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#rockbox log for 2013-12-23

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02:36:58chrisjjall: Does RB support any internal speaker?
02:49:41JdGord|wdo any targets actually have one?
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03:28:36chrisjjJdGord|w: Yes e.g. Creative ZEN X-Fi.
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05:31:09saratogayou'd have to check that device specifically
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08:15:49wodzkugel: Why in buflib.c handle is (union buflib_data *) here and there and int in other places?
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09:32:37kugelis it me or is our mailing list broken?
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09:59:17kugelnevermind, it was me :)
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10:14:38wodzkugel: ping
10:16:13kugelwodz: pong
10:16:43wodzkugel: repeating the question "Why in buflib.c handle is (union buflib_data *) here and there and int in other places?"
10:17:46kugelwell, both refer to the same in the end
10:18:51kugelthe buflib buffer is an array of union buflib_data, this includes the handles in the handle table (that point to the start of the allocation) at the end of the buffer
10:19:09wodzwhen handle is pointer it refers to the entry in handle table when it is int it refers to index in this table. How this two are the same? Thats really misleading
10:19:45kugela pointer to that handle is stored in the per-alloc cookie, it points directly to the handle table entry
10:20:23wodzYes, I understand how it works. My complaint is that reusing name handle is pretty much misleading
10:20:25kugelthe int is an offset from the handle table start to the entry (though the handle table grows backwards)
10:21:06kugelif you have better names feel free to change
10:21:12wodzbtw. looking at the screenshots I prefer current way of drawing selector line
10:21:20wodzI mean visually
10:21:42kugeli don't :)
10:21:58wodzkugel: You asked for opinion :-)
10:23:12wodzkugel: comming back to the buflib, L, H and C fields of the cookie (size, ptr to handle table entry and ptr to callbacks) should stay const once initialized or there is something which may change this fields 'on the fly' (aka compaction)
10:24:24kugelbuflib_shrink can change the size but otherwise they are constant
10:25:14kugelbuflib_shrink can be called during compaction (via the shrink_callback)
10:29:15kugelwodz: do you prefer it strongly or can you live both ways? I would like to merge that work because it's also prerequisite for some other work (line separators)
10:29:58kugeli myself find it very awkward that line selectors stop half-way on the line, especially after seeing the fixed version
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10:45:23wodzkugel: I have no strong opinion. I prefer the current version although I can live with selector extending to the icons.
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11:10:45kugelwodz: okay
11:12:48kugelwodz: why did you ask about to constness of the cookie?
11:14:13wodzkugel: I am playing with simple buflib integrity check. I added crc field of the first 3 cookie entries (just before the name string). That way I am able to detect if something overwrite the next alloc
11:14:55kugelah, i see. yea, update the crc in buflib_shrink
11:15:05kugelyou might also include the handle
11:15:15kugeland the name string is constant as well
11:16:23wodzI don't think this will change much - if something overwrites the beginning we are dead anyway :-)
11:17:03kugelyes but there are more ways to die :)
11:18:19wodzI would like to test integrity on context switch as well but I guess it is not easy with sdl threads (or I don't understand how it works which is quite possible)
11:19:37kugelsdl threads emulate native threads; context switches only happen in switch_thread()
11:21:04kugelat the end you are in a new context or still in the same one
11:21:41kugelthough be aware that the sim builds with native threads by default (with sigaltstack backend)
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11:53:24kugelwhat's the easist way to build .thumb clips?
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11:58:14pamaurykugel: imagemagick ?
11:59:12kugelhehe, no, I mean for voice
11:59:19kugelvoice clips for the filesystem
12:00:24pamauryoh, use rbutil
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12:08:17kugelyea I found rbutil does it, thanks
12:11:47 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
12:12:26pamaurykugel: I have read your put_line() rework but I must say I cannot review it, I barely know this part of the code
12:13:46PurlingNayukiAnybody online?
12:13:52wodzbots only
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12:14:33kugelbluebrother: ping
12:15:00kugelbluebrother: the rbutil .talk generation dialog doesnt list any files on my Player
12:15:09kugelit did work with a bind-mounted simulator dir
12:15:13PurlingNayukithat's depressing:(
12:15:58PurlingNayukiI want to develope a volume limiter but just stuck when adding a setting item..
