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#rockbox log for 2013-10-27

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00:24:46ctasantoshello people
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00:26:24ctasantosis there any developer for rockbox android app?
00:29:33foolshI'm new here, but seeing the state of the android app in the sources leads me to believe not. Is there something specific you want to ask?
00:34:58ctasantoshi foolsh. i wanted to know if the project has been active and if it you need any developers
00:35:16ctasantosmaybe i can help in my free time
00:36:31foolshBy all means if you want to jump in, I would say don't hesitate, it is after all an open source project. But I'm sure many here will have the same attitude.
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00:38:22ctasantoscan you specify the attitude?
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00:40:52foolshThe attitude I've encountered is quite tolerant of my lack of knowledge so far, some even going out of their way to help people.
00:41:44ctasantosok. are you a developer for rockbox?
00:42:46foolshMy name is in the credits but I would not call myself one no. It was a small contribution.
00:43:42foolshSo even someone like myself, who can only contribute in small ways is still rewarded here.
00:45:05foolshBy all means grab the sources and read the wiki nothing is stopping you from joining the fray, except not joining.
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00:47:23ctasantosi'm trying to find the android section in the website
00:48:35ctasantosit seems that the android version is already in an advanced state
00:48:59foolshAdd this to your reading as well then,43260.0.html
00:49:14foolshIt is quite so yes
00:50:04foolshMostly only the development tools are in a state of neglect at the moment.
00:51:23ctasantosyes it seems to be
00:53:14ctasantosI will have a look a this
00:53:19ctasantosthanks for your help :)
00:53:25foolshThere does remain many hurdles to overcome before it can be included in the usable Rockbox ports category though. Always room for improvement.
00:53:41foolshYou're welcome
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01:02:04pamauryfoolsh: pamaury/7175612">
01:02:42pamauryit's not a actual port at this point
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01:10:46foolshpamaury: I just want to see the beginnings, I always only get to see the end result. Thanks again.
01:12:32pamaurywell here it's not the complete beginning: we already have the tool to upload some code, then I'm going to do some hacking in hwstub to get a working usb connection to the device and be able to poke at the registers and the memory
01:23:45foolshShorter than I thought it would be. Still its an insight I appreciate having.
01:24:19pamaurywell don't underestimate the time it takes to make than hacking into hwstub working :)
01:24:33*foolsh is still compiling gcc for cortex
01:24:49pamauryhere is it quite difficult because I know nothing about the chip: I cannot blink a led or something, I really only know the usb core
01:26:50pamauryin my experience, usb might well be the second most helpful debugging method, after jtag ;)
01:30:30pamauryhaha, forgetting to clear BSS region is a nasty bug
01:30:45foolshNo, I would not underestimate the time nor talent required. I was surprised at the quantity of code to get to this point not the quality ;)
01:32:14pamauryat this point it does nothing ^^ The only thing it does it disconnect usb, which is the only way I can tell it's running my code at this point
01:32:55foolshPoorman's debug function heh?
01:33:52pamauryat this point, debugging is very frustrating because any failure means it doesn't do what you want, but you have no idea what it does
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01:38:56foolshI see, would that make finding the frame buffer addresses and get some kind of feed back working the next step? or would you rely on a debugger running on the host PC?
01:40:40pamauryin this particular case, my next step when usb is working is to understand better the memory layout, in particular what is the amount of memory this thing has
01:41:04pamauryif it's too small, I'll just there because it means rockbox cannot be ported without huge effort
01:41:08pamaury*just stop
01:44:22pamauryoh and always, try to determine clock speed
01:49:21*foolsh has finally finished compiling the gcc toolchain for cortex-m4
01:51:05foolshI only hope symbolicly linking arm-none-eabi-gcc to arm-none-eabi-cc was not a mistake
01:52:24foolshShould be right though as far as I know
01:52:36foolshThanks again pamaury I'm off to bed
01:52:45pamaurygood night
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04:58:53*[Saint] likes the way that the irc logs let you jump into the future...
04:59:21[Saint]Next Day -> "No such file or directory"...I should hope not.
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14:17:08Dynionhello everyone:)
14:17:51Dynionafter having a lovely, lovely time with my rockboxed ipod classic for 2.5 years, it's 3.5mm broke down
14:18:21Dynionmay i ask if there's a better alternative to the classic, or it still the best option?
14:18:47marazyou could open up the classic and change the connector
14:19:20maraztakes a bit of soldering though
14:19:40Dynionoooh... that sounds good... i solder often enough
14:20:44Dynionany clues on how to open up the thing? it's a 5g
14:21:02copperthen it's not a "Classic"
14:21:15Dynionpoint taken
14:21:23copperjust sayin', for future reference if you ever ask something about Rockbox on your iPod
14:21:35Dynionipod 5g is better indeed
14:21:50Dynionit feels like a classic to me:p
14:21:54Dynionthe 30gb thingy
14:22:02copperdifferent Rockbox ports though
14:22:10soapWell, it's a more mature port with dual boot. It's a slower processor, worse DAC, and easier-to-scratch body.
14:22:18Dynioni know. You're right
14:22:56Dynionstill... i like it (with rockbox that is, without i would probably throw it away)
14:25:00copperDynion: if 30 GB is enough or nearly enough for you, you could use a flash based player with microsd support
14:25:15copperit would be a lot less laggy
14:25:35copperpersonally I prefer the Fuze+ over my iPod Classic
14:25:37Dynioni dont mind the laggyness... i just put on a playlist in the morning listen to it whenever i want
14:26:08Dynioni'm just wondering if there's any better alternative audio-based
14:26:22Dyniondac-based might be better:p
14:26:53copperyou mean quality-wise?
