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#rockbox log for 2014-01-21

00:01:55BobJonkman1pamaury: Got it.
00:02:17pamauryBobJonkman1: when you are done, load it using sbloader in recovery mode (just like the other time). It will probably give you an error like "cannot get status" but don't worry. Then screen will stay black, it's normal. Just wait for like 15 min or maybe 30 min and try to power up
00:02:46BobJonkman1Great! I'll let you know how things are in 15 or 30 minutes...
00:03:03pamauryI might be gone at that time but I read the logs so you can still write it
00:03:38pamauryactually, even from the very low state, 5 to 10 might be enough to try it, even though it might insult you saying very low battery and power down immediately
00:03:51BobJonkman1OK. I'll probably be here for days...
00:04:45BobJonkman1:) I'm in no hurry. It's been out of service for weeks, but I'm so behind on my podcasts now!
00:05:25pamauryfor completeness I should the code which compiles to this file is not published yet but it will be as soon as confirm it works ;)
00:08:50BobJonkman1OK, just got the "Cannot get status report" message. Fuze+ looks as dead as ever. I'll try in 30 minutes or so (if I don't go AFK in the meantime).
00:09:02BobJonkman1pamaury: Thank you very much for all the work you've done
00:11:20pamauryyou're welcome :) don't worry we'll revive your fuze+ I'm sure. going to bed
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01:33:29BobJonkman1pamaury: Great news: I unplugged it, turned it on, and it's right back to where it was. Says the battery is 50% right now (but I don't know how accurate that is)
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04:45:45[Saint]Thats awesome, BobJonkman1
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07:47:18pamauryBobJonkman1: great news :)
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12:58:12chrisjjCan anyone cite an example of a device model that has RB manual and any two-way slide switch?
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13:04:27chrisjjpamaury: Just to let you know, at;rev2=6 I removed the reference to external-speaker-switch. This device has no such switch.
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19:26:40scorche|shSo, less than 2 weeks until GSoC org applications open up again
19:26:59scorche|shDo we still consider last year's attempt as our "last hurrah"?
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19:28:25pamaurythis year I don't think I can apply as a mentor, too much work
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19:35:53scorche|shapparently there is "lots of cool new stuff" this year, as it is the 10th year - more org slots too
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20:01:08GodEater2 weeks seems not enough time to garner coherent proposals in
20:01:12GodEatergoing on our past performance
20:01:46GodEater"Make rockbox even more awesome" is terrible encouraging and makes me happy, but is sadly lacking detail
20:09:41coppera really good default theme would be nice
20:10:20copperthe problem being that everyone has a different idea of what "really good" is
20:10:35copperunless you're Jonathan Ive :P
20:11:24coppersome DSPs would be nice too
20:11:39copperI have a fond memory of my Roland UA-4FX's "tube amp" DSP
20:12:11GodEaterI think cabbiev2 *is* a really good theme
20:12:26GodEaterbut it took months and *many* people working on it
20:12:29copperwell… it's not exactly Apple-grade
20:12:42GodEaterin your opinion
20:12:50copperthe kind of design that federates masses
20:12:55copperyes, IMO
20:13:01GodEatermasses of people worked on it
20:13:33coppernote that Jony Ive is a "world class" designer
20:14:14GodEaterI'm sure the people that donated all that time and effort to cabbiev2 would be warmed to hear you belittle their work so nicely
20:14:36copperI apologize.
20:14:53copperI'm going to hide in my cave and shut up now.
20:33:31 Join fragilematter [0] (~doru@unaffiliated/fragilematter)
20:39:44gevaertscopper: around here, we're proud of not being Apple-grade! ;)
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20:45:49copperwell, Rockbox developers and contributors can certainly be proud of offering a real and valuable alternative
20:46:14copperthe advantages aren't subtle
20:48:03copperquite possibly unmatched on the market
20:48:16gevaertsIt all depends on what you're looking for
20:48:19copper(because no-one else cares as much)
20:51:34copperI still don't understand why new DAP makers such as FiiO don't just license Rockbox and modify it, and / or design a custom theme
20:51:40copperlike FLAC
20:52:03copperit's as if the words "Free" and "Software" are dirty words
20:52:35copperFiiO paid the price of insisting on doing it themselves
20:52:44copper(the FiiO X3 sucks)
20:54:15copperand they still fucking mispell "ACC"
20:54:24copperthat make me want to cry a little
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22:07:48cordycepsI installed the Rockbox Utility for my 4G ClipZip by downloading the getdeb repository according to instructions (~1/4 down that page). The utility found the ClipZip and I clicked install but it wants the bin file and says I must download it manually. But where do I find it?
22:08:50pamaurycordyceps: the installer should give a link / explain you how to do this. It can be found on Sansa website
22:10:30 Quit Rower (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
22:12:42cordycepsok, downloading it now(I think) from be cont'd ;)
22:13:51 Nick DormantBrain is now known as SuperBrainAK (~andy@2001:470:8:a61::5f92:59a1)
22:16:54*cordyceps it's happening!
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23:16:52kugelpreglow: solved it
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23:29:00*[Saint] ponders on,47217.0.html
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