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#rockbox log for 2014-01-03

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00:04:06saratogai think for the new rotation code i'd be one register short since i have to store the stride and bitrev pointer, so whats better
00:04:45saratogamake the common case fast (stride = 1, nearly all long blocks) or make all cases use the assembly and just accept that something will have to be stacked in a tight loop?
00:05:11saratogai guess probably the stack option, since it'll be more general for the low latency cases where the blocks might be very unusual
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00:48:21saratogaheh, gcc will stack lr if its listed as a clobber register, but will not stack it if you simply try to use 14 unnamed registers
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00:51:06derfYay gcc?
00:51:33derfSeriously, lr should be the first scratch register you allocate in a leaf function.
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02:43:50flatr0ze_Could anyone tell me please how come I don't see "Music" item in the main menu of iPodLinux on my 5.5g?
02:43:50flatr0ze_Could anyone tell me please how come I don't see "Music" item in the main menu of iPodLinux on my 5.5g?
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02:54:31JdGordonflatr0ze_: this is not a help channel for ipodlinux
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02:54:58tertuhonestly rb should pop an error message if the current theme is looking for fonts that don't exist
02:55:04tertuor i think, rather
02:55:13flatr0ze_JdGordon: the only channel where people know what it is so far
02:55:16tertujust a box notifying the user that the required font isn't present
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03:08:33amee2kmorning everyone :D
03:09:41amee2kis there anyone familiar with the Creative ZEN (the old one, apparently, 8GB) hardware here?
03:10:20amee2ki'm helping a friend trying to recover data from a dead device, but looking around online i'm stuck at where the main storage is located on the board
03:10:53amee2k(the four large flash chips on the board appear to be 1Mbit = 128MB if i got the right datasheet)
03:11:46amee2k << this device. i'm hoping thats just the firmware ROM, and there is an eMMC on the board somewhere :3
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03:22:43[Saint]flatr0ze_: IPL is dead.
03:22:49[Saint]It has been dead for years.
03:23:09[Saint]And it will continue to be dead for eternity to come.
03:24:04[Saint]I really guess I should get around to stripping the ability to boot IPL from the iPod bootloaders.
03:25:04[Saint]The 3 people in the world that actually care about IPL can either compile their own bootloader or just not update it.
03:25:25flatr0ze_[Saint]: some evil forces won't allow me to run rockbox on my player any more
03:25:27[Saint]For most people, its a confusing option they accidentally boot into.
03:25:45flatr0ze_so I wanted to go with ipl for some time until I figure out how to defeat that evil spirit
03:25:57flatr0ze_[Saint]: I know what you mean
03:26:30[Saint]"cannot find linux.bin"
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03:26:47[Saint]"...argh! What is linux.bin, and why can't my iPod find it, HAAAAAAAAAAAALP!"
03:27:08[Saint]I have only seen that a few times, granted, but its a few times too many.
03:27:57[Saint]If you even know what IPL *is* I guess its not too much of a stretch to suggest you're probably capable of building your own bootloader or sourcing an older one.
03:28:46[Saint]Removing IPL from the boot options has been something I've been thinking about doing for ages but only get reminded of it occasionally. :)
03:29:16flatr0ze_gonna try to flash my pod once again since you're online
03:30:00[Saint]I may be a saint, but I'm not sure how effective I am against evil spirits.
03:30:41flatr0ze_evil spirits crap their evil spirit pants when they see square brackets, [Saint]
03:37:39flatr0ze_so doesn't matter what I do, I get "No partition found. Insert USB cable and fix it." message from Rockbox, after 0.5 second of Rockbox' splashscreen.
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03:38:00flatr0ze_and it's been like this for more than a week of constant reformatting and different attempts
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03:38:42flatr0ze_I use an ipodpatcher binary from, latest version of rockbox
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03:39:50flatr0ze_tried windows installer, tried linux installer, tried formatting over and over, it's all the same thing: no way to make the firmware to see the fat32 partition
03:40:04flatr0ze_it's a 2048-byte SSD, 5.5g with 64MB RAM
03:40:19flatr0ze_rockbox used to work fine for more than a year until I decided to upgrade
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03:40:49toehser1I thought IPL was an acronym for Initial Program Load on IBM-360 architecture machines...
03:42:12[Saint]flatr0ze_: what model iPod is this?
03:42:51flatr0ze_it is 5.5g with 64MB RAM and 60GB Kingspec SSD (2048 byte sectors)
03:43:24[Saint]follow the procedure listed at if you feel comfortable with it.
03:43:32[Saint]Alternatively, restore with iTunes.
03:43:33flatr0ze_I tried both old 30mb builds and all mbr images so far −− nothing's working
03:43:37flatr0ze_tried all that
03:43:43[Saint]Oh dear. Hmmm.
