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#rockbox log for 2013-10-18

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00:10:46megal0maniac_afkWhat has happened to the build system? No new builds in 9 days now and the last 2 were plagued with errors :/
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00:11:48[Saint]megal0maniac_afk: it only builds when there are commits. No commits, no builds.
00:12:09gevaertsmegal0maniac_afk: the errors have been tracked down and should be fixed for the next build
00:12:36megal0maniac_afkGot it
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02:51:37PartmediaAny committers around?
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03:25:34[Saint]Partmedia: if you have a specific question, just ask it.
03:32:53PartmediaErr... I was just wondering if anyone has been looking at Gerrit these days, I'm kinda impatient :p
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03:33:55PartmediaAlso, I managed to get rockbox compiled under FreeBSD by adding a few missing #includes, but now rockboxui (the sim) keep exiting from sigsuspend()s...
03:39:46saratogathe bsd configure change looks harmless so i'll add it
03:40:03fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 513914c, 223 builds, 19 clients.
03:40:47Partmediasaratoga, thanks :D
03:42:49Partmediasaratoga, any chance you'll look at Idccbf262 as well?
03:52:23fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 740 seconds.
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04:25:10Strife89Is there a way to determine what builds a specific machine contributed (if any)?
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04:54:57[Saint]Hah. That's...interesting.
04:56:36[Saint]I sincerely doubt it was deliberate, at least, I hope not, but there seems to be some form of "scratch resistant coating" on the iPod Video screen. If you scratch that off (which took *ages* :-( ) the screen underneath is virtually indestructable.
04:57:08*[Saint] now wonders if the same is true for the Nano 1G, which in many ways is just a tiny flash based iPod Video
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05:26:23PartmediaStrife89, what do you mean? Determine the host platform?
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05:27:11Strife89Partmedia: I mean what a given build client finished compiling and uploaded.
05:27:18saratogapartmedia: is it ok to include those files on other targets?
05:27:25saratogai didn't think rockbox even had unistd
05:27:55Partmediasaratoga, hmm, really? Because SEEK_END is defined there.
05:28:19PartmediaStrife89, the distributed build system?
05:29:27Strife89Partmedia: Yes.
05:29:53PartmediaStrife89, sorry, I don't know anything about that :(
05:30:02Partmediaother than it exists :p
05:31:05saratogadid you try compiling it for a device?
05:32:13saratogalooking at the code briefly (no grep on this machine) i see that SEEK_END is defined in stdio.h
05:33:16PartmediaYes, this was a simulator build for the c200
05:33:31saratogabut did you try compiling any device builds?
05:33:47saratogai suspect that will fail on an actual arm device
05:34:01saratogasince there will be no underlying BSD system to provide that header
05:34:07PartmediaYou're right, SEEK_END seems to be defined in stdio.h
05:35:27Partmediais stdio provided by rockbox?
05:37:30Partmediait is, firmware/libc/include/stdio.h, I should use "stdio.h" instead of <stdio.h>?
05:38:23saratogai see the encoders all include platform.h
05:38:36saratogamy guess is the platform specific stuff is supposed to come from that
05:40:41PartmediaThe original problem was that the compiler couldn't find SEEK_END, #including rockbox's own stdio *seems* to have fixed it issue
05:41:26saratogayeah but the library should not depend on the firmware
05:41:35saratogasince you might compile it without the rest of rockbox
05:41:55saratogarbcodecplatform-unix.h looks like it was intended to provide things like this on unix systems
05:41:59Partmediagood point, let me try platform.h
05:44:22Partmediaon a side note, inttypes.h seems to be in firmware/libc, but is nevertheless used in the original file
05:45:16saratogaiirc on native builds #include <inttypes.h> would include the system's inttype.h
05:45:47Partmediaright, that's why I was wondering why that was special...
05:45:49saratogaalthough i'm not an expert in these things
05:46:08*Partmedia is totally new to rockbox and embedded programming in general
05:46:09saratogai guess its generic enough that you don't need a special one for firmware builds?