14:26:57Dynioni found an iriver H10... but i think it's pretty crappy so not buying it yet...
14:27:03Dynionbut i may try openinbg this one up
14:27:09copperer, sound quality-wise
14:27:16Dynionsound quality-wise yes
14:27:22copperthe actual iPod Classic is slightly better than the older iPods
14:27:47copperthe "Classic" is the name of the latest HDD based generation of iPods
14:28:04Dynioni found that out too, but its pretty expensive still... (and its not included in the installer and im lazy_
14:28:49Dynioni managed to buy this one for 35 dollar 2.5 years ago xD
14:31:25soapThe iRiver H10 is an iPod Mini with a colour screen.
14:31:31Dynionhow are these toshiba players? never saw them
14:31:47soapworse sound quality than the iPod 5G
14:31:55Dynionthanks soap... in my view that does mean it sucks :X
14:32:17soapjust a coupling issue with low-impedance 'phones really. Everything else is reasonable.
14:32:28n1simo the beast is good sound quality wise but has crap battery time
14:32:59n1sthough i've only really used one pair of phones
14:34:16Dynioni use a set of atomic floyds twistjaxx and im hoping i have budget left for the focal spirit one sometime soon
14:34:42Dynionbut i think it's a good start to have a working player first, cause my phone is not nearly the quality of a rockbox player
14:39:45Dynioninstaller says you guys reach up to ipod 5.5g and work has begun at 6th gen.. Did you guys start the 7th gen already? if so i think i will be looking out for that one... my last ipod served me well...
14:42:01copper"6th gen" and later are all the ipod6g port
14:42:07copperit works
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14:45:06Dynionah awesome
14:45:24Dynionfor now i opened up my 5th gen...
14:46:15Dynionhow on earth am i supposed to solder this..
14:49:14n1sthe installation on the 6g is a little trickier and has some manual steps
14:50:17Dynioni know, but that's ok... i can't always be lazy, can i:P
14:50:46Dynioni actually laughed my ass of the first time "rockbox was installed..." errr what? already?
15:02:20Dynioni think i'm just going to put some contact spray in the jack and see if it helps:D
15:02:43Dynioncause i am surely not good enough with solder and ipods to fix a new one
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15:12:59pamauryf**************** damn******** usb analyser, can't that thing just WORK out of the box ?!!!!!!!
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15:26:33pamaurygod, can someone explain me what is the purpose of a usb analyser if it crashes under the only circumstance where its actually useful
15:27:43 Quit n1s (Quit: Ex-Chat)
15:27:54foolshNo, sorry that would contradict logic ;)
15:28:56pamauryI should definitely complete my reverse engineering of its protocol to avoid using the crappy windows-only software
15:31:01foolshA usb analyser is just supposed to be the man in the middle logging all the data right? Maybe it's broken.
15:32:00pamauryno the hardware is fine, but the windows driver sometimes lockup and the windows software well, I think I should just avoid talking about it or I could angry pretty quickly
15:32:12foolshAh oh say no more
15:32:36pamauryI already disassembled the whole driver and figured out how to enable basic capture, but now I would need to figure out the data format used, that's a lot of work
15:32:51pamauryor I could just try to reprogram it myself: it's a cypress chip + fpga
15:33:28pamauryI tried to contact the vendor several times, but of course they "have no time" to give me data specification
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16:29:44SYSTEM_I just noticed that;a=commit;h=e21d8f5 changed the Fuze+ bootloader, so I tried to use RButil to update my bootloader. After unplugging and letting the Fuze+ update (in the OF), i reconnected and opened RButil again. The 'Info' tab says my bootloader is from 2012-01-09. Shouldn't it be newer?
16:30:45 Nick SYSTEM_ is now known as Water (
16:34:20WaterI just noticed that;a=commit;h=e21d8f5 changed the Fuze+ bootloader, so I tried to use RButil to update my bootloader. After unplugging and letting the Fuze+ update (in the OF), i reconnected and opened RButil again. The 'Info' tab says my bootloader is from 2012-01-09. Shouldn't it be newer?
16:35:15pamauryWater: the new bootloader has not been upload the website yet
16:35:41 Join Freeuser [0] (44fde5aa@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
16:36:09Waterpamaury: gotcha thanks!
16:36:58 Quit Freeuser (Client Quit)
16:38:19Dynionnope... the ipod's dead :(
16:42:08Dynionlol... is the archos jukebox studio 20 any good? it looks pretty funny xD
16:50:40DynionDoes anyone know if the Philips hdd6320 is any good?
16:50:50Dynionspecs are ok
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19:45:30*foolsh would like to get back in his wiki account BenjaminBrown but does not have that email address any more, nor does he remember his password
19:46:46Mirthats foolish of you :)
19:49:39foolsh;) good one
19:51:28foolshI tried every password I can think I've ever used for last ten years but still, nada
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21:32:34topperIs there a Rockbox available for Creative Zen X-Fi ?
21:35:27pamaurytopper: it's work in progress, we have code and it work but I have not written the instruction on how to install it yet
21:36:26 Join topper_ [0] (5b7defba@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
21:36:56topper_ok thanks. I'll hang on till it's ready.
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