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#rockbox log for 2013-11-17

00:00:46pamaury[7]: can you have a look at my driver, see if you spot anything ?
00:01:35pamauryI tried to use yours without modification but it didn't work, problem is I don't have any feedback, beside able to disconnect usb. Currently my driver gets the reset but the setup interrupt is never triggered
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00:04:54wodzpamaury: enum_done is 'setup' irq?
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00:09:37pamaurywodz: no
00:09:50pamaurysetup is in oepint
00:10:24pamauryand then you have a check a subflag in theory but I don't even get there anyway
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00:55:57[7]pamaury: so you do get an enumdone irq but not an oepint one?
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00:58:02pamaury[7]: yes, iirc
00:58:26[7]ep0 usbactep bit set?
00:59:02pamauryit's set in enum done I think
00:59:05[7]or is that even hardwired?
00:59:29pamauryI think it's hardwired but I didn't take any chance ^^
00:59:39[7]are you just not getting an irq or is the setupdone bit never getting set?
00:59:46[7]could also be in irq mask problem
00:59:52[7]are you using dma?
01:00:31[7]could also be fifos or dma config, pio irq handling
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01:01:27pamauryit's supposed to be PIO
01:01:43pamauryI don't reset the core so I get the boot rom setup of the core which I know is correct
01:02:00pamaurythe setupdone bit is never set, I tried to busy loop on it
01:03:00[7]any pio copy irqs?
01:03:22[7]those would happen before setupdone
01:03:58pamauryI don't recall getting any no, but I'm working blind so it's tricky
01:04:30pamaurySo the expected events are: reset, enum done, transfer complete, setup done, ?
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01:20:25[7]pamaury_: no, you won't get a transfer complete for SETUP packets
01:21:09pamaury_ok that's what I thought, so I should get setup done directly right ?
01:21:13[7]you should get reset, enumdone, one or more nptxfempty and finally a setupdone
01:21:37pamaury_I haven't enabled nptxfempty at the moment
01:21:42[7]you need to handle the nptxfempty condition before you'll get the setupdone if you don't use DMA
01:21:53pamaury_why is that ?
01:21:56[7]the code basically offloads the DMA engine's work to the CPU using that IRQ for PIO mode
01:22:09[7]it basically issues "DMA requests" to your driver :)
01:22:42[7]so the nptxfempty IRQs take care of copying the data from the fifo to memory, so that it's available when setupdone is issued
01:23:06pamaury_ok, the setup is treated like a regular transfer
01:23:30[7]except that setupdone is asserted instead of xfercomp
01:23:37[7]and some other things with back to back setup packets etc.
01:24:14pamaury_ok, and if I don't pull the data off the fifo, it won't send setupdone most probably
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01:24:44[7]depending on the revision of the core there are two versions of how this PIO mode works
01:25:07pamaury_what are the differences ?
01:25:08[7]if you have the newer one, you can use the rxstsqlvl IRQ instead of the nptxfempty one
01:25:45[7]that's for the revisions that have dedicated TX fifos per endpoint
01:26:10pamaury_how can you tell which mode is used ?
01:26:32[7]er.... I'm talking nonsense
01:26:34[7]that was for TX
01:26:37[7]you're doing RX
01:26:39pamaury_I have the capability to hack some rknano program and change the VID:PID to any value, including a register
01:26:45pamaury_that's how I figured out it's cortex m3
01:27:09[7]you need to handle rxstsqlvl
01:27:12[7]if you do PIO
01:27:37[7]if it's M3 then I guess it's likely that it has the new version of the core
01:28:01[7]so enable rxstsqlvl IRQ, and handle it as follows:
01:28:02pamaury_so it's rxstsqlvl
01:28:53[7]read grxstsp, determine the endpoint from its chnum field, determine the number of words from the bcnt field, and copy that many words to whereever your transfer buffer for that input is
01:29:16[7]then deassert the IRQ as usual by setting that bit in gintsts
01:29:41[7]that's the RX part, which is the simple one
01:30:01[7]for TX it depends on the core version
01:30:58pamaury_great :-/
01:31:10[7]the old version uses nptxfempty, and you need to choose an endpoint to push data for yourself everytime that IRQ is asserted
01:31:40[7]for the new version, with dedicated TX fifos per endpoint, you can just use the emptyintr IRQ of those endpoints to push data
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01:33:08[7]the IRQs for TX needs to be masked to get rid of it when there's nothing left to send, and unmasked as soon as new data needs to be transmitted
01:34:08pamaury_ok, I'll try this tomorrow then
01:35:05[7]you need to read the data from DFIFO
01:35:12[7]which is OTG_BASE+0x1000
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01:36:40[7]DMA is certainly much easier to get to work if the core supports it
01:37:49pamaury_from the code I saw in the stub, it seems to use PIO
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01:59:33[Saint]Hmmmmm...this is curious.
