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#rockbox log for 2013-10-25

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01:10:46saratogawhats the status on getting the tracker PHP or whatever fixed?
01:10:57saratogaright now downloaded files are corrupted because extra data is appended tot hem
01:13:04ProdicusHello. I've got a couple questions- first off, I heard you can now use 48kHz with rockbox, and I'm wondering where to set that.
01:13:46ProdicusAlso, just wondering- why is it that test_codec isn't included in normal dev builds?
01:14:35saratogai want to include test_codec, but for whatever reason other people wouldn't agree
01:14:45saratoga48k is under settings somewhere
01:16:32ProdicusAh, I just found it, it's labeled just "frequency" and it's the very last thing under playback settings. I guess I was expecting it to be called "sample rate" or something like that.
01:17:09ProdicusAnd it seems odd to me that other test plugins would be included but not test_codec. Any idea what those "whatever reasons" might have been?
01:18:01saratogano idea
01:18:37ProdicusHm. Do you remember who it was that objected, so I could ask them?
01:26:35Prodicusso, if nobody remembers who objected to it, the easy way to find out would be to make the change and see who objects after the fact :)
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08:46:53wodzpamaury: (log) could you send me your rknano firmware disassembly so I could look at it? Maybe I'll spot ip blocks from rk27xx?
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12:49:46lebelliumpamaury: shipping costs to France: 9,90€ (insured)
12:50:01lebelliumso that would be minimum 30€ now
12:53:31pamauryI'm more concerned about the final price itself
12:54:12pamauryI have no idea how much they are ready to pay
12:56:23pamaurywodz (logs): I haven't reverse much of the rknano firmware, but I'll send you the file, I just need to remember where I put it ^^
12:57:27lebelliumhum we'll see. Is your X-Fi style on the way?
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13:15:15pamaurylebellium: should be
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16:40:02foolshI have worked out a method to build rockbox from within eclipse. I would like to add it to the wiki but I lost my password.
16:41:58foolshwikiuser BenjaminReedBrown is my username
16:46:13foolshI forgot to mention It's been awhile since I registered and no longer have that email address
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17:13:42phlxIs it possible to get your software to work on a model that doesn't show that its supported by your software?
17:15:33n1scertainly but it usually takes a lot of work
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17:20:27phlxWhat will I need to know in orderto get this to work on an unsupported hardware?
17:23:23n1shere's a description of the process
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17:25:24itoikenzaguys is there a way to edit what keys rockbox's presentation/browser/multimedia ,USB Keyboard Mode activates?
17:25:28phlxwow, not to good with C.. This probably isn't going to happen for me lol
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17:33:01itoikenzai need, F8...
17:34:00n1sitoikenza: i think they're hardcoded but should be possible to change in the code
17:34:04itoikenzato install xp it asks to agree to terms by pressing "F8" but said key is busted...
17:34:22itoikenzaso i need a compiler?
17:35:15n1syes, see apps/usb_keymaps.c
17:36:14itoikenzacan you do it for me, my net is weak. dl 'n a compiler would take ages.
17:36:28n1ssorry gotta run soon
17:37:55pamauryitoikenza: for which target ?
17:39:50itoikenzahold on.
17:42:25itoikenzacan you make it that the arrow keys are mapped to play/rew/fwd/menu? and enter to home? pamaury
17:42:46 Quit einhirn (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
17:44:13pamaurypossibly but I need to know on which device, otherwise I cannot compile it :)
17:45:05itoikenzaok. i forgot the model #. hold on.
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17:50:35itoikenzasorry i took so long. had to download rockbox's utility to confirm.
17:51:02itoikenzasandisk sansa clip.
17:51:11 Quit krabador (Quit: Sto andando via)
17:51:13itoikenzabefore you start.
17:51:50itoikenzacan you make home be "F8" and middle button be "enter"?
17:52:30itoikenzaunder "multimedia" please.
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17:53:01 Join krabador [0] (~krabador_@unaffiliated/krabador)
17:53:04pamauryclip or clip+ ? (just to be sure)
17:53:38pamauryok, is rockbox already installed on the device ?
17:54:50pamauryok, I'll do a complete build and upload the zip file to extract on the device. So home -> F8 and select -> Enter right ?
17:55:49itoikenzayes, and the arrow keys are mapped to play/rew/fwd/menu
17:57:47pamaurythe arrow keys are already mapped to play/rew/fwd/menu right ?
17:58:16itoikenzai don't know for multimedia?
