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#rockbox log for 2013-11-10

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01:53:26[Saint][08:11:13] <Narod> The iPod Classic devices are as big as the iPod Video, right?
01:53:26[Saint][08:12:44] <copper> thinner
01:53:55[Saint]...only some.
01:55:06[Saint]The 160GB CE-ATA Classic is massive.
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13:43:29sisypheHello im looking 4 a rockbox for android 800x480x86
13:47:47sisypheYes, I tried this.They are built from an unmodified source tree and not so user-friendly on android, any other builds?
13:48:15lebelliumwhy would there be other builds?
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13:48:49lebelliumThat's how Rockbox is on Android
13:48:53lebelliumthere is no other version
13:50:31sisyphebut Fonts issue...
13:50:47lebelliumyou can download the font pack
13:50:57sisypheI don't really know how to use it...
13:52:17lebelliumhow to use what?
13:52:18K1773Rjust upack at the right place...
14:20:40NarodI think the Android port is listed as "unusable" for a reason. ;)
14:21:02NarodIt works, but it's far from being done.
14:23:44sisypheYeah hope the per-day builds goes on
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14:36:19NarodI think rockbox needs pretty much an entirely different UI for Android. Since we don't have buttons or a separate touchpad, having a classic scroll&select interface is not exactly the best idea.
14:36:46NarodMaybe I'll do that as a project for college if my professor allows it. (in a year or two, that is.)
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15:12:13pamauryhum, there is something strange with the mmu setup of the NWZ-E380, it is not as usual
15:12:32pamauryI might need to reverse the full mmu setup finally
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20:29:28pamauryTheSeven: ping
20:29:49Zagorflyspray is now back up. a little thorny, but up.
20:31:12pamauryTheSeven: I am facing something really weird where disassembling some firmware for the imx233, maybe you'll have an idea
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20:32:30pamauryThe firmware is a bit like elf: there are chunks of code which are loaded at different location in memory. On top of this, the firmware comes with a big data block which is actually code to put at a virtual location (to handle swapping). Some the firmware setup virtual memory and loads this block of code. Noting too fancy BUT
20:33:19pamaurythe firmware code mostly lies in two blocks: [0,0x8000[ and [0x40000000,0x40900000[
20:33:35pamaurybut virtual block of code lies in [0x100000,0x300000[
20:33:57pamauryand now for the weirdness: in the virtual code, I found occurences of calls to some non-existing code
20:34:33pamauryfor example, some (obviously interworking stuff) code calls code at 0x40A3891D, so non-mapped location
20:35:01pamaurywhat is funny is that for some reason, I know what the piece of code called, and I know its actual address is 0x4086C92C
20:35:39pamauryyou couldn't tell anything from one example, right ? But I have a second occurrence of the problem: code calls 0x40A37F7D and I know the actual code is at 0x4086BF8C
20:35:59pamaurynow there is some strange coincidence: in both cases, the offset is 0x1CBFF1
20:36:36pamauryany idea on how this could work and why it is done this way ?
20:38:53TheSevensome kind of runtime relocation going on?
20:39:04TheSevendo you have a memory dump of how all of this looks like once it's loaded?
20:39:39pamauryI don't even have the device ^^
20:40:31pamauryyeah I thought about relocation but why would you do that when you know in advance the location of this block of code ?
20:40:41TheSeventhe offset +1 part suggests thumb is involved here, but no idea where that ~190KB offset comes from
20:40:49TheSevendo they really know that at compile time?
20:41:11TheSeventhe offset seems a bit too small to make sense for runtime relocation
20:41:15pamauryyeah the target is thumb code
20:41:24TheSevenyou'd usually use virtual address 0 or something as the base for that
20:43:13pamauryyeah they know, I have disassemble enough of the mmu setup to know that, they *always* load the code block at 0x100000
20:43:35pamauryand on the other devices of the same line, the same virtual block of code existed and didn't have these strange addresses
20:43:51pamauryyes exactly, that's rather strange for a relocation
20:44:28pamaurythe offset is not a multiple of something useful...
