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#rockbox log for 2013-12-28

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00:13:02toehserHey, I registered on the wiki as TomOehser, could someone add me to the WikiUsersGroup so I can contribute? thx, -Tom
00:15:04gevaertstoehser: should be done now. Welcome!
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06:32:06BiceI'm trying to install rockbox on a Sansa Clip Zip, but when I run the Rockbox Utility program, I keep getting "Network error: Host not found". It's been giving me that error for the last three days. Any ideas?
06:32:52BiceI can bring up a web browser and go to and it brings up the file system, so it seems like I can connect to it. Why is the Utility program giving me that error?
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11:47:42HeroIs anyone available to help me?
11:48:17copperask your question
11:48:28HeroI have an ipod 1st generation
11:48:38HeroI'm trying to install rockbox on it
11:49:12coppergrayscale LCD? What storage capacity?
11:49:54HeroHowever, when I attempted to install the ipodpatcher, it seemed to only prefer ipod nano 2nd gen or above
11:50:22HeroI have version 1.1, 80 GB capacity
11:50:59copperso that's definitly NOT "1st generation"
11:51:16HeroThe ipodpatcher doesn't recognize my device
11:51:28copperfirst gen is 5-10 GB
11:51:51HeroEither way, it doesn't recognize my device
11:52:13copperwhat model is it exactly
11:52:21copperis the front plate plastic or metal?
11:52:34HeroI mean plastic
11:52:41copperwhich is it
11:52:56Herothe back of it is metal
11:53:02Herothe front of it is plastic
11:53:06copperwhat color
11:53:55APLUHero: hi, you should have a Model No. on your ipod, what's the number ?
11:54:46copperwhen did you buy it
11:54:57copperand was it first hand or second hand?
11:55:00copper(new or used)
11:55:08Herothat's a lot of questions
11:55:13Heroit's FAT32 format
11:55:36HeroModel number A1238
11:55:45HeroDisc format FAT32
11:55:53HeroI think that should be enough for info
11:56:03HeroIt works like a normal ipod
11:56:12HeroIt syncs with itunes just fine
11:56:28copperHero: it's important because there are many different models, some of which require something special to install rockbox on it
11:56:50APLUHero: ok that's an ipod classic fifth or six generation
11:56:59copperquestion is which
11:57:02Heroso that means it should work
11:57:14APLUthis: or ?
11:58:02*copper blames Apple for the confusion
11:58:26HeroApple Ipod Classic
11:58:57HeroDo you want to know where it was assembled as well?
11:59:13APLUhum let me guess, in china? :-P
11:59:24HeroOkay, so you at least know that
11:59:35copperso this one?
11:59:45copperand NOT this one?
11:59:55Heroit's black
12:00:04Herobut I was just letting you know that it was ipod classic
12:00:23[Saint]It doesn't matter what iteration of Classic it is...fuck.
12:00:35[Saint]Its a Classic. RbUtil CANNOT install on this device.
12:00:53HeroWhy not?
12:01:23copper[Saint]: I'm not convinced we've properly identified it
12:01:28[Saint]Because its currently an unsupported target. Rockbox Utility doesn't handle any unsupported targets.
12:01:30copperhe said the front plate was plastic
12:01:35HeroIt's properly identified copper
12:01:38HeroI'm not dumb
12:01:45[Saint]copper: he gave the serial.
12:01:54[Saint]all Classics have that serial, so it doesn;t really matter.
12:01:55copper[Saint]: serial is the same for other ipods
12:01:57HeroI gave the model number
12:02:10copperer, not serial, model number
12:02:11HeroI can give you the serial though if you need it
12:02:19copperand the front plate of the classic is metal, not plastic
12:02:36HeroWell, it's different from the back
12:02:42Herothe back is definitely metal
12:02:43[Saint]Well, assuming the model numer was correct. It can only be a Classic.
12:02:53Herothe model number is correct
12:03:01Herothere's no other possible number it can be
12:03:03[Saint]Then its a Classic.
12:03:24[Saint]It can be 80, 120, or 160GB, but, it'll still be a Classic.
12:03:25HeroSo why is it the only ipod that won't work?
12:03:56[Saint]Because its an unsupported target. Rockbox Utility doesn't install for any unsupported targets.
12:04:18[Saint]Installation is currently handled seperately from the Rockbox project, by Freemyipod.
12:04:33[Saint](and unsupported)
12:04:43HeroYou don't have this information posted on your site
12:04:51HeroIt doesn't say
12:04:58Hero"does not work for ipod classic"
12:05:46copperso that's your iPod
12:05:50copperthat one EXACTLY
12:06:28[Saint]What part of it being three possible variants are you missing, copper?
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12:06:45[Saint]WHat variant it is exactly is unimportant.
12:06:56HeroMaybe you'd be more comfortable if I sent you the information that itunes reports about this device
12:07:01Heromaybe that would convince you
12:07:04copperbecause the other black ipod is 5th gen, supported by rbutil
12:07:10Herosince the information I give is not enough
12:07:21[Saint]Hero: I'm convinced.
12:07:24copperHero: anyway, the Classic port is listed on the front page as "unusable"
12:07:35HeroItunes verifies that I have an ipod classic
12:07:50Heroit's BLACK on the front
12:08:14copperthat is awfully unhelpful
12:08:57HeroOkay, I'll send you something that should help
12:09:12[Saint]Most of this conversation past getting the model number has been pointless.
12:09:27[Saint] is the site you need.
12:09:44[Saint]#freemyipod-support is the channel you can get support for this tool from
12:10:00HeroI just sent a picture file
12:10:04HeroSee if that helps
12:11:49APLUoh guys, while you are here, does anyone know what can I do to help with my problems:
12:13:25HeroBy the way, Saint, what will installing EmCORE do?
12:13:29[Saint]APLU: I would start by verifying the filesystem is clean
12:13:50[Saint]Hero: emCORE is a bootloader for Rockbox
12:14:12[Saint]It is currently the only way possible to boot Rockbox on this device.
