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#rockbox log for 2013-11-15

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00:31:33DuperManpamaury: MOAR NIGHTLY plz?:)
00:32:21DuperMano/t, I was out cold for medical crap so I went a.w.o.l for 48h, sorry
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01:21:47pamaurylebellium (logs): after 4h, E360 is ~3.87V in rockbox and E370 is at 3/4 bars in OF, playing the Rammstein album
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02:36:54lonoxmontandypotter: you still around?
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06:47:04mikebombI am still trying to get a developer interested in taking a look at FS #12864. This bug was introduced between 3.12 and 3.13 and affects the Resume Playback feature. Thanks for your attention.
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08:38:04wodzI've got answer from ralink employee about usb core used in their mips based SoCs. As expected he can't share technical documentation due to NDA restrictions. He says that the core is licensed from CAST ( Reading briefs of the IP cores offered I thing atj213x uses the same core but with slightly different build time options.
08:38:41wodzThe core is referred to as CUSB2
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08:50:31mortalis|2I've got two more rk27xx DAPs.
08:51:01mortalis|2Yeas they are also bricks and yes they are also contain hifi substring in name
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08:53:58mortalisIt's IHIFI 760 and 960
08:54:25wodzmortalis: rebranding or some generic dap?
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08:54:31saratogaare the hifiman people giving them to you?
08:55:07wodzsaratoga: pamaury had question for you yesterday
08:55:20mortalissaratoga: yes they were donated
08:55:37mortaliswodz: the second
08:57:05saratogapamaury: (for the logs): your thinking is correct, if they change the voltage in 25mV steps, than it is a linear adjustment rather than dB (which is exponential)
08:58:14saratoga16 steps * 25 mV = 400 mV, which is actually a very wide adjustment range
08:58:16mortalisbtw, who can review g658?
08:58:19fs-bluebotGerrit review #658 at : by (changes/58/658/1)
08:58:26wodzmortalis: Ah, this players are ok, right? From your first statement I concluded they were broken (bricked)
08:58:33saratogato be honest, flac is one of the only codecs I know nothing about
08:59:14mortaliswodz: No, I mean they are huge.
08:59:26mortalisactually 760 not huge but heavy
09:00:04saratogathe change looks relatively safe though
09:00:10saratogafrom the nothing i know about flac :)
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09:03:56wodzsaratoga: I think the main question of pamaury was if linear setting is related with -2dB steps OR is it separate (but cumulative)
09:06:14saratogapamaury: (for the logs): I would probably not use the linear adjustments until the very last few volume steps, and then I would enable +125, +200, +300, + 400 so they're approximately exponentially increasing
09:06:52saratogawodz: IIUC its cumulative, so probably to reach full volume you need to set the small adjustments to +400mV
09:08:35wodzso the linear part is like prescaler/limiter of output signal swing while the db part is for actual volume actuation?
09:09:24wodzthe mix of linear steps and db scale is pretty awkward
09:12:13wodzsaratoga: ^
09:12:33saratogayeah if I understand correctly
09:12:50saratogai guess they probably have two attenuators, one that is linear, the other that is log spaced
09:13:59saratogaif the max output voltage is 1v, than 0.25mV adjustment is equal to -32dB
09:14:44saratogaalternatively, if they designed it so that 0dB on the log amp is clipping, maybe you can just ignore the linear part :)
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10:39:46lebelliumHum 10hrs playback time with Rockboxed NWZ-E360 while Sony claims up to 30 hrs with OF :(
10:40:34Zagormeasure it with the same file. claims are just claims.
10:40:59lebelliumyes, I'll bench with OF to see the difference with Rockbox
10:41:05lebelliumSony uses MP3 128kbps CBR
10:41:13lebelliumwhile I'm using MP3 VBR V0
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12:30:27pamaurylebellium: ping
12:30:58lebelliumgot my email?
12:32:16pamaurylebellium: yes, my E360 with OF is still running but getting closing to the edge
12:32:26pamaury*sorry E370
12:33:01lebelliumI just started the E360 OF bench with "all songs" playback (404 MP3 VBR V0 files) and volume 20
12:33:30pamauryok, I guess the batteries of my E360 and E370 are not great anyway
12:33:57lebelliumSony claims 30hrs with MP3 CBR 128kbps. There shouldn't be such a difference with MP3 VBR VO
12:34:46pamaurythat's twice the bitrate, should make a difference
12:37:14lebelliumFrom my experience with DAPs reviews, there is a difference of course but not a 1/3 ratio difference like here. But nothing scientific in my words.