02:00:01pamaury_Yes ?
02:00:15[Saint]Every time, and I mean *every* time, I plug my Classic in to transfer some files it sets the dirty bit.
02:00:54[Saint]And its definitely unmounting cleanly.
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02:04:21[Saint]If I thin check with fsck.vfat, the dirty bit is the only thing there to clean up.
02:04:24[Saint]Its weird.
02:09:38[7]you mean linux sets it, or rockbox before/after entering USB mode?
02:11:52[Saint]I didn't think Rockbox was capable of this.
02:12:24[Saint]I assumed it was Linux's doing, as I didn;t think Rockbox had any way of knowing the state of the FS.
02:12:28[7]hm... no idea, but it seems to be somewhat trivial to implement
02:13:15[Saint]There's always been a firm "keep fsck-esque stuff out of the core" mentality.
02:13:38[7]if linux is doing it, fsck, mount, unmount, and fsck again should have it set during the second fsck
02:13:52[7]fsck != dirty bit
02:14:26[Saint][14:13:40] <[7]> if linux is doing it, fsck, mount, unmount, and fsck again should have it set during the second fsck <−− this, exactly this
02:14:44[7]rockbox provably ignores the bit, but should really be setting it to make a pc run fsck when necessary, e.g. after a menu+select reset while writing data
02:15:59[Saint]Its as though the mere act of inserting USb sets the dirty bit.
02:16:01[7]so unmount isn't clearing the bit... and you aren't by any chance doing unmount -l?
02:17:05[Saint]I switched out to doing it manually so I could rule out Nautilus doing anything weird. But it still happens.
02:17:07[7]so if you clear the bit, then mount and unmount, then fsck again, without disconnecting it in between, the second fsck says it's dirty?
02:18:29[7]hm... blame your kernel then
02:19:39[Saint]Its not /really. bothering me - its just one of those "THINGS THAT SHOULDN'T BE"
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08:33:21[Saint]Would anyone have anything against me removing that god-awful "nuke config.cfg if hold is on during boot" check?
08:34:08[Saint]Disabling it solely for the Classic seems uglier than disabling it all round.
08:34:56[Saint](The Classic needs it (IMO) as turning hold on, if the device is off, will boot the device - and boom - wiped config)
08:36:38[Saint]The number of times I have looked at my iPod and thought "Oop, better turn hold on" when I'm putting it away in my bag or whatever only to find I've nuked my settings...gah.
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12:18:38TheSeven[Saint]: turning hold on shouldn't wake it up
12:19:13TheSeventhat might be a sign of a dodgy worn out hold switch
12:23:23*copper doesn't want to try it
12:26:44*user890104 suggest chaging "nuke config.cfg if hold is on during boot" to "rename config.cfg to config.cfg.bak if hold is on during boot"
12:33:19[Saint]TheSeven: both the CEATA ones I have around me presently do it.
12:34:01 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
12:34:18[Saint]copper: if you're quick enough, you can turn hold off again as soon as emCORE boots but before ROckbox takes over.
12:40:44copperI'll just do this the proper way: backup config.cfg and then test
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12:51:09copper[Saint] TheSeven: turning hold on while my iPod Classic is off doesn't turn it on. Turning hold back off DOES turn on my Classic. The config file doesn't change or get deleted.
12:52:07[Saint]that's a "thin" one, yes?
12:52:23TheSeventhe power management circuitry should be the same
12:52:25copperyup, latest model
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12:52:54TheSevenI'm guessing that your hold switch is worn out and thus bounces a few times between off and on while switching
12:53:13[Saint]it must be a fairly common ailment then.
12:53:34[Saint]either that or I use devices in some weird way that consistently breaks it.
12:53:49TheSevenmy nano is also doing that once in a while, but not consistently (yet)
12:57:37[Saint]I think I remember accidentally nuking my config once or twice waking waking ipods up via the charger.
