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#rockbox log for 2014-01-12

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00:31:46pamaurychrisjj: I am working on the ZEN X-Fi
00:32:10pamauryI managed to replicate the "black screen of death" fairly consistently and I am narrowing down the issue
00:32:18pamauryit is clearly a lcd driver issue
00:33:58pamauryI *think* it may be related to DMA: I reset the LCDIF dma channel *before* ungating it's clock, which looks like a bad idea
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00:40:31pamaurystrangely enough though, resetting after ungating also locks up from time to time
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00:51:24pamaurymaybe the LCDIF block needs to be properly running for the reset to work properly
00:52:50pamaurynow this is getting weird
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01:16:17[Saint]If someone's gettin' happy on bar draw direction for touchscreen, I'm pretty sure RTL bars are still using LTF touch gestures.
01:16:39[Saint](rather similar to the verticalbar stuff I saw mentioned earlier)
01:21:25[Saint]Very odd to see someone so happy about giving up a Rockboxed device with some of the cleanest audio output possible for...a nasty little gimmicky touchscreen cube.
01:21:36[Saint][07:32:51] <ytm> i just returned my old 1g nano for a brand new 6g nano w00t !ç
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01:34:49fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 488a1b9, 249 builds, 31 clients.
01:35:07kugelcopper: that issue should be fixed as well now
01:36:32[Saint]COngratulations on your scrolling roll, Sir.
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01:37:09[Saint]copper's little fix for the fg/bg colors made me cringe too - but it worked, so I couldn't really fault it
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01:37:47kugelwhat do you mean?
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01:38:18kugeltext tags on the same line as %V?
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01:42:12[Saint]Yes. I'm pretty sure its not supposed to work, either.
01:42:23[Saint]As well as being hard to follow.
01:42:59[Saint]But there's some bloody odd formatting allowed in there that I never bothered learning and I'm not sure whats allowed and what isn;t anymore.
01:43:01kugelyea, it's not supposed to work, and it didn't in my recent tests
01:43:43[Saint]JdGordon made some form of indented flow for themes I could never follow.
01:43:56[Saint]ANd since then I was never /too/ sure what was legal and what wasn't.
01:49:04toehser1Any tips on throwing rockbox source into an IDE to help my brain navigate it - useful experience on, say, whether to use code::blocks or eclipse-CDT or something else, if anyone has already reverse-engineered project files, or anything else to make such a crutch easier to get building?
01:50:55fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 0a0d61e, 249 builds, 31 clients.
01:53:41foolshtoehser1: Even though I don't use one, I helped a person over in the forums with setting up rockbox on Eclipse,43503.msg221093.html#msg221093
01:54:22fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 207 seconds.
01:54:37foolshI prefer a shell, grep, find and nano, for an IDE has to many distractions
01:56:47JdGordon[Saint]: I did what?
01:57:49[Saint]You came up with some indented flow for theme files I'm not sure is documented anywhere.
01:58:12toehser1Once I understand the code, that is fine - it is the source-navigation while I'm trying to figure it out (easy 'goto-declaration' or 'show-references' kind of stuff). I'll check the forum thread.
01:58:23JdGordondidnt i just allow it tp skip whitespace in tag params?
01:59:32[Saint]I think you could also arbirarily sprinkle newlines around willy nilly too. :)
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03:03:18toehser1I get lockups with the tips of git now, I guess I'll go back a day or so.
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03:15:06[Saint]tip(s), plural?
03:51:02toehser1just sounds better that way...
03:51:47toehser1what is "queue_post ovf q=01064160
03:52:32toehser1Seems that a couple days ago works. Current I get a lockup. In the sim, it locked up, and I saw that message when I ctrl-C killed it.
03:54:11toehser12a471c9e84ddc4f6f407d4fe3ad2a21a1d0e3723 seems to work.
03:54:17toehser1I'll double check... but...
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04:48:22toehser1Tip locks up.
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04:58:47toehser1SIGINT in gdb when it is locked up gives: get_line_desc () at /home/tom/rockbox/git-tip/rockbox/apps/gui/line.c:68
04:58:47toehser168 } while (this->used);
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05:01:55toehser1Looks like the while loop is new and sometimes it goes all infinite-loop...
05:03:24toehser1whoops, maybe I'm looking at 2 different methods?
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05:03:57toehser1ah, the whole method is new?
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05:06:52toehser1Just renamed. It is going all infinite-loop in that method.
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08:34:37SovonHalderhi guys..I updated rockbox 2 days ago..I have now encountered a new playlist of songs gets frozen & entire ipod freezes every time I browse through the list of songs
08:35:01SovonHalderI have to manually reset ipo by play+menu
08:35:05SovonHalderany solution ?
08:35:42SovonHalderI'm using iPod Classic 6G 160G with rockbox daily builds
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09:30:28SovonHalderanyone ???
09:32:56ter2Ah, yes, the classsic.
09:33:07ter2Mine just does that sometimes.
09:33:14ter2But does it do that ever time?
09:41:47SovonHaldermy iPod froze almost 20 times since last night
09:42:07SovonHalderactually i didn't check my iPod in last 2 days after I updated rockbox
09:42:47SovonHalderlast night when I tried to listen to some losssless music, it started freezing in the file list / track list /playlist & even database
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10:06:01SovonHalderanyone here ??
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10:19:22copperkugel: awesome! That works indeed.
10:20:20copperI have one last issue: FMS artwork doesn't load when first starting the FMS; it only loads after either going back to the main menu and then back to the FMS, or after switching FM radio stations
10:22:39copperbut at least I can update my themes
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10:30:47kugeltoehser1: which theme?
10:30:47 Join DexterLB [0] (~dex@
10:31:37kugeland target
10:34:21copperkugel: actually your fixes make my unmodified themes work too
10:35:06copperer, no
10:35:21copperthe unmodified Fuze+ themes work, but not the iPod ones
10:35:31copperI'll update them all anyway
10:48:06kugelpixelma: why do you use negative x and y for %pv?
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10:53:42kugelI don't think that's legal
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11:10:40pixelmait is (though I don't remember using it, maybe something I tried out). IIRC that's supposed to be an offset from the right side of the screen or so
11:11:54[Saint]negative offsets should be legal for anything that wants an x,y
11:12:21[Saint]and they're very handy.
11:15:16 Join Horscht [0] (~Horscht@xbmc/user/horscht)
11:15:51pixelmaas I said that .wps is more like a playground one, just things to try. I didn't have a good grasp of what I wanted for my phone's theme yet though that slowly builds up in my head currently. The second problem is motivation because RaaA doesn't work very reliable for me especially when running in the background and then going back
11:16:27kugelpixelma: that only works for viewports
11:16:33kugelnot for any other tag
11:17:45pixelmaneed to go back and see what I did there, maybe it's a mistake
11:17:58pixelmaor workaround
11:19:24kugel[Saint]: perhaps it might be handy but it's not handled like that in the code so we should better reject it now (and reserve it for future use this way)
11:19:30pixelmaah hmm, I wanted to suppress the outline of the drawn progress bar there
11:20:05kugelwhich outline? the border?
11:20:30kugeli see
11:21:35pixelmamore like "hide it", would be nicer probably if the drawn bar could have an option to be shown borderless?
