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#rockbox log for 2014-01-18

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00:11:18core_how do i do a right mouse click on USB HID
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00:26:04ParkerRcore_, I dont think you can
00:26:12[Saint]core_: I don;t think you do...
00:26:12ParkerRalso might depend on what device
00:26:38[Saint]FWIW, its trivial to recompile with whatever command your little heart may desire, though.
00:28:53[Saint]If you had ~20 or so Rockboxed devices, you could implement a full keyboard! :)
00:29:12[Saint]Remembering what key was what would be balls, though.
00:29:24[Saint]And the home row layout would be...interesting.
00:34:30core_hmm im using my ipod and i could use it on my ps3 but i can't go back
00:34:47core_so a right key would be very usefull
00:40:35[Saint]If I were to be perfectly honest, I would just advise you to go to a pawn shop, second hand shop, opportunity shop, etc. and buy a generic USB mouse for like $1.
00:42:50[Saint]Pretty much every second hand/opportunity style store near me has a huge bin of antiquates mice and keyboards, and other assorted peripherals.
00:45:08[Saint]But of course you could always go down the "recompilation route", and define any button (or button combination) you please to the device, its just not terribly practical (IMO).
00:51:50core_I have a usb mouse already it's more or less a proof on concept
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00:55:56core_where can a download the source
00:58:32core_ok, Thanks
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01:00:01[Saint](you're really going to want a debian-esque host OS or virtual machine, don't persue any of the Windows-native documentation there)
01:00:33[Saint]{unless you're a masochist, in which case, go nuts}
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02:46:00toehser1Then 'c' is more correct for partition type. 'b' is for CHS, 'c' is for LBA. I suspect it makes no difference, as it is smart enough to figure out what you meant...
02:46:41toehser1dunpeal: exfat is evil proprietary micro$oft stuff and I know nothing about beyond (1) how to kill it and (2) how to mount it in Linux if I _must_.
02:48:05toehser1dosfsck sometimes is hard to convince to fix filesystems. I forget what I've had to do- but I've had to fight with it.
02:50:22[Saint]"man dosfsck" is a great start...
02:50:45[Saint]No fighting involved with a tiny bit of reading beforehand.
02:53:12dunpeal[Saint]: I read the man, hence the flags :)
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02:53:32[Saint]dunpeal: right, that wasn't directed at you. :)
02:53:33dunpealit still seems detect problems that are not there
02:53:52dunpealor at least, repeatedly detect the same problem after supposedly fixing it...
02:54:02[Saint]which is?
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02:56:58dunpealof course, now it doesn't detect it :(
02:58:31dunpealah, got it
02:58:46dunpealdosfsck 3.0.14, 23 Jan 2023, FAT32, LFN
02:58:55dunpealThere are differences between boot sector and its backup.
02:59:01dunpealDifferences: (offset:original/backup)
02:59:40dunpeal[Saint]: ^ it then asks me if I want to "copy original to backup" or the other way around
03:00:01dunpealwhichever one I choose, I will get the same error on any check, even immediately following.
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03:05:00dunpealAlso: FATs differ but appear to be intact. Use which FAT ?
03:05:39dunpealI should mention these are problems I get when scanning the built in memory of a Rockbox 3.13 Sansa Clip+
03:10:30toehser1The dosfsck docs are not fully complete in some situations. Trial and error always got me through, though. I read the man:)
03:11:24[Saint]The documentation is complete. There's a bit of a difference between complete documentation and hand-holding, though.
03:11:36toehser1The thing with the duplicate FATs, and getting it to write - there is a way to get it to write it, but it isn't obvious. (going from memory of something that I've figured out many times over the years, but always trip on)
03:12:13toehser1There actually are undocumented weirdnesses, where you have to OMIT certain options, that aren't documented to need to be omitted.
03:12:57toehser1Unfortunately, the last time I fought my way through it, I didn't document what I had to do.
03:13:32toehser1The brute force way (copy the data off, reformat, copy back) certainly leaves a known good clean result...
03:13:55toehser1but it will take forever if you're talking about 8G over Sansa internal USB r/w speed.
03:15:21[Saint]~6 minutes
03:17:04toehser1To copy a full 8G out and back over USB from/to SANSA?
