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#rockbox log for 2013-11-30

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03:07:24solrizedoes the stuff in the tools directly actually go into the firmware image?
03:10:48solrizeand, is there any chance of upgrading to lua 5.2 anytime soon?
03:11:50[Saint]1 - What? and 2 - Not if no one does the work required, no.
03:16:52solrize1) the rockbox git repo has a top level directory called "tools" which has some code i want to use from a plugin, but i'm not sure if the tools dir is actually compiled into the rockbox image, or if it's for external use. i've only been looking at the code fora few minutes.
03:17:37solrize2) if getting 5.2 is just a matter of doing the work, then that's great. there's often a separate issue of getting the committers to accept work after it's done
03:18:52[Saint]Well, it kinda goes without saying that doing the work isn't enough. It has to be functional and meet the style guidelines as well.
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06:40:27SuperBrainAKi was able to just put a period in front of the track name just like in linux also the rockbox folder :)
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12:13:19pamaurysolrize: about tools/
12:13:43pamaurythere is no code in it, but these tools are used to procude valid rockbox/bootloader/ images
12:13:53pamaury*no code that run on target
12:14:55pamauryas for lua, maybe I can have a look, I don't really know how many changes we had to make to have lua in rockbox
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14:13:27jlbiasinipamaury: I saw there were dicussion about fuze+ battery time. On my last test around august I did 44h
14:14:45pamauryin august ? that seems unlikely, except if you were using an old revision
14:15:33jlbiasini27 jul sorry
14:15:49pamauryah yeah
14:16:15jlbiasiniwell 43h26min to be precise
14:16:21pamauryindeed in july we topped at ~43h but your test was without headphones. However copp was able to reproduce it at 41h.
14:16:24jlbiasiniwhat did change in the meantime?
14:17:08pamauryI found at least one commit which result in a big regression, but I'm not sure it explain everything. Anyway we reduced the number of offending commits to a small number
14:17:36jlbiasiniok tell me if you need more test
14:18:02jlbiasinibut the one I did in july was with earphone
14:18:27jlbiasinithe one without earphone is reported a bit earlier on the same page
14:19:01jlbiasiniactually I'm not sure that my device is suitable anymore for test: no internal mem activated...
14:19:12pamauryMy issue at the moment is that HEAD + reverted commit gives 38h on mine and I don't know if the difference is because of my old battery or something else (micro-sd ?). So I'm going to redo the july test with mine to see
14:19:26pamaurydidn't you buy another one ?
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14:19:38jlbiasinino it's still the old one...
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14:20:59jlbiasiniI had a go at rockbox apk on my phone but the interface doesn't seems ready + I prefer the sound of my Fuze+
14:21:15pamauryhehe, why don't you buy a new fuze+ ?
14:22:32jlbiasinibecause the old one with your modification still works perfectly... and with a 64MB sd card I still have more space than I used to (16 + 32)
14:24:07pamauryok ^^
14:24:31pamaurywell if you don't mind, I prefer to redo the bench myself first, to see if there is another problem or not
14:24:47pamauryWe'll have the answer in about two days ;)
14:26:13jlbiasiniI don't have much time to help anyway but I'll will see if I can make a clean g#597
14:26:15fs-bluebotGerrit review #597 at : touchdev/softlock/settings: disable only touch on softlock by Jean-Louis Biasini (changes/97/597/3)
14:27:48pamauryah yeah, at the moment I'm stuck on the Creative ZEN with f**** display problem
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17:18:17fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 2ce484c, 243 builds, 34 clients.
17:22:42fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 265 seconds.
17:24:10bertrikI think I see a pattern in the "Missing log file" issue, it seems to happen for me for the ondavx767 a lot
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18:37:30pamauryyeah, I'm finally making some sense of the Freescale NAND code
18:38:10pamauryI have only reverse the NAND layer (ie not the FTL) and I already have 32 different data structures and over 60 functions
18:38:40pamauryand this is just for the static configuration, at enumeration time !
18:40:53lebelliumpamaury: with the latest build I should now reach 20hrs on E360 right?
18:41:35lebelliumand how much more on Fuze+?
18:42:28pamaurywith it I reached 38h
18:42:47lebelliumand how much before reverting the commit?
18:42:57pamauryI'm now benchmarking the one commit with which copper reach 41h to see if the 3h difference comes from the battery itself or from something else
18:43:20pamaury30h before
18:43:26lebelliumok great
18:44:06pamaurystill 20h on the E360 is not great, maybe something is wrong with the audio configuration
18:44:32pamauryor something else
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19:01:56foolshHey, I've added a new string to features.txt and english.lang for a menu setting but..
19:02:05foolshIt's not showing up in at compile time in build/lang/lang.h
19:02:20foolshI get "error: ‘LANG_DEADZONE’ undeclared here (not in a function)" but I took my example from LANG_BRIGHTNESS
19:02:42foolshIt's should work, Do I regenerate the language files? Searches point to tools/uplang but it's not there, it must be deprecated
19:02:48foolshDo I use genlang?
19:04:37gevaertsI don't think you have tpo
19:04:49gevaertsDo you have a patch somewhere?