11:21:50kugelcould add a noborder param for this, in line with the nofill one
11:21:56 Join dfkt [0] (OxO29A@unaffiliated/dfkt)
11:22:50pixelmayeah, that's what I was thinking now
11:23:58[Saint]maybe the ability to pass negative x,y coordinates to everything was accidentally shed in the theme engine rework.
11:24:58kugelif that's true then it was clearly by mistke
11:30:15SovonHalderguys please ipod classic with latest rockbox daily build is freezing on file list / tracklist /playlist
11:30:26 Join JdGord [0] (
11:30:42SovonHalderthis has happened more than 50 times already
11:31:51SovonHalderevery time I turn it on it seems okay..but as soon as I browse through the file list or database, it freezes..please help
11:31:54pixelmaSovonHalder: do you use a daily or a development build?
11:32:16SovonHalderI have today's version
11:32:27[Saint]pixelma: ?
11:32:39[Saint]there are only dev builds.
11:32:48SovonHalderI am using 0a0d61e
11:33:54[Saint]Check the filesystem.
11:34:02SovonHalderI am a total n00b
11:34:08SovonHaldertell me what to do
11:34:19pixelmaah, daily builds don't seem to be available for the 6G
11:34:20[Saint]Ask Google about specific directions for your setup.
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11:34:56SovonHalderpixelma: this is where I download rockbox versions from
11:35:04[Saint]pixelma: dailies are, sure, but daily/dev is the same thing.
11:35:20[Saint]There's no release.
11:35:56SovonHalder[Saint]: I followed the guide found in to install Rockbox a year ago..I had no kind of issues till a month ago
11:36:11pixelma[Saint]: I am referring to the "Archived development builds"
11:36:43SovonHalderwhat should I do now ? what specific directions of setup are you telling ?
11:38:29kugelSovonHalder: did you hit that issue before today?
11:39:02SovonHaldernever in my experience of last past year since I've been using rockbox
11:39:31kugelSovonHalder: which theme are you using?
11:39:59SovonHalder1 sec
11:40:35SovonHalderthis one
11:43:37 Quit Horscht (Quit: quit)
11:43:42SovonHalderis it the theme causing the issues ?
11:45:51kugelSovonHalder: no, but it easier to reproduce if our systems are similar
11:46:54SovonHaldersorry..what ?
11:47:09SovonHalderI justc checked with's still freezing..
11:47:32kugelyea I can reproduce it here, with yett another theme
11:48:24SovonHaldermy iPod is still frozen..what should I do ?
11:48:53SovonHalderI do that...every time..
11:49:19SovonHalderI've done this already 100 times since last night...each time I browse for my audio files it gets frozen
11:49:21kugelyes, wait for a fix
11:49:32kugelI'm working on it
11:50:09kugelin the meantime, IIUC, it should be less likely to happen with a smaller font
11:50:47SovonHalderfor now, is there any older version of rockbox which I can use till the fixed version of rockbox is released ?
11:51:13[Saint]We understand it is frustrating, but you are using an unreleased, experimental firmware, targeted at developers.
11:51:21[Saint]bugs are expected.
11:51:51kugelit doesnt appear on the daily build page but changing the url seems to yield something
11:52:04SovonHalderI don't complain..I never guys are GODs of coding..that's perfectly fine with me..
11:52:20SovonHalderi can wait
11:52:28kugelSovonHalder: older builds are on the page I linked to
11:52:42SovonHalderbut is there any relatively stable older version which i can use at this moment ?
11:52:58SovonHalderwhich one should I go for ?
11:53:45SovonHalderwhich of all the older versions ?
11:53:50kugelthe second one
11:54:10kugelthe most recent one is from today and probably has the bug
12:01:59 Join Rower [0] (
12:07:35SovonHalderI installed 10th January version 2 days ago which has the bug..
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12:08:13SovonHalderI'll try a version that released before 2nd january.
12:08:38 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
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12:13:28fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 6e882b4, 249 builds, 32 clients.
12:13:38kugelSovonHalder: should be fixed now
12:13:51kugelwell, when the build completes in a few minutes
12:14:55SovonHalderokay..I'm waiting
12:16:40fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 192 seconds.
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12:24:46kugelSovonHalder: ^
12:30:10SovonHalderstill isn't available in this page
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12:46:09copperFuze+ HEAD is fucked up
12:46:41copperon the actual device
12:47:29pamaurywhat is the problem ?
12:47:47 Join n1s [0] (~n1s@rockbox/developer/n1s)
12:47:47 Join DormantBrain [0] (~andy@2001:470:8:a61::5f92:59a1)
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12:47:50copperwhen I go back to the SBS from the WPS, the screen gets scrambled
12:48:21copperit gets scrambled and flikers, heavy graphics corruption
12:48:28kugelSovonHalder: use the current build
12:48:36pamauryI guess that's another memory corruption issue
12:48:44pamauryor does that happen with the default theme ?
12:49:20SovonHalderkugel: when will the new build be alailable for downloading ?
12:49:27copperpamaury: with cabbiev2 too, yes
12:50:01kugelSovonHalder: it is already
12:50:13copperpamaury: I guess I'm seeing the same thing as this guy:
12:50:17SovonHalderit doesn't show up in the daily rockbox build page
12:50:22kugelthe current build is available immediately after the build finished
12:50:37copperpamaury: and it doesn't happen in the sim
12:50:41kugelright, the day builds are updated one per day
12:50:59kugelcurrent builds are here:
12:51:10pamauryI can have a look but nothing has changed for a long time, I doubt it's fuze+ specific
12:51:10 Join nosa-j [0] (~m00k@
12:51:10 Join bluebrother [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
12:51:10 Join cmhobbs [0] (~cmhobbs@fsf/member/cmhobbs)
12:51:10 Join albb0920_ [0] (
12:51:30copperit's like "static" in motion
12:52:09copperand now my Fuze+ just froze
12:52:13SovonHalderI mean mine is iPod Classic i download daily builds from this page:
12:52:33kugelSovonHalder: I told you to go to the current build page
12:52:36kugelday != current
12:52:44kugeldaily != current*
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12:56:40SovonHalderI realy am sorry for wasting your time but I'm slightly confused as to which rockbox should I try right now for my iPoc Classic 6G 160G. If anyone could kindly provide a direct link to the zip file, it would really help me.
12:57:51kugelSovonHalder: I linked you to the current build page, download the ipod6g build from there:
12:58:25pamaurycopper: I'm still fighting a problem on the ZEN but when I'm done I'll try. Did you do anything special to get this corruption ? Did you reset the settings ?
12:58:26kugelcopper: the freeze might be fixed with the very latest build
12:59:10 Join AndChat|694784 [0] (
13:01:02 Quit JdGord (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
13:01:05copperkugel: nope, "very latest" is the one I built
13:01:36kugeljust saying, I committed a freeze fix a few minutes ago
13:02:18SovonHalderI don't know what is wrong with me. And I understand it's getting very annoying to you guys for me being here but I can't find iPod classic or iPod 6g on this page:
13:02:21copperCurrent branch master is up to date.
13:02:24copperthat's what I built
13:02:37copperpamaury: nothing special, and I reset the config
13:03:35kugelSovonHalder: sorry, I thought it would be there. where did you get your preious builds from?
13:04:05 Quit AndChat|694784 (Quit: Bye)
13:04:53kugelSovonHalder: I mean before I showed you the daily build page
13:05:09kugelanyway, the current build is here (the link points always to the latest)
13:06:30kugelgevaerts: do you know why the 6g isnt on the current/daily build pages?