12:16:43PurlingNayuki667: error: ‘SOUND_VOL_LIMIT’ undeclared here (not in a function)
12:16:48PurlingNayukiGot this.
12:17:00kugelyou have to define it somewhere
12:17:13kugelare you familiar with C?
12:17:29PurlingNayukiI think it's yes.
12:18:23PurlingNayukiI added a line with SOUND_SETTING() to initialize it.
12:18:29fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 22e802e, 243 builds, 34 clients.
12:18:32PurlingNayukiJust imitate the volume line
12:21:12kugelmy last commit should fix some USB/buflib related problems (hopefully, anyway)
12:21:34PurlingNayukiI'm confused with the SOUND_SETTING and other setting item apis.
12:22:01fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 213 seconds.
12:23:11kugelPurlingNayuki: try to follow other SOUND_SETTING uses
12:25:46PurlingNayukiYes, that's what I exactly tried.
12:26:13PurlingNayukiI added, SOUND_SETTING(F_NO_WRAP,volume, LANG_VOLUME, "volume", SOUND_VOLUME),
12:26:59PurlingNayukiSOUND_SETTING(F_NO_WRAP,vol_limit, LANG_VOL_LIMIT, "volume limiter", SOUND_VOL_LIMIT),
12:27:25PurlingNayukiAnd I defined a int variety in settings.h
12:27:34PurlingNayukithat is, int vol_limiter;
12:27:44PurlingNayukiDid I missed anything?
12:31:54kugelyou didnt define SOUND_VOL_LIMIT, as I said
12:32:53PurlingNayukiI'm wondering where to define it.
12:35:22PurlingNayukiSOUND_SETTING(flags,var,lang_id,name,setting) What does setting here means?
12:35:58fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision ec6258f, 243 builds, 34 clients.
12:36:27kugelPurlingNayuki: it's a convinience macro
12:36:43kugellook where SOUND_VOLUME is defined
12:36:49kugelthis sould guide you
12:37:08PurlingNayukiTried searching for it, but really can
12:37:25PurlingNayukibut really can't manage to do this
12:39:15PurlingNayukiI search for SOUND_VOLUME but didn't find its definition
12:39:46fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 227 seconds.
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12:53:15fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision ee7c135, 243 builds, 34 clients.
12:57:10fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 235 seconds.
12:57:11fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision a4d1849, 243 builds, 34 clients.
13:00:54fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 224 seconds.
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13:03:24fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 10d71bb, 243 builds, 34 clients.
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13:06:39fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 195 seconds.
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13:16:48PurlingNayukiSeems that I know something...
13:19:46PurlingNayukikugel: Thanks, I think I'm able to understand it.
13:22:21chrisjjsaratoga: "you'd have to check that device specifically" I have done. That port does not support the internal speaker.
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13:49:21minoucheHello guys
13:49:52minoucheit seems that the git mails on changes is broken
13:50:00minoucheno more mails since few days now
13:50:08minoucheand plenty of commits :)
13:50:54minoucheZagor isn't here maybe Bagder can help on that?
13:52:50 Quit minouche (Client Quit)
14:01:59lebelliumbertrik: just got a YP-S3. Still not willing to resume the port? :D
14:03:36bertrikno, I got stuck on the flash file system, no really interested in picking that up again
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14:05:11lebelliumis that FTL?
14:05:31PurlingNayukiINT_SETTING_NOWRAP() its max, min and default parameters only support const?
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15:05:08PurlingNayukiG#697 please review and help to improve the code.
15:05:10fs-bluebotGerrit review #697 at : Implement volume limiter feature by PurlingNayuki (changes/97/697/1)
15:06:31 Join ikeboy [0] (
15:14:12gevaertsPurlingNayuki: three quick comments after a brief look:
15:14:54gevaerts* the commit message doesn't follow conventions: one line with a brief description, then the rest, all wrapped at some lenght that may or may not be 72 characters (not sure)
15:15:43gevaerts* in wps.c, I'd write the condition the other way round (i.e. volume < volume_limit)
15:16:20PurlingNayukiYes I noticed my changlog. Nano editor is behaving some sort of strange.
15:16:28gevaerts* in settings_list.c, the hard-coded minimum and maximum values aren't too nice
15:17:04gevaertsIn fact, that last one might actually lead to bugs: on some targets you could set the limit lower than the minimum volume
15:17:12PurlingNayukiYes, but the compiler told me that it had to be const.