12:38:22pamaurycrazy me, I told you I would test the E360 OF but I ran rockbox on it :-s
12:38:44pamauryanyway, it lasted 10h30
12:39:06lebelliumso your battery is a bit better than mine or you didn't use the screen as much as me
12:39:10lebelliumbut anyway that's pretty low :S
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12:42:52lebelliumAre there still optimization possibilities?
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12:47:42pamauryI don't think so, we already do many optimisation and they work great on the fuze+
12:47:53pamauryI think we should test the OF before concluded anything
12:49:17lebelliumregardless the OF result, we can say that the battery life sucks. 10hrs it's even worse than a Clip :(
12:50:01lebelliumbut at least now you can calibrate the battery indicator :)
12:50:25wodzpamaury: - here are my findings about usb core in atj
13:01:56pamaurylebellium: actually we can optimise button reading, but I can't believe it will make a huge difference
13:03:02lebelliumWell, most of time the buttons were not used during the bench
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13:05:34pamauryI now but I'm not sure the ADC consumes a lot of power in this case, it's worth trying anyway
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14:21:27wodzpamaury: In hwstub memmove.S is assembled but not used
14:24:43pamauryyeah quite possible because no code uses memset at the moment
14:27:50wodzI think I know enough about atj to try porting hwstub :-)
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14:29:30pamauryI didn't have time to fix rk27xx or rknanob yet, maybe this week-end
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14:31:58pamaurylebellium: are you running OF now ?
14:32:08pamauryor rockbox with lower bitrate mp3 ?
14:32:27lebelliumOF with MP3 VBR V0
14:33:44pamauryOk, I'm going to bench rockbox with lower bitrate files and some hack to lower adc power
14:34:58pamauryhum, maybe it it's better to bench one change at a time, so I will just just the same files but adc power hack
14:35:21lebelliumIt's better indeed, even if it takes more time
14:43:20pamaurydone, I have lowered it to some stupid value, we'll see the result
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14:57:22wodzis there a way to tell objdump -d/-D to always output operand offsets in hex instead of decimal? lw v0,-14132(v0) isn't very usefull :-)
14:58:17pamauryah funny, with the arm objdump I often need the converse: decimal instead of hex, but I don't know how to do it
15:03:46pamauryI found a few topics on the web but it seems it is not possible :(
15:20:14wodzpamaury: I recall you said hwstub uses CTRL transfers only. Why it setups EP1 as BULK and EP2 as INT then?
15:21:19 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
15:22:24pamaurywodz (logs): some old I didn't remove probably
15:22:35pamaury*old code
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16:53:17pamaurychrisjj: do you suffer from the white screen problem on the ZEN or X-Fi ?
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17:48:48pamaurylebellium: the button adc patch doesn't seem to make any difference, the figures are exactly the same, I'm going to abort the test and try something else, I have another idea
17:49:08lebelliumthat was quite expected :)
17:50:56pamauryI will try some improvements on the pwm side, but I'm not very convinved either
17:51:02pamauryhow is the OF test going on ?
17:52:37 Join Strife89 [0] (~Strife89@2602:306:250e:cae9:2d89:dfde:ec8a:35f1)
17:54:07lebelliumMore than 5hrs elapsed and still 3 battery bars
17:55:27pamauryhum, there is indeed an issue
17:57:53 Quit einhirn (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
17:59:50lebelliumwell I'm not sure the OF indicator is reliable.
18:00:25pamaurylebellium: E370 OF benchmark test finish, it lasted ~21h
18:00:48lebelliumThat's already a bit better hehe
18:01:15pamauryI'll recharge and test with rockbox
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18:06:18lebelliumSony also claims 30hrs for the E370
18:07:49pamauryI noticed strange: the E370 OF shutdown with battery voltage of 3V, that's extremely low
18:08:44pamauryor maybe there is a huge voltage drop after 3.6V
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19:23:17cealProbably wrong but isn't the X-Fi 16GB wifi using a different OF to the 8GB non wifi version, they are listed so on the creative site. Could that have something to do with the white screen issue?
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19:40:07pamauryand damn he is gone, quick answer is no, it is the same download for both version, except if i'm missing something
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19:55:57pamaurylorenzo92: ping
19:57:03lorenzo92pamaury: pong
19:57:57pamauryi'll be available in 5 more minutes, in the mean time you can begin some work: make sure the z5 bootloader compiles (make sure the gerrit code is up to date), and then try to see when it crashes. To do this, use backlight for example: in the init code of the bootloader (see bootloader/imx233.c), insert a while(1); after some code and a code which enables backlight just before
19:58:19pamauryit the code reaches the while(1) then backlight will enabled, if it does not, it will not
19:58:32pamaurythat way you can at least get grasp of when it seem to crash
19:59:07lorenzo92yes indeed
19:59:32pamaurymake sure to reproduce each test several times
19:59:48pamauryto eliminate random crashes or timing related crashes
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20:10:23lorenzo92pamaury: I'm actually fixing conflicts
20:22:10 Join Szczepancio [0] (
20:23:38lorenzo92done, now crosscompile compile and then I can finally see what happened since a long time :)
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20:42:00pamaurylorenzo92: what is the status ?