13:07:51SovonHalderthe latest version available on that page has this revision number: 0a0d61e-140112
13:09:19SovonHalderthis version has that bug
13:09:24SovonHalderbut the revision which was built less than an hour ago is of version no this: 6e882b4 −− it isn't available on the daily build page of the iPod Classic 6G.
13:09:46kugelthe daily build for today is already built
13:10:00kugelthe next one will appear there tomorrow
13:10:09kugeluse the zip I just linked to
13:10:20kugelthat points to the current dev built
13:10:23SovonHalderI downloaded it..
13:10:39SovonHalderit is the 0a0d61e-140112
13:10:47SovonHaldernot 6e882b4
13:11:17kugeldownload, I verified its 6e882b4
13:12:05SovonHalder1 sec
13:14:00SovonHalderyeah it's 6e882b4
13:14:51SovonHalderis this okay if I completely delete the .rockbox folder from ipod & copy the new one ?
13:14:58SovonHalderinstead of overwriting files
13:15:04kugelyes but it's not necessary
13:15:18SovonHalderthere are lots of files like database_0.tcd etc.. which was not there before
13:15:56kugelright, rockbox creates a handful of files, such as configuration files, the database, some persistent caches
13:16:25kugelbut you generally do not need to delete those before upgrading
13:19:24SovonHalderI updated
13:19:29kugelpixelma: I suspect you don't want a bg colored border, but no boarder at all right?
13:20:06SovonHalderit still freezes.sorry...
13:21:15copperSovonHalder: don't use my Googley themes with the latest build
13:21:31copperuse cabbiev2 for now, until the bugs get fixed and I update my themes
13:22:36copperthe Googley themes that you have a not compatible with the latest builds
13:22:54SovonHaldercabbiv2 is also freezing
13:25:20kugeli cannot reproduce freezing anymore
13:25:34kugelis it freezing in lists or on the wps?
13:26:28SovonHalderin the file list or database access on track list
13:27:09SovonHalderI moved back to 31st December 2013 version
13:27:52SovonHalderCopper: can you please link me to the modified googly classic theme where it shows next track instead of codec ?
13:28:01kugelSovonHalder: did you delete everything or not?
13:28:11kugelbefore upgrad
13:28:56SovonHalderI didn't delete anything
13:29:10SovonHalderI said yes to the permision of overwriting files
13:29:39kugelhm, can you try again with deleting everything?
13:29:53kugelI'm unable reproduce the freeze
13:30:31SovonHalderI can but I am woreied..I've reset my iPod about 100 times since last night.seriously..
13:30:48SovonHalderis this gonna cause any permanent damage ?
13:32:19 Quit mortalis (Read error: Operation timed out)
13:32:47kugelSovonHalder: instead of deleting everything just rename the .rockbox dir before upgrade
13:32:52copperkugel: freezing on my Classic in the WPS while playing music
13:33:27copperwith HEAD
13:34:30copperfreezed again while browsing files
13:34:46kugelwith cabbie?
13:34:52copperactually it's not so much a freeze, as the controls that become unresponsive
13:35:10coppermusic keeps playing, and the display times out as normal
13:35:21copperbut the scroll wheel is unresponsive
13:35:30SovonHaldermusic keeps playing
13:35:40SovonHaldercontrol is interrupted
13:35:48copperand I have to reset the iPod with menu+select
13:35:54kugelthat's bit is kind of important guys :)
13:36:06copperkugel: yes, I figured :)
13:37:05SovonHaldercopper: I'll be using your theme..if you don't update your themes, I won't update rockbox..
13:37:20kugelcopper: lines keep scrolling too or not?
13:37:32SovonHalder it's from your last mail to's dead
13:38:51copperkugel: no scrolling and no artwork
13:39:03coppermusic keeps playing, display dims out
13:39:28kugeldoes the display go back on if you press a button?
13:39:32coppernothing gets updated on the display
13:39:49copperdisplay goes back on if I touch the scroll wheel
13:39:55copperbut doesn't get updated
13:40:13kugelbut there are lines long enough to scroll right?
13:40:29kugelcan you try to see if it also happens on your fuze+?
13:40:30 Join benedikt93 [0] (~benedikt9@unaffiliated/benedikt93)
13:40:33copperhmmm now the display won't go back on
13:40:57copperactually the display is on but not the backlight
13:41:39copperand the display won't turn off now
13:41:46copperdisplay stays on and backlight stays off
13:42:57kugelcopper: I don't have 6g, so either I can reproduce it on the sim (no luck yet) or on a different device; or you have to bisect for me :)
13:43:28copperdoesn't happen on the Fuze+, but the Fuze+ is currently fucked up on it own
13:46:47copperbisecting on the actual device would be quite cumbersome
13:47:09copperand I confirm that neither problems (on the Classic, and on the Fuze+) show in the sims
13:48:20copperkugel pamaury: can you guys reproduce the graphics corruptions on the Fuze+
13:48:52kugelmy fuzev2 does fine it seems
13:49:14kugelI don't own a fuze+
13:49:17coppershould I try the Clip+ too?
13:49:58copperyeah I'm gonna try HEAD on the Clip+
13:53:23copperno problem whatsoever on the Clip+
13:54:07kugeli guess ipod6g and fuze+ are not stable targets for a reason, although I do have no idea what could be causing the freeze
13:54:22 Join ikeboy [0] (
13:54:23copperboth ipod6g and fuze+ worked fine not long ago
13:55:26 Quit ikeboy (Client Quit)
13:57:38copper00b3fd2 is said to be OK on the Fuze+
13:59:43copperI guess I'm going to have to bisect them both
14:00:29SovonHalderis there any way I can download a 2 month older version of rockbox daily builds for iPod Clasic 6g ?
14:03:37kugelyou can build it yourself, though
14:03:46SovonHalderhow ?
14:04:59kugelyou should be running linux
14:08:22pamaurykugel: I haven't tried yet, I'm busy with something else at the moment
14:08:53kugelpamaury: ?
14:10:18pamaurysorry, copper
14:10:54pamauryok, downloading HEAD...
14:14:34pamaurycopper: how am I supposed to trigger the bug ?
14:17:50copperplay something in the WPS, go back to the SBS (and vice versa)
14:17:57 Join y4n [0] (~y4n@unaffiliated/y4ndexx)
14:18:27pamauryI don't get any corruption for the moment
14:20:00pamauryI'm running 6e882b4
14:20:39PurlingNayukiJdGordon: Finished initializer today and am working on a menu following eq_menu.c.
14:25:20copperpamaury: bisecting the Fuze+ now, starting from 00b3fd2, which is confirmed good
14:26:06pamauryok thanks
14:28:30copperit's going to take a bit longer since I'll have to test every build on the actual device
14:29:44kugelcopper: litte trick: do only "make bin" and copy "rockbox.sansa", that should make it a quicker process
14:30:10pamaurydefinitely, I was about to say it: only rebuild the main binary
14:31:10pamaurydon't forgot to copy it to <path to root>/.rockbox/rockbox.sansa
14:31:15pamauryand not at the root of the device ;)
14:31:44pamaurysounds stupid but I've done it ^^
14:31:48 Join Bagder [241] (~daniel@rockbox/developer/bagder)
14:34:01copperthanks for the tip
14:34:37copperyou're absolutely sure that the bugs couldn't be caused by something other than the main rockbox.sansa file though?
