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#rockbox log for 2014-01-25

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08:12:43BlindWandererIf anyone is curious, I found a bug. Not sure if it's just Opus but it might not be. Calculating the duration of an opus file is done by counting PCM frames, unfortunately this is only done with 32 bits, at 48000 samplerate, that means almost 25 hours (yes I hit it)
08:24:17BlindWandererThe problem is that this breaks playback and seeking. I'll be splitting my files to avoid this. Oh and bookmarks still don't work right with Opus.
08:37:23dizzylizzyOpus barely worked for me when I tried it
08:39:34BlindWandereryeah, opus kicks the crap out of my Sansa c250, I've found I have to keep the bitrate around 38kb or it doesn't work at all
08:39:46BlindWandererit stutters and skips
08:39:47dizzylizzyi was using e200, yeah
08:39:52dizzylizzystalls the whole device
08:40:26dizzylizzyI'm running into issues with my Sansa Clip+ that I just bought. I installed Rockbox and when I turn it on, It just says "Scanning database" and never finishes, even if I let it go for 8 hours. There are no media files on the device. If I boot into Sansa's firmware by holding down the left button, it says "Refreshing your media" with a progress bar, which quickly goes to full and then stalls indefinitely. I just saw it reboot itself into the sam
08:40:33dizzylizzyI'm not really sure what to do at this point. :-/
08:41:10copperis there an sd card inserted?
08:41:35BlindWandererI'd say, boot it to recovery mode (does the Clip+ have a recovery mode?) and start over
08:42:04dizzylizzyI'm sorry
08:42:07dizzylizzycopper: no
08:43:28BlindWandererWell that sounds like it will work.
08:44:35dizzylizzyaaand it does not
08:44:50dizzylizzyjust did it six times, three times each with sansa firmware and three times with rockbox
08:45:16dizzylizzyit pretends to go to the screen that guide says and then jumps straight back to database refresh hang
08:45:19*dizzylizzy sighs
08:45:23dizzylizzyI'll figure this out another day
08:52:11BlindWandererOhhhh calling an *.mi4 on the C2*0 no longer works at all. It gives a "ROLO error: bad checksum" and cancels. This has been going on for almost a year now.
08:52:44BlindWandererI use it to reboot.
08:55:36BlindWandererKeep up the good work all. I'm out.
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12:00:59wodzpamaury: I looked briefly at YP-CP3 update zip file. The .ROM is special type of upgrade archive. I started to write unpack tool long time ago but never finished. I'll try to dig-up my notes and finish the tool
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13:36:03SzczepancioCan I ask nobbish question - what is better for rockbox development, Linux VM or Cygwin?
13:36:08wodzpamaury: Is there a page for Samsung YP-CP3?
13:36:15wodzSzczepancio: Linux VM
13:36:17SzczepancioI know that best is Linux native, but.
13:36:28Szczepanciowodz: Ok, but why?
13:37:17wodzCygwin is 1) much slower 2) not actively supported 3) It has its quirks
13:38:24Szczepanciowodz: Understood.
13:39:01wodzpamaury: The lcd in yp-cp3 is ili9320 (or similar), lcdif interface is 18bit
13:39:44Szczepanciowodz: What you use by the way? Native Linux?
13:41:08wodzSzczepancio: yeah, I am longtime linux user
13:41:57Szczepanciowodz: I was using Linux during my life for one year, and I really liked it. But actually I am win8 happy user.
13:42:48Szczepanciowodz: But after everything, I prefer Linux for everything, ever for games. I don't know why I will don't switch, VM is just everything I wanna.
13:43:00wodzSzczepancio: please stay on topic
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13:43:07Szczepanciowodz: Ok, sorry.
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14:07:57pamaurywodz: not yet, feel free to create it
14:08:14pamauryI will be back home tomorrow, I'll disassemble it and upload some pictures
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14:38:20Songs0fFailurespam! -
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14:51:08toehserSzczepancio: Why Linux VM instead of Windows 8 VM then? I just run Linux and then if I need a Windo$ program, I try Wine, then VIrtualbox if that doesn't work, then VMWare if that doesn't work, then real Windo$ partition (but I don't get that far...)
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14:52:46Szczepanciotoehser: Meh, I don't know. Just it because I got win8 and I wanna to make my parent's happy because I use it.
14:53:09Szczepanciotoehser: But, after all, I can use it as VM. Nice idea.
14:53:48SzczepancioI got win8 for 16 birthday*
14:53:56SzczepancioI turned 17 this november.
14:55:18SzczepancioWhy you use VirtualBox and VMWare, why not just one?
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14:57:43SzczepancioAhh, and I am playing some games after all, LOTR: BFME2, Minecraft, Nostale, etc.
14:58:00SzczepancioI don't used wine for while, it still slow?
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17:20:00toehser1Szczepancio: Wine is way lower on resources, startup time, integrates better, faster - WHEN IT WORKS... It is better and better all the time, some things it seems slow, but I never benchmarked. Very rare that I do ANYthing non-native-Linux, for years. Virtualbox because I figure trying to get the open-source thing working/supported is a good thing, in the abstract. VMWare "just works" almost always, and I have a license. There _have_ been cases wher
17:27:45evilnicktoehser1: Cuts off at "..._have_ been cases wher" for me
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18:17:04toehser1e one or the other works/doesn't work between them...
