:15gevaertsHow are they named?
16:37:31*gevaerts tries to remember things
16:38:26ei0r"Teil 3.jpg"
16:38:31ei0rand "Teil 4.jpg"
16:38:32gevaertsRockbox will also look for album art files with names based on album names or filenames
16:39:01ei0rthe album name indeed contains "Teil 3"
16:39:28ei0roh my!
16:40:00ei0rok, have to think about my naming convention then. didn't know rockbox's that smart :)
16:41:08ei0rthanks a lot gevaerts, i've rarely experience such a nice help :)
16:41:59ei0rbesides: did anyone notice the bugtracker is going bonkers?
16:42:43gevaertsMaybe. The server got upgraded recently, and not all wrinkles have been worked out yet
16:42:56ei0roh, ok.
16:43:11gevaertsI don't know if Zagor noticed this specific issue yet
16:43:12ei0rthen again: thanks a lot
16:43:28*Zagor hides under a rock
16:43:39ei0rgoodbye and keep up the good work rockbox devs
16:43:59*ei0r gives Zagor a cookie
16:44:21 Quit ei0r (Quit: Page closed)
16:45:36 Quit Zagor (Quit: Clint excited)
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16:50:04SovonHalderamayer: I did what you said. It seems perfect to me. This is what I did. Please point out if there is a mistake. I commented out the "iconset: /.rockbox/icons/asianclip_555555.bmp" & "viewers iconset: /.rockbox/icons/asianclip_555555.bmp"....then I uncommented a line that had 'iconset: /.rockbox/icons/tango_small.bmp'..BUT then I saw there were 6 *.bmp inside the "ICON" folder. So I chose one
16:50:05SovonHalderfrom them which was "tango16x16.bmp" (or something like that) & I pointed it to both 'iconset: /.rockbox/icons/tango16x16.bmp' & 'viewers iconset: /.rockbox/icons/tango16x16.bmp' −−−−- this is okay..right ?
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17:16:38Guest36478there is usb regression in rockbox /clip+ between 1fa406d and tip
17:17:35Guest36478mainly it doesn't mount on FreeBSD
17:17:50Guest36478and was working in 1fa406d
17:18:37 Join kevku [0] (~kevku@2001:470:27:773:0:feed:c0f:fee)
17:20:53amayerSovonHalder: that seems right to me. as long as it works i would say it is correct
17:21:25amayerSovonHalder: if it didnt work try restarting rockbox, sometimes you need to restart to activate everything in a theme
17:23:52Guest36478may i rephrase
17:24:10Guest36478if I'm using tip or recent rockbox
17:24:26Guest36478there is no device under FreeBSD which I can mount
17:24:34Guest364781fa406d was working ok
17:25:13Guest36478Sorry, didn't want to hijack, now I see that wasn't directed to me
17:25:48SovonHalderamyer: I did restart it..although the theme seemed perfect even before restarting...thank you so much for your help .:D
17:34:38 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
17:35:53Guest36478fwiw, it's not that bad 3.13 is ok too
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18:07:22saratogagevaerts: FWIW cover art doesn't need to be fully loaded
18:07:31saratogathe scalar reads in a few lines at a time and shrinks them
18:07:50saratogabut if its very large you'll still run out of memory anyway since theres not a huge amount of memory available for holding lines IIRC
18:08:02saratogaso if the image is very wide it might get skipped IIRC
18:08:40gevaertssaratoga: are you sure? Last time I looked at the buffering code, it looked like it wanted a buffer large enough for the entire blob
18:08:53gevaertsI know the actual jpeg code doesn't need that though
18:09:02saratogapretty sure, thats why we can't do progressive jpeg
18:09:12saratogait requires loading the whole file to get each line
18:09:53gevaertsI know I once traced the sim with a large-AA mp3
18:10:33gevaertsAnd IIRC it really wanted enough buffer for the entire thing. I guess I'll have to look at it again
18:11:38saratogathe buffering system should buffer large jpeg files just like large mp3s
18:11:51saratogathey're then streamed into the decoder a few lines at a time, decoded, and then resized
18:22:05pixelmaonly a bit related but... that reminds me of the fact that you can't have AA in the WPS and RWPS with the greyscale Iaudio remotes (though you can have two instances of AA in the same WPS or in SBS/WPS).
18:22:53 Join mindflash [0] (~fluxo@unaffiliated/mindflash)
18:23:13saratogabecause they use different pixel formats?
18:23:22saratoga(never had an iaudio so i don't know anything about them)
18:26:38pixelmayes, IIRC that was what Unhelpful told me back then. On X5 (colour main screen) you get no display of AA - and on M5 (both screens greyscale but different pixel packing (I believe)) you'll get a "wrong" picture on the remote
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18:27:28saratogayeah that makes sense
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