14:35:14pamauryI think that's a safe assumption in this context yes
14:35:22kugelthe revision you're starting at is recent enouggh
14:38:00pamauryI almost wish I had not discovered why the ZEN locks up sometimes on boot, it brings more question than it actually solves
14:45:43pamaurythe good thing is: with hwstub, I can nearly do post-moterm analysis of the device
14:47:57[Saint]hwstub is a really beautiful thing.
14:48:05[Saint]scary beautiful.
14:48:07copper99f3f77ee87ad06e0d5a7572c2ebaaf76c526ac1 is the first bad commit
14:48:11copperskin_engine: Pass string to put_line() via $t because they can be very large.
14:48:34[Saint]I should've said that sooner. It really deserves praise.
14:49:06pamaury[Saint]: it's very simple, but very useful indeed
14:49:57copperkugel: ^^ that's yours :P
14:51:26pamaurythat's really really puzzling: if resetting a dma channel fail, how I am supposed to do anything safe on this SoC ?
14:53:09kugelcopper: can you try to run HEAD+this reverted on top?
14:53:12***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
14:53:21copperhow do I do that?
14:53:45kugelcheckout master and run "git revert 99f3f77ee87ad06e0d5a7572c2ebaaf76c526ac1"
14:54:16pamaurychrisjj: I have identified the ZEN black-screen-of-death culprit, but I don't know how to solve it at the moment, it's a complete mystery
14:54:21copperdoing it
14:55:40copperkugel: HEAD + reverted commit works (no bug)
14:56:08kugeldo you have (very) long lines on the wps?
14:57:14copperI think I fucked up somewhere
14:57:31copperhow do I reset my git tree
14:57:43kugelgit reset −−hard
14:58:05kugelbut that undos any local changes too
14:58:41[Saint]might be best to stash first if theres anything you care about in there.
15:00:49[Saint]but maybe it's just me that constantly seems to have uncommitted work scattered around 24/7
15:00:50copperah, shit
15:00:52*kugel can't find anything wrong in that commit
15:00:53copperI fucked up
15:01:02copperit's not that commit
15:01:06kugelah ok
15:01:15copperapparently I didn't encounter the bug on a bad commit
15:01:24copperI know how to make sure to reproduce the bug now
15:01:34copperbut I have to start bisecting all over again
15:01:53kugelbut it is sure appreciated
15:02:18[Saint]Its like, 6 to 8 runs, if youre unlucky, I think.
15:02:32[Saint]But that's still more than enough to get tedious.
15:03:51[Saint]I no longer have a working Classic. But I could probably make one out of the three corpses I have here.
15:11:22pamauryI think I have definitely run into a hardware bug
15:11:28pamauryAnd I don't have the errata for this chip
15:13:36coppereec89a90ffdd077d687914fe18a9e48028f07fb4 is the first bad commit
15:13:41copperlists: Adapt put_line().
15:13:45copperThis enables removing large portions of code, simplifiyng the drawing routine.
15:13:49copperAll of the removed code is functionaltiy now available through put_line().
15:14:20copperkugel: I hope I didn't fuck this up this time
15:14:29coppercan I try the same HEAD + reverted change thing?
15:15:04kugelthat won't work I'm afraid
15:15:08copperI figured
15:15:13kugelbecause the functions previously used are now removed
15:15:24copperI'm going to double check though
15:19:55copperdid I accidentally commit something?
15:20:18kugeldon't know
15:20:20kugelcheck git log
15:20:41copperI did
15:20:45copperit shows my "commit"
15:21:05kugelyou can undo the latest commit with git reset −−hard HEAD^
15:21:28copperthanks, that did the trick
15:22:44fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 3ae7343, 249 builds, 34 clients.
15:22:56kugelpixelma: ^
15:22:57 Join benedikt93_ [0] (
15:25:20copperkugel: ok, this time I'm sure: eec89a90ffdd077d687914fe18a9e48028f07fb4 is the bad commit
15:25:32copperI double checked
15:25:44 Quit benedikt93 (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
15:25:45kugelthe revision before works fine?
15:26:12fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 207 seconds.
15:26:29copperyou just committed something new?
15:26:38copperskin_engine: New param "noborder" for the bar tags.
15:27:08copperwell, let me know when I can test a fix
15:28:23copperugh, looks like a lot of work
15:31:50kugeldoes the bug appear with default settings (did you try deleting config.cfg?)
15:32:05kugelcopper: ^
15:32:34copperyeah I reset the config when I checked and double checked
15:32:34kugelalso, how does the corruption look like?
15:32:57copperkugel: like the bullshit graphical interference on a hacked computer in some silly cop show
15:33:12kugelall over the screen, or just an area?
15:33:15copperall over
15:35:41kugelcopper: please try if that patch has any effect
15:38:56copperkugel: bug is still there with the patch on top of eec89a90ffdd077d687914fe18a9e48028f07fb4; I only rebuilt the binary (make bin)
15:39:55kugeldid text scrolling in lists stop working with that patch?
15:40:55copperfile names don't scroll in the file browser
15:41:24copperthe current directory name does scroll though
15:42:22[Saint]why on earth woukd this be target specific?
15:42:52kugelthat's a good question
15:48:10kugelcopper: try this
15:48:28copperon top of the other patch?
15:48:56kugelinstead of that
15:48:57copperon top of eec89a90ffdd077d687914fe18a9e48028f07fb4 or HEAD?
15:49:09kugelany of them
15:49:17kugelwhat's your reproduce recipe?
15:49:29kugelbetter HEAD because that's where I'm at
15:49:43copperreset config, go in the file browser, open a directory with music files, go up and down the list of files
15:50:36toehser1get_line_desc () at /home/tom/rockbox/git-tip/rockbox/apps/gui/line.c:68
15:50:36toehser168 } while (this->used);
15:50:45toehser1theme tomsway2
15:50:49toehser1target Clip Zip
15:50:57toehser1the while loop goes all infinite
15:51:32toehser1When I try to look at it in gdb it seems like the line_index++ never takes effect and line_index stays "4"
15:51:42toehser1when it freezes
15:51:59copperkugel: patch doesn't help
15:52:06toehser1I haven't updated today, that was yesterdays change to line.c
15:52:10toehser1that broke it for me
15:52:21kugeltoehser1: update today
15:52:41toehser1in progress - update, make coffee, test
15:55:55copperkugel pamaury : video of the graphics glitch:
15:57:28kugelah hmm
15:58:31kugelthat could be target specific indeed
15:58:34[Saint]You're glimpsing the matrix, man.
15:58:42copperyes, my Fuze+ is getting hacked
15:58:45copperover the air
15:58:58[Saint]what color pill did you take?
15:59:12copperlike Mr. Jesse Pinkman
15:59:18kugelagain, instead of any otehr patch
15:59:33copperkugel: I see what you did there. ;)
16:01:22kugelthis looks more like a lcd driver problem to me
16:01:35kugelbecause, as you see, the content is fine, it's just shifted
16:01:49copperbug still there, though less visually brutal
16:03:08copperI hardly see the kind of corruption on the video, but as I go up and down the list of files, the displays shifts to the left, and back to the right
16:03:13kugelplus, the statusbar is also affected
16:03:21kugelbut the commit does not affect the statusbar
16:04:02kugelpamaury: ^
16:04:23copperso, your commit just causes an otherwise silent bug to show?