18:20:02SzczepancioCan anybody remind me how to get rockbox working on e370/e380?
18:20:19SzczepancioI am trying to write keymapping :D
18:23:27pamaurySzczepancio: all instruction are on the wiki
18:25:21Szczepanciopamaury: Thank's :D
18:25:48pamauryif it doesn't work just poke me
18:35:46Szczepanciopamaury: I dont understood this: Download it, rename it to , put it at the root of the device, unmount properly and reboot. If you already have a rockbox bootloader installed.
18:36:17SzczepancioInstalled mean copied into memory?
18:36:20pamaurywhich part ?
18:37:25pamauryinstalled means installed: you get the rockbox bootload when you boot. I don't quite understand why you quote half of the sentence though
18:38:07Szczepanciopamaury: My mistake.
18:38:37SzczepancioOk, so, i will write what i done.
18:39:07SzczepancioI copied into mp4, and I unplugged usb.
18:39:17SzczepancioActually it don't boot into anything.
18:39:47pamaurydid you have rockbox installed previously ?
18:40:16SzczepancioPreviosuly - i don't copied it into memory, but week ago's i had it installed.
18:40:29SzczepancioBUt deleted.
18:40:35SzczepancioSo, no, i don't installed it.
18:40:48pamauryok, so you copied at the root, unplugged and reboot ?
18:41:13pamauryhum, try to it the reset button
18:42:06pamauryyou have a e360 ?
18:42:30pamaurybecause the page I linked to is for the E360, you need a different file for the E370
18:42:34Szczepancioits the same as e370
18:42:44Szczepanciobut i downloaded for e380
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18:44:20pamauryhum, actually there is no wiki page for the E380 port so I wonder where you found the link
18:44:32pamauryanyway, did you try to reset and reboot ? still no upgrade screen ?
18:45:15Szczepancioi can't boot into anything
18:45:19Szczepancioblack, shutdowned screen
18:45:41Szczepanciolink is from e370 thread, where you posted bootloader
18:45:48Szczepancioyou don't remember?
18:46:00Szczepancioi understood, it's hard to remember everything, by the way.
18:46:05pamauryah yeah right
18:46:31pamauryto boot with rockbox you need to hold play for at least one second
18:48:07pamauryand to boot OF, hold left for at least one second
18:49:38Szczepancioi don't have rockbox copied into root directory, i mentioned it.
18:49:46Szczepanciobut i cant boot into OF too
18:51:29pamauryhum something is wrong
18:51:31SzczepancioMaybe something wrong got after placing and unplugging.
18:51:46SzczepancioAfter all, we have still recovery option.
18:51:46pamaurydid you get an upgrade screen at some point ?
18:52:01 Quit Rower (Quit: Hmmm...)
18:52:09pamaurythat's weird, it would not have changed anything without displaying this screen
18:52:48pamauryare you using Linux ?
18:53:06Szczepanciolinux at vm
18:53:14pamaurywhat happen if you plug the device right now ?
18:53:33 Join wanew [0] (~wanew@2601:0:a100:411:f0c4:46b5:97c6:9449)
18:53:50Szczepancioi got an audio signal ("plugged into"), but nothing after
18:54:28pamauryand if you "give" the device to the linux VM, can you tell me how it is identified ? (USB PID and VID)
18:56:08Szczepancioat virtualbox, after clicking
18:56:16Szczepanciodevices > usb device
18:56:31Szczepancioi have sigmatel rom recovery
18:56:40Szczepanciogive pid and vid?
18:56:53pamauryok something went really wrong ^^
18:57:16Szczepancioi am happy that there is recovery option after all
18:58:32pamauryok so for recovery there are several options so let's start with the simplest. Do you have the rockbox trunk and can compile stuff ?
18:59:00pamaury(in linux VM)
19:00:19Szczepancioi have rockbox source cloned from git, if you mean that
19:00:43pamaurygreat :)
19:00:54pamaurygo into utils/imxtools/sbtools
19:00:56pamauryand run make
19:03:38Szczepanciosomething went wrong
19:03:41Szczepancio Download it, rename it to , put it at the root of the device, unmount properly and reboot. If you already have a rockbox bootloader installed
19:03:43Szczepancioahh sorry
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19:05:16pamauryah you need to install a package, if you are running Ubuntu or a debian, run "apt-get install libusb-1.0-dev" as root
19:05:25*pamaury hopes he got the name of the package right
19:05:41Szczepancioi am running linux mint, based on ubuntu
19:05:46Szczepancioand ubuntu is based on debian
19:06:32pamaurysorry libusb-1.0-0-dev
19:07:52Szczepancioi think it compiled correctly
19:09:15pamaurygood, now you need a copy of the OF: download it here:
19:09:21pamaury(maybe you already have it)
19:09:35pamauryI think you are the one who gave it to me
19:10:47 Join Scall [0] (~chat@unaffiliated/scall)
19:11:10pamauryonce you have it, run (as root) "./sbloader"
19:11:51pamaurysbloader is located in utils/imxtools/sbtools and you need to replace the argument by the actual path to the file
19:14:12Szczepancioi know
19:14:29Szczepancioi don't remember but i think i give it to you
19:16:54SzczepancioCannot probe transfer size, please specify it on command lin
19:17:03SzczepancioI have this error.