12:57:55[Saint](with hold on)
12:58:35[Saint]No, they can charge while sleeping and don;t wake up, thankfully.
12:59:23[Saint]Video, COlor, 4G, Nanos...
13:00:35TheSevenhm, I can reproduce your hold switch behavior on mine (waking up while turning hold on)
13:00:52TheSevenbut if I apply a bit of pressure to the switch while moving it, it doesn't happen
13:00:58TheSevenso it's definitely the switch in my case
13:01:14[Saint]so apparently the switches are really shitty - nice to know.
13:01:39[Saint]I shall stop using it, I guess.
13:03:11TheSevenhm... or check if we can somehow disable the hold switch wakeup so that you have to press a button as well to power it on
13:03:12coppernever happened to me
13:03:24copperI often turn hold on after I turn off my iPod
13:03:29TheSevenjust like we disabled powering up when plugging in USB
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13:30:12copperthe hold switch on my Classic is quite stiff, btw
13:30:21copperwith good tactile feedback
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13:36:17copperhey, you know what would be cool? A database activity indicator tag for themes.
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14:26:28[Saint]*All* my Classics have this hold swith hardware bug thingy.
14:26:47[Saint]No wonder I thought it was normal behavior.
14:26:52copperall second hand?
14:27:13[Saint]Apparently the hold switch failing is a common thing.
14:27:16[Saint]Not all, no.
14:27:46[Saint]Two of them have only been owned by myself.
14:29:26[Saint]The new ones just feel like a crisper action, with the same behavior.
14:29:31 Join mortalis [0] (~mortalis@
14:29:37copperApple hardware is known to be occasionally faulty
14:30:25[Saint]Well, one is new new, and the other was a refurbished shop demo model so it never saw any rough treatment.
14:30:35[Saint]The other two are second hand and well used.
14:33:02[Saint]Maybe I'm just a pansy.
14:33:28[Saint]If I use the hold switch /quite/ forcefully, it works as intended occasionally.
14:35:24[Saint]I kinda don't want to play with them now. It would be a PITA to have it completely non-functional.
14:39:52coppermaybe they've silently switched components during production
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14:42:29copperdidn't Samsung even switch SoCs in one of their galaxy phones once?
14:42:42copperwithout changing the model name / number
14:45:23copperI forget.
14:46:42[Saint]wildly offtopic - but NAND I think you're thinking of. Bricking themselves using trim iirc.
14:48:27copperGalaxy SII: they switched SoCs (different CPU and GPU) and still called it a Galaxy SII, but they did change the model number from i9100 to i9100G
14:48:44copperExynos 4210 to TI OMAP 4430
14:49:17copperI remember there were similar problems with Samsung Displays
14:49:34coppersame model number but different internal displays, with different performance
14:49:42copperbut yeah, OT :P
14:50:43lorenzo92pamaury: ping
14:51:41pamaurylorenzo92: pong
14:53:12pamauryTheSeven: ping
15:02:22TheSevenpamaury: pong
15:07:20pamauryI'm trying to make this usb thing work on rknano but no luck, is there something needed to enable rxflvl beside unmasking in GINTMSK ?
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16:04:32[Saint]copper: I'm interested in what made you say that.
16:04:57[Saint]Do you often get large bursts of seemingly inexplicable disk access too?
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16:38:18TheSevenpamaury: I don't think so - this is the only thing that I spotted in my init code:
16:38:18TheSevenif (!data->use_dma) gintmsk.b.rxstsqlvl = 1;
16:38:52TheSeven(which is bit 4 in that reg)
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16:58:57copper[Saint]: sometimes my HDD activity icon lights up and I have no idea wth Rockbox is doing
17:00:07copperthat's when my Rockbox setup is semi-screwy though
17:04:09copperalso, is it normal that the database screen in the debug menu doesn't show any activity while the database is updating, rather than "initiating" itself?
17:06:49copperthough I guess it would show activity while it's actually adding / updating data, not when it's scanning the HDD for new / updated files
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21:27:19fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 8b06039, 243 builds, 36 clients.
21:33:16fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 357 seconds.
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21:40:38SzczepancioHi pamaury, are you there?
21:42:10SzczepancioI downloaded OF and renamed it to, and I putted it into e380 root directory. But after this, i still have an bootloader mode at usb connection.
21:42:46pamaurydid you reboot to OF ?
