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#rockbox log for 2013-12-25

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01:57:38mrkikoTo all of you - who where not in rockbox-community - and also to them of course - Merry Christmas! And a happy new year - really happy and beautiful new year
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13:07:07lgp171188Hi I have Sansa Clip Zip on which I have installed the latest stable rockbox build available for it. I have my music in various folders. How do I get rockbox to shuffle and play all the songs within all the folders?
13:07:51lgp171188Whenever I navigate to a folder and play a song from it, a playlist gets created with all the songs in the same folder and with shuffle on, when I press next, it just chooses from the same folder.
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13:17:04PurlingNayukiLong press on the big folder where you save all your music and select add to playlists or add to new playlist in the context menu.
13:29:49ikeboyOr use the database and choose All.
13:30:53lgp171188ikeboy: I couldn't find an "All" option in the database. Is there somewhere else I should look?
13:39:50ikeboylgp171188: Go to Artist, then All tracks. Or you can just choose tracks from the beginning of the database
13:40:43ikeboyYou can really choose almost any first option in the database and then "All x" for whatever option you chose
13:41:02lgp171188ikeboy: Unfortunately I don't find all the songs there
13:41:25lgp171188The solution given by PurlingNayuki works for me
13:42:04PurlingNayukiMy pleasure(=xェx=):-P
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16:23:54rkbx_userMoin people
16:24:07rkbx_userI wanted to know if there is a documentation about the .fnt files on a rockbox device.
16:24:25rkbx_userI cannot open these files, and I'd like to know how to read them, if possible.
16:24:58rkbx_user(to be more precise, I can fopen them of course, but I cannot read them with any software I tried (fony, fontforge, etc))
16:25:53copperthe rockbox font format is made for Rockbox, I think
16:26:04copperthere's a utility to convert normal fonts to the rockbox format
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16:34:06rkbx_usercopper, okay, thanks for the confirmation that the fnt format is made by rockbox.
16:34:22rkbx_useralso, I know that there is a converter for odf/ttf -> fnt
16:34:40rkbx_user(or, more exactly odf/ttf -> bdf -> fnt)
16:34:55rkbx_userhowever, I'm interested in VIEWING these fnt fonts :)
16:35:25rkbx_userand I'd like to see if there is a documentation of that format somewhere
16:35:40rkbx_userso I can write my own software for that :)
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16:44:14LordBimbamHey guys, is there someone who is using the calendar plugin on Sansa Clip+ and can tell me which key I need to press to confirm a new event (after I typed the name)?
16:44:40rkbx_useryou too got a sansa clip + for xmas?
16:44:50LordBimbami did :)
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16:48:26rkbx_userso, you just taught me that rockbox had a plugin calendar :P
16:48:32rkbx_userThanks, I'll try it.
16:49:41copperrkbx_user: use the sim
16:49:45copperto view fonts
16:49:45LordBimbamindeed, and i found out that the center button, the home button and the power button are all for clearing the last typed character, but i cannot figure out how to accept the typed input ^^
16:51:07rkbx_userthere's a simulator?! I'm going to have to search that. Thanks! :)
16:51:35rkbx_userLordBimbam, did you try the volume buttons?
16:51:42rkbx_user(wild guess)
16:52:12copperrkbx_user: you can either build one yourself (compile), or download one of rasher's builds">
16:52:53LordBimbamrkbx_user: volume buttons scroll through the typed text (like left/right)
16:53:25LordBimbamLooks like the device is not yet supported by the plugin
16:54:17rkbx_userhmm yeah that could be it
16:54:31rkbx_usercopper: I just tried the precompiled version
16:54:38rkbx_userbut it just allows to set the font
16:54:40rkbx_usernot to view it =/
16:54:51rkbx_userlike, you cannot access any screen...
16:55:41rkbx_userOkay you can see the radio
16:56:45copperyou can set the font, then navigate Rockbox menus with that font, play some files, etc
16:56:47rkbx_userwell, you can use the UI with the said simulator, but you cannot access the "play" screen.
16:57:00copperyes you can, you just need some audio files in the sim directory
16:57:03rkbx_userah yeah right you can also view the font in the menus
16:57:05rkbx_usermy bad
16:57:17rkbx_userbut since the simulator has some font interpretation
16:57:26rkbx_userI can get the code from that
16:57:31rkbx_userso it's fine :)
16:57:59coppersounds like a lot of work, what are you trying to do exactly?
16:58:33copperif you just want to see which font you prefer for your DAP, just put a couple audio files in the sim directory, set the font, play the files
16:58:47rkbx_userview the fonts.
16:58:50rkbx_userI want to view the fonts.
16:59:00copperyes but for what purpose :P
16:59:06rkbx_userview them?
16:59:26rkbx_userlike, how can you chose what font you'll use if you don't view them?
