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#rockbox log for 2014-01-27

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00:02:16kugel[Saint]: most code hasnt been adapted yet
00:04:29[0xAF]just finished dumping the disk ... seems ok
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00:08:21[0xAF]hmm binary did not change it's size after enabling this debug
00:12:21[0xAF]one thing i notice... RB shuts down the HDD quite often (small timeout, it's set to 5secs)... so there is a delay when browsing folders or opening files .... because it needs to power-up the HDD (i can hear it)
00:12:37[0xAF]the fallback image is not doing it this way ... probably the timeout for the HDD is larger
00:12:53[0xAF]another stupid thing is that it does not crash now ...
00:12:59[Saint]It shouldn't be.
00:13:16[Saint]Also, it shouldn;t need to spin up for directory browsing at all.
00:13:26[Saint]dircache should be enabled by default
00:13:40[Saint]So the directory structure shoudl all be cached in RAM.
00:14:02[0xAF]i saw few dirs that took ~1 sec to enter ...
00:14:13[0xAF]but I could be wrong
00:14:26[Saint]Is there a ridiculous amount of files in them?
00:14:39[Saint](subdirectories don't matter)
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00:15:30[0xAF]dircache is not working ... i browse folders with 10-15 files/subfolders ... and i can hear the disk spin-up
00:15:35[0xAF]takes 1 sec to enter the dir
00:15:43[Saint]It might need to spin up if the amount of files in a single directory (not including its subdirectories) is greater than the limit specified.
00:16:05[0xAF]havent touched the limits
00:16:06[Saint]But I think the default is rather high.
00:16:27[Saint]So unless you literally have thousands of files in a single directory, I doubt this would be the issue.
00:16:33[0xAF]spin-up the disk for a folder with 1 file and 3 subfolders
00:17:23[0xAF]hold on to disconnect and check the settings ... or reaply them ?!?
00:17:41[Saint]I haven't used a HDD based target in ages (well, I use targets that are intended to be HDD based, but they are all SSD or CF converted).
00:17:58[0xAF]strange it didnt crashed now ...
00:18:07[Saint]So I'm not 100% sure I'm remembering how dircache should behave correctly.
00:18:16[0xAF]interesting ... can i put SSD or CF in the iPod ?
00:18:41[0xAF]isn't dircache for RB itself, not for external mounting ?
00:19:09[0xAF]hmm after disconnecting the device, i cant move in the menu again
00:19:16[Saint]Ohhhhh - derp. YEs. Sorry. I thought you were referring to browsing on the device, using Rockbox.
00:19:40[0xAF]now i can, sorry... should have been the touch-dial (or whatever it's called)
00:21:02[Saint]The iPods have a bug where sometimes you can't move around in the menus or use the select key until after scrolling on the wheel.
00:21:17[0xAF]i think the DEBUG flag that i set is not working ... the binary was the same size and i see no debug file around ...
00:21:46[0xAF][Saint]: yeah... i think i noticed that bug few times
00:22:08[Saint]It is possible that merely enabling log-to-disk is only a small piece of the puzzle.
00:22:14[Saint]It is entirely foreign to me.
00:22:28[0xAF]ok, i will try to reprodice the problem first
00:22:34[0xAF]dunno why it's working now ...
00:22:43[Saint]It may be that logging needs to be enabled in the various subsystems as well.
00:23:28[0xAF]i will try to get the default behaviour of the usb mouting back ... since i've inverted the detection of the button
00:27:03[0xAF]hmm no problems again
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00:31:24[0xAF][Saint]: thanks for the support and the hints, i'm gonna get some sleep now.
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02:55:47toehser1pamaury: for cutting plastic near fragile PCB, maybe a dremel, with either a burr or a cutoff disk, at a high speed it will really be melting the plastic not abrading it, but with way more control than using a soldering iron to melt it.
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06:38:32PurlingNayukikugel:USB in 5430275 is acutally wrose then before.