03:17:17[Saint]If my guestimation-math is correct, at my transfer rates here, that's what it'd take to dump 8GB.
03:17:31[Saint]Only slightly longer to put it back.
03:21:17toehser1dunpeal: Try with ONLY the -r option, nothing else. That is what I'm seeing in Google as something that in some situations has to be done.
03:25:07toehser1It depends how valuable the content is, how I proceed in that kind of situation, also - if it is SUPER critical, I'll use dd or buffer to take a snapshot of the raw device, so that filesystem operations can be reversed, or I can experiment using the loop device. Medium critical, I'll do the copy-out, format, copy-back. Normal music disk (which I have on other storage anyway), I would try dosfsck, which is fastest.
03:29:21dunpealtoehser1: it still displays the dialog about copying original to backup or vice-versa
03:29:34toehser1You do have to choose.
03:29:47toehser1I would take original to backup.
03:30:17toehser1But I would also backup the device if anything wasn't easily recoverable... first...
03:30:53dunpealFATs differ but appear to be intact. Use which FAT ?
03:31:06toehser1There isn't much that will help decide- but-
03:31:20toehser1if it is mountable before these operations, I would take the first.
03:31:29toehser1If is isn't mountable, I would take the second.
03:32:14toehser1the command "dd if=/dev/sdb of=disk-backup.raw" is a good idea if there is any concern for the content, of course...
03:32:20dunpealit's mountable... in fact, I don't really know for sure that anything is wrong with it
03:32:44[Saint]this is really slipping well beyond the scope of this channel.
03:32:50toehser1Actually, I usually install the "buffer" program, and do "buffer -i /dev/sdb -o disk-backup.raw -z256k -m10m -p75" - faster
03:35:27dunpealtoehser1: last thing: you were right. running with just -r made the problems go away, or at least not detected on an immediate second scan.
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13:29:40kugelPurlingNayuki: huge thanks
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14:13:48kugelrasher: the sims on your build don't work
14:13:52kugel(hang at boot)
14:14:00kugelon your site*
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14:40:43toehser1tom@26m:/media/tom$ time cp -af /media/tom/SANSA_CLIPZ /mnt/space/temp
14:40:43toehser1real 134m28.680s
14:40:43toehser1user 0m0.140s
14:40:43toehser1sys 0m13.844s
14:41:28toehser1Copying 8GB from sansa through rockbox USB - 2 hours - maybe I'll try with OF and see if it is partly rb slowing it?
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15:06:32PurlingNayukikugel: Does this help?
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15:33:01kugelPurlingNayuki: yes sure
15:35:13PurlingNayukiWhat about non-square pixel targets?
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15:53:43kugelPurlingNayuki: don't worry
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16:47:19toehser1Native firmware it was 20 minutes instead of 134 minutes...
16:47:36toehser1tom@26m:/media/tom$ time cp -af /media/tom/SANSA_CLIPZ /mnt/space/temp
16:47:36toehser1real 20m9.911s
16:47:36toehser1user 0m0.164s
16:47:36toehser1sys 0m13.764s
16:48:27toehser1Is there an understanding of why Rockbox USB would be >6x slower than OF USB?
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18:31:38kugelAlexP, gevaerts: rockbox looks better these days. might start considering a 3.14?
18:34:58 Join gelraen_ [0] (
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18:49:05celaPurlingNayuki . Liking the new volume cap feature on Fuze+ thanks for your work :-)
18:50:32PurlingNayukiI appreciate it, thanks for support too;-)
18:53:43 Quit cela (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
18:54:45PurlingNayukikugel, AlexP, gevaerts: USB got fix on clipzip and 3.14 should really be started.
18:55:53gevaertsI'm all for 3.14, but I'm still a bit nervous to be honest
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18:56:59gevaertsThere have been fairly invasive changes recently, and I'm not convinced those have been tested well enough, but then I'm also fairly convinced that not enough people run current dev builds to get such testing :)
18:59:09PurlingNayukiSo huh, I just can't wait the Rockbox pie.
18:59:28PurlingNayukiOr, Rockbox PI:-P
19:00:50*PurlingNayuki heads to bed. It's midnight in Hongkong.
