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#rockbox log for 2013-10-28

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00:44:21K1773Rive read and im new to rockbox so i want to give it a try. i have a 2007 classic ipod. the page says i need to install emcore to the ipod but i see no further instructions on how to install rockbox afterwards.
00:44:54[Saint]That's because we don't handle the installation at all. FOr a reason.
00:45:09[Saint]You'll want to talk to the freemyipod folks.
00:46:00[Saint](to which that page should direct you)
00:47:29[Saint]Hmmmm...the tracker is leaking...
00:47:54[Saint]Zagor: (logs) ^
00:48:01K1773Ri c, the emcore wiki is helpfull. thanks
00:48:34[Saint]Please use full English words here, for the benefit of those with screen readers, etc.
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01:24:48K1773Rdoes the rockbox project accept bitcoin donations?
01:47:09[Saint]Not currently, no.
01:47:17[Saint]Just paypal and flattr
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02:41:29soapYea, we really should:
02:41:57soapA - Take over the automatically generated Rockbox FB page and like actually control it and at least feed it announcements.
02:42:05soapB - Accept BTC
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08:15:34wodzHa, now I understand what strange aligning in address calculation of the rk27xx nand read routines means. It simply account for dualplane/multidie address constraint. The weird thing is this driver doesn't use enchanced modes actually.
08:17:50wodzAnyone knows if Toshiba nands are any special? The multidie calculation is only performed if vendor is toshiba. Thats kinda strange
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08:54:32wodzmortalis: any progress with hifiman ftl?
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09:08:01mortaliswodz: nope, I ran skyeye, but I didn't have enough time to play with it.
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13:20:51wodzpamaury: any new findings about rknano ?
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13:32:41pamaurywodz: not yet
13:32:56pamauryI'm trying to make hwstub to work but current, I can get any usb transfer working
13:33:19pamauryyesterday I tried to debug with the usb analyser but I didn't have time to finish
13:34:26pamaurythe point is that I know how to upload code to it and I know that hwstub is correctly running
13:34:30pamaurythat's already a good start
13:35:56pamaurylebellium: the zen xfi2 is at 44€, that's quite expensive now
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15:29:59pamaurylebellium: the ebay vendor offered me a second chance because he has two devices, maybe i'll be able to get one finalkly
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19:41:00lebelliumpamaury: whaouh! 50€ for such a bad player. Germans are crazy Oo
19:41:32[Saint]Just don't mention the war.
19:42:17lebelliumSo you told him to keep the DVP-FL0015 version for you?
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19:56:21dfkt_funman, the clip+ is revived :) booting from ext storage works fine so far
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20:10:34pamaurylebellium: yeah
20:10:44pamauryI hope the fund will help me on this one !
20:11:04[Saint]If anyone deserves it lately, its you.
20:11:21[Saint]Hell...if it /doesn't/, for some strange reason...I will. SO, there.
20:13:16pamauryfurthermore on this particular model, internal storage will be supported, contrary to the nand model where it's far from done
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21:10:58funmandfkt_: nice ^_^
21:11:22funmandfkt_: so you applied the patch I gave you to both bootloader and binary? (I don't remember well how I had tested it)
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21:21:28[Saint]TheSeven recently asked a while back if anyone needed his JTAGed Clip
21:21:54[Saint](I think he was geting rid of desk clutter and unwanted projects)
21:22:26funmanI am not interested
21:22:44 Join rudi_s [0] (
21:22:52funmanit's been a while since I did any sansa work
21:23:59funmanoh I made my first commit today 5 years ago
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21:24:43[Saint]Happy Rockbox cake day then, funman.
21:25:45 Join y4n [0] (~y4n@unaffiliated/y4ndexx)
21:26:05*funman blows a candle and quickly leaves before someone tries again to give him a Clip
21:34:42*bertrik offers a bricked clip+ to funman
21:36:01 Quit y4n (Quit: only amiga makes it possible)
21:37:54 Join rasher [0] (~rasher@rockbox/developer/rasher)
21:38:03funmangive those to pamaury :)
21:42:24pamauryI've not done any serious work on the clip+ since ages, but I'm not against new hardware
21:42:53[Saint]Maybe you want TheSeven's JTAGed unit too then? :)
21:43:39[Saint]_someone_ in active deleopment ought to benefit from what should be an unbrickable CLip
21:44:50[Saint]...and you're about the activ-est active developer at the moment.
21:44:55[Saint]For a while, actually.
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22:16:33dfkt_funman, i only applied the patch to the bootloader... that might explain why everything works fine, but settings don't get saved :D
22:16:48dfkt_thanks for the heads-up
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22:28:56dfkt_...aaand now the config.cfg gets saved, woohoo
22:29:32 Join shamus [0] (
22:30:06dfkt_and the "USB hide internal drive" option makes very much sense now too
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23:37:08[Saint]dfkt_: I'm not sure I understand how you got the patched OF onto the player. If the internal memory worked, at all, there's no need to have used tis option to boot solely from the sdcard, and, if the internal storage wasn't working I don't understand how you updated the FW.
23:38:21lebelliumI guess he said that it works for about 5min before crashing
23:39:39TheSevenwell... not really unbrickable, much rather hardbricked and tethered-bootable
23:39:56[Saint]It makes a massive amount of sense to get this merged.
23:40:12TheSevenlooks like the nand, some data structure on it, or the SD controller is fried on that clip+
23:40:35[Saint]Something along the lines of "If rockbox.sansa isn't in /, lets check /<microsd1> and see if we can boot from there"
23:41:12[Saint]Since this is the kind of thing that really needs to be done *before* it is required. :)
23:41:53[Saint]If the problem is "can't access internal storage, at all", you're kinda screwed.
23:42:42[Saint]Even if you do have a Rockbox patched FW that can boot from the sdcard, its not of any use unless you can get it onto the device.
23:43:05[Saint]...but, if you can boot from the internal storage, it makes approximately no sense to boot from the sdcard.
23:44:05lebelliumconclusion: thaty o
23:44:15lebelliumthat only makes sense in the very specific dfkt's case
23:45:55[Saint]It would be *excellent* if the bootloader automagically booted from the sdcard if the appropriate directory structure is present thereon.
23:46:21[Saint]It would make testing <patched version> vs git head on these devices somewhat easier too.
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