21:42:49lebelliumbecause you have to boot to OF to upgrade the fw
21:43:10lebelliumOF = play + back
21:44:16Szczepanciolebellium: At what state?
21:44:32SzczepancioTurned off, usb connection, turned on?
21:44:40pamaurylebellium: only back, not play
21:45:10pamauryideally you should have transfered in OF mode, but anyway you can still try to power OF without usb now
21:45:36Szczepanciopamaury: Easier english, ok?
21:46:02SzczepancioOF mode is official firmware, i booted it after placing at root directory an
21:46:03pamaurypower off rockbox, power on OF by holding back for a few seconds
21:46:27pamauryok, then power off, hold the back button and plug OF
21:46:40pamauryplug USB, sorry
21:47:16 Quit lorenzo92 (Remote host closed the connection)
21:47:16pamauryremove, eject
21:47:41pamauryand start over again: boot to OF in USB mode, copy, eject, reboot to OF without USB
21:48:02 Join lorenzo92 [0] (
21:48:19Szczepanciohmm, i think i did it without removing an
21:50:28Szczepanciomeh, i just put unconsciously usb cable off from my pc box
21:51:43Szczepanciomaybe the bootloader usb mode is normal? i dont know
21:52:03Szczepanciobut no, it's wanna load rockbox, so it's unnormal
21:53:35Szczepanciopamaury: are you sure that your method is 100% working?
21:54:51pamauryyes, are you following the instruction ? what is the problem ?
21:55:47K1773Rrockbox seems to detect album covers when there is a file named {C,c}over.jpg but not if the file is named album.jpg. can this somewhere be changed?
21:55:57 Quit rela (Quit: Leaving)
21:56:12AlexPK1773R: There is a list of allowable names in the manual
21:56:20Szczepanciothe e380 is still booting in bootloader usb mode
21:56:23Szczepancioor no
21:56:40Szczepancioit's booting at usb plug without holding any butttons in bootloader usb mode
21:57:01SzczepancioI wanted to restore fully official firmware for my dad, so u know.
21:57:13lebelliumbe sure you press "back" when you plug the USB cable
21:57:20AlexPK1773R: If you want to use any other names you'll need to edit the code and then build Rockbox
21:57:45K1773RAlexP: ACK, so i need to find out how to setup the build enviroment and build the iPodClassic src :)
21:58:08AlexPyes, if you don't want to use one of the existing options or embedded art (for some formats)
21:58:38gevaertsAnd then live forever with the stigma of being the one person who couldn't deal with the options that were already there :)
21:58:40Szczepancioahh ok i booted into of without usb bootloader mode
21:59:51K1773RAlexP: existing options -> is there an option to add album.jpg to be recognized without recompiling?
22:00:23K1773RAlexP: yea, thats what i thougd. so you ment existing options in terms of what currently is being recognized
22:00:38AlexPThe list from the manual
22:00:45AlexPThere are 8 different options or so
22:01:32 Quit bluebrother (Read error: Operation timed out)
22:02:28 Quit fs-bluebot (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
22:03:36K1773Rthanks, in this case im just creating a bash script which does mv/cp album.jpg to cover.jpg
22:03:47 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
22:04:06 Join foolsh [0] (
22:05:24 Join bluebrother [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
22:13:08 Quit Scall (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
22:13:41 Quit ruskie (Quit: ...)
22:15:00 Join ruskie [0] (ruskie@sourcemage/mage/ruskie)
22:16:20SzczepancioMeh, done.
22:16:38SzczepancioIt's having official firmware without bootloader usb mode. Thank's again, pamaury :)
22:16:39 Join Scall- [0] (
22:21:12 Join wodz [0] (
22:21:15 Join saratoga [0] (123e11e0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:21:34saratogaalbum.jpg actually sounds pretty reasonable but i'm too lazy to add it to the source code and then fight with git to commit
22:26:27K1773Rsaratoga: its banshees default if you enable writing album covers to the folder were the album resides
22:33:38 Quit GodEater (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
22:33:59 Quit Szczepancio (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
22:36:12 Join GodEater [0] (~whoknows@2a01:348:6:2c6::2)
22:36:13 Quit GodEater (Changing host)
22:36:13 Join GodEater [0] (~whoknows@rockbox/staff/GodEater)
22:38:41 Quit Scall- (Quit: Bye bye)
22:43:57lonoxmontwould it make sense to try and order the other ipod cable for my car? since we know the current one uses iap over usb, do oyu think they would have used the same for both? i think on the website it said if you ahve an older ipod to use the other cable fromt he one i have...