19:00:51gevaertsIt's not a decimal number!
19:02:05gevaertsThe main reason to release 3.14 soon is of course that we can't let those linux people overtake us
19:02:50PurlingNayukiDon't worry.
19:03:38PurlingNayukiThey're still considering the next release should be 3.8.100000 or 3.9
19:05:34*gevaerts doubts that
19:06:08gevaertsThey're going to release 3.13 *soon*
19:06:52kugelwait, how did rockbox ever work on a non-scrollwheel target?
19:07:32kugelit doesnt actually pop button events off the queue so after a few button presses the inevitable queue overflow happens
19:12:21kugelaha, without the assert the oldest entry is overwritten
19:16:09 Part Airwave
19:16:18kugelgevaerts: right, but we should start thinking about it
19:17:35kugelperhaps we declare all USB problems fixed to get people on the current build boat again
19:17:49kugelor better yet, s/USB// ;)
19:28:23gevaertskugel: the best way is (I think) still to have a freeze and release RC builds, and hope people test those.
19:29:20gevaertsI've been a bit hesitant recently about a freeze though, we seem to have actual activity and development going on, and that's rare enough these days that I'm a bit reluctant about telling people to stop...
19:29:54kugelyea I would give it a few more weeks
19:30:35 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
19:33:18AlexPI've not been following much tbh, what got fixed?
19:37:22gevaertsAlexP: I'm not sure of the details, but various skin-related things didn't behave properly on USB connect, possibly causing memory corruption
19:38:17gevaertsIt seems that USB is a lot more stable now on various targets, although I don't know if we have enough evidence yet
19:38:18 Join Baranko [0] (
19:42:21kugelgevaerts: but there is _some_ evidence :)
19:43:58kugelAlexP: some people have reported that usb/theme related issues they were affected by don't exist anymore
19:45:49Barankoguys, should i write somewhere else except forum with problems of usb on clip+? )
19:48:32kugelBaranko: yes. use our bug tracker
19:48:48kugelthe forum is inappropriate for bug reports
19:49:37Barankokugel: tracker is a flyspray?
19:51:20Barankook, will try
19:52:11 Join gammy [0] (
19:53:31gammyEvening! I just installed the current stable version of rockbox onto my bothers sandisk clip zip and it's now much easier for her to use than the stock firmware. There is however an oddity: unicode/utf8 is not listed under the default codepage section in the display settings. According
19:53:36gammyto the manual, as far as I understand it, it should be listed. Am I missing something?
19:55:48gammy"bothers", I mean "mothers" :)
19:55:57*gevaerts checks stuff
19:58:03gevaertsIt should be there, but I'm also not seeing it in the simulator
19:58:37gammySimlator? There's a simulator? That's awesome.
19:59:53gammyInteresting (reading up on building rockbox)
19:59:54AlexPkugel, gevaerts: OK. Maybe we should wait a little bit to see how things go?
20:03:57Barankogammy: i didn't see this on 3.13 too, i suppose there is auto by default :D
20:04:43gammyBaranko: Sorry, what do you mean "there is" ? Do you mean that rockbox tries to detect the encoding, or that unicode is the stock setting and so is not listed?
20:05:09gammyAnd if the latter, what if you select another encoding, then you can't unset it back to unicode again, right?
20:05:45Barankonow it looks like better to hear developers version )
20:06:09gammyI can see on some of her files that one swedish character is being interpreted as two characters, which to me sounds like it's not seeing as unicode (although it's just a guess)
20:10:44 Join meehoo [0] (5e4865e2@gateway/web/freenode/session)
20:11:42meehoohi, is it possible to have a button blokade in Sansa Clip +? I mean i dont want the button to be accidentally pressed duing the playback
20:12:02meehoodoes rockbox make it available?
20:12:45gammyclip +, don't you hold down the select and home key simultaneously to lock/unlock?