16:59:32rkbx_userIdeally, I'd like to have a preview of the themes also
16:59:35copperwhat I just said
16:59:36rkbx_userlike in the rockbox tool
16:59:44copperyou can do all that with the sim
16:59:51copperthat's the whole point of the sim
16:59:57rkbx_userI can also do all that with the MP3 player...
17:00:05rkbx_userthe exact same way I use the sim.
17:00:22copperexcept you have to plug / mount / unmount / unplug / restart the DAP
17:00:25rkbx_userso while the sim would be nice to emulate a device I don't have; it's pointless to emulate something I have next to my keyboard.
17:00:39rkbx_userno, I have ever single font I could find on my device.
17:00:42rkbx_userso I don't need anything :P
17:00:45copperit's not pointless, it's a lot faster
17:00:49copperand less cumbersome
17:00:52rkbx_userhow so?
17:01:03rkbx_useryou still have to click through the menus and everything
17:01:21coppersuit yourself
17:01:24rkbx_userwhat I would like is to associate the .fnt extension with some software (of my own or not) and get the font preview right away.
17:02:11copperI'm sure that if you were to code a Rockbox font viewer, it would be appreciated
17:02:35rkbx_userthe only thing I wanted was to get a doc for the font.
17:03:05rkbx_user'cause if the source code of rockbox is easy enough to read/understand, it's fine, but if it's not, a doc would be preferable.
17:03:13copperI just googled that for you
17:03:24rkbx_useryeah well, I did search rockbox fnt
17:03:28rkbx_userdidn't find anything
17:03:31rkbx_userbut I don't use google.
17:03:49copperthen whatever you're using is awfully inferior to Google
17:04:03rkbx_userbut I value my freedom.
17:04:06rkbx_userand yours too.
17:04:29rkbx_user(else I wouldn't be here, I would happily enjoy listening MP3s on my android smartphone)
17:04:42copperor, you could just have browsed the Rockbox Wiki
17:04:48rkbx_userI tried.
17:04:58rkbx_usernot for long but I tried.
17:05:05rkbx_userI did keep finding results on how to convert the fonts
17:05:39rkbx_userso, thanks for the info, sorry you had to google that for me.
17:05:42rkbx_userthat'll help.
17:09:11ikeboyCan I raise the number of bookmarks supported in the textviewer?
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20:07:16JordiGHIf I put the sd card in a Sansa Clip+, can I read/write the SD card over a USB connection?
20:14:00JordiGHOh, never mind, works out of the box.
20:14:08JordiGHMan, Rockbox is so kewl.
20:14:30JordiGHAny of you guys want some Christmas bitcoins?
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20:24:27rkbx_userI'd love some bitcoins :P
20:25:06 Join OhGodHelp [0] (1889f3f4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
20:25:59OhGodHelpHi! IMy Rockboxed Sansa Clip+ keeps loping in bootloader mode. When i try to boot the original firmware, It freezes up. Any suggestions?
20:26:11*funman pushes JordiGH and rkbx_user on #rockbox-community
20:26:24funmanOhGodHelp: it's broken
20:28:51JordiGHrkbx_user: I meant some Rockbox dev as a thank-you...
20:28:58rkbx_userokay right ;P
20:29:08rkbx_userI'm not a rkbx dev :P
20:29:14JordiGHfunman: What about you, you look like a dev...
20:29:52funmanJordiGH: please ask on #rockbox-community as it is not rockbox related
20:30:55JordiGHEh, topic police...
20:43:42OhGodHelpBack; what exactly did I miss?
20:44:15OhGodHelpSo I'm SOL?
20:45:24copperOhGodHelp: empty battery?
20:45:39copperhold volume down while plugged into USB
20:45:50OhGodHelpWell, I've left it charging, and it goes into Bootloader USB mode fine.
20:46:09OhGodHelpI did that to go to the original firmware, but it freezes up at the Sansa Logo
20:46:43OhGodHelp...wait, volume down?
20:51:36funmanthe manual says it's the left key
20:52:07funmanbut if OF won't boot it's likely broken
20:54:09OhGodHelpNo, original firmware won't boot.
20:54:16OhGodHelpSo yeah, at least it's cheap.
20:54:27funmanI advise to forget it a few weeks and try gain
21:08:52OhGodHelpOk! Will do.
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22:07:27saratogai've put a draft up for the 3.14 release notes:
22:07:41saratogaare any of the many new devices being added to 3.14?
22:08:18gevaertsDidn't mr100 get fixed the other day?
22:08:30gevaertsMaybe the fuze+?
22:09:57saratogai assume the fuze+ will be added but i'm not too familiar with it
22:10:35saratogaprobably a lot of additional changes i'm forgetting
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22:55:41lebellium_gs2saratoga: I guess we agreed to promote fuze+ to stable for v3.14 release notes
22:55:59saratogaany other devices?
22:56:34bertrikoh, a release is being considered, cool
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