12:14:12HeroCan you walk me through the steps please?
12:14:24HeroI already have found the correct download
12:14:27copperit's all explained on the freemyipod site
12:14:29copperstep by step
12:14:55HeroI just want to make sure I don't screw it up if that's okay with you cooper
12:15:40[7]just try it, you can't do that much wrong
12:15:58[Saint]^ this man right here wrote the thing, he knows ;)
12:16:26copper[Saint]: so all (actual) Classics have the A1238 model number?
12:16:31[7]if something goes wrong, worst case is typically having to go back to the apple firmware
12:16:34copperand none of the earlier iPods?
12:16:41[Saint]copper: correct
12:16:54HeroAs soon as I go to install this, it says
12:17:07APLU[Saint]: dosfsck report FS as clean, but I will try to blank the device & restore/reinstall the ipod with iTunes and try rockbox again
12:17:32[7]Hero: I'd recommend to do the installation on win7 or linux though, win8 has been acting up
12:17:34Herocreate file: Error 3 The system cannot find the path specified
12:17:40HeroI have win 7
12:17:47[7]what does say that?
12:18:02Hero"could not open DFU device"
12:18:12[7]ok, so you don't have the right drivers installed
12:18:13Heroshould itunes be open or closed?
12:18:19[7]itunes or non-itunes route?
12:18:23[7]ok, itunes
12:18:27[7]should be closed
12:18:31[7](but installed)
12:18:39[7]and you need to use the itunes version of the bootstrapper
12:18:46copper"Make sure iTunes is closed"
12:18:52HeroI did use the itunes verion
12:18:52[7]there's also some trouble with the most recent itunes versions...
12:18:54copperthat's what the installation documentation says
12:18:58copperyou need to read it
12:19:27HeroI see that I didn't make sure itunes was closed
12:19:29copperwritten black on white
12:19:55[7]ok, so start over, kill everything apple-ish, and reboot the ipod into DFU again
12:20:12Herothey shouldn't have put "download this file" as the first thing I read
12:20:37[Saint]Its generally expected that people read the instructions before blindly charging ahead.
12:20:45[Saint]But, obviously we can't control this.
12:20:58*[7] places bets on where the next place where Hero will get stuck is :P
12:21:02HeroI was trying to follow the instructions
12:21:10[7]my take is the installer's welcome screen :)
12:21:16HeroI thought those were post-installation instructions
12:22:29Herostill not working
12:22:35HeroI made sure itunes was closed
12:23:08HeroOkay, I was supposed to kill some tasks
12:23:22Herothis is quite annoying to say the least
12:23:56[7]trust me, getting a custom driver (that could avoid this mess) to run on 64bit windows is an even larger mess
12:24:16[7]at least trying to automate it
12:24:59[7]zadig has worked surprisingly well though, we could start writing instructions for a third route based on that
12:26:22[Saint]Oh? Nice.
12:26:55 Join dfkt [0] (OxO29A@unaffiliated/dfkt)
12:27:15[Saint]I recall looking at Zadig a while ago, it seems quite the powerful wee tool.
12:27:23HeroStill not working
12:27:46[7]what's showing in the device manager and on the ipod's screen?
12:30:07HeroI finally got it to work
12:30:11HeroSaint was right
12:30:25HeroI had to read every single instruction to figure it out
12:30:52[7]there's a reason for them to be there :)
12:30:57copperwhat do you think those instructions are there for
12:31:07copperto annoy users?
12:31:24Heroyes I do
12:31:35HeroI've installed thousands of sofware
12:31:43Heromost of them were automated
12:31:52Herothis is something like a manual install
12:32:30HeroIt says UMS boot has been launched
12:32:34HeroNow what do I do?
12:32:39copperread the instructions
12:32:41[7]I surely don't read every little bit of instructions either, but I both seem to be better at skimming through them to decide what's important and what isn't, and I actually start reading them literally when something is acting up...
12:33:39Herocooper, I know I'm going to screw it up
12:33:47Herothat's why I need help
12:33:49copperif you don't read the instructions, that is likely, yes
12:35:07copperthe process isn't easy because of Windows / Apple driver shennanigans, but at least the instructions are completely
12:35:19copperthey explain what to do, step by step
12:35:25copperwhich is exactly what you asked for
12:35:30copperstep by step instructions
12:36:35copperand it's a bit offensive to completely ignore written instructions and instead ask for live people's time and attention
12:37:25HeroWell, I made it to the emcore installer
12:37:31Herothank goodness
12:37:42Herocooper, I came here to get help
12:37:49 Join onder`_ [0] (
12:38:02copperfirst, it's copper, not cooper
12:38:11coppersecond, we can't help if you don't read the written instructions
12:38:20HeroThe thing is
12:38:32 Quit onder` (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
12:38:35 Nick onder`_ is now known as onder` (
12:38:39Herogetting to the emcore installer is the end of the instructions
12:39:02[7]now you should have instructions on the screen of the ipod?
12:39:11copperat what instruction are you right now, exactly?
12:39:11[7]you're now getting into the automated part
12:39:46HeroI had to press menu and play buttons simultaneously
12:40:05HeroNow it's at boot menu
12:40:13Heroand I see a rockbox logo
12:40:20Herobut no more instruction
12:40:27[7]there are some more on the wiki
12:40:33[7]how to properly install rockbox
12:40:39copper"Even though Rockbox starts, the installation is not complete yet. Continue reading and following the instructions to the end of the page!"
12:40:44copperin bold red letters
12:40:57HeroI'm so dumb
12:41:16HeroI don't see the "more instruction"
12:41:26Herowhere is that part [7] ?
12:41:33copperHero: please link to the instruction page that you are at right now
12:41:40[7]the "more instructions" is basically extracting the rockbox zip file onto the ipod and rebooting it
12:42:23Hero[7] can you link me to that part?