20:13:11meehoooh,it works
20:13:14meehoothx much
20:13:21gammytry reading the manual next time :D
20:13:29gammyThat's where I found it myself
20:13:42gammy(I had the same problem some months ago)
20:13:49meehooi see
20:14:14gammyNo problem
20:15:17 Join person [0] (47caaff4@gateway/web/freenode/session)
20:15:34gevaertsI have no idea what the default is, but utf8 should be in the list, and it vanished a while ago
20:15:34gevaertsI'm now trying to find out when exactly it vanished
20:15:35Barankoon Dev. build 644d9ea-140115 there is also no any utf8
20:15:35*gevaerts nods
20:15:35Barankoshould we create bugreport?
20:15:35Barankoi made 2 new
20:15:35DBUGEnqueued KICK Baranko
20:15:35Barankocan create third)
20:15:35gevaertsFeel free to go ahead
20:15:36Barankoas you wish, hope it's help :)
20:15:37gevaertsI hope to find (and fix) this soon, but if I get distracted it's always useful to have it recorded somewhere :)
20:15:41 Nick person is now known as Guest42865 (47caaff4@gateway/web/freenode/session)
20:15:43Barankook, greate to hear that time that we spent for testing is useful )
20:15:43 Quit meehoo (Changing host)
20:15:43 Join meehoo [0] (5e4865e2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
20:15:50 Quit Guest42865 (Changing host)
20:15:50 Join Guest42865 [0] (47caaff4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
20:15:58 Part meehoo
20:16:13gammyI might have a look at it although I've never tinkered with the rockbox code myself.
20:16:29gammyI just did the whole gerrit registration and git repo setup dance
20:16:46Guest42865IS there any way I could help with something? I'm looking to join, but don't have very much experience with programming. Do you need people to do docs?
20:20:25 Quit rela (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:20:25Barankothey need people for testing
20:21:39gevaertsYes, true. I think what we need most these days is people who run current builds and report bugs
20:22:21AlexPGuest42865: If you want to do some docs stuff the manual is out of date in many places too
20:22:53gevaertsWe seem to have ended up in a situation where everyone uses a stable release, and we have no idea if the current code is ok
20:22:53Barankoomg, forgot to vhange category of bug (
20:22:53Barankois there any way to edit this in flyspray?
20:22:53gevaertsI can change it
20:23:27gevaertsBaranko: updated
20:23:27 Quit Guest42865 (Quit: Page closed)
20:24:17Barankogevaerts: there must be clip+ and dev build too
20:24:42gevaertsBaranko: it happens on all players :)
20:24:54Barankooh, but i don't have all players )
20:25:10Barankoalso is rockbox for android still alive?
20:25:14AlexPgevaerts does pretty much
20:25:45gevaertsAlexP: I used to, but then pamaury added three dozen new ports :)
20:25:52AlexPThat's true :)
20:29:44gammyBaranko: Ah, you also tried the development release and it's the same. That's useful to know
20:30:09gevaertsThat's when it started
20:30:17Barankoi was one of pepole who love stable releases
20:30:28Barankobut if they won't help, i decide i can do :)
20:30:36Barankowon't= want
20:30:43gammyI'm building the cross-compiler now.
20:31:17gammyBaranko: Have you noticed that the audio level is much higher(=good) in rockbox compared to the original fw?
20:31:34gammyI got my mother a speaker amplifier thing for christmas to use with her clipzip
20:31:44Barankoand audio settings like bass ant etc
20:31:44gammybut the output was really low.
20:31:45Barankomuch better
20:32:01Barankobut i have some interference on mp3 tracks in every beginning of new track
20:32:04gammyBut now it appears to be much, much higher, the same or comparable to my own player which is a clip+
20:35:25Barankoon default firmware also there is one tip, in settings you need to change country sound can be louder a little bit.
20:35:49Barankobut after taste rockbox, i don't care about sandisk fw )
20:41:45 Join saratoga [0] (123e11e0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
20:41:56gammyBaranko: Aaaaahhhh I didn't know that
20:42:06gammyAnyway yes, my mother is much happier with rockbox anyway
20:42:26gammyROCKBOXDEV: Done!
20:42:28gammyOoh, exciting.