16:04:35kugelcopper: no idea how that commit could make this kind of problem appear, or even make worse
16:05:01coppersounds like you changed a bunch of stuff, no?
16:05:05kugelI wonder why pamaury sees no problems
16:05:12copperbecause pamaury has a different display
16:05:32kugelI changed only high level stuff
16:05:37copperthere was another display bug that showed on some Fuze+'s (including mine), but not his
16:05:50pamaurythere are two kinds of LCD on the fuze+
16:06:07kugelpamaury: can you take a look at the video he made?
16:06:35pamaurythe one where with the pixel at the bottom instead of the top ?
16:06:41 Join Songs0fFailure [0] (Songs0fFai@
16:06:56kugel15:55 < copper> kugel pamaury : video of the graphics glitch:
16:06:57pamaurycopper: can you give me your LCD kind ? It's the debug menu > HW Info > Target
16:07:21pamaurythis is super weird, never seen anything like this
16:07:32copperpamaury: lcd kind: ili9325
16:07:47pamauryI have the other one
16:08:01copperI know
16:08:08kugelpamaury: can you try git HEAD with settings reset?
16:08:09copperhow do I get out of the hw info stuff?
16:08:22pamaurycopper: power button
16:08:28pamauryit will probably crash anyway
16:08:34copperyeah I think it just froze
16:08:51kugelif you still see no problems, then it's 99% sure a lcd driver/type problem, because copper sees this issue in the same setup
16:09:06toehser1Freezing bug seems to be fixed, now I just have the weird "scrolling fields stop being scrolling fields, bug navigating out of WPS and back makes them scroll again".
16:09:09pamaurykugel: is there something new ? I mean I tested HEAD like 1h ago
16:09:17kugelwith settings reset?
16:09:29pamauryit's the same driver, the only difference is in the init sequence
16:09:50kugeltiming problems?
16:09:53toehser1Whoops, just froze on "loading".
16:09:56copperthose super random bugs are scaring me
16:10:00pamaurythere cannot be in the mode used
16:10:04pamauryI have another fuze+, let me check the lcd kind
16:10:54kugelso, two fuze+'s with different lcds, same rockbox version and config, one shows the problem and the other one doesnt
16:11:03kugelwhat would you think? :)
16:11:27pamauryyeah but the difference between the two is none on lcd refresh, it's the exact same code :-/
16:11:44kugelplus, my samsung ypr0 also doesnt show the problem (same version and display resolution)
16:12:05copperone step forward, one step back
16:12:15kugelpamaury: perhaps that's the problem and the lcd need to be handled separately
16:12:47pamaurythe OF handles them both the same way too
16:12:56kugelIMO all evidence is saying that this is a target specific, perhaps even lcd specific, bug
16:14:37pamauryI agree, but then I have no idea what the problem is :-/
16:14:50kugelalthough it's very strange that my put_line() makes it appear seemingly out of nowhere
16:15:13copperit's not just me though
16:15:22copperit was first reported in my ABI threads
16:15:36copper"Okay, so I've got Rockbox on my Fuze+, and it is freezing up repeatedly and the screen glitches a lot (flickering, becomes pixelated, etc.)."
16:15:55toehser1Hasn't frozen for me yet on the real clipzip with today's tip. Still does the loses-scrolling bug on the real target, too.
16:16:00copperso I guess that rules out my Fuze+ being special or defective
16:16:57kugelcopper: I wonder what LCD type the other guy has
16:17:17pamauryI need to wait a bit, it's completely discharged
16:17:59copperprobably the same one
16:18:03copperI can ask
16:18:17kugelwould be helpful to know
16:21:11pamaurycopper: where do you live ? (which country ?)
16:21:18copperpamaury: France
16:21:30pamauryah true, forgot that
16:21:34copperI bought the Fuze+ from a UK shop I think
16:21:42copperand it's a refurb
16:22:03pamaurywhich city ?
16:24:33pamauryif you had lived in Paris you could have come and show me the player ^^
16:27:37copperI couldn't be farther from Paris
16:27:48copper50 km more south and I'd be in Spain :P
16:28:24[Saint]Almost my antipodes I think.
16:29:03toehser1I added FS #12931 for my weird scrolling bug.
16:29:04fs-bluebot Fields "stop being scrolling fields" until reset by navigating out of WPS. (bugs, unconfirmed)
16:29:24pamauryboth my fuze+ are st7783 kind
16:30:04toehser1Any hints where to look in the code, something that maintains a scrolling/not state on a field in the view, but that is reset when navigating out and back to the WPS?
16:30:11[Saint]perhaps you could swap for a bit?
16:30:24Songs0fFailurepamaury: hi! how things are with STMFM1000 support in rockbox ? it seems that i found datasheet for this fm chip.
16:30:41[Saint]pamaury copper ^
16:31:05pamaury[Saint]: sadly, my second Fuze+ is a piece of shit, the battery is dead
16:31:30pamaurySongs0fFailure: I have a working proof of concept (without RDS)
16:31:38[Saint]and buying a new one is a big gamble.
16:31:54[Saint]luck would dictate always getting the wrong one.
16:32:03pamaurySongs0fFailure: I guess you found the "brief datasheet" which is mostly useless, there is no datasheet for this chip unfortunately
16:32:40pamauryYeah, the only safe bet would be to buy it from someone who has two of them for example, knowing it's of the right kind
16:32:55*[Saint] nods
16:33:05pamaurywe can still try a few things remotely on copper's fuze+ I'm sure
16:34:04pamauryfirst I'll double check the init sequence, compare with the OF
16:35:54pamaurythen we can check if the bug still exists when always doing full screen refresh instead of partial refresh
16:36:28pamaurymaybe the LCD has some limitations on the partial refresh window
16:36:32Songs0fFailurepamaury: must be DS, not brief. it's form chinese forum ;) but i need help and i think PurlingNayuki can help to get DS.
16:36:45pamaurySongs0fFailure: how many pages ?
16:36:51pamaurydo you have a link ?
16:39:11toehser112931 might be related to 12894, but that one had a fix pushed.
16:40:48copperpamaury: if I shipped you my Fuze+ for as long as you need, would you be able to study it enough so as to squash potential future bugs? I can use my iPod Classic in the mean time.
16:41:22pamaurycopper: can't be sure, first we should try what I wrote and if it doesn't work, maybe we can try this
16:41:35pamauryI need to go, I'll be back at 21h
16:42:00copperwhat about the iPod Classic, should I bisect that too?
16:51:02kugelsure, if you have time
16:53:14***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
16:53:35kugelI'm investiating the black blocks in the sim UI, perhaps that's related
16:53:54 Quit Raptors (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
16:54:22kugelpamaury: is there static data that is specific to that lcd type?
16:57:52kugelcopper: can you try the rockbox_default theme?
16:58:37copperthe what?
16:59:09copperrockbox_failsafe or rockbox_default_icons?
16:59:31kugelfailsafe, sorry
17:00:05copperbug still there
17:00:18copperon the Fuze+ that is
17:01:54kugelthe bad commit also introduces the black blocks in the sim ui
17:03:29kugelyea, it'ss getting weirder
17:08:03copperI'm not sure that's a good thing.
17:11:00PurlingNayukiSongs0fFailure: Anything can help?