17:59:12pamaurycode says they are mapped to play/prev/next/stop
17:59:40itoikenzadoesn't do anything to the browser.
18:00:11itoikenzadoesn't move cursor...
18:00:28 Join stoffel [0] (
18:01:51pamaurywhy should it move the cursor ?
18:02:03itoikenzaat least "multimedia" does nothing. but others do various things.
18:02:51itoikenzathe arrow keys move the blinking cursor on the real keyboard so why not on the clip?
18:03:07itoikenzaif it was mapped?
18:04:44pamaurybecause the arrows are mapped to play/stop/prev/next in multimedia mode
18:05:48itoikenzaall the keys are non-responsive
18:05:58itoikenzaall other modes are.
18:07:01pamauryhave you tried in a music player for example ?
18:07:23itoikenzalet me see.
18:07:26pamauryYou cannot expected the arrow keys to move a cursor if they are mapped to something else in multimedia mode...
18:09:05itoikenzaok. they are mapped to play, etc
18:10:08itoikenzais it possible to rename "Multimedia" to "XPinstall"
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18:18:43pamaurywait a second, what I'll do is the following: I will create a new mode called "XPInstall" and create a keymap for it. I'll build it for you and post the code on gerrit so that anyone can inspire for it and you can compile it yourself later if you want to modify it
18:20:25itoikenzado i need a compiler to install then?
18:20:49itoikenzausing the utility, can i just plug it in?
18:21:34 Quit michaelni (Read error: Operation timed out)
18:21:54pamauryno you can simply unpack the archive, but I'll only give it one try, so if it doesn't work, you better ask someone else because I don't have much time for this
18:22:46pamauryand buy a new keyboard also
18:23:26 Quit krabador (Ping timeout: 253 seconds)
18:24:08itoikenzai will. bestbuy has one for $5, but it'll take 7-10days before it's ready for local pickup.
18:24:17itoikenzaand thanks.
18:24:54pamauryextract this at the root of your device, it should overwrite mostly everything in the .rockbox directory
18:25:03 Join Narod [0] (
18:25:10pamaury g#642: that's the code modification I did
18:25:13fs-bluebotGerrit review #642 at : by Amaury Pouly (changes/42/642/1)
18:31:09itoikenza can't find the new keymap.
18:31:19itoikenzai rebboted twice too.
18:31:32pamauryare you sure you unpacked the archive correctly ?
18:32:37itoikenzayes, it asked to confirm the replacements.
18:34:18*foolsh is going to give #642 a spin, give him a minute
18:34:39 Quit rela (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
18:35:37pamauryitoikenza: my bad, I forgot one line
18:35:46pamauryfoolsh: wait a second, I'll commit a fix
18:37:03 Join michaelni [0] (
18:38:35itoikenzaso i can get it from that gerrit link?
18:38:58pamaurynew file:
18:39:02pamaurythat's my last try
18:42:35itoikenzathank you.
18:46:15 Quit DerPapst (Quit: Leaving.)
18:46:48itoikenzathey all register on my laptop. but on the desktop without an os? no dice.
18:47:05itoikenzathanks anyway.
18:50:50itoikenzait was worth it all.
18:51:50pamauryyou're welcome, maybe that will useful to someone else
18:52:08 Quit mortalis (Quit: KVIrc 4.3.1 Aria
18:52:54itoikenzai can use it as a gbc emu controller
18:53:26pamauryhaha, not sure that's a great controller but yeah
18:53:55pamauryjust to warn you: the xpinstall mode will disappear if you update rockbox
18:55:49itoikenzahey, i rebooted the desktop, now it works like a charm...
18:56:59itoikenzai can't believe it. got pass the F8 screen. formatting partition now.
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22:44:20makotoevening all. what's the biggest disked player currently rockboxable? my library is at the poing where it has outgrew the 64gb SD on my phone :/
22:44:56gevaertsmakoto: installation is a bit tricky on it, but the ipod classic
22:45:05makototricky is cool
22:46:03makotois this the "ipod 6g port"?
22:46:08gevaertsIt's by far not the cheapest player though
22:47:00makotoi had a fuze with an SD in it for a few months before it died an unexpected death
22:51:04 Quit fs-bluebot (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
22:51:05makotohalf tempted to use a usb otg cable with my phone and a big-ass battery pack to hook up my old laptop disk and a sata to usb
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23:33:45makotook call me nuts but, i've almost got my external hard disk working with android
23:39:19 Quit amayer (Quit: Leaving)
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