20:42:49saratogayou probably had the region code in teh sandisk firmware set to EU, so the volume will be lower to comply with EU regulations
20:43:03gammyYeah, that makes sense
20:43:13gammyThe thought however never entered my mind
20:43:19gammyIt was -so- low
20:43:31gammy(at least when connected to a stereo)
20:43:36saratogaI think its usually 15 to 20dB lower
20:43:45saratogayes it will not be able to drive most stereos
20:43:55saratogathose are made for line level
20:49:01gevaertsgammy: fixed in the current dev build :)
20:49:16gammyand I'm still building the simulator!
20:49:48gammygevaerts: Is that available as the latest dev build on the website, or should i pull from git?
20:50:13saratogathey're built in real time after ever commit:
20:50:18gevaertsgammy: either. The build round is done, so the dev builds on the site are there
20:50:32AlexPWhere has bluebot gone?
20:50:40AlexPOr whatever it is called
20:51:36AlexPColdfire bootloaders seem broken
20:51:49gevaertsYes, wodz needs to wake up :)
20:51:57AlexPah :)
20:52:02gammyAh the simulator just built. Wow, this is neat :}
20:52:20AlexPAlso, where has roolku gone :)
20:52:31AlexPHe's destroying the build times :)
20:56:18***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:58:07gammygevaerts: Hah, that was one small commit :D
20:58:41gevaertsgammy: yes, I misunderstood when someone said I had to increment my commit count :)
20:58:57 Join stripwax [0] (~Miranda@rockbox/developer/stripwax)
20:59:21 Quit stripwax (Client Quit)
20:59:23gammyWell, I'm going to try building this just to see if my environment is setup
20:59:33kugelgammy: fwiw, for the simulator you didnt need
20:59:47kugelthis script builds cross compilers for device builds
20:59:54gammyYeah I know
20:59:58gammyOr I think I know
21:00:05kugelor simulators you only need sdl
21:00:06gammyI wanted to do both
21:00:14kugelalright then, just saying
21:00:17CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
21:00:17*gammy nods
21:00:21gammythe wiki documentation is very good
21:01:07kugelthanks :)
21:01:21kugelmany pages are a bit dated though
21:01:32Barankogevaerts: but bot that announce aboul builds keep silence?
21:01:55Barankoor we can take new build right now from website?
21:02:16gammyit's happily building so far
21:02:47gevaertsBaranko: the bot seems to be dead right now
21:02:48gevaertsThe build is there though, as you can see on
21:08:07 Join mortalis [0] (~mortalis@
21:17:37Barankoi remeber some time ago there was discussion about creating RC for testers
21:17:40Barankoso what about?
21:17:40Barankostill in plan or something another?
21:18:34saratogaby RC you mean a build from the release branch during the prerelease feature freeze?
21:20:01saratogausually i think people just test the dev build, since that effectively becomes the release
21:21:07gammygevaerts: Beautiful
21:21:11gammyIt works.
21:21:20gammyMy mother will be very happy.
21:22:48AlexPBaranko, saratoga: We have RCs
21:23:00AlexPPrior to the release, once we have branched normally
21:23:06AlexPBut nobody uses them
21:23:41gammyI have to say, you guys are fantastic. I've used rockbox for close to ten years now and It's just brilliant.
21:27:21 Join Airwave [0] (~Airwave@
21:27:37AirwaveHey. Any way to get iPod-like podcast support with Rockbox?
21:27:50AlexPNo idea what that is
21:28:23kugelsaratoga: it seems most use the 3.13 now
21:28:45 Quit krabador (Quit: Sto andando via)
21:29:07AirwaveAlexP: With the iPod you sync podcasts with iTunes, and it can sync which episodes you've played between the devices, and optionally delete played episodes from your iPod.
21:29:34AlexPRockbox just shows up as a mass storage device
21:29:49gammyYou -want- iTunes?
21:29:50AlexPSo if there is something that'll do what you want then great, but I don't know
21:29:59Airwavegammy: No, absolutely not.
21:30:02AlexPAlso, you can also sync with itunes if you really want to
21:30:09AlexPThen you'll have to use the database
21:30:15AirwaveBut iTunes handles podcasts very well, so I only want that part of it.
21:30:21AlexPBut I don't know if anything can get access to a playcount
21:30:31AlexPWhich thinking about it would need the database too
21:31:37AirwaveI use the database for music. Works great.