05:46:23*Partmedia just wants a working simulator :-(
05:46:51saratogausually the issue is that you want to avoid including an x86 library on an arm device, so you have your own libraries and headers
05:47:54Partmediayes, could you clarify the issue with including stdio in lib/rbcodec/codecs?
05:48:27saratogayou don't want to include the rockbox firmware version if you're not compiling a firmware build
05:48:45saratogathe codeclib can be run as a standalone windows or unix binary
05:49:08saratogaactually i'm not 100% sure if we're trying to keep them independent
05:49:38[Saint]I _think_ that's the intention.
05:49:40saratogabut i think on a build for linux for instance it would be strange to use the rockbox stdio.h if you're not using rockbox
05:50:06saratogausually doing things like that at best is going to result in redefining a lot of macros
05:50:47saratogaits not clear to me though why linux apparently does not need unistd,h though
05:51:06*Partmedia is confused...
05:51:25Partmedialib/rbcodec/rbcodecconfig-example.h seems to advocate <unistd.h>
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05:58:49*Partmedia will look at it after he gets more sleep, night
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09:12:18megal0maniac_afkHey. Could someone please have a quick look at this log and check that everything is as it should be?
09:12:41megal0maniac_afkIt's a buildclient log. Only thing that's standing out to me is "No upload"
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09:21:55megal0maniac_afkOh of course. America is sleeping :)
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10:17:51gevaertsmegal0maniac_afk: only main builds get uploaded
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10:21:27gevaertsZagor: do you remember if it would matter much if suddenly all build costs are scaled a bit in the same way? I'm planning to do a new calibration run sometime during the weekend, and I *believe* I haven't done any of those yet on this laptop, which means it will be a rather faster CPU
10:22:09gevaertsI'm considering switching the basic point from one centi-CPU-second to one milli-CPU-second to avoid pushing all the slower clients to 0 or 1
10:23:05Zagorit's going to get a bit confused when the planning and outcome differs a lot, but it should still work and even out after ~5 rounds
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10:25:29gevaertsI could use a different factor to keep the numbers more similar, but going to milliseconds will keep us safe for several more years and benchmark machine upgrades, so I do favour that
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10:29:26Zagoryes, I agree
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13:40:04 Part LinusN
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15:50:26bertrikI'm getting a HTTP 403 when trying to build the rockbox arm toolchain :(
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15:52:10[Saint]bertrik: when trying to acquire....?
15:54:47bertrikbinutils2.20.1 and a couple of patches on it
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15:58:58[Saint]Argh! Fuck me, that is ugly behaviour that I hope gets changed.
15:59:19bertrikoh, it's in some kind of maintenance apparently
15:59:46[Saint]If you pick up a folder, and hover over another folder with it for 2 seconds, instead of selecting the bottom folder it opens it.
16:00:05[Saint]...that's nasty. Ick.
16:00:25amayer[Saint]: hovering opens folders now 13.10?
16:00:49[Saint]if you have something "picked up", yes.
16:00:55*gevaerts points to the topic
16:01:07[Saint]oh dear, whoops.
16:03:04amayer*blames [Saint] for my temporary distraction*
16:03:56lebelliumhum do you also have an issue with the bug tracker?
16:04:26gevaertslebellium: Zagor knows about it
16:04:38gevaertsThe server has been upgraded, and some issues remain
16:07:20lebelliumand is anyone thinking about releasing v3.14?
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16:07:49pixelmaRockbox Pi? ;)
16:08:06*bertrik remembers delaying some feature months ago because a release was supposed to be close
16:08:13bertrikcan't remember the feature though ...
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16:31:02[Saint]bertrik: what arch did you need the toolchain(s) for?
