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#rockbox log for 2013-12-22

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00:45:58saratoga < sounds like some kind of memory corruption issue?
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01:21:55antithesis_Hey guys
01:22:14antithesis_Gonna buy a new MP3 player and install Rockbox on it. Which one should I buy?
01:23:08saratogaclip, ipod maybe
01:23:11saratogadepends what you want
01:23:15antithesis_Which one has the most capabilities even without Rockbox?
01:23:19antithesis_Like an alarm clock or something
01:23:23antithesis_I don't like ipods
01:23:48antithesis_Or, well, what's the cheapest one that supports alarm clock?
01:24:26saratogai think most devices can do that
01:25:28[Saint]generally soeaking, such devices make crap alarms.
01:25:43[Saint]*speaking, even.
01:26:06saratogayeah a cell phone works best for that
01:26:45antithesis_I have a Nokia 3310 and it doesn't do that.
01:27:04saratogawell a more modern phone then
01:27:06[Saint]if the fw hangs, you're basically screwed.
01:27:19[Saint]and we couldn't promise it wouldn't.
01:27:20antithesis_And the Sansa Clip doesn't have an alarm clock, does it?
01:27:31gevaertsWhich one?
01:27:41gevaertsv1 or v2?
01:28:11antithesis_That generally doesn't happen
01:28:13gevaertsAs far as I can see in the source, the clip plus, clip zip, and clip v2 do RTC alarm, but the clip v1 does not
01:28:46[Saint]it only has to happen once to mess your day right up.
01:29:05[Saint]and we just cant promise it *will* run through the night.
01:29:16[Saint]it should...but, no promises.
01:29:19gevaerts[Saint]: it's not supposed to
01:29:28gevaertsYou want RTC wakeup
01:29:32antithesis_Don't worry, I've got backup measures for that
01:30:01[Saint]ah, well. even in that case you cant really rely on that as a certainty.
01:30:14antithesis_I've got a time switch connected to my desk lamp next to my bed, so it automatically turns on when I _really_ need to wake up :)
01:30:25gevaertsYou can't rely on the sun rising the next day, if you're after absolute certainties :)
01:30:38antithesis_It's my DIY light therapy setup
01:31:46antithesis_Meh, I still can't decide
01:31:50antithesis_Okay which one is the cheapest?
01:32:55[Saint]almost certainly one of the Clip family.
01:33:40[Saint]But it also pays to check out second hand markets locally i find.
01:33:47[Saint]Pawn shops are great.
01:34:05antithesis_Amazon is my pawn shop.
01:35:10[Saint]Well, you mentioned cheapest, so I guessed you were looking for bargains.
01:35:33antithesis_gevaerts just so we're clear: the models you named have alarm clock even without Rockbox?
01:35:41gevaertsI have *no* idea
01:35:54saratogaif you want to use it as a device, an android phone might be better given the infinite amount of software and customizability
01:35:57gevaertsAll I know is that they have the right #define in rockbox
01:36:31[Saint]Many of us only use the original firmware accidentally.
01:38:02antithesis_I don't like touch screens, though
01:38:36antithesis_[Saint] don't you mean incidentally?
01:38:40[Saint]Youll hate the future then.
01:38:47antithesis_I hate the present.
01:39:24[Saint]No, i mean accidentally. Like "ah, crap, whoops". ...and then booting rockbox instead.
01:45:19antithesis_Wait, I can't even find half the supported models on Amazon
01:45:22antithesis_That makes things easier
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01:52:35[Saint]Some of the targets on the main page i would be willing to wager a reasonable sum on never seeing ever.
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04:58:02*PurlingNayuki need helps about SOUND_SETTING() macro!
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06:03:53hexacatAnyboyd active?
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06:04:59hexacatI've got a question of sorts
06:13:25saratogajust ask
06:13:37saratogaworst case someone answers later and you can check the logs tomorrow
06:15:37hexacatI posted it on the forums at least
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06:22:12hexacatMy issue if anyone can help is I'm trying to configure my Sansa Fuse to have a control map that doesnt use scrolling
06:22:23hexacatBut rather just the directional and select/home buttons
06:22:34hexacatI assume a map from the clip or another device may work
06:23:39PurlingNayukiBy changing the keymap?
06:28:18[Saint]Doing so, in theory, is trivial.
06:28:51[Saint]I suspect you've had little input because working out sane keymaps are demanding enough.
06:29:11[Saint]Let alone crafting one for a use case a single person would use.