15:17:44gevaertsWhat did you have first?
15:18:01*gevaerts wants this feature, so he'll try to help :)
15:18:02PurlingNayukiI tried to initial a const like:
15:18:27PurlingNayukiconst int max_vol = sound_max(SOUND_VOLUME);
15:19:17PurlingNayukithen just refer this in INT_SETTING_NOWRAP() macro like: INT_SETTING_NOWRAP(....,max_vol, min_vol);
15:19:37PurlingNayukiBut the compiler just tells me that it has to be a const.
15:19:56 Quit Raptors (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
15:20:05PurlingNayukiThis also bothers me, actually.
15:20:22 Join Raptors [0] (
15:21:05*PurlingNayuki appreciates the help from gevaerts :P
15:21:46gevaertsPurlingNayuki: I couldn't really ignore this after :)
15:23:35PurlingNayukiYes I also have been wanting this for a long time.
15:24:52PurlingNayukiNo one seems like to be interested in it, so I just write myself. Not familiar with the code, however, and thus it takes me 2 days to finish this buggy codes :P
15:28:52gevaertsOne not so clean solution would be to hard-code values that work anywherem which could well be -34,0. I'd say it can be argued that those limits are good enough for almost all use cases
15:29:03gevaertsBut then we traditionally don't want not so clean solutions :)
15:29:38 Quit ikeboy (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
15:30:51*lebellium didn't know PurlingNayuki is Chinese. Doesn't seem to be common here :)
15:32:29PurlingNayukilebellium: Sounds not a bad news :P
15:33:12PurlingNayukigevaerts: So just wait for a clean*er* solution, or a clean solution?
15:34:20PurlingNayukiAnd I should really take some measures with my editor. It's auto wrap is really bad.
15:36:09lebelliumPurlingNayuki: I assume there are other Chinese developers around here but usually when we talk about Chinese, it's more about spamming. So that's a good news indeed^^ :D
15:36:30*gevaerts wishes he'd understand the settings code properly
15:37:46PurlingNayukiSpamming, that's a good laugh.
15:38:43PurlingNayukiI like open source and free softwares, and make my best efforts to contribute.
15:40:41PurlingNayukiWe don't really have a good open source environment meither in mainland nor in hongkong, that's why I am here.
15:42:18PurlingNayukigevaerts: what setting code?
15:42:27gevaertsPurlingNayuki: all of it :)
15:42:42gevaertsWhenever I start looking in apps/setting*, I get confused
15:43:02PurlingNayukiHa, I don't understand them either.
15:43:20 Quit mortalis (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
15:43:28PurlingNayukiI was just following.
15:44:12gevaertsRight now I'm trying to find where SOUND_VOLUME is defined
15:45:26PurlingNayukiOhhh, I hate this.
15:46:18PurlingNayukiI have been searching for this for two days but found nothing.
15:46:35gevaertsPurlingNayuki: for the record, from what I can see you shouldn't need to change wps.c. That one sets vol_changed, and when that's set setvol() is called, which already does the check
15:47:22gevaertsNot that that helps with the settings code :)
15:50:17PurlingNayukiJust do some realtime check:-P
15:51:34PurlingNayukiIMO it will behave strangely if not check in wps.c.
15:51:50gevaertsAh, maybe a bit of magic can work, but only if we accept that the code gets even harder to understand!
15:51:53*gevaerts has a go
15:53:45*PurlingNayuki will wait.
15:59:23gevaertsNot easy...
16:02:03*gevaerts declares that audiohw_settings.h is pure evil
16:02:50PurlingNayukiI can't understand a word about that.
16:04:10***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:07:35PurlingNayukiOK fixed changlog.
16:07:52gevaertsThe concept of defining something and then including something that will then do different things depending on what exactly you defined is just not what I think belongs in clean code
16:09:35gevaertsAll I want is the definition of sound_setting_entries, but due to the way this code is constructed, that's basically impossible to get
16:11:59PurlingNayukiThat's what confuse me: SOUND_VOLUME is referred everywhere, but not in its definition!
