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#rockbox log for 2013-11-07

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00:21:06rocketninehey guys, on my ipod mini 2nd gen i have to spin the click wheel at least one or two notches before being able to use any of the buttons
00:21:20rocketnineonce i spin it a bit, it works fine until i lock the ipod again
00:21:31rocketnineis this a setting that i can disable somewhere? i cant find it anywhere if so
00:23:24gevaertsI'm a bit doubtful about the details now, but that sounds like an old bug
00:23:49gevaertsIt's just that I seem to vaguely half-remember something about it being fixed, but that can easily be wrong
00:26:02rocketninealas i just upgraded to the latest stable release, unless you think it may have been fixed since then
00:26:30gevaertsNo, not definitely not since then
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01:14:30[Saint] we keep the seed when we "reshuffle" a playlist?
01:14:56[Saint]note: not the "Shuffle" setting, the playlist options entry - the one that apparently doesn't allow for de-shuffling.
01:15:36[Saint](its called "Reshuffle", though its got no way of being aware if the playlist is shuffled already or not - though it could - so the naming is kinda terrible too...but, hey)
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01:24:19*[Saint] decides it _should_ be pretty easy to give the "true random" people what they want by generating entropy from device input.
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03:58:53JdGordon[Saint]: we really need proper rules in skins :/
03:59:07JdGordonleaving everything up to the themer sucks
03:59:19[Saint]Whatcha lookin' at?
04:00:27[Saint]Heh, I was editing that - you chose the wrong theme.
04:00:36[Saint]wrong target, at least.
04:01:08[Saint]its also not the right change, its not sufficient.
04:01:27[Saint]There's some ugly vp blocking magic that needs taken care of too.
04:01:58[Saint]looks like I can change most of them to static viewports now, though.
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04:07:33JdGordonyeah, it shouldnt be that hard :)
04:09:16[Saint]Done. Untested, though.
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07:42:52wodzgevaerts: The bug about scrollwheel and buttons was supposed to be fixed but is not. I vaguely remember it has something to do with scrollwheel not issuing _REL condition which borks something during screen change. This is sort of architectural problem as I hit the same bug in mpio hd300 where I modeled scrollstrip driver after ipods.
07:43:45wodzI think I added timeout in hd300 driver to avoid this.
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10:49:08wodzIts really amusing that ADFU server is hand written asm :-)
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11:54:39wodzpamaury: ping
11:57:46pamaurywodz: pong
12:01:12pamaurywhat ADFU ? the DFU mode of the ATJ ?
12:01:40wodzpamaury: Yes
12:01:43pamaurydoes it use the format I reversed or not at all ?
12:02:14wodzwin tools use the format you reversed
12:02:29pamauryI guess you lack the scrambler at this point
12:02:39wodzNot yet
12:03:27wodzIf you decrypt and unpack the firmware with your tool you will get (among others) ADFUS.BIN file which is plain mips binary loaded as the second step in recovery process
12:03:59wodzthis binary is by no means assembled from hand written asm file (no standard compiler generated stuff)
12:04:51wodzWhat is interesting is the first uploaded image during recovery. It is scrambled. I would love to understand how.
12:05:32wodzI have some 'reference' tool in atj materials but I am not good at crypt stuff
12:05:36pamauryI see, but do you have any code to reverse to understand how it is scrambled ?
12:06:03wodzI think I have descrambling routine in mips asm but lacks key
12:06:31wodzthe key is in rom probably
12:08:04pamauryI can do it if you give me the tool and some file
12:08:21*pamaury has it already maybe in the huge ATJ package
12:08:41wodzhmm, maybe I should try to extract rom but this means I need to write usb driver for undocumented core :-/
12:08:42pamauryis it big ?
12:08:53wodzbig what?
12:09:44wodzpamaury: in atj materials look for brom_fage_verify_internal_release_20071210.rar
12:10:31wodzpamaury: in adfu/encrypt there are some probably related files
12:11:56wodzpamaury: If you descramble and unpack e series firmware the file ADEC_N63.BIN is the first image sent during recovery and it is scrambled
12:12:13pamauryI have ATJ2135_Material.7z, it is in this ?