12:42:25HeroI don't see it
12:42:38copperyou don't see the line that I quoted?
12:42:39copperin red?
12:43:11[7]ouch, who messed up that wiki page
12:43:22HeroI'm using ice chat cooper
12:43:24[7]those headlines make it appear as if those were linux-only instructions
12:43:31HeroIt didn't highlight anything you said in red
12:43:45[7]the line is in read on the wiki, not here
12:43:59copperoh god…
12:44:21HeroI agree with [7]
12:44:26HeroIt says on LINUX
12:44:34HeroI have win 7
12:44:41Heroso I dis-regarded that part
12:46:31[7]I've reverted that wiki change for now
12:46:37[7]now it should be more clear
12:47:03Ketturi*panic* in lastest dev build
12:47:38copper[7]: maybe you should update the link to the rockbox build archive
12:47:51copperso that people download the latest build instead of that 2 year old build
12:48:11Herothanks [7]
12:48:23Heroand saint
12:48:30[7]copper: I'll happily do so (and update the fallback image) once we've fixed that USB mess
12:48:37Herocooper, you should work on your people skills
12:48:54[7]Hero: I wouldn't say that
12:49:13Ketturi*PANIC* playlist_resume(): OOM pc:000122F44 sp:4000AC20 A: 0004C7D0 bt end
12:49:29copperHero: it's COPPER
12:49:35copperyou really cannot read
12:49:58copper11:38:03 UTC <copper> first, it's copper, not cooper
12:50:12copperyou keep calling me cooper
12:50:27HeroI have a friend named cooper
12:50:32HeroIt's a bad habit
12:50:33copperI'm not your friend
12:50:40*[7] wonders if icechat doesn't have name autocompletion :P
12:50:57HeroIt does, I just don't know how to use it
12:51:08HeroI'm not tech savvy
12:51:20[7]typically type the first one or two letters as a unique prefix and hit tab
12:51:20Ketturic and TAB...
12:51:22copperoh, you're not?
12:51:28copperI thought you installed THOUSANDS of software
12:51:36HeroI know that comes as a surprise to you cooper
12:51:41Herobut no, I'm not
12:51:43copperand if you're not tech savvy, why do you insist on ignoring written instruction?
12:51:50[7]and again
12:51:58Herowell, put it this way
12:52:07HeroCompared to you guys, I'm not
12:52:38coppergod damn it
12:52:40[7]so... someone gonna fix USB on the classic?
12:52:43HeroI don't like that word
12:52:45Ketturibut yeah, there is sometingh fishy going on with lastests iPod 5.5G build...
12:52:53Herobecause it reminds me of cop
12:53:11Heroand it actually auto-completed that time
12:53:15[Saint]Lets keep this on topic, shall we?
12:53:31[Saint]And nice things up a bit.
12:53:51HeroSaint and [7] helped me completely
12:53:57Herowhich I appreciate
12:56:02[Saint]Hero: Oh, before you go -
12:56:11Ketturiand now whole ipod is not detected as disk drive...
12:56:20[Saint]The iPod Classic doesn;t have a manual yet, due to being unsupported currently.
12:56:35[Saint]But, the manual for the iPod Video is basically the same.
12:56:57[Saint]With the exception of supporting a couple of features the Classic doesn't at this point. Like FM and Recording.
12:57:12HeroDo I have to install anything else?
12:57:25Herothank goodness
12:57:42copperoptionally: fonts and themes
12:57:51[Saint]That link is just a link to some documentation you may find useful
12:58:08copperassuming you did follow the final instructions and installed the latest rockbox build
12:58:18HeroTo be honest, all I wanted to do is to be able to play .flac files
12:58:35Heroon my ipod
12:58:46copperyou also might want to go in the settings menu of emCORE and set Rockbox as the default boot option, and set the quick boot parameter thingy
12:59:07copperso that your iPod boots straight into Rockbox when you turn it on
12:59:29Herocopper, how do you set the quick boot thingy?
13:00:06 Quit onder` (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
13:00:18copperturn off the ipod (long press play), turn it back on
13:00:29copperuse the scroll wheel to show the tools icon
13:01:03 Join onder` [0] (
13:01:56copperinstructions for that are missing from the emcore wiki, btw
13:03:34copperclick on the emcore tools icon, -> settings -> Default action: Rockbox
13:03:44copperand "fastboot action" -> rockbox
13:05:40 Quit onder` (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
13:06:04 Join onder` [0] (
13:06:17Herothe default is set to rockbox but rockbox doesn't load automatically when I turn on the ipod
13:06:26copperwhat I just said
13:06:36copper12:03:45 UTC <copper> and "fastboot action" -> rockbox
13:08:27HeroOkay, that worked
13:08:43Heroanything else I need to do?
13:08:58copperdid you download ?
13:09:28HeroWhat do I need that for?
13:09:36copperthat's the latest build
13:09:55copperdid you download that and unpack it onto your iPod while mounted as an external drive on your PC?
13:09:55Heroso do I have to follow a long list of instructions again?
13:10:26Herohang on
13:10:34copperboot rockbox, plug into your PC via USB, unpack that zip file onto your iPod that is mounted like an external hard drive
13:11:12copperthen unplug your iPod; the screen should read something like "new version of rockbox detected, would you like to reboot?"
13:11:16coppersay yes
13:11:22Herohang on
13:11:26copperthe iPod will reboot, running the latest version of Rockbox
13:11:34Herolet me see if I can try that without screwing anything up
13:11:59coppertell your unpacking software to replace existing files
13:12:45Heroit's too late
13:12:50HeroI already unpacked
13:13:00Herowhat should I do?
13:13:36copperdidn't your unpacking software ask about overwriting existing files?