22:44:12 Join Scall [0] (~chat@unaffiliated/scall)
22:44:19lonoxmontdunno if that means the ohter one uses serial or not
23:05:44 Quit Guest17648 (Quit: Hmmm...)
23:12:21 Join Guest17648 [0] (
23:16:37lebelliumpamaury: final result: 32.5hrs! I'm really impressed, that's even more than what Sony claimed (30hrs) and 3x more than Rockbox.
23:18:13 Quit amayer (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
23:19:40 Quit krnlyng (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:21:29 Quit Guest17648 (Quit: Hmmm...)
23:21:34 Quit Wardo (Quit: Blarglarg)
23:21:45 Join krnlyng [0] (~liar@
23:24:18pamaurylebellium: i'm impressed too
23:26:59pamauryI'm still unsure of the reason, the only reason I'm thinking of is audio parameter
23:27:21pamauryIt seems the Fuze+ uses very different settings from the E370, from the register values I gathered last time
23:28:04pamaurylike biais adjustement and things I don't quite understand, maybe they have a great impact on battery life
23:33:00lebelliumbut you said you only got 21hrs with NWZ-E370 right?
23:35:06 Quit lorenzo92 (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
23:35:15 Quit ender` (Quit: "HR?" "Human Resources." "In Brussels that kind of department is referred to as the Office for Personkind Enablement. Resources sounds like something you dig out of the ground." -- Peter F. Hamilton: Great North Road)
23:36:03***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:36:14 Join cmhobbs [0] (~cmhobbs@fsf/member/cmhobbs)
23:36:29pamaurylebellium: with OF yes
23:36:47pamaurywhich files did you use ?
23:36:51lebelliumAccording to Sony they should have the same battery life
23:36:57lebelliumMP3 VBR V0
23:37:04 Quit bertrik (Remote host closed the connection)
23:37:16lebelliumdon't they both have a 500mAh battery?
23:37:28pamaurybattery is not brand new
23:38:15lebelliummine neither
23:38:44pamauryanyway 21h is twice rockbox
23:39:03lebelliumbut I would assume they have the same battery capacity and that a 128x160 screen eats up less power than 240x320
23:39:14wodzpamaury: such huge battery drain could be some gpio driving some resistive load instead of being set in hiZ
23:40:13andypotterlonoxmont: Difficult to tell whether the other cable would be serial or not. Depending on how much a cable cost it could be worth a try.
23:41:33pamauryyeah but what ? The only gpio used at the moments are internal storage gate and backlight enable
23:41:55pamauryI tried to switch off backlight instead of just pwm'ing to 0 but it doesn't make a difference
23:42:13pamauryI tried to lowered the ADC for buttons, no difference either
23:42:51wodzpamaury: Are gpios as inputs by default?
23:43:23wodzyou could check in which state they are after sonys bootloader
23:43:26pamauryso except if the init stubs of the OF touch something (which I doubt), that leaves us with power and audio parameters only, or I'm missing something
23:44:25wodzWhat is the boot sequence? Is there something before your code?
23:44:31pamaurythe only major difference seems to be that the OF puts lcdif pins as input whenever the screen is off, and I simply turn the lcdif off
23:44:54pamauryonly OF init stubs, it inits sdram, it's not specific to the device really
23:46:16pamauryhum wait, I have an idea
23:47:11pamaurylebellium: can you tweak something and start a new rockbox bench for me please ?
23:47:40lebelliumyes, but I can only start the bench tomorrow since my battery is fully empty now :)
23:48:01pamauryah I see, mine should be charge faster than you since it's half full, i'll do it
23:48:44 Join amayer [0] (~amayer@
23:48:55wodzpamaury: What the idea?
23:49:01lonoxmontandypotter: i think ive seen them from 30 to 60 dollars
23:49:02pamaurystorage pins
23:49:14lonoxmontill see baout finding one at a reasonable price
23:49:29lonoxmontno way to know for sure itl be useful though
23:51:05lonoxmont scroll down to cables
23:51:20lonoxmont(yes i know its for the passat but they use the same harness)
23:52:38pamauryI need to figure out why hwstub is broken on Creative ZEN V too :'(
23:56:38 Quit kevku (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
23:56:56 Quit kugel (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)

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