12:12:40wodzit could be that that ADEC_63.BIN is descrambled version of the same binary but I don't know for sure
12:12:48wodzpamaury: yes it should be in this archive
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12:14:14pamauryin E150 firmware I have ADEC_63.BIN, 8704 bytes
12:14:51wodzpamaury: don't you have ADEC_N63.BIN also?
12:14:57 Join [Saint] [0] (~saint@rockbox/user/saint)
12:15:00wodzthe same size
12:15:16wodzok, so N version is probably scrambled version of the second
12:15:18pamaurywhat is the different ?
12:16:03wodzI mean ADEC_63.BIN disassembles to something meaningful at first glance while N version definitely don't
12:16:17pamauryindeed, and what are the tools in adfu/ for ?
12:18:10wodzMy guess is that adfudec has source file for this ADEC thing. According to makefile the last step is to call Encrypt.exe on plain binary which I think produces the N version
12:19:21pamaurybut it takes a key you think ?
12:19:29wodzScratch that. What I think is that adfudec is close to what is in rom.
12:20:35pamaurywhat about adfuserver ?
12:21:13wodzadfuserver contains source for second image uploaded in recovery mode. It is transfered as plain binary
12:22:25pamauryOk so device boot with adfudec, host sent scrambled image and then adfuserver in plain binary ?
12:24:14wodzAccording to usb sniffing: 1) host sends ADEC_N63.BIN to 0xb4040000 2) host sends command to execute code at 0xb4040000 3) host sends ADFUS.BIN to 0xa0000000 4) host sends command to execute at 0xa0000000
12:24:35wodz0xb4040000 is Iram, 0xa0000000 is dram
12:24:51pamauryin adfudec.S there is a decrypting routine, uses Decrypt_Xor_Key which is 0
12:25:45wodzSo this scrambled ADEC_N63.BIN needs to 1) setup MMU 2) setup cache 3) setup DRAM 4) handle next code upload
12:26:17wodzThis looks striking similar to what adfudec thing do
12:26:23wodzand link address maches
12:26:36pamauryI see, so basically you want to make sure this scrambled binary is adfudec
12:27:01pamaurydid you try to run Encrypt.exe ?
12:27:22wodzit crashes in wine and I don't have vm or real win machine here
12:27:32pamaurylet me try
12:28:28wodzthere are two Encrypt.exe makefile calls this encrypt/Encrypt.exe src_file dst_file 1
12:30:38pamauryencrypt/Encrypt.exe does not seem to work properly
12:30:45pamaurybut Encrypt.exe does
12:31:42wodzyou mean this from encrypt/tool_src/Encrypt.exe ?
12:32:41pamauryyeah tool_src/Encrypt.exe seems broken, sorry
12:32:41pamaurybut not the other one
12:33:18pamauryand it seems that it nearly perfectly scrambles ADEC_63.BIN into the N version, the different is minimal, strange
12:34:31pamaurythe difference is that the last ~400 bytes of the file produced are zero whereas they are nonzero in the N version
12:35:15wodzmaybe some key is appended
12:35:24pamaurylooking at the code though, tools_src/Encrypt.exe doesn't work the same: it takes 5 parameters
12:35:43pamauryself_dcrypt_srcfile dcryptd_srcfile self_dcrypt_dstfile dcryptd_dstfile 1
12:36:04pamaurywhatever it means
12:36:07wodzfor me it looks like some test tool - it seems it first crypts with random key and then decrypts to check
12:37:30wodzhow many bytes exactly are different between crypted version of ADEC_63 and ADEC_N63? If this is 512 bytes this could be the key
12:39:36 Quit pamaury (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
12:43:07 Join pamaury [0] (c2d2fd7a@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
12:43:37pamauryit's not 512 bytes
12:43:39pamaurywine tool_src/Encrypt.exe ADEC_63.BIN ADEC_63.BIN out2.bin out.bin 1
12:43:45pamauryit doesn't crash
12:43:58pamaurybut actually this tool uses a random key
12:44:08wodzthats what I said
12:45:42wodzADEC_63.BIN seems to be what I thought it is - the beginning is slightly different form adfudec .S file but close enough
12:45:46pamauryI mean, if you look at the code, it seems the key is used for both files
12:46:55pamauryI don't know what to think about this tool_src/Encrypt.exe, looks strange
12:47:07pamaurythe other one is more promising I would say
12:47:21wodzyeah, and it seems to contain valid key
12:48:48 Join pamaury_ [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
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12:49:09 Nick pamaury_ is now known as pamaury (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
12:49:27pamauryI have a wild guess: ADEC_N63.BIN is not the scrambled version of ADEC_63.BIN
12:49:48pamauryit is the scrambled version of ADEC_63.BIN where the bss/data section containing the key was modified
12:51:06wodzcould be
12:51:19pamaurydo you want me to disassemble Encrypt.exe ?