13:13:37HeroI unpacked the files without telling my software to replace existing files
13:13:40 Join onder`_ [0] (
13:13:44Herono, it did not
13:14:00copperthen I assume you never actually installed rockbox
13:14:18copperbecause otherwise, it would have asked you for confirmation
13:14:31Herookay, so what should I do now at this ponit
13:14:38copperunplug the ipod
13:14:47Heroit's unplugged
13:14:55copperwhat does it say on the iPod screen
13:15:17HeroI'm on the main page of Rockbox
13:15:35copperlong press play until the iPod turns off
13:15:40Herorockbox-ipod6g is in my files
13:15:50 Quit onder` (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
13:15:53 Nick onder`_ is now known as onder` (
13:15:57copperthe zip file??
13:16:07Heronot the zip file
13:16:15Herojust the file that was inside the zip
13:17:04copper"THE" file?
13:17:16copperone single file?
13:17:36HeroI thought that was what I was supposed to do
13:17:51copperthe zip file doesn't contain one file
13:17:56Heroactually, it's only showing up as a folder
13:18:03Herobut there doesn't seem to be anything in it
13:18:56copperyou need to unpack the zip file at the root of the iPod
13:19:27Herothat's what I thought I did
13:19:28copperit will create a .rockbox directory at the root of your iPod, containing a whole bunch of files and directories, visible from your PC
13:19:56Herothat's what I believe I have set up already
13:20:37 Quit dfkt (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
13:20:49 Join dfkt [0] (dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
13:20:52copperlet's check something first
13:20:58copperlong press "play" to turn off the ipod
13:21:01copperthen turn it back on
13:21:07copperlet me know when you're done
13:21:32copperwhile unplugged, I mean
13:21:37HeroI'm done
13:21:38copperunplug, turn off, turn back on
13:21:40Heronow what
13:21:44copperso you see the rockbox menu?
13:22:00coppergo in the System menu
13:22:07copperthen "Rockbox Info"
13:22:19copperwhat does the Version line read?
13:23:27HeroI told you I would screw it up
13:24:43Herocopper, help me
13:24:48coppercan some other Windows user please guide Hero into unpacking the latest build onto the root of the iPod?
13:25:24copperlet's try it this way
13:25:38copperHero: unpack the file onto your hard drive, not the ipod
13:25:59copperit should produce a directory that's called '.rockbox' (notice the leading point)
13:26:14Herojust a second
13:26:22HeroI just want to know something
13:26:29Herowhat did I do wrong the first time
13:26:38HeroI mean, we are assuming I did it wrong the first time
13:26:40*[Saint] points out that Rockbox Utility will work *now*
13:26:42copperI don't know because I can't see what you're doing
13:26:44Herowhich is unfair
13:27:20copper[Saint]: is it foolproof?
13:27:35Herothe .rockbox file is already on my ipod root directory
13:27:43copperHero: it's an old one
13:27:49copperit's almost 3 years old
13:28:03copper2 years old
13:28:13*[Saint] points out that the instructions don;t actually state that one should flash an updated build
13:28:20copperI know
13:28:24[Saint]as, one shouldn;t, generally speaking.
13:28:44HeroHang on
13:28:50HeroI'm trying something on my own
13:28:53HeroI'll get back to you
13:28:55copper[Saint]: if he comes back here and complains about some rockbox problem on a 2 year old build, won't you guys request that he install the latest build?
13:29:28HeroI tried something on my own
13:29:46Heroand now it asks about boot change
13:29:53copperok, reboot
13:29:58Heronow it says
13:30:09Heroversion 8566cd7-131224
13:30:44HeroMy tech-savvy skills are on empty but I still managed to remember something
13:30:51copperyou are now running the latest version of Rockbox for the iPod Classic
13:31:03HeroIt's about time
13:31:20HeroI didn't think I would make it this far
13:31:32HeroI couldn't have done it without copper, saint and 7
13:31:43copperyou can now install extra fonts and some custom themes
13:32:09coppermany themes requires one or more font from the font pack linked above
13:32:15[Saint]But I really recommend Rockbox Utility for that.
13:32:39HeroWhat's Rockbox Utility
13:32:51copperthe "Installer"
13:33:09[Saint]As long as you can tick the "unsupported targets" box, Rockbox Utility should autodetect the device.
13:33:11Herowill I be able to install it with no problem?
13:33:53[Saint]One should hope so. Its supposed to be fool proof. :)
13:34:11[Saint]The only probalem is it can't *install* Rockbox on the Classic.
13:34:25[Saint]But, it can update it, and install themes and other files.
13:34:26copperbut Rockbox is already installed on your system
13:34:31copperso that's fine
13:34:43Heroshould I unpack the files to the root directory again?
13:34:53copperyes, or use the Rockbox Utility
13:35:44Heroit recognizes the device but says my configuration is invalid
13:36:05[Saint]that path is probably wrong.
13:36:11[Saint]*the path
13:36:21Heroit's not
13:36:28Herothe path is E
13:36:45HeroI think the problem is that the utlity doesn't recognize ipod classic
13:36:50copper12:33:10 UTC <[Saint]> As long as you can tick the "unsupported targets" box, Rockbox Utility should autodetect the device.
13:36:53[Saint]It does.
13:36:58Heroit doesn't even have it as selectable from the menu
13:37:25Herowhen I click auto-detect, it stops working
13:37:38copperdid you tick the "unsupported targets" box?
13:37:41[Saint]There should be a very obvious checkbox to show disabled targets on the UI.
13:38:06copperwas gonna say
13:38:38Herothere's no "unsupported targets"
13:38:52copperit's actually called "disabled targets"
13:39:20HeroOkay I found it
13:39:28Heronow it says mountpoint unwriteable
13:39:33copperthen you'll find the "iPod Classic (6th gen)" entry under "Apple"
13:39:45Herocopper, I made it that far already
13:39:52Herobut now a new error shows up
13:39:58Heromountpoint unwriteable
13:40:10Herosays I need to fix errors before continuing
13:40:30[Saint]Argh. Probably wasn;t unmounted cleanly. GAh.