03:43:49flatr0ze_I'm very good with that shit usually, but this time it's a real bummer
03:44:15flatr0ze_maybe there's a bad connection of one of the pins of the flex cable?
03:44:17[Saint]I am guessing there's something peculiar about that SSD's firmware that is tripping us up.
03:44:34flatr0ze_but it worked for more than a year on exactly the same player :(
03:44:52flatr0ze_even with iPodLoader2, via (hd0,0)/osos
03:44:57[Saint]Oh, ah, have you not verified it functions with the stock drive? Or can you not do so (as in, not in possession thereof anymore?)?
03:45:28flatr0ze_no, it's long gone, I bought it with a broken one to save money
03:45:55[Saint]I believe Torne did some work with iPods vs. SSDs a while ago - someone actually sent him a player to debug it with.
03:45:55flatr0ze_it doesn't matter btw if I load it via /osos or from .rockbox/rockbox.ipod
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03:46:15[Saint]Which is one of the reasons why I am guessing this SSDs firmware is being very particular.
03:46:15flatr0ze_it's very strange that it used to work before
03:46:41[Saint]Have you tried going back to an older build of Rockbox?
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03:46:50[Saint]To see if its something *we* broke?
03:46:53flatr0ze_yep, 3.0, 3.5, and the devbuild
03:47:01[Saint]No dice?
03:47:25flatr0ze_no dice; I'm going to try it once again keeping the track of how each of those combinations react to my ssd
03:48:09[Saint]WHat revision was one the player when it ceased fnctioning? And did the cease of function happen to correspond with anything in particular? A specific memorable event perhaps?
03:48:28flatr0ze_you know, I'm probably going to find if there's a way to flash a new firmware onto this SSD, plus going to try another linux vfat driver, also will try loading rockbox via official rockbox bootloader rather than flashing rocbox.ipod directly into /osos
03:49:24[Saint]Rockbox in OSOS _shouldn't_ make a difference here.
03:49:38flatr0ze_not really, I just decided to upgrade to a newer version, and never had any problems doing so before; I believe it was 3.1 the last time it worked
03:49:39[Saint]But, mind you, with an SSD, the benefit from doing so is going to be very minimal.
03:49:58flatr0ze_ye, the seek time, right...
03:50:02[Saint]Its only the ancient old platter disks that really benefit there.
03:50:17[Saint]It can shave about 4s off the boot time.
03:50:18flatr0ze_I still like knowing I have less apples in my baby
03:50:24*[Saint] nods
03:50:35[Saint]I do the same. I have no reason to boot the OF on my devices.
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05:50:48spurgearHi. Having a Sansa Clip+ in recovery mode after it's bricked. Calling fidsk -l, and it reported 3965 MB (neither 1000MB nor 4MB). Is it still recoverable?
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06:18:35HeroHow do I expand UMS Boot Volume?
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06:29:14HeroHow does one expand UMS boot volume?
06:29:47Hero[Saint]: can you help me please?
06:30:12Herocopper: Can you help?
06:31:15HeroHow come won't nobody help me?
06:41:42mtWhen someone is available and able to answer your question they will.
06:42:09HeroI'll be gone by then
06:42:55Heromt: You should help me since you are here.
06:47:07mtI *should*?
06:47:49HeroI mean, can you?
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06:50:58mtUnfortunately not. As I said, when someone is here with who's able to help they will. Check (especially #8)
06:51:15mt- with
06:52:26HeroIt is rockbox related
06:52:48HeroCheck this out:
06:53:08HeroThey recommended me to go there to do a special boot
06:53:17HeroI'm simply asking a follow-up question
06:58:23mtThe link I pointed to .. check it out. Seriously. That's all the help I can provide.
06:58:49HeroThat link you provided helps me with nothing
06:59:05HeroMaybe you don't believe me when I say that my question is rockbox related
06:59:17HeroOther than that, I don't how how that link is relevant to anything
07:00:36HeroAlso, I have an ipod classic
07:00:42Herogeneration 6
07:00:45Herono manual
07:01:12HeroSo those are the only two things that can apply for that link you sent: either a manual or related question.
07:01:26HeroBut there is no manual for my ipod and I certainly asked a related question
07:01:33HeroAnyway though...
07:01:54Hero[Saint]: I know you are here.
07:02:06HeroWould you mind helping?
07:06:44mtAlright, you clearly did not go past point #2 in the guidelines. So: 1. Rockbox is not a tiny project, not everyone knows everything here. 2. You really should not be pinging people randomly and repeatedly asking for their help. 3. It is generally appreciated when people follow the guidelines in the link I provided. 4. The link (the guidelines) is relevant because - other than the fact that your question is rockbox related - you're clearly brea
07:06:44mtking almost everything else on that page.
07:07:18HeroWho did I ping randomly? I pinged Saint and Copper. Two people that have helped me before.
