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#rockbox log for 2014-01-23

00:00:33pixelmaif he was talking about the Fuze then it even built and I checked (that was before the second build round today). He was either looking at e.g. a Clip build or his browser did some friendly caching for him or some such
00:01:51[Saint]It seems to be that he is expecting us to upload failed binaries to the public.
00:02:05[Saint]...but, I have long since given up trying to make too much sense out ot if.
00:05:36chrisjj_pixelma: "if he was talking about the Fuze" I said I was talking about the Fuze. "He was either looking at e.g. a Clip build" Was that behind, then?
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00:05:48chrisjj_" or his browser did some friendly caching for him" This browser (Chrome) does not cache downloads.
00:06:43AlexPyou can see what failed to build from the build table
00:06:44[Saint]This entire conversation has been totally irrelevant since you were told exactly why this happens.
00:06:53[Saint]We don;t upload failed builds. WHy should we?
00:06:54AlexPAs has been pointed out many many times
00:09:09pixelmayes, it was "behind" in the sense of "the code change made the build fail and instead of breaking the download completely the system kept offering the last version that built properly". The failure was fixed shortly after, all builds were remade and all the ones that were successful are now offered as dev build...
00:09:40chrisjj_Thanks for the confirmation.
00:10:04[Saint]What was wrong with being told this ages ago?
00:10:13[Saint]Prior to your wee forum quest?
00:10:30AlexPto be confirmed properly I always require to be told six times
00:10:41gevaerts[Saint]: chrisjj_ is just out to annoy us. He doesn't actually care about anything else
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00:24:49pixelmaah no, I've been tricked... to clarify: from what I did see, the Fuze build was *not * "behind" at that time. And by the way, it's called development builds for a reason. That's all I want to say for now and on that matter. Period.
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01:07:27[Saint]Oh for fucks sake...
01:09:10chrisjj_[Saint]: You may be uninterested in build system bugs, but please do not assume everyone else is.
01:09:22[Saint]Gah. That sucks. Git just had a major spaz and trashed my working folder. Yay!
01:09:36[Saint]chrisjj_: you may be so self important to think that everything is about you, isn;t.
01:10:15chrisjj_This bug report is about Rockbox, not me.
01:10:39[Saint]I have no fucking idea why you are addressing me here.
01:11:02[Saint]What I just said has absolutely nothing to do with you.
01:11:27chrisjj_Can the profanity, please.
01:11:36[Saint]Go fuck yourself.
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01:21:10chrisjj_saratoga: Why "not a bug"? The build ID is plain wrong.
01:22:04saratogaits the most recent build
01:22:37[Saint]As painful as it is for me to say it, for once, he's right.
01:24:03[Saint]advertised build ID and rockbox-info.txt disagree with each other for this target.
01:24:54saratogalet me double check
01:25:58saratoga87c6df9-131213 in build info, isn't that what the website says?
01:26:44[Saint]"latest (6022d31)"
01:27:33*[Saint] points out, if it was missed, that the archived dev build page is being referenced here
01:27:47saratogathat makes more sense
01:28:20saratogai didn't realize we still did daily builds
01:31:03saratogai can reopen this, but i think things like this should probably just be reported in IRC since no one is going to care about a bug report
01:31:33[Saint]At least it didn;t end up in the forums this time.
01:31:39saratogaor ideally just fix it yourself
01:32:29chrisjj_saratoga: No, the build ID given is not the most recent build. Do please check it yourself.
01:32:58saratogawhat do you mean?
01:33:13chrisjj_Have a look. You'll see what I mean.
01:33:40[Saint]He did. Hence it being reopened.
01:33:41chrisjj_Compare the build ID on the page with the build ID in the download.
01:33:53[Saint]We're past this...just, shhh now.
01:34:22saratogayeah, check the logs
01:35:42chrisjj_"if it was missed, that the archived dev build page is being referenced here" The report clearly says "Archived" "and links to the page.
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10:33:59copper[Saint]: are you missing logs again?
10:34:11copper00:06:03 UTC <chrisjj_> FYI:
10:34:11copper00:07:28 UTC <[Saint]> Oh for fucks sake...
10:34:11copper00:09:11 UTC <chrisjj_> [Saint]: You may be uninterested in build system bugs, but please do not assume everyone else is.
10:34:55copperchrisjj linked to a bug that you guys were discussing, then you immediately said "oh ffs", then nearly 2 minutes go by
10:35:08copperof course he thought you were talking to him
10:35:31copperwho wouldn't have thought that?
10:36:28coppera bug that you guys had been discussing earlier*
10:37:36copperif your IRC client is deceiving you again, please switch to a proper one, because it's making you aggressive
10:38:41copperfor reference:
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10:42:52coppernot to mention that chrisjj turned out to be right…
10:43:59copper<saratoga> i can reopen this, but i think things like this should probably just be reported in IRC since no one is going to care about a bug report
10:44:35copperwhen we report bugs on IRC, we're told to file a bug report
10:44:56copperwhen we file a bug report, we're told to report it here or on the mailing list?