13:40:42HeroHow do I fix it?
13:41:07copperHero: you didn't click "eject" before unplugging the iPod?
13:41:23Heroprobably not
13:41:24copperor "eject safely" or something like that
13:41:33copperyou never do that, even with USB flash drives?
13:41:58Heronever ran into a problem until now though
13:42:33copperI'll leave the rest to Windows users
13:42:43HeroIf I were still in the military they would demote me for negligence
13:42:44[Saint]I'm entirely unfamiliar with chkdsk on Windows.
13:42:59HeroI have to run chkdsk to fix it?
13:43:49copperthe emcore installation page says "Safely eject (or unmount on Linux) your iPod's hard disk drive"
13:44:00[Saint] Assuming that's the fault, it may be able to recover it, yes.
13:44:01copperbut I guess that requires a screenshot of what exactly that is
13:44:28copperwhich was there until [7] removed it
13:44:34 Quit rela (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
13:44:40Herocopper, we ran into problems and I had to keep plugging and unplugging
13:44:53Heroinitially, I did eject
13:44:57[Saint]Running chkdsk with the auto fix and badblocks options may do the trick.
13:44:59copperthat's "safely ejecting" ^^
13:45:18Herocopper, read my previous comment
13:45:27copperHero: you need to "safely eject" every time
13:45:33copperwith all external storage devices
13:45:34Herooh well
13:45:45Herowhat's the downside of not doing so?
13:45:51copperUSB flash drives, USB HDD drives, iPods, sd cards, everything
13:46:04copperHero: file system corruption
13:46:05HeroI never ran into any problems until now
13:46:13copperyou got lucky
13:46:27Heroto me, this is just an installation error
13:46:37Heroor an error related to installation
13:47:19HeroI watched youtube videos. Even those tech guys remove their usb without ejecting
13:47:55copperif they didn't write data to it, the flash drive filesystem might be ok
13:48:08copperbut here you wrote data onto the ipod
13:48:22HeroI see
13:48:29Herooh well
13:48:47HeroI've been using these devices for years and never used eject
13:48:58Heroso I didn't think it would be a big deal
13:49:09copperwhat do you think the option is there for
13:49:14HeroI don't have tech savvy buddies to hang out with to warn me about these things
13:49:50HeroIt's there for people who like to be "uber" safe
13:50:13copperit's there to prevent file system fuckups like the one you're experiencing right now
13:50:24APLU[Saint]: I've fully blanked (with dd) and I did a restore of my nano2g with itunes, then I installed RB, it still crash quickly with RB 3.10
13:50:39HeroI see
13:50:53copperHero: Windows (and other operating systems) don't immediately write data onto USB storage devices
13:51:02copperthe data is fist cached, and then written later
13:51:19HeroThe average joe doesn't know stuff like this
13:51:22copperif you unplug the device without "safely ejecting", some of the data may have been written, and some not
13:51:26Herowe just buy the devices and use them
13:51:31copperand / or incorrectly written
13:51:31Herothen learn from trial and error
13:51:42APLUI have "SWI at 6A60" on my display :(
13:51:59copperHero: I have no idea where the average Joe learns how to use computers
13:52:32copperand since nothing comes with a manual anymore…
13:52:39copper(and since no-one reads them anyway)
13:52:47HeroI never sat in on an official computer course.
13:52:47copper(like you earlierà
13:52:49copper(like you earlier)
13:53:06HeroWhen I was little, I was sent to the computer room to play games on it
13:53:22Heroand I learned how to use the computer on my own
13:53:49HeroThey didn't give us any manuals to read ever
13:54:01Heroand yes, you can buy usb devices without manuals now
13:54:14Heroso it's negligence on the part of the people that sell such devices
13:54:16copperI remember back when the Macintosh IICX booted into an animated tutorial on how to use the computer
13:54:24PurlingNayukiAny committer here?
13:54:46PurlingNayukiMy fix at G#700 should be commited.
13:54:47fs-bluebotGerrit review #700 at : by PurlingNayuki (changes/00/700/1)
13:56:17PurlingNayukiAnd a new volume limiter feature at G#697 needs more testers and reviewrs.