07:07:37HeroTrust me, I didn't do anything out of bounds. I don't appreciate your accusations
07:08:15HeroIs there any way I can block you from talking to me?
07:11:39Heromt: in reference to guideline 8, you can't help me with what I need help with. So why are you trying to help me with something you cannot help me with?
07:11:59HeroI asked you if you could help, and clearly you cannot. The conversation should have been over after that.
07:20:21ter2hero: are you trying to get rb on your classic?
07:21:36ter2if so i've done it, i can help
07:22:06ter2and uh i didn't have to resize that partition
07:22:49HeroNo, I already have that.
07:23:04HeroI'm trying to resize the ums boot partition.
07:24:01HeroEither that or get rid of the bootloader altogether.
07:25:48ter2you need the UMS boot partition, otherwise the ipod won't be able to boot
07:26:01ter2i don't know how to resize it besides "like any other partition"
07:26:25ter2chances are the initial boot code will throw a fit and refuse to boot from it if you do
07:26:57ter2and if that happens you'll have a brick
07:27:14HeroI already know that.
07:27:20HeroThere's something else I'm trying to do.
07:27:28 Quit sakax (Remote host closed the connection)
07:27:42HeroI either need to expand the UMS boot partition or get rid of the bootloader altogether.
07:27:52HeroI only need someone to explain to me the steps of how to do either.
07:28:02ter2Why do you need to expand the UMS boot partition?
07:28:49HeroI'm trying to put some boot files on it
07:32:20ter2is it stuff you made yourself?
07:34:01HeroNo, I didn't make it myself
07:34:31ter2what is it?
07:34:59ter2the only application I know of that needs to be in the UFS partition is emCORE
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09:00:18fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 062801e, 243 builds, 32 clients.
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09:10:56fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 638 seconds.
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09:19:40wodzman_in_shack: what is so funny?
09:20:10*man_in_shack looks shifty
09:20:38man_in_shacki have a headache
09:20:51man_in_shackwas going to do some more work on my sbs but can't focus
09:21:01wodzits dev channel you know
09:21:27man_in_shackwell fine then
09:21:30*man_in_shack hides
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09:55:36SergeyMuratovHello. I want to edit information in the Wiki. I need write permission.
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10:38:31[Saint]Bah. He's gone.
10:38:47*[Saint] thinks that guy has absolutely no idea what UMSboot is for.
10:39:37[Saint]One simply *cannot* expand the UMS volume. Its a RAMdisk tht takes up the entirety of available system RAM. :)
10:40:11[Saint]And you can't do anything useful there except pass binaries to emCORE.
10:43:43[Saint]I'm very much surprised that that guy hasn't come in here before now yelling at us for killing his ipod.
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10:49:45copper[Saint]: it took me 4 hours to "help" that guy install Rockbox on his Classic
10:50:05copperhe refused to read instructions and listen to our directions
10:50:40copperI'm not going to do that again.
10:58:40copperer, I guess you were there
10:59:45copperI have no clue what he was trying to do
11:04:56 Quit [Saint] (Remote host closed the connection)
11:08:15 Join [Saint] [0] (~saint@rockbox/staff/saint)
11:09:27[Saint]You're right. He doesn;t seem to like documentation very much and just wanders off on treks into fantasy land trying to do things he thinks he should be able to do without understanding the underlying mechanism at all.
11:10:31[Saint]I came in a little too late to guide him on the right path to doing whatever it is he was trying to do.
11:11:08[Saint]Fortunately, he can't hurt it. So, I'm not worried.
11:11:55copperit kinda sounds like he wanted to get Rockbox to boot faster, but then I _did_ tell him how to set up fast boot
11:12:46[Saint]It seemed to me as though he had it in his head he could use UMS as device storage.
11:13:02[Saint]But, without knowing its all just speculation.
11:13:09[Saint]I have NFI what he was trying to do.
11:13:14copperwell, do you know of an alternative bootloader for the iPod?
11:13:30[Saint]Nope. Because none exist. :)
11:13:46copperI remember TheSeven mentionned something
11:14:24[Saint]Oh, you're probably thinking of Zadig - and that was in reference to installation.
11:14:48copperThat's the one. What is it?
11:16:21[Saint]It helps with installing generic USb device drivers and would be good for the driver fuckery we need to do on Windows.
11:25:48 Quit ender` (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
11:26:16[Saint]With some amount of effort on this end it could help to streamline the installation process for Windows users.
11:26:28 Join ender` [0] (
11:26:35[Saint]Presently, both methods are pretty gross and error prone.
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11:55:17gevaerts[Saint]: isn't that opod ssd 2k sector issue the old and obscure mkfs.vfat vs mformat one?
12:02:03[Saint]gevaerts: No idea sorry.
12:02:12[Saint]I am unaware of such an issue.