20:43:24lorenzo92pamaury: i'm getting a syntax error when calling make
20:50:13 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
21:05:23lorenzo92version.h not found, I remember I had this problem some time ago, how to fix it?
21:06:05gevaertsDid you try building just a plugin?
21:07:47lorenzo92a bootloader
21:08:24gevaerts"version.h not found" means there's something fishy with the dependencies
21:08:38pamaurylorenzo92: can you pastebin the whole diff to HEAD ?
21:08:55lorenzo92to say, I have checked out an old patch of mine, pull −−rebase and then fixed conflicts
21:12:22lorenzo92(180 k of text ...)
21:20:27pamauryI don't see anything special, try to erase the build dir and start again
21:26:00pamaurylet me try
21:26:41lorenzo92I'm in no branch state, could be that guilty?
21:28:28pamauryI see, I didn't understand the error, so the code doesn't define RBVERSION which it should via version.h, strange
21:29:47pamauryah, I may know why
21:30:45pamauryin the config file, you miss #define IMX233_PARTITIONS 0
21:30:45pamauryjust after #define IMX233_PACKAGE IMX233_BGA169
21:32:26lorenzo92uh! thanks, now's better. now geting an error in the partitions include ^^
21:33:24lorenzo92indeed, otherwise the enum stays empty
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21:36:36lorenzo92pamaury: I would like to commit Z5 stuff asap, otherwise I always end up redoing the same job :)
21:37:11lorenzo92pamaury: BM_POWER_MINPWR_HALF_FETS not defined
21:37:47pamauryprotect BF_CLR(POWER_MINPWR, HALF_FETS); in #if IMX233_SUBTARGET >= 3700
21:39:13lorenzo92yeah was doing that, I'm now familiar :D
21:49:43andypotterlonoxmont: Fire up debug build. connect to head unit. From Rockbox main menu -> System -> Debug (Keep Out) -> Show Log File. There should be some commands visible by scrolling ClockWise or AntiClockWise. Wait for the Head Unit to complain, Rewind Key, Dump Log File. This will dump any IAP commands captured into file called logf.txt in the ./rockbox directory. Successive dumps overwrites...
21:49:44andypotter...existing logfile. Give it a try.
21:52:59lonoxmontandypotter: ill have to connect after i get into the debug log i think, since the head unit refuses to see the ipod at all in the interface, not even an ipod error message or anything
21:59:16 Quit bluebrother (Disconnected by services)
21:59:21 Join bluebrother^ [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
21:59:56andypotterlonoxmont: My Alpine head unit would send about 30 lines of IAP before displaying Error-1. I would hope that yours would do something similar.
21:59:57andypotterlonoxmont: Although it's a custom cable, having looked through various forums, it might still be using IAP over USB. Wish I could find a pinout for it.
22:00:20 Quit Szczepancio (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
22:00:31lonoxmontwell theres more than 4 pins hot in it, so i owuld think its something else
22:00:50 Quit rela (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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22:02:30 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
22:11:37andypotterOK, lets hope that we can get some IAP commands from it.
22:11:38andypotterWhat error do you get from the Head Unit with the normal daily build?
22:16:28 Join wodz [0] (~wodz@
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22:30:30wodzpamaury: ping
22:30:38pamaurywodz: pong
22:32:43wodzpamaury: hwstub 1) in interface descriptor says it has 3 endpoints 2) setups ep1 & ep2. Since this stub is supposed to be minimalistic shouldn't we state that we have only 1 ep (ep0) and do not touch other eps?
22:34:49pamauryas I said it's probably some code I forgot to remove, go ahead and remove it
22:36:28wodzright, the problem is that I have no device to test if this have side effects.
22:40:51 Quit sakax (Remote host closed the connection)
22:41:37pamauryok, I will later on
22:42:09pamaurybut it should not influence much, worst it could do is have the kernel don't use the device
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23:54:30lebelliumpamaury: 11.5hrs and still 3 bars out of 4. I bet there is an issue somewhere in Rockbox^^
23:57:25[Saint]The port doesn't have CPU scaling..
23:57:32pamauryyes it has on imx233
23:57:34[Saint]That could be considered an "issue" :)
23:57:47pamauryit doesn't on stmp3700 and stmp3600 "only"
23:57:50[Saint]Oh, sorry. Wrong device. WHoops.

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