13:56:18fs-bluebotGerrit review #697 at : Implement volume limiter feature by PurlingNayuki (changes/97/697/4)
13:57:37HeroNever owned a mac ever
13:58:22 Quit fs-bluebot (Remote host closed the connection)
13:58:35 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
13:59:13copperHero: if it's any consolation, you pretty much chose the most problematic device to install Rockbox on
13:59:32copperwhich is why the Classic is listed as "unusable" on the front page of the Rockbox web site
14:00:26Herothat combined with my un-techsavvyness equals recipe for disaster
14:00:32copperyour first mistake was to incorrectly identify your iPod, which is very common (Apple is to blame for that)
14:00:55copperwhich is why I asked you a whole bunch of questions, because users almost always get it wrong
14:01:10HeroI feel like I got everything wrong
14:01:11coppernow thanks to [Saint], I know just to ask for the model number at the back of the iPod
14:01:26Heroif this was an exam, I failed terribly
14:01:45copperHero: when doing an exam, it helps to read the questions fully
14:01:59copperswap "questions" for "instructions", and you got the idea
14:02:20HeroWhen doing an exam, I have to read the instructions and the questions carefully
14:02:37Herounfortunately, I usually screw up at least one of them or both
14:03:34copperyou should use whatever Windows tool to "fix" the filesystem on your iPod
14:03:49copperor you could just reformat the partition with emCORE and install Rockbox again
14:04:07copperthe second option is more "fool proof" IMO
14:04:17copperit ensures you've got a clean install
14:04:25Herosomething is wrong with my ipod
14:04:35Heroit shut off and won't turn back on
14:04:43Herothe battery was completely full before
14:05:32copperI have to go for a bit
14:05:33APLUHero: try to reset it, check the lock button
14:05:43Herothere we go
14:05:50HeroI was worried for a second there
14:06:35***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:07:26HeroNow there seems to be the equivalent of a blue screen on the ipod
14:07:52Herosomebody help
14:13:34Heromy computer is not recognizing my ipod anymore
14:16:54APLUHero: i don't know if your model have a disk mode, mine as and I can restore it with itunes in this mode whatever happen :)
14:17:21HeroHang on let me try something
14:19:05HeroThis is my first time running itunes since installing rockbox
14:19:27copperyour Rockboxed iPod won't work with iTunes
14:19:27HeroI think itunes is a bit confused about my current configuration
14:21:08HeroOkay, so I'm screwed then
14:21:30copperwhy screwed
14:21:45Herobecause my computer won't recognize my ipod anymore
14:22:07copperHero: unplug the ipod, turn it off (long press play)
14:22:09Heroand there are many strange things happening now
14:22:17HeroI did that already
14:22:18copperthen press play and keep pressing play while it boots
14:22:23copperit should bring you to the emcore menu
14:22:29HeroIt will re-boot again
14:22:35Heroit will eventually freeze up
14:22:47copperplease do what I just said
14:22:50Herothat's what's happened the least several times
14:22:54copperthat should boot into emcore instead of rockbox
14:22:58HeroOkay, I'm just letting you know what will happen
14:23:23copperno, emcore should boot fine
14:23:27coppernot rockbox, emcore
14:23:39copperlet me know when you have the emcore menu
14:23:46Heronothing happens when I hold down play
14:23:50HeroI have to re-set
14:24:00Heromy ipod is in freeze mode
14:24:19copperthen long press menu and play until you're at the emcore meny
14:24:35copperselect and menu
14:24:52HeroNo, it still auto-boots to rockbox
14:25:04copperI said, keep the buttons pressed until it boots into emcore
14:25:25HeroI had to reset the device copper
14:25:30Herodo you understand?
14:25:48Heroonce I did that, it boots to rockbox
14:26:06copperbecause you didn't hold the buttons while it booted
14:26:35HeroOkay, I'm in the boot menu
14:26:38Heronow what?
14:26:47copperyou're inside emcore?
14:26:55copperwith the shutdown icon and the rockbox icon?
14:27:00Heroyou think my computer will recognize now?
14:27:12copperit's not over
14:27:23HeroWhat should I do now?
14:27:27copperuse the scrollwheel to go into the emcore Tools menu
14:27:58copperin the Tools menu, select "Reformat data partition"
14:28:14HeroI have to start all back over again?
14:28:19coppernot all over
14:28:23coppersince emcore is already installed
14:28:42HeroI see a list of no's and yes's
14:28:49copperselect yes
14:29:09Herolol, I think I know why it is configured that way
14:29:23copperonce the data partition is reformated, you'll be able to boot into the fallback Rockbox image
14:29:30HeroI see
14:29:41copperthen while the fallback Rockbox is running, connect to your computer and unpack the latest rockbox build zip
14:29:52Herookay hang on
14:30:12copperand make sure to SAFELY EJECT before you unplug the ipod
14:30:15Heroit recognizes my device again
14:30:31copperyes that was the point of that operation
14:30:35Herothat's a difficult habit to re-intoduce
14:30:42Herobut we'll see what happens
14:31:01copperif you don't safely eject before unplugging, you will almost certainly run into troubles like earlier
14:31:06coppersooner or later
14:31:22HeroNo, that was my first time ever running into such trouble
14:31:50copperfeel free to disregard my advice, but then I won't help you fix it a second time
14:32:05HeroYou already showed me how to fix it
14:32:18HeroI won't forget how to fix it if it ever happens again
14:32:34copperexcept that's the radical approach, which erases all data on your iPod
14:32:56copperso you'll have to reinstall rockbox and copy all your music files all over again
14:33:02HeroI don't plan to have much data on it anyways
14:33:32HeroBefore installing rockbox, I only had three songs on the previous os
14:34:18copperso you bought the MP3 player with the largest storage capacity
14:34:24copperMakes sense.
14:34:26HeroJust in case
14:34:41copperOh, yes, with three songs, you're pretty safe.
14:35:03HeroActually, one time I needed to re-install win 7
14:35:17HeroI moved all my computer files to my ipod before doing so
14:35:26Heroso it was useful for that
14:36:15HeroMy ipod is the only external usb/hard drive I have right now
14:36:24Heroother than my tablet
14:37:42copperanyway, did you re-install the latest Rockbox build? (unpack the rockbox zip file at the root of the mounted iPod)
14:39:13copper[Saint] and whoever: shouldn't there be a rockbox IRC channel just for support? #rockbox-support or somethng
14:39:36copperto clear the noise from the actual dev talk
14:39:53HeroI re-installed
14:40:00Herolet me try the utility thing now
14:40:10copperHero: the Version line reads like before?
14:40:12HeroAlso, I remembered to eject safely
14:40:25copper*-131224 ?
14:40:26Heroyes I made sure it started with an 8
14:40:34Heroyes, it is the latest version
14:44:12HeroThe mountpoint is still unwritable
14:44:18Herowe haven't fixed that problem yet
14:44:20Herobut hang on
14:44:25HeroI was trying to do that before
14:45:35HeroI think it is the utility itself that is causing this new problem I am having
14:46:09Herothe ipod is acting up again. Computer won't recognize it again
14:46:22Herothis happened after I tried running the rockbox utility
14:46:39Herobasically, it doesn't like the configuration of my ipod
14:52:14Herothe check disk feature doesn't seem to want to work
14:54:28HeroI think the problem is rockbox itself
14:55:00HeroI reformatted the partition, then I unpacked the files back on to my ipod
14:55:07Herothen I safely removed it
14:55:22copperand then rebooted the iPod?