12:10:13gevaerts[Saint]: you never read IpodManualRestore? ;)
12:12:53[Saint]Once or twice, a long time ago.
12:13:49*gevaerts recommends having another look then :)
12:14:06[Saint]I have a very tiny XP install with the bare necessities included to run iTunes saved as a VirtualBox image for restoring iPods. 'seasier.
12:14:43gevaertsAnyway, if he comes back and I'm not around, can you suggest this as a possible cause?
12:20:56[Saint]I can, yes.
12:21:51[Saint]gevaerts: though he did say he tried to set the device up with iTunes, also, whicn no matter what he did beforehand should "Just Work (TM)".
12:22:38[Saint]Nonetheless, I can make the suggestion.
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12:37:38pamauryamee2k: what are you trying to do with this dead ZEN ? Why is it "dead" ?
12:39:27 Join TheSeven [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/TheSeven)
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12:43:10amee2kpamaury: i'm helping a friend of mine who is evaluating if data recovery is feasable. i don't have the device at hand, but apparently it refuses to power on.
12:45:52pamauryit depends, if it shows up a usb device in sigmatel recovery mode, it's feasible
12:45:57 Join Narod [0] (
12:47:48amee2kthe recovery mode for bad flash described on that page?
12:48:49pamauryif you can access this one, you can trivially recover the device though
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12:49:03amee2ki think he already tried that when we found that page, but i'll ask (he is asleep right now)
12:49:22pamaurybut if it doesn't show up, there is another recovery mode, in which the screen stays black black but the device is recognised as a special HID device
12:49:35pamauryusb id 066f:3700
12:49:46amee2khow do you boot into that?
12:50:41pamauryI only know of two ways: bad bootloader and remove the battery
12:50:42 Join Gallomimia [0] (~gallomimi@
12:51:46amee2k"remove the battery"?
12:52:10pamauryyes, or very very low battery could do too
12:54:58pamaurythe good news is that normally either you can access the creative recovery mode or you can access hardware recovery mode
12:55:09amee2khrm.... he mentioned that the battery might be worn out badly. could it be that it *is* booting into that recovery mode and he thinks it isn't powering on?
12:55:18*amee2k adds that to list
12:55:37 Join Zagor [242] (~bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor)
12:55:50pamauryamee2k: yeah clearly an option
12:57:14amee2kif that isn't working, is there any way to recover data from the main onboard storage? looking at the board pics, i couldn't identify anything thats big enough to hold 8GB
12:58:01amee2kif i got the right datasheet, the big flash chips are only 1Gbit
12:59:03pamauryall chips make up the storage, it's all managed by the Phison bridge
12:59:43pamauryso you recover data by interfacing directly to this chip, it uses standard SD protocol
13:00:25amee2khmm i see
13:00:39amee2kcouldn't they have used a leaded package for that >_<
13:03:44pamaurydesoldering the battery looks simpler ^^
13:05:58 Join ikeboy [0] (
13:06:01amee2kyup :3
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18:52:09*[Saint] wonders why there are no good FOSS media icon sets that include shuffle and repeat icons.
18:59:08[Saint]I want to make a touchscreen theme.
18:59:44[Saint]Like, an actual touchscreen theme. Not a regular theme with touch areas thrown at it.
19:01:28ter2there are a couple like that I know of
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23:13:19gevaertsflatr0ze_: how did you format the ssd? There are some issues with rockbox on 2K devices as formatted by (at least?) mkfs.vfat
23:14:01flatr0ze_gevaerts: I used mkfs.vfat with -S 2048 on /dev/sdb2
23:14:15flatr0ze_I tried formatting without the -S flag, no luck
23:15:00flatr0ze_gonna compile the latest version of mkdosfs tonight and try it again
23:15:21gevaertsI've never had the issue myself (I don't own a 2K device), but people have had issues that do sound rather similar to yours on 80GB ipods (which also have 2K blocksize)
23:15:35gevaertsFor them, mformat has worked better
23:16:11gevaerts has a bit about this
23:18:05gevaertsI don't know if mkdosfs actually does something wrong or if this is a rockbox bug
23:22:11flatr0ze_I'll test mformat and report gevaerts
23:39:04flatr0ze_mformat doesn't seem to work at all, constantly printing the help message
23:39:51gevaertsHave a look at for some hints
23:40:16 Join tyllmoritz [0] (
23:41:06 Join sakax [0] (~sakax@unaffiliated/sakax)
23:42:10flatr0ze_ah! I remember now, used to do that long time ago... gonna try it now, thanks!
23:42:56gevaertsYes, it's a bit non-modern :)
23:43:41 Join mt [0] (
23:48:37 Quit flatr0ze_ (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
23:51:13 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
23:57:14 Join flatr0ze_ [0] (
23:58:25fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision da94b63, 243 builds, 33 clients.

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