16:12:19PurlingNayukiWhy? Because I can't find definition:(
16:12:42gevaertsDon't try to find it. When you do, you'll be even more confused :)
16:12:53*gevaerts thinks he knows where SOUND_VOLUME is defined
16:14:00PurlingNayukiUnfortunately I did that :(
16:14:35PurlingNayukiWhere is it?
16:15:51gevaertsBasically if you include audiohw_settings.h, and you do *not* define AUDIOHW_SOUND_SETTINGS_ENTRIES or AUDIOHW_SOUND_SETTINGS_VAL2PHYS, in audiohw_settings.h line 62 and on there's an enum being defined, which, thanks to the matching definition of AUDIOHW_SETTING_ENT, makes the AUDIOHW_SETTINGS() block starting at line 74 fill out te enum
16:16:53gevaertsThis is what's called ifdef and macro hell :)
16:17:15 Quit Raptors (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
16:17:37 Join Raptors [0] (
16:17:51PurlingNayukiI prefer to memorize those long long long Java functions names than to read a bunch of macros T_T
16:18:39*PurlingNayuki That's it.
16:18:49PurlingNayuki\Generate enumeration of SOUND_xxx constants
16:18:56PurlingNayukiThat's the comment.
16:19:24PurlingNayuki#define AUDIOHW_SETTING_ENT(name, fn) \
16:19:24PurlingNayuki SOUND_##name, at line 69
16:20:42 Join Strife89 [0] (
16:21:02 Join fredsmith [0] (3e5a05d3@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
16:21:20PurlingNayukiEventually understand this.
16:21:48 Quit Raptors (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
16:22:26 Join Raptors [0] (
16:22:32PurlingNayukiNo wonder that I can't find its definition. I search for SOUND_VOLUME but there is no strings like this at its definition line.
16:23:52PurlingNayukiBut we don't have to touch files in firmware/, right? The limiter is all about a higher level.
16:24:13gevaertsYes and no
16:24:28gevaertsfirmware/ knows about min_vol and max_vol
16:24:29chrisjjIs it just me, or is defunct?
16:24:58gevaertsAnbd if at all possible I want to get at those in a way that INT_SETTING_NOWRAP() likes
16:25:27 Join ikeboy [0] (
16:25:56 Quit fredsmith (Quit: Page closed)
16:26:01PurlingNayukiForgot why we got interested in these files.
16:31:38PurlingNayukiWe have to change the workflow. The macro doesn't accept non-const so we'd better avoid using it.
16:32:53gevaertsIt's not just the macro
16:32:57 Quit pamaury (Quit: No Ping reply in 180 seconds.)
16:33:06gevaertsThe entire int setting system wants compile-time stuff
16:33:08 Join pamaury_ [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
16:35:30PurlingNayukiMaybe I should check out all the macros.
16:36:13 Quit Raptors (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
16:36:46*gevaerts is in a maze of twisty passages, all alike
16:39:15*PurlingNayuki is trying to understand macros and macros and macros.
16:39:37 Join Raptors [0] (
16:40:01PurlingNayukiBed time now. Have to sleep.
16:40:13PurlingNayukiYou helped a lot, many thanks.
16:45:16*gevaerts is now stuck in the same place he started, but in a fancier way
16:45:16 Quit shamus (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
16:45:24 Join shamus [0] (
16:46:16 Quit Strife89 (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
16:46:30*PurlingNayuki got sleepy and tired, so /me would like to go to bed and have a good dream.
16:46:44gevaertsGoodnight :)
16:47:10PurlingNayukiGood night:) Is your country noon, afternoon or evening?
16:52:18gevaertsafternoon here
16:54:22PurlingNayukiMy greet should be a Good afernoon then :P
16:55:07PurlingNayukiRemoved the check in wps.c and fix changelog format. Pushed to gerrit and Good afternoon.
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17:28:25 Part crash91
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18:50:49lebelliumpamaury_: The X-Fi Style has no external-speaker-switch. It's a user/shortcut button
18:55:58lebelliumyou did not write that
18:56:08lebelliumIt's MohamedTarek
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19:18:11pamaury_lebellium: I have the devicen I can't find that switch
19:18:30pamaury_ah ok
19:18:31 Nick pamaury_ is now known as pamaury (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
19:18:38pamaurysure that's a pure software thing
19:18:45lebelliumI think he wrote that because the defaut setting for the user button is the external speaker switch
19:18:48lebelliumyes exactly
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