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16:48:23[Saint]bertrik: On the offchance you wanted x64 toolchains, I have them all here -
16:48:53[Saint](its a ~60something-ish .tar.gz archive)
16:49:19[Saint]*~60something-ish MB
16:51:51lebellium[Saint]: did you have time to have a look at my cabbiev2 240x400 fix?
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17:32:54amayeris there a way we can update to use gerrit links?
17:33:15gevaertsWhy gerrit?
17:34:20gevaertsgitweb, sure, go ahead :)
17:35:53amayergevaerts: im not sure what the difference is... i just know it points to and that no longer exists
17:36:36amayerand idk how to convert svn numbers to anything else that links to build server or what ever hosts gerrit, which manages access to our git setup and manages those gerrit patches
17:37:36amayeri just noticed all the links are broken and im not sure where they should be pointing now that is dead has the read-only git stuff and hosts a gitweb setup to allow browsing the source
17:42:28gevaertsamayer: if you head to;a=tree and enter the svn revision in the search box, you'll usually end up with the right commit
17:43:12gevaertsYou can then double-check the git-svn-id: line
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18:08:33pixelmatoday I noticed that on the theme site there are 99 themes listed for the Clip (v1, I assume) but 100 for the Clip v2 and the Clip+. Is there a reason for this?
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22:58:12fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 4ead034, 225 builds, 21 clients.
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23:06:35fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 504 seconds.
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23:13:34lebelliumgevaerts fixed it! :)
23:13:52lebelliumand if I want to flip the display? \o/
23:14:09gevaertsThat had been on gerrit for a while already
23:14:25gevaertsThere is actually a *real* fix, but that's a lot of work
23:14:40kugelgevaerts: better solution: remove it from the built table. it's obvious that nobody cares enough about these targets
23:14:54lebelliumyou mean it's not worth it for the 10 remaining users? :)
23:15:24kugelthose are probably better off with previous releases
23:15:24gevaertskugel: that's not a decision I can make on my own when I'm looking for a commit so I can show megal0maniac_afk that *my* build client is slower :)
23:15:47 Quit nosa-j (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
23:16:23 Quit stripwax (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
23:19:01lebelliumI didn't even know we have a "morse input"
23:25:04kugelit's probably one of our least known features
23:32:11lebelliumI don't find it in the clip+ manual
23:32:20lebelliumdo we have it on every target?
23:35:06gevaertsNo. Button availability is an issue
23:36:25lebelliumoh I see the setting on my E200
23:37:49lebelliumbut nothing in the manual
23:38:01lebelliumso I don't even know how it works
23:38:19 Quit Guest17648 (Quit: Hmmm...)
23:39:27gevaertsI bet it works "probably" :)
23:41:18 Quit Narod ()
23:41:47lebelliumseriously, what should I do with the morse input keyboard
23:42:48 Join nosa-j [0] (~m00k@
23:43:39lebelliumAm I supposed to press a defined button short or long to add a character?
23:43:54 Join Partmedia [0] (
23:43:58gevaertsYes, as far as I understand it
23:44:19gevaertsIf you're good at it, I imagine it works *much* better than our usual keyboard
23:44:48lebelliumOk looks like there is keymapping for it on E200 -_-
23:44:55lebelliumno keymapping*
23:45:06 Nick DormantBrain is now known as SuperBrainAK (~andy@2001:470:8:a61::5f92:59a1)
23:45:33lebelliumIt should be enabled only on targets where it... actually works
23:46:50lebelliumoh my bad
23:46:54lebelliumit works on E200, sorry
23:47:55lebelliumnot bad
23:48:12lebelliumI typed "test" 2x faster than with the usual keyboard :)
23:48:37bertrikwell that's about the shortest word in morse, isn't it?
23:49:02lebelliumyes maybe not the best sample word
23:49:49 Quit Partmedia (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:50:07 Join Partmedia [0] (
23:54:13 Quit amayer (Quit: Leaving)
23:57:51lebelliumWell the Clip+/Clip zip has as many buttons as the Cowon X5. So I think this morse input could also work on the newer targets

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