19:17:23SzczepancioI give a e380 to virtualbox of course.
19:18:06pamaurytry to add the "-x 1024" option to the tool
19:18:19 Quit Scall (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
19:20:55Szczepanciotransfer error at send step 7633
19:21:00Szczepanciotransfer error at send step 7633
19:21:09SzczepancioError: cannot get status report
19:23:50pamauryI kind of expected that
19:24:05pamaurylet me upload some file
19:29:18pamauryload this file with sbloader (first reset the device and replug it)
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19:41:21Szczepanciogot bootloader screen, thanks
19:42:04Szczepanciobut i got panic screen
19:42:25Szczepanciook, i shutdowned it and restarted
19:42:29Szczepanciogot original fw
19:49:57pamauryWTF ?
19:50:10pamauryso now you have OF running ?
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19:50:48pamaurythis is super strange
19:50:48Szczepanciobut it shutdown after getting reading bibliotec's
19:50:59pamauryis your battery down ?
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19:52:09pamauryI need to go, I'll be back later (in about 2/3 hours).
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19:52:23 Nick onder`_ is now known as onder` (
19:53:06Szczepanciook, unberstood
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23:03:50dizzylizzyI'm running into issues getting Rockbox working on my Sansa Clip+. I'm having the issue outlined at
23:04:18dizzylizzyThe problem occurs in with the OF and when I boot Rockbox. The specified solution does not work.
23:04:29 Quit dfkt (Remote host closed the connection)
23:04:46dizzylizzyThe only difference it that is briefly flashes the screen I'd expect to see as specified in the guide there, but then goes straight back to the "refreshing database" screen problem
23:05:29dizzylizzys;it that is;is that it;
23:11:11dizzylizzyI just bought this device a couple days ago brand new and I'm kind of frustrated and not sure how to proceed, since as long as the device is stuck at this screen I cannot mount it or operate on its contents in any way
23:11:35 Join lebellium [0] (~chatzilla@
23:12:53 Join Szczepancio [0] (
23:13:10Szczepanciopamaury: Are you here?
23:15:08 Quit Szczepancio (Client Quit)
23:18:11dizzylizzySo I just mounted the device by NOT disconnecting it.
23:18:17dizzylizzyI'll try installing everything again.
23:22:59dizzylizzyokay now it will not turn on and is completely unresponsive
23:23:03dizzylizzyI never even got to use it at all :(
23:23:12 Quit cmhobbs (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
23:28:53pamauryah I'm too late
23:32:47dizzylizzywhat recourse do I even have at this point
23:33:07dizzylizzydid I just lose 35 bucks
23:33:53gevaertsdizzylizzy: have you posted on the forums yet? People who know the clips well don't seem to be here today
23:33:54dizzylizzythe device did go into "connected!" mode or whatnot, but on my computer when I tried to mount it it just refused to connect reporting no device at the address
23:34:03dizzylizzygevaerts: I'll post on the forums, thanks
23:34:15 Quit lebellium (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
23:34:23gevaertsIt's always tricky to guess whether irc or the forums will get the quickest response :)
23:34:59gevaertsI wouldn't give up yet
23:35:27 Quit keypin (Quit: Leaving.)
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23:37:35dizzylizzyWhy did I have to use my e200 while standing in the bathtub. WHY.
23:37:43dizzylizzythat was the best player EVER.
23:37:51dizzylizzyI'll try the forums when I have time though, thank you
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23:40:22toehser1did you try (from power-off) holding the center select key down while plugging it into USB? That always gets me to a mounted drive.
23:41:56 Quit Scall (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
23:42:00gevaertsThat procedure on the wiki looks like it could be quite sensitive to timing
23:43:46dizzylizzySo I wasn't having any luck at all if I just plug it in and it loads into rockbox before connecting, since it hung on the scanning screen; if I held down the "left" key and connected + disconnected immediately it would do database refresh in OF and hang. If I held down left and plugged it in and left it there, it would go into "connected" mode and appear on my computer but be unmountable. Now the screen is black and no, holding the center butto
23:43:58dizzylizzyI'll try the forums though
23:47:27 Quit stripwax (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
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23:55:39[Saint]dizzylizzy: am Database refresh with no media present isnt supposed to work.
23:56:16[Saint]It fails in a non obvious way, but it'll spend infinity looking for files that don't exist.
23:56:34[Saint]Its been this way for an age.
23:56:36gevaertsIt is supposed to work, and known not to work
23:56:47gevaertsThat's not really the issue though, as I understand it
23:57:24[Saint]I read back a fair ways and say "init fails with no media"
23:57:33[Saint]just stating this is expected.

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