17:11:15Songs0fFailureyes :)
17:11:40PurlingNayukiI just updated G#697, feeling a little tired.
17:11:41fs-bluebotGerrit review #697 at : by PurlingNayuki (changes/97/697/18)
17:21:31PurlingNayukiJdGordon: G#697 updated:-(
17:21:33fs-bluebotGerrit review #697 at : by PurlingNayuki (changes/97/697/18)
17:22:06kugelcopper: try
17:24:22copperI'm still just running 'make bin'
17:24:32kugelthats fine
17:28:45copperkugel: bug is gone!
17:28:59copperscrolling text works too
17:29:23kugelwhat a strange buf
17:29:38kugelbut yea, it's entirely my bug, not specific to the fuze+s lcd type
17:29:59copperso, what the hell?
17:30:40copperI'm trying hard to cause the bug to show
17:32:19coppernope, seems gone
17:34:48coppergreat job!
17:40:08fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 193911a, 249 builds, 35 clients.
17:40:31kugelcopper: try ipod6g again with this fix
17:40:40kugeloverflows can cause all sorts of weird problems
17:43:04 Quit fs-bluebot (Remote host closed the connection)
17:43:20 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
17:47:38 Join Raptors [0] (
17:48:30copperkugel: you just committed that fix, right?
17:51:17 Quit Raptors (Read error: Operation timed out)
17:54:02 Join pretty_function [0] (~sigBART@
17:54:02kugeltoehser1: can you check if the latest commit also fixes your scrolling problem?
17:56:19copperI made a full build of HEAD for the Fuze+ and made a clean install with my updated themes: everything works great
17:56:25coppernow, on to the iPod Classic
17:57:48kugelare the updated themes downloadable?
17:58:03coppernot yet
17:58:10copperI'll put them on my web site first
17:59:14SovonHalderthis site. right ?
18:00:28copperSovonHalder: wait
18:00:39copperI haven't confirmed that the Classic works yet
18:00:48copperthose archives won't work with an old build
18:00:58SovonHalderI've been waiting all day.. :) it's okay..please take your time
18:01:10SovonHalderI can wait a week or two.. :D
18:03:54 Nick SovonHalder is now known as Sovon (SovonHalde@
18:05:31Sovonthe freezing thing with latest iPod classic rockbox versions were irrespective of themes. iPod froze even on cabbiv2. when approximately will a proper fixed version of rockbox for ipod classic be released ?
18:05:55copperkugel: everything works great with HEAD on the iPod Classic :D
18:05:58SovonI'm currently using 16th Dec 2013 version with your Googley Classic Green
18:06:25Sovonwaiting for rockbox fix...then will upgrade with your updated themes
18:06:58kugelcopper: awesome
18:07:11copperwas gonna say: this is awesome
18:07:49kugelI installed your fine themes on my ypr0, they are really ncie
18:07:54copperyour work makes a huge difference
18:08:46coppernow there's just the FMS artwork loading thing
18:08:52copperbut that's really minor
18:09:03 Quit Marex (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
18:09:07copperi.e. the artwork doesn't load when first entering the FMS
18:09:15copperit loads after exiting the FMS or changing stations
18:11:36copperSovon: as soon as you can download a build from HEAD (193911af760d460198fc7f08bf6da824f74975b7), you can install the new archive I linked to (the Classic one)
18:11:59Sovonwhat ?
18:12:03SovonHEAD ?
18:12:07copperI updated them to remove the workarounds that are no longer necessary, and I also added a visually indication of the hold switch
18:13:40Sovonwhat did you mean by - 'you can download a build from HEAD (193911af760d460198fc7f08bf6da824f74975b7)' ?
18:14:13copperI mean a build of the iPod Classic port that's built from the very latest revision
18:16:43Sovontill this afternoon the latest version of rockbox for classic was 6e882b4...which had the freezing bug
18:16:52Sovonis it fixed now?
18:17:39copperyup, everything is fixed, as far as I can tell
18:17:46 Join Raptors [0] (
18:17:55copperyou want build 193911a
18:18:13SovonI'm checking right now
18:19:58copperkugel is now officially my new personal hero
18:20:37 Quit benedikt93_ (Quit: Bye ;))
18:20:59copperfeels good when all the time and effort really pay off
18:22:06Sovonit's 193911a-140112 . .loading it right now :)
18:22:46copperSovon: I suggest completely erasing /.rockbox and unpacking the build and theme archive and start from scratch
18:23:19coppermy updated themes use new files and no longer use some old files
18:23:46copperI also dropped the A14/A19/B14/B19 variants
18:24:03coppertakes too damn long to update them, and they're pretty much useless anyway
18:24:29copperin order to get the behavior that you like, just set the "status bar" setting in the theme settings menu to either "top" or "bottom"
18:24:52 Quit Raptors (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
18:24:54Sovonglad to hear it's still there
18:25:04coppersure, I wasn't going to remove it
18:25:36copperafter you've made sure that everything works well, I suggest making a full backup of your /.rockbox directory
18:25:57copperi.e. zip it and save the zip file somewhere safe
18:25:58Sovonwhy ?
18:26:15copperjust so that you have a fully working backup in case there's a new bug later in some newer revision
18:26:32copperso that you can revert back to your working setup
18:26:59Sovonah!..that's what i learnt today...around October the versions were fine perfectly..
18:27:14Sovonbut now they are more or less buggy
18:27:26toehser1I'll check when I can but probably have to go out before build will be done, 90% it will be >6hrs til I can test it.
18:27:38Sovoni'll backup as soon as i see everything is a-okay
18:28:21toehser1Maybe if I just make instead of make clean...
18:28:34copperSovon: actually what happened here, is that kugel fixed a whole bunch of theme bugs, that my old themes had workarounds for
18:28:44copperso, yes, it worked, but only barely
18:28:58copperthe slighest modifications would run me into those theme bugs
18:29:13copperso, updating my themes (or making new ones) was very difficult and annoying
18:29:29coppernow kugel has fixed all that, and I have fixed my themes as well
18:29:59copperplus the addition of the hold switch indicator (it changes the storage indicator from dots to vertical bars)
18:30:02toehser1quick check it seems ok now
18:30:09Sovonwhat about future? will your themes be compatible with future rockbox versions ?
18:30:20copperthey should be, barring some new bugs
18:30:41copperactually they are now "correct", they weren't before
18:30:55copperthey weren't before, because I had to work around the theme bugs
18:31:09copperso the old situation was far from ideal
18:31:12copperit's much better now
18:32:25copperand I'll probably be more motivated to make changes or make new themes now
18:32:55copperbecause I won't be running into those bullshit bugs that had completely unpredictable consequences
18:33:20copperit's like my old themes were hanging by a thread
18:33:27copperor duct tape
18:34:07copperlike, I had to include a specific number of empty lines at some place in my theme markup, just so that a bug wouldn't show
18:34:24copperone empty line too many or too few, bam, the whole thing would break
18:35:10coppernow, I'll be curious to see if other theme authors come here to complain that their themes no longer work :P
18:35:19copperor users
18:37:32toehser1So far seems to work on the real hardware too.