20:48:56pamauryI found out
20:49:04pamaurysuicide suddently became an option
20:49:13pamauryas well
20:54:40pamaurysorry for loosing your time
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21:09:25TheSevenpamaury: now I'm curious :)
21:13:08pamaurysince: in ida I loaded the code as an additional file and since I do that in a virtual machine using shared folders which are very slow, I don't have the patience to go into the folders so I just type the uri directly
21:13:27pamauryso I put \\VBOXSHARED\\blabla\nwz-e360\fw_1.0.0\pvmi.bin
21:13:38pamauryinstead of \\VBOXSHARED\\blabla\nwz-e380\fw_1.0.0\pvmi.bin
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21:14:05pamauryand since my reverse engineering folders are *very* well organised with standard naming for some, that was an actual file
21:14:35pamauryand since it was a very close target, it wasn't obvious that there was a mismatch, because some addresses were actually correct (!)
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21:15:05pamauryI feel quite stupid now :)
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22:12:10pamauryhum, the lcd of the e380 is the exact same (very bad) lcd as the e370
22:12:22pamaurySony must be kidding, the E380 is just another E370
22:37:58 Nick SuperBrainAk is now known as DormantBrain (~andy@2001:470:8:a61::5f92:59a1)
22:49:45pamaurygevaerts: I'm wondering, isn't there an inherent race condition in the current code with the current implementation of card_get_info_target and sd_get_info() ?
22:50:01pamauryI mean, most sd drivers are lazy: they init the storage only on the first read/write
22:50:15gevaertsI have *no* idea
22:50:23pamauryso if for some reason the get_info() is called before read_sectors() or write_sectors(), you're dead
22:51:53pamaurythat might explain some weirdness with sd, doesn't it ?
22:51:57*gevaerts hasn't ever looked at sd drivers
22:52:24saratogacan you add a panic to the current source code and see if users report it?
22:52:30gevaertsBut yes, from what you describe, that could cause issues
22:52:51pamaurysaratoga: that's what I going to do on my device to see
22:53:23saratogawhich device is this?
22:55:41pamauryI'll tes on my fuze+ and on the ZEN
22:56:07pamauryfuze+ for microsd sd and ZEN because it's internal sotrage is sd and some users have reported funny things
22:56:39saratogain general i like to put debug messages for as many possible error conditions as possible
22:56:55saratogasince we have all these random users saying they have a panic doing X
22:58:47pamauryyeah I agree, but like most race condition you first need to be aware that it can happen before you do something about it :)
22:58:57coppercan burn-in occur on the display of an iPod Classic?
23:00:00saratogaprobably not
23:00:07saratogai don't think modern LCDs get that anymroe do they?
23:01:48copperI know it happened on the OLED display of my FiiO E7
23:04:12pamauryonly OLED do that
23:04:23pamauryand all OLED do it ;)
23:04:41copperso LCD's fine?
23:04:45saratogayeah OLED is a bunch of carbon, sooner or later it burns up if you put enough power into it
23:05:06saratogaLCDs are a lot more stable in general
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23:08:10copperok, thanks
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23:42:23gevaertspamaury: I don't remember the details at all, but things start in usb.c with handling SYS_HOTSWAP_EXTRACTED and SYS_HOTSWAP_INSERTED, which trickles down to usb_storage.c where it mainly sets the ejected[] stuff, which is converted to lun_present in handle_scsi(), which is used to decide on what to return to SCSI_TEST_UNIT_READY
23:43:35pamauryyeah I saw that, so either we are doing it wrong or imx233 is broken wrt to this or the kernel doesn't correctly interpret our sense status
23:49:09lebelliumpamaury: there is no difference between E370 and E380?! That's pure rebranding?
23:50:27pamaurylebellium: I'm not exactly sure how different but lcd is exactly the same, interesting pins so far too, not sure for the tuner but they are strong signs toward it
23:50:34pamauryso yeah, that's clearly possible at this point
23:50:46pamauryonly the firmware is different, perhaps it handles more format
23:51:02lebelliumI'll compare the user manual
23:51:29pamauryI don't understand why they use the same the lcd as the E370, it's soooo bad
23:51:33lebelliumI hate when Sony tries to fool the consumer
23:51:33pamaurythe E360 is much better
23:51:50lebelliumyeah, worse screen for the same size
23:52:02lebelliumsame price*
23:52:50pamauryhey that's sony, they have been rebranding mp3 players for years now
23:52:58pamaurythey basically only have two of them

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