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#rockbox log for 2014-01-01

00:28:50saratogai don't think themes are translatable
00:47:38***No seen item changed, no save performed.
00:52:16man_in_shackthere's %Sx tag for translating keywords
01:00:21man_in_shackabout done making my theme
01:01:12man_in_shackjust need to do icons now
01:05:23saratogaah then thats changed since i last looked at it
01:10:17man_in_shackwell, my wps theme :P
01:10:24man_in_shacksaratoga: things change sometimes :P
01:11:01saratogayeah that part of the code is not my responsibility :)
01:11:56saratogan1s: (for the logs) i'm hoping to have another day off after the new year to look at the opus stuff some more, I might just submit directly to the opus master, then the next time we sync we'll get it in rockbox
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02:47:00flatr0ze_hello folks; I've been using rockbox for many-many years, now got a big trouble... I'm able to load the rockbox firmware on iPod 5.5G 64M (64Gb ssd with 2048bs) but the firmware image just doesn't want to see the .rockbox directory; nither it sees the files also
02:47:12flatr0ze_I am able to use the iOs firmware just fine
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02:49:44flatr0ze_using ipodloader2 (2.6) works for both native OS and loading rockbox.ipod firmware image, but the rockbox firmware still doesn't see any of the files on fat32 partition
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03:01:29flatr0ze_some old build used to work with rockbox on this SSD, so it's not the SSD
03:01:50flatr0ze_guess I won't get many people help me out on this one on the New Year's Eve Ü
03:02:07flatr0ze_Happy New Year's to everyone
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03:26:59shonudohello all
03:27:07shonudosoap, happy new year!
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11:00:22bluebrotherJdGordon: the build server always announces the result as "All green" even when there have been build errors. So I've removed pushing that to the channel some time ago
11:00:39bluebrotherit's better to not have a result than having a wrong result. IMO :)
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13:29:42*man_in_shack looks around
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14:16:25lorenzo92happy new year :)
14:30:13lorenzo92kugel: hi...i was resuming r1 port patch, but i cannot understand the comment in apps/sources
14:30:55lorenzo92kugel: actually, the newline is there in my patch hum
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14:49:10man_in_shackhow does battery discharge work in the simulator?
14:51:54lebelliumit's just a loop 100%>0%>recharging. 1% discharging every second I guess
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14:54:22gevaertsSomething like that, yes
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14:55:32man_in_shacksomething LIKE that, but not actually that, it seems
14:56:03lebelliumI don't see how that's problematic?
14:56:44man_in_shackwell it's not discharging every second ehre
14:57:03man_in_shackit's just sitting on 96%
14:57:16lebelliumthat may happen
14:57:24lebelliumjust restart the sim
14:57:49man_in_shacksame thing
14:59:10lebelliumI don't know then
15:00:30gevaertsWhat target?
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15:07:31gevaertsIt definitely moves for me on a freshly built clip+ sim
15:08:42man_in_shackis yours git head or 3.13 release?
15:13:05man_in_shackbuilding head now
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15:19:11man_in_shacknope, not going down :(
15:25:10gevaertsWhere exactly are you looking?
15:25:34man_in_shacki've set my theme to display battery percentage in BIG TEXT
15:25:39man_in_shackwps theme
15:26:03lorenzo92kugel: done with the patch fine-tuning ^^ I'm puzzled for only 1 thing: is it possible that a typedef struct is incompatible with a simple struct? Changing from the first to the second makes my touchpad to behave strangely (aka it seems like the ioctl call to the module does not fully work)
15:26:10lorenzo92of course, both are packed values, here I really don't know, so I leave typedef for the moment
15:26:28gevaertsman_in_shack: does it do the same with cabbiev2?
15:26:34man_in_shackone sec
15:27:53man_in_shacklooks like it
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15:29:16man_in_shackbattery value in rockbox info screen isn't going down
15:29:42man_in_shackoh i see now
15:29:52man_in_shackit doesn't go down when wps is open
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15:31:51man_in_shackthat explains a few thingies
15:33:21gevaertsIt definitely changes in the wps for me
15:33:28man_in_shackwell that's fun
15:33:51gevaertsIn the rockbox info screen, it doesn't refresh unless you press some buttons. I don't know if that's intended or not
15:33:54man_in_shackdoes your theme disable the standard status bar?
15:34:37gevaertsIt does
15:34:39gevaertsThis is plain cabbiev2
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15:37:51man_in_shackwell it's doing something now, so i can work with it
15:39:30gevaertsDid you change anything?
15:41:12man_in_shackwhen i start rockboxui, battery starts discharging
15:41:54man_in_shacklooks like once i go in to wps, it stops discharging
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15:42:59man_in_shackand now it's charging in wps
15:44:03toehser1If the battery stopped discharging when I went into the WPS, I would make sure to stay there, and I would never have to charge the player again...
15:44:39gevaertsAre you showing images/text from a conditional, or are you just showing the raw value?
15:47:47man_in_shackboth :P
15:48:51*gevaerts hopes man_in_shack is impressed by the large screen on the clip plus :)
15:48:54man_in_shackgotta test my icons with conditionals :)
15:49:28man_in_shackgevaerts: love it :)
15:49:56man_in_shack128x64 monochrome screen is perfect for playing doom
16:03:24man_in_shackok, looks like the conditional was the problem
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16:29:51man_in_shackyay, got it working just how i want now :)
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16:44:25man_in_shackso to finish my wps theme, all i need to do is repeat and shuffle icons
16:45:30man_in_shackand maybe add other magical mystery stuff to it if i have the screenspace :P
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16:53:34lebelliumgevaerts [Saint] JdGordon : the touch controls don't work properly for FMS, do they? prev/next work as expected, but "ffwd" and "rwd" don't seem to work. "play" starts music playback in the FMS -_- "Mute" is not related to %mp (FM radio playing, FM radio muted). Gosh, looks like nobody ever tried to listen to FM radio on a touch target...
16:54:29*gevaerts never looked at fm or touch controls
16:54:53man_in_shackf ALL the m
17:00:47lebelliumI try to find a Cowon D2 theme with FMS but since touch AND non-touch 320x240 themes are listed together....that's so stupid -_-
17:23:47man_in_shackwell send me a cowon d2 and i'll write you a theme for it :P
17:29:11lebelliumI don't need that
17:29:53lebelliumI don't have a Cowon D2
17:29:58lebelliumand I don't need the device to write a theme for it
17:30:31man_in_shackdon't spoil my fun :P
17:48:11lebellium1st issue solved. I put prev and next again with repeat_press. It works as ffwd and rwd. I don't understand why it's not like WPS but at least it works
18:03:56 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
18:07:39lebelliumlol. The only tag which works in FMS is "menu" and it opens the context menu instead of going back to the main menu like in WPS.
18:13:08man_in_shackthat sounds fun
18:13:38lebelliumyeah, I'm used to reach the limits of the theme engine
18:13:52*lebellium needs JdGordon :(
18:20:16man_in_shackdon't we all?
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