18:42:33 Join habys [0] (~luke@
18:43:31 Quit tchan (Quit: WeeChat 0.4.2)
18:45:24SovonI deleted the .rockbox folder containing 16th Dec 2013 rockbox for classic 6g..copied the .rockbox folder of very latest 193911a-140112...installed fonts pack..installed Googley-Classic-All-2014-01-12
18:46:05Sovonseems NOT freezing :D
18:47:03SovonThings to report: album art for a particular songs aren't showing..(they were showing 10 minutes ago on a 20 days old rockbox)
18:48:47Sovonwhen I changed status bar to Top (a song was playing in the background), the song stopped for 2-3 seconds & started from the beginning. is this supposed to happen ?
18:51:33Sovoncopper: you here ?
18:53:01kugeltoehser1: sounds good, let me know on the tracker if/when I can close this issue
18:53:17***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
18:55:04 Join tchan [0] (
18:55:04 Quit tchan (Changing host)
18:55:04 Join tchan [0] (~tchan@lunar-linux/developer/tchan)
18:56:25kugelcopper: are the lines empty lines?
18:57:04kugelthey're gone from your files at least
18:58:30Sovonguys, no cd covers are being loaded..of all my albums
18:58:42Sovonit didn't used to be this way
19:01:12kugelembedded or external?
19:07:04Sovonabout 100 KB sized each
19:07:18Sovonin 400x400 to 500x500 in dimension
19:07:39SovonI've been seeing these very covers for last 5-6's not showing now
19:08:24kugelmy folder.jpg's an embedded covers still work
19:09:00coppermy external cover.jpg files work too
19:09:21Sovonmine's are also cover.jpg
19:09:38Sovonmaybe the problem is from my end
19:09:53copperSovon: the restarting thing when changing themes and theme settings happens for me too… I don't know if it's intended, but it's harmless
19:10:20copperSovon: also, re-initialize the database, since you likely deleted it
19:10:32kugelit's kind of intended
19:10:41copperkugel: no more empty lines that I can see
19:11:01copperonly one empty line between each block for readability
19:11:36kugelnot sure how I fixed that but great :)
19:11:53copperthere are still very long conditional lines, I didn't test where new line characters are allowed, and where they are not
19:12:25Sovonfuck me..
19:12:28Sovonone reboot
19:12:38Sovon& the artworks are showing perfectly okay now
19:12:43copperthere you go :)
19:12:59Sovonthere is a huge difference though..I mean
19:13:30SovonI've been using the 16th Dec version for a couple of hours...but now I see the most latest version is way faster least 3 times faster ..awesome works you all
19:13:54copperthat may also be due to starting over with a clean setup
19:14:06copperI observed that as well in the past
19:14:09SovonI don't think so..
19:14:26Sovonthe 16th dec version...i also installed that with a fresh installation
19:14:35Sovonbut that was sloooow
19:14:48 Nick DormantBrain is now known as SuperBrainAK (~andy@2001:470:8:a61::5f92:59a1)
19:14:59Sovoncurrent one is A-Okay..
19:15:10coppermake sure to make a backup
19:15:17 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
19:15:19SovonI' will
19:15:52*kugel wonders what makes things appear faster
19:16:00copperRockbox code affects so many different targets, that some innocent looking code can produce the weirdest bugs on some targets, like we just saw
19:16:14kugelpretty sure there was no commit that made anything explicitely faster would be way cooler if rockbox website had a page or a forum that had a Developer's Pick version..
19:16:47copperkugel: when I saw the bug on the fuze+, it was indeed very slow
19:16:48kugelcopper: or no bugs at all on other targets (like mine)
19:17:01coppervery laggy
19:17:17copperand skip on ABI also reported long loading times
19:17:22copperso, who knows
19:18:48SovonUsing the Storm's good for eyes.. :D
19:19:02copperI use the Clippy theme on both targets
19:19:06copperI love the retro look
19:19:25coppermakes my iPod look like it's coming from some alternate universe :P
19:19:50fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 09e655f, 249 builds, 35 clients.
19:26:05Sovonnew build ??? again ?
19:27:17Sovonshouild I upgrade once more now ?
19:27:56kugelnot necessary no
19:29:33Sovonwhat's new anyway ?
19:29:57kugelyou can read the commit log on our front page
19:30:19fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 629 seconds.
19:30:37copperkugel: looks like the black areas in the sim are gone too
19:30:42kugelcopper: thank you for your patience and that you didn't give up when you were so frustrated a few days ago
19:30:42lebelliumthe commit log is not necessarily understandable by a non-dev \o/
19:30:43copperthe glitches
19:31:06copperkugel: you started it!
19:31:27copperlebellium: better test your themes
19:31:28gevaertslebellium: neither is the UI :)
19:31:54copperunless I'm the only sorry dude who had problems
19:31:56kugelyes, I was hunting the black blocks
19:32:18kugelthat lead me to the overflow bug
19:33:10kugelFS #12916 seems fixed too, although that was reported before my put_line() work
19:33:11fs-bluebot classic_statusbar freezes Clip+ (bugs, unconfirmed)
19:39:11 Quit pretty_function (Remote host closed the connection)
19:39:26 Join pretty_function [0] (~sigBART@
19:39:38 Quit pretty_function (Remote host closed the connection)
19:40:05 Join pretty_function [0] (~sigBART@
19:43:09copperiPod Classic sim works fine too
19:43:19 Join sakax [0] (
19:43:20 Quit sakax (Changing host)
19:43:20 Join sakax [0] (~sakax@unaffiliated/sakax)
19:44:52 Quit pretty_function (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
19:46:55coppershould I upload my updated themes on the theme site now, and say in the description that it requires build XXXX and above, or should I wait for the next stable release (since my Classic themes work on the iPod Video too, which is a stable target)?
19:47:24copperI can just link to my own archives on the ABI thread in the mean time
19:47:33copperwhich reminds me, I need to update that thread
19:54:25kugelcopper: you can update them
19:54:44kugelthemes for targets for which no stable release exists implicitely require the current build
19:55:00kugelbut mentioning it doesnt hurt
20:05:38copperyeah but it won't work on the iPod Video
20:07:19copperhmmm, isn't version 3.14 right around the corner?
20:08:20saratogais this wheel problem on the fuze known?
20:09:41copperany chance that's related to the scroll wheel being unresponsive on the iPod?
20:09:56coppera whole bunch of bugs were just fixed
20:10:56copperbugs that affected several targets (Fuze+, Classic and Video) in various weird ways
20:14:10saratogaIIRC the wheel on the fuze is polled, so starving its thread would probably explain erratic wheel operation
20:14:52saratogaalso i hate stream of consciousness bug reports
20:16:05kugelsaratoga: it's polled on the fuzev1 only
20:26:24 Quit rela (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:46:17 Join onder`_ [0] (
20:46:58 Quit onder` (Read error: Operation timed out)
20:47:03 Nick onder`_ is now known as onder` (
20:53:19***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:02:17 Join Raptors [0] (
21:06:42pamaurycopper: here ?
21:09:10 Quit Songs0fFailure ()
21:16:47kugelpamaury: in case you missed, the lcd issues are gone
21:16:54pamauryreally ?
21:16:57pamaurywhat was the issue ?
21:17:16kugelit was my bug, with strange adverse effects
21:17:50pamauryyour fault ! ;)
21:18:03pamauryvery strange indeed
21:18:25pamauryHow did it manage to trigger such a weird effect ?
21:18:41kugelon the ipod6g it caused freezes, on the sim it caused black blocks on the player pic (outside the rockbox ui!)