12:51:56wodzIf you have time - sure.
12:52:33wodzI will try to dump rom - if the key there will be the same we could say BINGO :-)
12:54:13pamauryoh wait
12:54:20pamauryI think this tool can decrypt
12:58:34pamauryhum no, this is just a copy mode, WTF ?
12:59:39pamauryit uses a random key tool :-/
13:00:08pamaurybut output is deterministic, I'm kind of lost
13:00:31pamauryoh no, random padding rather
13:02:18 Join ikeboy [0] (
13:04:53pamaurywodz: the Encrypt.exe tool uses a hardcoded key
13:06:24pamaury512 byte long
13:07:59wodzThat is the size I would expect looking at mips asm
13:08:56pamauryit does something along these lines: read file, add random padding to reach multiple of 512 bytes
13:09:33pamauryxor the entire data with the key (more or less)
13:10:08wodzI think it xors the data in a few rounds
13:10:22pamauryand then some apply some local permutation
13:10:48pamauryactually it very similar to what the code in tool_src/ does, just a bit different
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13:20:38pamaurygoing for lunch
13:20:44pamauryI'll extract the key later
13:20:53 Join copper_ [0] (~copper@unaffiliated/copper)
13:21:36pamauryI think it is pretty easy to write a descrambler by the way, see what it does on the N version
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14:08:02pamaurywodz: pamaury/7354330">
14:08:11pamauryworking version, produce the same output as Encrypt.exe
14:08:27pamauryI'm going to write decrypt too
14:09:41wodzman, you are fast !
14:10:59wodzI need to verify carefully but I think that I can upload ADEC_N63.BIN and it should support downloading from arbitrary address which would allow to dump rom.
14:11:40 Quit kugel (Quit: Lost terminal)
14:15:07pamaurywodz: indeed, I always eat fast ;)
14:22:00pamaurywodz: new version pamaury/7354330">
14:22:03pamauryit decrypts
14:22:38pamaurydecrypting the N version produces the input version except the bytes at the end are non-zero, my guess is that these a key
14:23:00 Join amayer [0] (
14:23:25pamauryif I count correctly, there are 304 different bytes, in one block
14:23:40 Join kugel [0] (
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14:24:10pamauryor it's just random padding
14:24:15pamauryquite possible too
14:24:42wodzi'll check in disassm if this part is referenced at all
14:24:59pamaurysince ADEC_63.BIN size is a multiple of 512, it is pretty it was padded
14:25:23pamauryand the last part is only made of zero, so it's consistent with this padding theory
14:25:54pamauryanyway, I suggest you check this tool and commit it to our trunk if you think it's useful ;)
14:28:53wodzyeah, pretty much looks like padding
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17:21:41pixelmahmm, where is the bug tracker gone?
17:22:05gevaertsZagor hid it because there's an issue he needs to fix
17:22:12gevaertsI don't know what the status is
17:22:43 Quit Zagor (Quit: Clint excited)
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18:04:25KetturiBooting to original firmware & clearing settings with ipod hold switch is anoying feature in my opinion...
18:07:21 Join ClaudioR [0] (5d2e47ed@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
18:07:50ClaudioRim seek lorenzomiori
18:08:07lebelliumI call him
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18:20:17lebelliumhe hasn't replied so far
18:27:44 Join lorenzo92 [0] (
18:29:15lebellium here you are ClaudioR
18:29:41ClaudioRim talk with him :) thanx
18:30:12lebelliumif that's a useful discussion for rockbox, please talk here.