14:55:27Herothen I turned it back off and on
14:55:43Heroand then I tried reconnecting it back to the computer
14:55:51Herothe computer won't recognize it
14:56:15HeroI'm convinced that it is rockbox itself that is causing this
14:56:25copperwhat's on your iPod's screen when that happens?
14:56:36Herocurrently nothing
14:56:39Heroit shuts off
14:56:56Heroby itself
14:57:04copperare you sure it's not just the display that times out?
14:57:09coppertouch the scrollwheel
14:57:16Herotrust me
14:57:19Heroit's not that
14:57:33Heroit doesn't do anything when I touch the scroll wheel or anything else
14:57:42coppernever heard of that issue
14:57:44HeroI have to reset the device in order for it to turn back on
14:58:39HeroHow many people do you know that attempts to use rockbox with ipod classic gen 6
14:59:01copperit's actually quite popular
14:59:09HeroI guess
14:59:26HeroWell, it's back on now
14:59:33HeroI'm wondering what I should do from here
14:59:34copperand I'm using it myself
14:59:39copperon my iPod Classic
15:00:02copperbut the port has known USB problems
15:00:09coppermaybe you're just running into those
15:00:35Herowhat port?
15:00:36copperyou can try this: turn off the iPod, then turn it back on while keeping a button pressed, to boot into emCORE
15:00:53copperthe Rockbox port for the iPod Classic
15:01:17copperfrom the emCORE menu, go into Tools, then select "Run Rockbox fallback image"
15:01:34copperthen when the Rockbox fallback image is running, connect the iPod to your PC via USB
15:01:38coppersee if that fixes it
15:01:49Herobooting into emcore doesn't help the computer recognize the device after what I am now calling "the crash"
15:01:56copperthe rockbox fallback image is an old build that supposedly works better over USB
15:02:26copperI didn't say to connect via USB while emCORE is running
15:02:28Heroso after "the crash" nothing I do will cause the computer to recognize the ipod unless I reformat and re-load the rockbox files
15:02:38copperdid you even try what I just said
15:02:59Heroof course
15:03:31copperthen ask [7]
15:04:40Heroonce I run the fall back image
15:04:53Herothe computer is able to recognize the ipod
15:04:57Heroso what does this mean?
15:07:10copperthat's what I told you to do
15:07:17HeroYa, bro
15:07:18Heroand I did it
15:07:22Heronothing to sigh about
15:07:26copper14:02:39 UTC <copper> did you even try what I just said
15:07:26copper14:02:59 UTC <Hero> Yes
15:07:26copper14:03:00 UTC <Hero> of course
15:07:38HeroI know you told me to do it and I did
15:07:45Herowe're moving on now
15:07:47copper14:01:50 UTC <Hero> booting into emcore doesn't help the computer recognize the device after what I am now calling "the crash"
15:07:58Heroforget about that
15:08:04Herothat was just my incompetence talking
15:08:13copperyes, well, it's tiresome
15:08:22Herodon't give up on me now
15:08:26HeroI've gotten this far
15:08:30copperI should have given up long ago
15:08:53HeroIt's the holidays bro. Don't give up your good spirits
15:09:02copperdidn't they teach you rigor at school
15:09:09HeroI'm almost there
15:09:16copperor are you still in school
15:09:17HeroJust need to figure out this last part
15:09:21copperand they didn't cover that part
15:09:32HeroWhat does rigor have to do with this problem I'm having
15:09:55copperrigor has everything to do with carefully reading instructions and listening to people who are trying to help
15:10:01copperand not assuming anything
15:10:55HeroI did it to the best of my ability
15:10:58copperbecause as it is now, me and others have had to repeat stuff several times to get you to do the right things
15:11:04HeroI'm sorry if I failed miserably
15:11:15HeroI don't know about all of that
15:11:22copperyou don't know anything
15:11:25copperwhich is the whole point
15:11:35HeroI'm not supposed to
15:11:41HeroThis isn't my area of expertise
15:11:53copperwhich is why you need to show more rigor
15:12:01HeroI will try
15:12:01copperyou can't take shortcuts
15:12:03Herolet's move on
15:12:05copperyou can't make any assumptions
15:12:35copperwhat is the current state of your ipod right now
15:12:42copperplugged / unplugged?
15:12:46copperrunning Rockbox fallback image?
15:13:38Heroit's running the fall back image
15:13:51HeroIf I attempt to run the lastest version
15:13:53copperis the ipod "mounted" on your PC, i.e. do you see it as an external hard drive?
15:13:56Heroit won't recognize the device
15:14:10coppererase the .rockbox directory on it
15:14:37Heroare you sure this is a good idea?
15:14:48HeroI did it, but I'm just asking
15:14:54copperdo it
15:14:59HeroI just said I did it
15:15:21coppernow download this zip file, and unpack it at the root of your mounted iPod drive, like before:
15:15:22Herocan I at least leave it in the trash can
15:15:27copperthat's an older release of Rockbox
15:15:47Herowhat is downloading an older version going to do?
15:15:55copperwhich supposedly doesn't have the USB problems of newer builds
15:16:17HeroI could have sworn I already had an older version
15:16:38copperyes, I / we made you install the latest build, but that one doesn't seem to be working properly with your PC
15:16:41Heroisn't that what I had before I upgraded to this newer version?
15:16:49HeroWhat I'm saying is
15:16:56Herowhy do I have to install another older version
15:17:05Herowhen I already had one to begin with before the upgrade
15:17:34Heroisn't the "fall back image" the older version?