10:46:14copperit seems to me that bug reports aren't taken seriously on IRC without a proper flyspray entry, unless we're lucky enough that someone here decides to look into it immediately
10:49:35copperand it's a lot more convenient to later refer to a bug report, if it hasn't been fixed immediately
10:50:45*gevaerts agrees with that bit
10:51:26gevaertsWe want bug reports for all bugs, and we want one bug report per bug, i.e. please no flyspray tasks with "All issues related to X" (I know some people disagree with that)
10:52:01 Join wodz [0] (
10:52:07gevaertsZagor: can you have a look at FS #12945 one of these days? Looks like the daily build archiving script makes some assumptions it shouldn't make
10:52:08fs-bluebot Daily Builds Archived page "latest" line's build ID can be incorrect (bugs, unconfirmed)
10:53:15gevaertsZagor: maybe also add a category for the website stuff in flyspray
10:55:04wodzgevaerts: could you test on your H100 if current build hang on boot?
10:55:46gevaertswodz: if you can, remind me tonight. I'll try to remember that long, but... :)
10:56:22wodzgevaerts: Ok, I'll try to remember too
10:58:42gevaertsZagor: looks like it might be rather tricky to fix that, so maybe dropping those daily builds would be the easiest solution :)
10:59:24wodzgevaerts: BTW. I remember we had an issue with rombox
11:00:00Zagoryeah, it's a very simple logic so making it correct isn't trivial
11:00:08wodzI mean some time ago something changed and rombox failed to load properly IIRC because of some config changes or something
11:00:35wodzgevaerts: AFAIK you fixed this or found out the workaround - do you remember the details?
11:05:44pixelmadropping daily builds isn't nice if there is a problem that with a bug that causes freezes which goes on for a few days. That happened before and then it was good to be able to point people to a working build
11:08:35pixelmaspeaking of freezes. Did someone try to use current builds on an X5 lately with voice enabled? I got an "stkov voice" last week with wodz' test build after enabling some voice features (voice file present, some talk clips and enabling spelling as fallback) and have the feeling that there may be a lack of headroom for voice on those targets recently
11:09:52wodzpixelma: my change is irrelevant (well, read as should be) - it is not changing stack sizes
11:10:38wodzpixelma: besides coldfires are 16MB+ targets
11:10:47pixelmaI guessed so, I just added that to point out that it was a fairly recent build
11:12:44gevaertswodz: that was FS #12769 I think, and I have a vague recollection the HAVE_EEPROM_SETTINGS bit in dircache.c was involved
11:12:45fs-bluebot rb 3.12 - iriver H140 bootloader crash: 1st boot fails, Reset pin, 2nd boot Successful. Repeatable. (bugs, unconfirmed)
11:13:07wodzwe really, really lack testing campaign on regular intervals
11:15:03wodzgevaerts: yes that is exactly what the guy reported quite recently
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13:26:32thomas_schI have a sansa clip zip with rockbox installed on it,but I'm missing the battery menu.Do I have to compile it from source?
13:31:41gevaertsWhere are you missing a menu? I can't think of a battery menu right away
13:32:17fragilematterdebug -> view battery?
13:36:28thomas_schI read that there is a menu where I could set that rockbox doesn't load when a usb cable is connected
13:36:49gevaertsThere isn't
13:37:48thomas_schok thank you :)
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14:44:51chrisjjZagor: "yeah, it's a very simple logic so making it correct isn't trivial". Alternatively remove the build ID.
14:58:53chrisjjcopper: "when we file a bug report, we're told to report it here or on the mailing list?" We're told to report on FlySpray - by a project rule here:
14:59:15copperwe're told many things
15:00:58chrisjjI guess you have to choose by whom you allow yourself to be told :)
15:02:02coppernot really
15:02:13copperyou need to do whatever is needed to get anyone to care
15:04:02chrisjjYour choice, but IME that way lies anarchy.
15:05:32chrisjjcopper, BTW "chrisjj linked to a bug that you guys were discussing" Actually no. The issue under discussion was the one I raised in the forum, from which one of those same guys promptly deleted it.
15:07:03chrisjjThe bug I linked to was a different one, which then was merely closed as "Not a bug". Now reopened.
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15:10:48wodzchrisjj: part of the problem was your description of the problem. I took me quite some time to understand what the issue actually is
15:14:54 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
15:27:08chrisjjThanks for the feedback. I'd like to learn to describe for better understandability for you (and others who did read the word Archive). How do you suggest the description could have been better?
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21:00:12wanewwMy sansa started showing random characters after my computer turned off while it was transfering music. I tried to reinstall the firmware and rockbox 2 times and it still shows up. I still have access to the original software though. Is there a way to fix it without opening it up?
21:00:22wanewwsansa clip+ btw
21:03:35ikeboywaneww: Have you reformated the drive?
21:03:49 Quit y4n (Quit: only amiga makes it possible)
21:04:03wanewwthe external?
21:16:36ikeboyThe sansa drive.
21:17:16ikeboyI once had a fuze+ that made funny noises that went away after I reformatted and reinstalled
21:17:24ikeboyBackup first
21:31:16 Quit chrisjj (*.net *.split)
21:33:01wanewwi reformatted that part
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