21:31:55AlexPDon't like it myself, but that's not important
21:32:13kugelBaranko: someone successfully transfered 8GB to a clipzip today (same hardware basically)
21:32:18AlexPAnyway, to get what you want you would need a PC side tool that would read the play count from the RB database
21:32:25AlexPWhich I don't think exists
21:32:39AirwaveThat's a shame.
21:32:56pixelma_fwiw I got a "stkov voice" when playing around with wodz' build on my M5 yesterday. I'm guessing that it's not related to his changes
21:32:57 Nick pixelma_ is now known as pixelma (pixelma@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
21:32:58AirwavePodcasts is the only thing iTunes does right.
21:32:59BarankoAlexP: is this RC announced too for community?
21:33:16AlexPBaranko: yes, in the forums and on the dev and user mailing lists IIRC
21:33:21pixelmaI couldn't reproduce immediately but didn't have the time to investigate some more. Maybe it would make sense if someone could try on an X5 (it happened after enabling some voice features - voicing menues and files/directories with .talk clips and the fallback spelling and the browsing the disk)
21:33:26AirwaveI suppose I'll have to use my phone for podcasts.
21:33:29AlexPI think that's what I do, but I'd have to check - it's been a while
21:33:40AirwaveAlexP: Thanks for the help anyway.
21:33:54AlexPI just copy what files over I want myself
21:35:12AirwaveManaging played/unplayed manually is more hassle than needed, in my opinion.
21:35:44AlexPThen write something :)
21:35:48AlexPNot very helpful I know
21:35:50kugelAlexP: I think there was a winamp plugin for this
21:35:59AlexPBut things only happen because someone wants it
21:36:09AlexPkugel: To interact with the RB db?
21:36:16kugelfor playcount yes
21:36:21AlexPhuh, fair enough
21:36:28AlexPIsn't winamp dead now?
21:37:54kugelyes but plugins are compatible with mediamonkey
21:38:11AlexPThe things you learn :)
21:38:14kugelperhaps the plugin was for mediamonkey in the first place...not 100% sure, and I never used it
21:38:26AlexPwell, in that case maybe ^^ will help Airwave
21:38:58Airwavekugel, AlexP: I'l take a look. Thanks.
21:39:11Barankokugel: i have no problem with transfering into internal mem of player
21:39:12Barankobut it's reproducable with sd card transfer
21:39:13Barankoand startup player via usb hub.
21:39:13Barankoon sandisk fw all fine with transfer
21:39:21 Quit Strife89 (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
21:39:32kugelBaranko: have you tried different cards?
21:40:20kugelthe driver doesn't make a difference between internal and microsd (the internal is an embedded sd card essentially) so it could be card specific
21:42:01Barankokugel: no any problem with card in cardreaders, no any problem with sandisk fw.
21:42:10Barankois there any logtype maybe?
21:42:40Barankoonscreen for example because when it's happens sansa just hangs.
21:43:26 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
21:44:34kugelBaranko: I didnt mean to say the card is bad/broken
21:45:15 Quit mortalis (Quit: KVIrc 4.3.1 Aria
21:45:18kugelbut it could be that our driver performs badly with some cards and well with other cards
21:52:15Barankoi can try get old 4gb card
21:52:22Barankowhich parameteres chould i check?
21:52:22Barankojust get few same cards?
21:52:22Barankoor what
21:53:17kugelno specific parameters
21:54:34 Join sakax [0] (~sakax@unaffiliated/sakax)
21:58:26 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
21:58:44Barankois this driver capable using such big card with fat32?
21:59:50 Join wodz [0] (
22:00:31wodzHow rombox actually works? Do we copy binary from the flash and run from there?
22:01:46 Quit pamaury (Client Quit)
22:03:41Barankokugel: also i suppose is any debug possible for this?