15:17:46HeroI'm just inquiring
15:18:12copperyes, but "installing" the older version normally, will allow you to boot it directly instead of fiddling with the Tools menu from emCORE
15:18:48 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
15:18:50copperand possibly saving your settings (I don't think the fallback image allows you to do that, though I may be wrong)
15:18:58HeroI see
15:19:12HeroSo what do you want me to do now
15:19:23HeroI'm curious to know what you mean by "install normally"
15:19:36copper14:15:22 UTC <copper> now download this zip file, and unpack it at the root of your mounted iPod drive, like before:
15:19:40copperI mean that
15:19:43copper ^^
15:20:33copperthen unplug the ipod, turn it off, turn it back on, check in the System -> Rockbox Info menu that you have the correct version (*-120102)
15:20:48HeroYes, and I guess what I'm trying to figure out is, how is that going to be any different from what we had setup beforehand
15:21:21copperjust see if that version allows you to copy files to your ipod via USB without errors
15:21:31HeroOkay, hang on
15:21:50HeroI will try it, but I guess this is just a troubleshooting procedure
15:23:15Heroby unplug, you mean eject first, then unplug
15:23:45HeroI'm just trying to be rigorous
15:24:25Heroyes, I have version *-120102
15:24:41copperok, now plug your iPod to your PC via USB
15:24:59coppertry to transfer some songs, then "safely eject" and unplug
15:25:26Heroyes my computer recognizes the device
15:25:37copperdo the whole thing
15:25:37Herolooks like the latest version has some issue
15:25:41HeroI will
15:25:44HeroI'm just saying
15:25:52Herothe latest version couldn't even make it this far
15:26:00copper11:48:31 UTC <[7]> copper: I'll happily do so (and update the fallback image) once we've fixed that USB mess
15:26:19copperthat's also why the iPod Classic Rockbox port is listed as "unusable"
15:26:31copperto scare off newbies like you
15:26:42HeroI'm not s
15:26:47HeroBut I'm not scared
15:26:52copperI can see that
15:27:25copperbecause, see how much time it took to get it running for you?
15:27:38HeroI guess
15:27:40coppertoo much effort
15:27:56Herobut honestly, I don't think the problem is on my end
15:28:00coppernotice how everyone else disappeared
15:28:12Herothe install procedure is jacked up
15:28:20HeroI've been installing programs for years
15:28:25copperHero: USB problems with the Rockbox port for the iPod Classic are known
15:28:26Heronever had any such trouble
15:28:39HeroIt wasn't known to me
15:28:40copperthis isn't a one click install thing
15:28:42Herountil now
15:28:48HeroI can see that
15:28:51copperrunning Rockbox on an iPod Classic is almost akin to "hacking"
15:29:12copperbecause Apple made it very difficult for Rockbox and the likes to run on the iPod Classic
15:29:15Heroto be truthful, I have a bit of experience with doing such things
15:29:31HeroMy rigor is just a bit off today
15:29:41copperanyway, did you manage to copy some audio files and safely eject?
15:29:50HeroI was just about to ask about that
15:29:53HeroYou see
15:30:06Heronormally when I add music files, I have to do it through itunes
15:30:12coppernot with Rockbox
15:30:22copperwith Rockbox, you just use the Windows Explorer
15:30:25Heroso I just want to verify with you the proper rigor to apply when adding files through rockbox
15:30:37Herojust verifying
15:30:42copperRockbox won't work with iTunes
15:30:52HeroI found that out already
15:31:03coppermay I ask where you heard about Rockbox?
15:31:06HeroI just wanted to verify the "rockbox" procedure for adding files
15:31:19Herofrom a friend
15:31:50HeroI don't think he has a ipod classic though
15:31:55HeroHe has an ipod nano
15:32:07 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
15:32:08Heroso he didn't have to use much rigor for his installation
15:32:24copperwe've been at this for almost 4 hours
15:32:35Herowhich is sad
15:32:39copperimagine if we had to spend four hours with every user
15:32:43copperjust not possible
15:32:58Heroand I actually consider myself tech savvy
15:33:02Herowhich is even sadder
15:33:45Heroyes the file was properly added
15:34:01copperthen keep that Rockbox version and don't update it
15:34:22Herocan I at least play around with the latest version to see if I can get it to work?
15:34:33copperdo as you like
15:34:39copperI've explained everything to you
15:34:45copperso now it's up to you
15:35:16HeroI just get the feeling that if you were performing the rigor on my device, somehow you would figure out a way to get it to work
15:35:21HeroI want to do the same
15:35:29Herojust keep messing with it until it works
15:37:36HeroWell, anyway, I appreciate all your help
15:37:52HeroYou helped me until the end
15:41:04copperHero: an alternative is to install the latest Rockbox build, but always reboot into the "Rockbox fallback image" before plugging the iPod into your PC via USB, for file transfers
15:41:54copperthat's more cumbersome, but it would allow you to benefit from all the latest features, while being able to transfer files via USB without Rockbox crashing
15:43:22HeroI'll have to try that
15:46:15 Join onder`_ [0] (
15:47:02 Quit onder` (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
15:47:06 Nick onder`_ is now known as onder` (
15:48:14copperand, erm, don't forget to reboot into the new Rockbox build after unplugging the iPod
15:49:43HeroI see
15:50:31HeroI just won't be able to use the rockbox utility for anything
15:50:43HeroI still can't get that to work properly
15:50:57Heronor can I get the chkdsk to work either
15:51:18 Join onder`_ [0] (
15:52:47 Join lorenzo92 [0] (
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19:42:32lorenzo92kugel (logs): g#395 updated and g#701 fixes the rest
19:42:34fs-bluebotGerrit review #395 at : Samsung YP-R1 target port by Lorenzo Miori (changes/95/395/16)
19:42:35fs-bluebotGerrit review #701 at : by Lorenzo Miori (changes/01/701/2)
19:44:03lorenzo92bot bug! in the title there is a / character and it seems like the whole title gets stripped
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21:05:21saratogascorche|sh: can you purge the forums of zero post accounts so that banning spammers is a little quicker?
21:07:08 Join onder` [0] (
21:13:38 Join FrogTux [0] (5dc57c75@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
21:16:00saratogahas anyone else noticed problems with the nano2g during daily use? AFAIK when i sent mine to funman it still worked fine aside from the USB issues
21:16:01FrogTuxHow are the parameters from the lcd_set_background function?
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