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11:44:01lorenzo92kugel (logs): I'm now testing your alsa patch on ypr0
11:49:50lorenzo92kugel: unfortunately it does not compile off the box ... kernel-unix.c:(.text+0x2e0): undefined reference to `call_tick_tasks'
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12:49:17kugellogbot: which patch exactly?
12:49:20kugellorenzo92: ^
12:50:27lorenzo92kugel: yes indeed you have 20 of them :D the alsa async stuff
12:50:44kugelit shouldnt touch kernel-unix.c
12:51:10lorenzo92kugel: yeah indeed, but it does because it has a patch depedency if i'm not mistaken
12:51:39kugeloh, no, cherry-pick this one
12:51:54kugelit just happens to be on the same branch as other patches
12:53:22lorenzo92ah ! okay because I was not sure if it was necessary or not ;) later i'll try again, then
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14:03:02*kugel has Rockbox on his TV (via Raspi) in full hd
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14:10:38copperwith a pretty theme, I hope!
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14:11:58kugelsure, cabbiev2
14:12:23lebelliumpretty he said!
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19:56:01fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision ef92ed4, 243 builds, 35 clients.
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20:15:24fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision a62bd92, 243 builds, 35 clients.
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21:05:58fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 9f878b1, 243 builds, 35 clients.
21:06:29kugelgevaerts, amiconn: ping
21:06:46kugelor anyone else with a hwcodec target
21:07:00[Saint]"Hey, old dudes!"
21:07:30gevaertskugel: I don't have an actually working hwcodec target
21:07:43gevaertsI do, but I need to find batteries :)
21:09:31fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 212 seconds.
21:09:33bluebrotherkugel: I have an Ondio but no time :)
21:09:59bluebrotheractually, I've got 2 Ondios donated a bit back, for giving them to interested developers. Would have done that during DevCon ...
21:10:34[Saint]Is there much left there to do that requires the actual device?
21:10:35bluebrotherso if you're interested I can send you one (though I won't be able to get that done this year)
21:10:51[Saint]I thought it mostly involved making sure current code still builds.
21:11:56gevaerts[Saint]: some work is more involved, and merely building is no guarantee
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21:25:47antithesis_Does the alarm clock allow you to wake up with your own music, an FM radio, or both?
21:26:37[Saint]Our fine manual should tell you this.
21:27:27gevaertsBut does it?
21:27:50[Saint]Well, if it doesn't, I'll fix it - how does that sound? :)
21:28:01gevaertsIt's a deal!
21:28:06gevaerts"Alarm Wake Up Screen: This option controls what the player does when it is woken
21:28:09gevaertsup by the alarm"
21:28:23gevaertsDoesn't really say what the possible options are
21:29:18[Saint]Ah. Hmmm. Should be fairly easy to fix.
21:29:58gevaertsantithesis_: on my fuzev2, the options are "resume playback", "recording" and "FM radio"
21:31:30[Saint]RTC timed recording seems like a bit of a niche.
21:31:53antithesis_niches are good
21:31:57antithesis_I like niches. :)
21:35:19antithesis_And I can also record the radio? Wow.
21:38:46antithesis_Think I'm gonna order the Sansa Clip Zip. Any owners of it here?
21:38:51antithesis_How's the FM radio quality?
21:48:50[Saint]Didn't you say you hated touch screens?
21:48:55[Saint]I remember so.
21:49:04[Saint]If so, that is the *wrong* device for you, friend.
21:49:23gevaertsThe clip zip doesn't have a touchscreen
21:49:34*gevaerts sends [Saint] back to bed
21:49:39[Saint]Argh. Whoops. Fuze+ I'm thinking about isn;t it. Bah.
21:49:41gevaertsYou're not awake yet!
21:50:41[Saint]Anyhoo - regarding this manual edit, is it safe to assume that devices with alarm can use any of its input/playback mode as a wakeup screen?
21:50:47[Saint]Or are there weird cases to check for?
21:51:15gevaertsIt's safe to assume that checking the source will give the correct answer :)
21:51:37[Saint]Well, you're no fun. :)
22:03:16antithesis_I like this channel already.
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22:28:29kugelgevaerts: yea, batteries are old school
22:33:08 Quit rela (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:47:27kugelbluebrother: I do have a Player, need to see if it still works
22:52:25 Quit ender` (Quit: The difference between something that can go wrong and something that can't go wrong is that, when the thing that can't go wrong goes wrong, it's usually impossible to get at or fix.)
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