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#rockbox log for 2013-10-24

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01:55:15foolshIf anyone can look overg#641 I would like to know if this breaks anyone's build clients (maybe rasher's), I want to start fixing /android/ next if it all clear
01:55:18fs-bluebot3Gerrit review #641 at : 3Bring android port to date with latest android sdk by (changes/41/641/6)
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02:40:27[Saint]Gah...that is *absolutely* the wrong way to do this.
02:41:17[Saint]I may have done so myself, on *my* end, to get it building...but I'm not having weird hacks in the source to work around the fact that we never moved on from a deprecated system.
02:41:30[Saint](in fact, it was always deprecated when we were using it)
02:41:43*Partmedia throws in Autotools and CMake and runs away
02:43:28[Saint]In all honesty, and even though it might sound harsh, this never would've happened if anyone actually cared about RaaAoA.
02:43:38[Saint]Realistically, its going nowhere.
02:43:55[Saint](in its present state)
02:44:10PartmediaRaa (platform)?
02:44:32[Saint]No, RaaA has a future, definitely, the Android port *oA, notsomuch.
02:46:06[Saint]Don't get me wrong, I'm not exactly happy about it...
02:47:15[Saint]I just don't think it has a future as-is. If we carved out the UI completely and tacked on an Android-native UI to the playback engine, things would be very different.
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02:49:33[Saint]Its very sad for me to eventually come to this conclusion, as I was one of the vocal few who was sure it could work.
02:50:02[Saint]But our skin engine (at least as a primary UI) just isn't practical here.
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02:57:58[Saint]Don't get me wrong, you know I've got nothing but love for it. :)
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03:02:24[Saint]I'm very much a fan of the idea of keeping the current skin engine in place for RaaAoA builds, but as a /primary/ UI...the attempts of yourself and various other people *much* smarter than I drew blanks.
03:08:25JdGordonyeah, well, I think the project is pretty much finished anyway
03:08:58[Saint]As in *the* project, or, RaaRoA?
03:09:07[Saint]I would disagree with the former.
03:09:17JdGordonthe... how much actual activity is still going on?
03:09:21[Saint]...but its on its way.
03:09:30JdGordonmaybe i've just not noticed for the last while
03:09:37[Saint]have you seen pamaury? Man is a fuckin' RE machine.
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11:42:36wodzpamaury: official brief about rknanoC (I guess update to rknanoB) claims it is cortex-m3 with 128kB of sram and 96kB of dram on chip.
11:44:29wodzthe core runs at max 100MHz
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12:54:20lebelliumpamaury: the german ebayer has 2 Zen X-Fi 2: one DVP-FL0012 and one DVP-FL0015
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13:16:57pamaurywodz: thanks, I know it's a Cortex-M3, but I thought it had more ram than that though; where did you get that from ?.
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13:17:08pamaurylebellium: can you give me the link again so I can buy it ?
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13:18:33lebelliumpamaury: Let me ask the guy if both are 16GB and how much are the shipping costs to France :)
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13:20:29pamauryI don't like ebay, people use last time software to win
13:21:00lebelliumI don't need last time software, I'm usuallu in front of my computer and bid within the last 10 seconds :)
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13:21:52pamauryyou cannot always do that !
13:23:01lebelliumpersonnaly I hate leboncoin, there is no security. It was much better when French people used ebay like everybody in the world :)
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13:37:24coppereBay takes a stupidly high cut: 9%
13:37:36copperadd to that the 3.6% that PayPal further takes
13:38:01Zagorah, leboncoin. "the french blocket" ;-)
13:38:01copperas your price goes up, the cuts get significant
13:38:20Zagoroh, wrong channel for this topic.
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15:17:37pamauryI guess I could check that on the rbnano-b, finding the memory size shouldn't be too hard
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18:49:07pamaurylebellium: the zenxfi2 is already at 20,50
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21:42:44EridyneGreetings, find myself with an issue with a newly-acquired Sansa Clip Zip.
21:43:31EridyneRockbox freezes after a few minutes, or a few track changes, when playing music from a 32GB Patriot microsd, but works with an 8GB Sandisk microsd. It'll resume operation if the offending card is removed.
21:43:51EridyneThe OF functions normally; multiple builds were tested; cards were checkdisked. Have I missed a known problem or perhaps run into a one-off hardware issue?
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22:52:22NarodI would put my money on a one-off hardware issue.
22:52:46NarodI hade my fair share of problems with microSD cards that didn't show any errors when checked but simply wouldn't work properly in device X, Y or Z.
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22:54:16EridyneI'm somewhat surprised that it doesn't work properly in the Clip Zip in rockbox, when it does work properly in the OF, and it worked properly in the previous Fuze+ in both the OF and rockbox.
22:55:03EridyneHence my wondering if it might be something other than a random hardware incompatibility - I would have expected a hardware issue to be constant over both OF and rockbox, rather than only one.
22:57:20EridyneAll it takes in RB to give the player fits is changing tracks a variable, but relatively low, number of times, or to wait until any given track plays a similar number of times. Despite my best efforts, I cannot get the OF to display similar symptoms.
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22:58:34NarodWeird. Well, from what I know, rockbox is able to handle 32GB sd cards properly. But I'm not a dev, so I can't really give you any insight there.
22:59:31EridyneTis indeed peculiar. You're right though, it handles 32GB cards just fine, and has handled this one in a previous device.
23:01:30NarodMaybe try a different brand? They aren't too pricy anymore, I reckon.
23:01:44NarodAnywho, I gotta go now. I hope someone can help you there. ;) Guhbye.
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