22:05:25 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
22:16:18 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
22:16:55 Quit rela (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:19:08 Quit Baranko (*.net *.split)
22:19:09 Quit amiconn (*.net *.split)
22:19:09 Quit pixelma (*.net *.split)
22:19:09 Quit K1773R (*.net *.split)
22:19:09 Quit yosafbridge (*.net *.split)
22:19:10 Quit __jae__ (*.net *.split)
22:19:10 Quit gevaerts (*.net *.split)
22:19:10 Quit rixon (*.net *.split)
22:20:45 Join Baranko [0] (
22:20:45 Join pixelma [0] (pixelma@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
22:20:45 Join amiconn [0] (amiconn@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
22:20:45 Join K1773R [0] (~K1773R@unaffiliated/k1773r)
22:20:45 Join yosafbridge [0] (
22:20:45 Join __jae__ [0] (
22:20:45 Join gevaerts [0] (~fg@rockbox/developer/gevaerts)
22:20:45 Join rixon [0] (~quassel@
22:21:15 Quit yosafbridge (Max SendQ exceeded)
22:21:23 Join yosafbridge [0] (
22:25:02 Join lebellium [0] (
22:27:38wodzgevaerts: ping
22:29:01wodzgevaerts: Do you know the details about rombox on coldfire? How does it work?
22:29:17wodzor where can I read about technical details
22:29:27gevaertsno idea
22:31:43 Quit bluebrother (Disconnected by services)
22:31:48 Join bluebrother^ [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
22:34:22wodzOk, coldfire bootloaders hopefully fixed. rombox will take me some more time as I need to understand how it works actually.
22:35:00 Quit fs-bluebot (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
22:37:41 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
22:38:33 Join bluebrother [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
22:38:39 Quit bluebrother^ (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
22:41:43Barankowow, i find radio ticking bug was there
22:41:57Barankowgy it wasn't added?
22:43:06gevaertsBaranko: that looks like a horrible hack
22:44:57Barankogevaerts: and no any other point of view for this problem?
22:45:18Barankoi mean his type of patch is the only way?
22:47:09gevaertsI don't know
22:47:29gevaertsBut at least he could have returned -1 instead of 1 :)
22:51:43Barankobut why none of devs ask corrections ot not just look into it if they knowhow? i thought in my player it's problem by design.
22:55:16gevaertsIt may well be a basic design issue
22:56:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:56:44Barankobut so what his code do that problem becomes looks like solved?
22:57:54gevaertsBut that patch (which is described as a hack, so I assume the author wasn't proposing to commit this as such) (a) seems to be to be buggy (it returns 1, whereas the comments nearby clearly say it should return -1), and (b) disables functionality for *all* players using those radio chips to fix a bug that's seen on one player
22:58:49Barankooh, thx for info.
22:59:14gevaertsThat patch makes rockbox no longer ask the radio chip if it's tuned into a channel or if that channel is stereo. Presumably on the clip+ the way the asking works (i2c?) causes noise
23:00:01Barankoalso, about usb, can we have some build that shows messages from usb or sd reader driver on screen?
23:00:25Barankothere was kugel idea that there is some incompatibles with some sd card
23:00:40Barankobecause i have no problem in case of internal memory of player
23:00:51gevaertsWell, there's logf
23:01:05Barankohow can i enable it?
23:03:07gevaertsChoose an advanced build, add L for logf, and enable logf (look for the LOGF_ENABLE line) in the relevant C file
23:05:34 Quit toehser1 (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
23:07:39Barankoadvanced build is ?
23:09:45kugelcould rssi info polled less often to avoid the noise?
23:14:21wodzI guess it would be best to poll in quasi random fashion (something similar to spectrum spread)
23:17:22wodzkugel: Have you seen my updates about mpio's screen size?
23:17:32 Join saratoga_ [0] (123e1c65@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
23:18:10saratoga_maybe do a random exponential backoff if the status isn't changing (does the status change often?)
23:18:36saratoga_i don't think i've used a radio since the early 2000s
23:19:35wodzsaratoga: Depends on actual chip. Some provide true rssi in realtime while others only after tuning
23:20:05saratoga_is the value expected to change much though?
23:20:20saratoga_if its just stereo thats probably pretty constant until the user moves around a lot
23:21:04wodzthe point of dap is that you move with it, no?