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19:05:48lebelliumpamaury: why when I click on bootloader fuze+ v2 tag release, I get "mkzenboot: add Zen X-Fi firmware 1.04.08";a=commit;h=5e43c055b503d3d21a9649531bffa43502494a9d
19:05:53*gevaerts has to go for a bit now, so he'll have a look later
19:07:13foolsh(what ever the syntax was for gerrit)677
19:08:10pamaurylebellium: it's unrelated
19:08:36pamauryI had to do a bootloader release a chosen this particular commit because I knew it was stable
19:08:55foolshah g#677
19:08:56fs-bluebotGerrit review #677 at : Add dead zone areas for fuze+ touchpad buttons by Benjamin Brown (changes/77/677/2)
19:09:30pamauryfoolsh: have you run make clean ? sometimes lang strings needs a full recompile
19:10:16foolshpamaury: I've even stepped down a directory and rm-rf build
19:10:19pamauryfoolsh: you made a typo:
19:10:31pamauryin features.txt you wrote deadzone
19:10:40pamaurybut in lang file you wrote touchpad_deadzone
19:16:19lebelliumpamaury: Ok. I just installed bootloader v2. I don't notice faster boost, 8seconds in both cases
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19:33:39pamaurylebellium: 8 seconds seems very slow, are you using a complicated theme ?
19:33:47lebelliummine :D
19:35:45lebellium5 seconds with cabbiev2
19:36:15pamauryah indeed :)
19:36:27pamauryeven 5 seconds is longer than mine I think
19:36:52pamaurybut the fast boot part is not for everyone it seems: some people reported much faster boot and some not
19:37:12pamaurymaybe your FAT is fragmented
19:37:20pamauryor your internal storage is just slow :p
19:38:04lebelliumI never use the Fuze+ except for Rockbox testing so that doesn't really bother me :D
19:38:24copperpamaury: the longest part when booting my Fuze+ with the v2 bootloader is on the Rockbox screen
19:38:46copperI can't remember v1 times
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19:38:57pamaurylebellium: which device do you use ?
19:39:06copperbut what's really cool IMO, is the bootloader charging feature
19:39:08pamauryin v1 the bootloader itself was very slow
19:39:09copperand USB mode
19:39:29lebelliumpamaury: with Rockbox, Clip+, Clip Zip and R0.
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19:43:51gevaertsfoolsh: is it fixed now?
19:45:16foolshgevaerts: no not fixed, different
19:45:37gevaertsAh, ok
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19:46:42foolshI get "error: ‘struct user_settings’ has no member named ‘deadzone’" and "error: ‘LANG_DEADZONE’ undeclared here (not in a function)"
19:46:52*gevaerts has a look
19:46:56 Join Bluefoxicy [0] (
19:50:34gevaertsfoolsh: you're using HAVE_TOUCHPAD_DEADZONE_SETTING and HAVE_TOUCHPAD_DEADZONE, but I only find a #define for HAVE_TOUCHPAD_DEADZONE_SETTING
19:51:39gevaertsWell, that's not all
19:53:22gevaertsfoolsh: there's another deadzone vs touchpad_deadzone for the struct user_settings errot
19:53:34gevaertsWell, assuming the gerrit thing is up to date
19:53:56foolshgevaerts: yes
19:55:15foolshI spent the last few hours scratching it out and it was the first time I ran make, I think I need a little break and a fresh perspective
19:55:29gevaertsI'll provide a patch in a bit
19:55:47gevaertsOne error left :)
19:55:53foolshBut I appreciate you people :)
19:56:55pamauryfoolsh: in settings.c you #ifdef HAVE_TOUCHPAD_DEADZONE but in settings_list.c you #ifdef HAVE_TOUCHPAD_DEADZONE_SETTING
19:57:01pamaurythat should probably be the same
19:57:27pamauryand in settings.h too
19:57:35 Quit rela (Quit: Leaving)
19:58:14pamauryand in the setting, you refer to deadzone instead of touchpad_deadzone (ie the int touchpad_deadzone in settings.c)
19:58:45foolshsee I knew I should write it down first
19:59:04pamauryand in button-fuzeplus.c you cannot write the code this way :)
19:59:21gevaertsIndeed. button-fuzeplus.c is the tricky one to fix
20:00:12gevaertsfoolsh: should fix everything except button-fuzeplus.c
20:00:12pamauryin fact the button area should probably been rewritten, it was kind of a hack from the beginning, let me give a try on pastebon
20:00:32gevaertsI'll leave that one to pamaury :)
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20:04:31foolshI thought the struct would be trouble some, was that the trouble the button-fuzeplus.c
20:05:55foolshgevaerts: Thanks, patched and up to date
20:06:26gevaertsfoolsh: one slight issue in the commit message :)
20:06:31gevaertsThere's an a missing!
20:06:49pamauryfoolsh: I'm writing a patch, I will not be able to test it but at least it should help you
20:09:15foolshpamaury: Thanks, :) I need twelve hours of unconscious first, but I'll check the log I won't be awake much longer
20:11:03pamauryfoolsh: first version it does not implement deadzone but rewrite button search to be simpler
20:11:14pamauryyou need to make sure it works before moving to the deadzones
20:12:14foolshAlright, and use case to do deadzone
20:12:55foolshThanks again, I'm knocking out
20:13:07 Quit foolsh (Quit: foolsh)
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20:24:06pamauryfoolsh (logs): I think this should work:
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20:24:55pamauryarf terrible typo
20:26:02pamauryfoolsh (logs): try this instead:
20:26:08pamaurysmall typo (x vs gx)
20:26:43pamaurythe code is too general probably, it handles a nxm matrix with deadzones so it's kind of overkill for a 3x3 matrix ^^
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20:30:07pamauryfunny, after three or four layers of code in the freescale nand, I finally stumbled on the same stupid structure one can retrieve using vendor scsi
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22:18:48CtcpPing from gevaerts!~fg@rockbox/developer/gevaerts
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23:49:10pamaurygrumble, if the freescale nand layer was not enough, now I have to deal with a cache layer, great
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