21:19:09kugeland on teh clipzip apparently "only" lines that stop scrolling randomly
21:20:02kugelpamaury: write somewhere past the lcd framebuffer. the lcd_puts* functons don't do bound checks and I missed to do these in the caller
21:21:16pamaurygood that you found out :)
21:23:37 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
21:26:07 Quit zoktar (Quit: -)
21:28:34 Join zoktar [0] (~zoktar@unaffiliated/zoktar)
21:29:59fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision eafc701, 249 builds, 33 clients.
21:33:04fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 186 seconds.
21:42:03fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision d243e7e, 249 builds, 33 clients.
21:45:03fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 180 seconds.
21:51:18saratogaany other changes that should be mentioned here?
21:55:11kugelsaratoga: is USB fixed for real?
21:55:18kugellebellium: ping
21:55:35lebelliumkugel: pong
21:55:36kugelsaratoga: radio art is re-enabled
21:56:00kugellebellium: there were usb issues with your theme
21:56:04kugelis this still the case?
21:56:23saratogai don't think its fixed, but its probably less likely to corrupt themes and such
21:56:33saratogaso in that sense its improved
21:58:32saratogais FS #12883 still a problem? a lot has changed on the fuze+ and opus since then
21:58:33fs-bluebot Opus becomes unresponsive at lowest CPU frequency (bugs, unconfirmed)
21:58:35lebelliumkugel: I only tried a few times one or 2 weeks ago after the "1st USB fix". It seemed to work better but I should try again and longer with the latest build
22:01:41kugellebellium: please do that
22:03:42lebelliumkugel: I'm quite busy so I don't follow carefully the discussions here but I saw you talked about RDS here. I don't know if it was related to FS #12759
22:03:42fs-bluebot Various RDS issues (Clip Zip, YP-R0) (bugs, unconfirmed)
22:06:03copperFS #12932
22:06:04fs-bluebot FMS artwork fails to load upon entering the FMS (bugs, unconfirmed)
22:06:24kugellebellium: no. however a quick test gives good RDS text
22:06:54kugellebellium: where can I find the most recent version of your theme?
22:07:27lebelliumthe problem is that when I reported the RDS bug, I was in Berlin where the FM signal was strong. Here in Paris suburbs, it's too weak to get RDS data
22:07:43lebelliumkugel: on the theme website
22:08:00*pamaury manage to get some RDS in Paris suburbs
22:08:07kugelI am in Berlin and had RDS issue the last time I looked at it
22:08:08pamaurynot on all stations, admitted
22:08:23saratogaFS #12931 is fixed too right
22:08:23fs-bluebot Fields "stop being scrolling fields" until reset by navigating out of WPS. (bugs, unconfirmed)
22:09:04kugelsaratoga: we're waiting for definite confirmation
22:09:09kugelbut it looks like
22:10:02 Quit fs-bluebot (Remote host closed the connection)
22:10:17 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
22:10:59lebelliumI'll do some tests about USB and RDS and let you know later tonight or tomorrow
22:12:13kugellebellium: the "remove %s for %tz" part should not be an issue anymore
22:12:20kugelre FS #12759
22:12:20fs-bluebot Various RDS issues (Clip Zip, YP-R0) (bugs, unconfirmed)
22:12:44lebelliumreally? nice!
22:12:51kugelcopper confirmed %s now works with RDS info
22:14:46kugellebellium: RDS info looks great at the moment with your theme
22:14:54lebelliumkugel: which target?
22:15:16lebelliumno crash anymore? That would be so nice!
22:15:45kugelyea, no crash with AA font
22:15:57kugelno blinking, no strange characters (I rememeber these
22:17:05lebelliumI thought that would never be fixed!
22:17:15lebelliumthank you kugel and copper
22:19:03kugellebellium: could you double check if all the problems in FS #12759 are gone? (after checking the USB thing)
22:19:03fs-bluebot Various RDS issues (Clip Zip, YP-R0) (bugs, unconfirmed)
22:20:33lebelliumkugel: not right now but later sure :)
22:28:56 Quit bluebrother (Disconnected by services)
22:29:01 Join bluebrother^ [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
22:29:56*kugel would be too nice to be true if all those weird-ass bugs and crashes would be gone for good now
22:30:27kugelbut one can still dream :>
22:30:50 Quit fs-bluebot (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
22:32:21 Quit Sovon ()
22:33:28copperyeah I confirm that scrolling RDS data works on the actual device (Fuze+)
22:33:46copperkugel: that's a lot of them already
22:34:22 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
22:35:39copperthe RDS weirdness comes from the fact that its content gets incremented until it's complete
22:35:54copperI assume that's how it's broadcast or something?
22:36:13copperonce the RDS content is complete, it scrolls like normal metadata
22:46:21coppermaybe it's a trick they found to animate the RDS data on car stereos and such
22:46:26copper(totally talking out of my ass here)
22:51:17kugelcopper: I know too little about RDS to tell if this is the right behavior
22:51:33kugelbut it's ever been like this in Rockbox
22:53:23***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:59:02*[Saint] should probably see if his case of "have to include empty lines just to stop the theme from imploding" are fixed.
22:59:30[Saint]you can see the ugliness i need to do in my github cabbie variant.
23:00:15[Saint](other themes aren't immune, im just the only one that seems to use touchscreen variable state checking
23:00:53kugeltouchscreen cabbiev2 in git uses skin variables
23:01:19[Saint]I'll have to see how youre missing the bug then.
23:01:39[Saint]I need to include more blank lines than my AA viewport is high.
23:02:01[Saint]Otherwise the variable check draws a fat grey box over AA.
23:02:18kugelwould be nice if you could re-check that
23:02:41[Saint]Which can be pushed around by adding/subtracting blank lines.
23:02:57[Saint]My "solution" was to push it out of bounds.
23:03:37[Saint]I should've been more strict on bug reports.
23:03:54[Saint]Instead of agreeing to "remind me later".
23:04:23[Saint]Which had less than stellar results, and was rather soul sucking at times.
23:17:56fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 4e1c690, 249 builds, 35 clients.
23:18:44 Quit uwe_mobile (Remote host closed the connection)
23:18:49 Join uwe_mobile__ [0] (
23:21:02fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 187 seconds.
23:26:40 Quit n1s (Quit: Ex-Chat)
23:32:45copper[Saint]: the empty lines thing to "push the bug out of bounds" was fixed in my case
23:33:14copperso you should check with HEAD indeed
23:34:12copperunless I'm misunderstanding
23:34:59 Quit sakax (Quit: Leaving)
23:35:06[Saint]sounds like a very _similar_ bug indeed.
23:35:47[Saint]But this one is specific to touchscreen variable set/get/inc/dec
23:36:47[Saint]copper: out of interest, did your case also draw N lines of grey overtop of where it interfered?
23:37:03[Saint]Where N == Lines Of Offending Code
23:37:40 Quit lebellium (Quit: t'es relou!)
23:38:02 Join lebellium [0] (
23:39:46copperin my case I got grey lines yes, and my fix was also to add N empty lines to "push it out of bounds"
23:40:55[Saint]Which tag(s) showed this for you?
23:41:34copper%Vl() %Vf() and %s and metadata tags
23:41:53copperI mean blocks made of the above sequence
23:45:42 Quit Rower (Quit: Hmmm...)
23:57:45 Quit bertrik (Remote host closed the connection)
23:58:29 Quit [Saint] (Remote host closed the connection)

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