23:21:36saratoga_yeah but if it hasn't changed in a while it probably won't change again for a while
23:22:14saratoga_so maybe poll according to exp(2*n_prev+rand())
23:22:28saratoga_that doesn't make sense
23:22:33kugelit tends to change often because of errors in the stream caused by weak signal strength
23:23:09saratoga_so maybe poll according to exp(++n +rand())
23:23:16saratoga_is what i meant
23:23:33saratoga_if the new value is different by much, reset n
23:23:47saratoga_and maybe cap n at some sane value
23:25:05bertrikIMO, the hardware design is just broken if we can't poll the radio without causing interference
23:25:17bertrikso everything we can think of in software is basically a hack
23:25:24saratoga_yeah clearly
23:26:02saratoga_anyway if someone wants to make a hack that doesn't break anything too bad i'm ok with it
23:26:15saratoga_i guess it should be ifdef clip_plus though
23:26:22saratoga_unless this problem happens on other devices
23:26:34kugelbertrik: that doesn't help the user using this badly designed hardware
23:26:45bertrikIIRC, this is mostly a problem of the RDAxxxx tuner chips, with the SI47xx not being as sensitive to the problem
23:27:39bertrikand clip+ can use either an RDA or SI tuner chip.
23:29:04wodzCan someone check to build player normal build from current HEAD? I don't get the error which our buildfarm returned
23:30:14wodzah, no I missed it
23:30:50saratoga_can't we just drop hwcodec
23:31:30kugelI'm for it
23:31:50saratoga_i just don't want to be responsible for removing it
23:34:08wodzI am also in favor of drop support for HWCODEC. We have broken recorder build for a long time and no single complaint about it
23:35:49gevaertswodz: that doesn't really count
23:35:57gevaertsPeople don't seem to use dev builds anyway
23:36:25gevaertsWe can break ipods for two week periods these days without anyone noticing
23:37:24wodzgevaerts: I mean involved people. No usual punishment for reds. No work toward solving the problem of growing builds
23:38:09bertrikI don't have a hwcodec, but just dropping them feels like giving up too easy to me
23:38:55wodzBesides, what killer feature have we added since maybe buflib? I mean the code HWCODEC benefited from?
23:39:58bertrikbut I do understand the desire to just branch them off and then drop them
23:40:43 Quit bertrik (Remote host closed the connection)
23:41:19wodzBranching will effectively mean EOL. Without maintainer I don't think anyone will backport anything
23:43:42 Join toehser [0] (~tom@Connqueror.Toms.NET)
23:44:10saratoga_do we really need to back port anything to HWCODEC?
23:44:26saratoga_i'd say new stuff is most likely just bloat
23:44:33saratoga_and probably untested bloat at that
23:44:35kugelwodz: fine with me. there's nothing we can do if nobody volunteers
23:45:48wodzsaratoga, The main argument against dropping archos was that what I stated. When we branch and start cleaning up the master noone will bother to backport fixes.
23:47:13saratoga_yeah but are any back ported fixes likely to balance the continued stream of basically untested code being added?
23:47:27wodzbut now I would say it is even worse - noone bothers to fix builds in master
23:47:49saratoga_my basic understanding is that people think the player port probably peaked a few years ago and we've just been making it worse since (but i could be wrong)
23:48:27wodzsaratoga: but this is mostly true actually
23:49:02wodzbuflib was the last big change HWCODEC targets benefited from
23:51:32lebellium[23:34:08]wodzI am also in favor of drop support for HWCODEC. We have broken recorder build for a long time and no single complaint about it. > That's wrong. I'm complaining (in a nice way) regularly about it. And as a DAP collector, I'd like Rockbox to work properly with the latest build on any device, 15 years old or brand-new ;)
23:53:01wodzlebellium: So you volunteer to fix it, right?
23:53:22lebelliumnope, I just said it's wrong that nobody complains about it
23:54:38wodzlebellium: Sorry - I follow irc logs and read (albeit less frequently) forum. There were NO complaints really
23:55:38 Quit y4n (Quit: only amiga makes it possible)
23:57:10lebelliumThere was at least one, mine. I didn't say it's much. But since there are no download stats or any advanced stats, I don't think we can conclude anything with the IRC logs or forum posts
23:57:51lebelliummaybe there were people willing to install the latest rockbox build on their recorder but they just gave up without telling
23:57:54lebelliumwe don't know

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