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19:39:35gevaertsOK, the old usb-drv-as3525v2 had the same problem
19:42:27fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 59b1fbc, 240 builds, 37 clients.
19:46:51fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 263 seconds.
19:47:48pamauryhey, that was super fast !
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20:06:42 Join webguest98 [0] (1fb9968c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
20:07:27webguest98anybody know where I can get the download for ROCKbox on ZEN X-Fi?
20:08:09pamaurywebguest98: it is not published yet, I just uploaded everything for the ZEN, ZEN X-Fi should be tomorrow or during the week-end
20:08:33webguest98ok thanks.
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23:12:45 Join DuperMan [0] (
23:13:25DuperManzen rockbox. srsly?!?!?!
23:16:27 Quit kugel (Quit: Lost terminal)
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23:40:32 Join Dynion [0] (4dac8371@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
23:40:44Dynionhey guys!
23:41:00Dyniondo you guys know anything about the Colorfly C3? reviews are splendid
23:42:26DuperManoi. 2007/8 zen, not zen xtra:/
23:42:29DuperManoh well
23:43:28pamauryDuperMan: english please
23:43:52ZagorDynion: they sure didn't waste any money on the display...
23:44:11DuperManpamaury: a test release of rockbox was released for the venerable creative zen, at long last
23:44:26pamauryI know, I did it
23:44:39DuperManalas, it is for a model subsequent to mine's generation
23:44:47DuperManlol sorry dude, you rock:D
23:44:51*DuperMan is honored
23:45:02DuperManlike, to be annoying the man who did it xD
23:45:39Dynionoh man... not another of those players that doesnt respond to what you want... pfff... last time i wanted a new rockbox player it went so easy XD
23:45:59pamauryunfortunately, the models prior to the zen work very differently, I think they are based on a different chip
23:46:37DuperManassumed as much but I can get hold of the right model zen to beta test:)
23:46:52DuperManwill it be helpful?
23:47:24pamauryany beta testing is useful :)
23:47:41pamaurywe have a port to the Zen Vision:M, maybe it's closer to the Xtra, I admit I have no idea
23:48:00DuperManthe xtra is still a nomad model, technically
23:48:17DuperMan:) before creative finalized the rebrand for it's line of mp3 players
23:49:17DuperManit's a wonderful machine, very huge and 'vintage'... but the only lossless filetype it supports is uncompressed wav. such a shame..
23:49:28pamauryyeah, we have some old wiki page with info about the Xtra, it's closer to Zen Vision:M but not the same, not sure it's worth doing the port at this point
23:50:07DuperMan(supports regular 2.5 inch hdds of up to 120gb though, so it's a minor issue tbch)
23:50:46pamauryah right, mp3 players have gotten away from hdd for a long time now
23:51:22pamauryon the other hand, we will soon support Zen, Zen X-Fi and Zen Mozaic \o/
23:51:45pamauryand maybe one day we'll have 128Gb micro-sd ;)
23:52:12DuperManjust the models I gave up on creative because. splendid. ;)
23:52:34DuperManmaybe? done deal, just a waiting game if they handle 64:D
23:53:06DuperManso it's done. maaan... gonna let my gf keep the zen xtra but make her give me her mom's zen lol
23:53:16DuperManI'm doiing all this for you!!:P
23:53:20DuperManand the cause lol
23:54:27pamaurythanks :) I hope you won't be disappointed. If I may suggest, now is the good time to buy second hand Zen/X-Fi/Mozaic, they are pretty cheap
23:56:03DuperManhehe won't happen, wasted my vintage gear for rockbox on an ipod mini and ended up using of
23:56:32DuperManrockbox was too crashy with a 64gb cf installed
23:56:47DuperManwhat dac is it in them there zens btw?
23:57:05pamaurybuilt-in dac in the system-on-chip
23:57:27pamauryit's called i.MX233, from freescale
23:58:36DuperManoh. is it.. epic sounding? I'm a bit of an audiofag
23:58:54DuperManhence my love of the old zen:D

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