06:39:23PurlingNayukiSometimes it shows only empty drive letter, and for more time Windows 8 doesn't regonize the device correctly.
06:41:09PurlingNayukiSeveral commits before it can work sometimes, and more likely to work properly if plugged 10 secs after booting.
06:42:05PurlingNayukiAnyway the latest commit gets Android target builds.
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06:43:41PurlingNayukiAnd works properly.
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09:38:15wodzpamaury: how yp-cp3 dismantle ended?
09:38:37pamaurywodz: I stopped, maybe I'll try again tonight
09:39:17kugelon hwcodec the voice files might be so large that they don't fit the RAM
09:39:36*kugel found why his Player behaves differently from the sim
09:40:32wodzpamaury: you need only access to a few data lines of nand (or the same signals on soc side)
09:40:46kugelgood thing is that my talk rework makes this easy to deal with
09:41:21pamaurywodz: I know but currently I cannot access anything
09:42:11wodzpamaury: hmm, I didn't check if the firmware supports magic scsi commands. That would be a lot easier
09:42:29pamauryI'll check
09:42:48pamauryit would be nice to know what is inside this device though
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09:43:56wodzWell there is only one thing on i2c I don't have a clue about. Codec and lcd controller are known
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10:20:38b0hoonbluebrother, gevaerts: Hi, maybe something like this would be helpful ->
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10:22:06gevaertsLooks decent!
10:22:48*gevaerts reminds people that svgs live in manual/rockbox_interface/images :)
10:23:51wodzgevaerts: I know I was supposed to remind you but did you test iriver h100?
10:23:58b0hoongevaerts: It's a remake of the ipod video, you can use it if you like it.
10:24:06gevaertswodz: oops, sorry...
10:24:19*gevaerts will try to remember tonight
10:26:02b0hoonor i will add it to the trunk, but later...
10:27:01b0hoonnow i must go back to thw work
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10:54:34pixelmakugel: hwcodec has had some mechanism to deal with voice files in chunks for a long time, IIRC
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11:02:48kugelpixelma: what are you refering to?
11:05:44pixelma"on hwcodec the voice files might be so large that they don't fit the RAM [..] good thing is that my talk rework makes this easy to deal with"
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11:27:17kugelpixelma: and how is that related?
11:28:18kugelon hwcodec the file is still loaded as a whole (except on ondio). there is no mechanism for when the voice doesnt fit
11:33:24pixelmawell, I knew Ondios can deal with too large voice files already and thought the others could do too
11:33:50pixelmatoo large to fit in RAM
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16:38:12gevaertsZagor: can you pull the webserver?
16:38:44gevaertsHmmm, or is that automatic these days?
16:39:11Zagorpulling is automatic, deploying is not
16:39:26Zagori.e. "make"
16:39:31ZagorI just did that now
16:39:47gevaertsI needed a playerpics update, so that's automatic enough :)
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18:43:29ildariontell me pamaury when you will be ready
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20:13:28bluebrothergevaerts: now the forums tell me that [url] is not allowed in my signature. Is this intentional?
20:13:46gevaertsI don't know
20:14:46gevaertsNow if only smf settings were easy to find :)
20:15:11 Join cstcyr [0] (d0b1fd4a@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
20:15:47gevaertsOK, urls are indeed not enabled
20:16:16gevaertsbluebrother: I could enable urls now, wait for you to change your signature, and change it back, I think
20:16:18cstcyrSo it does not seem possible to install Rb on a iPod on OS X 10.9? From what I've read on the web I need to do it on a PC?
20:16:40gevaertsbluebrother: actually, no. I don't want to risk spam links in that time...
20:16:42bluebrothercstcyr: Rockbox Utility also runs on OS X
20:17:00bluebrothergevaerts: ok, then I guess I'll just leave my signature as-is right now.
20:17:14cstcyrMore specifically installing the bootloader is impossible. I've used the Rockbox utility and ipodpatcher and both fail because they do not have permission
20:17:17gevaertsbluebrother: I could try changing it for you
20:17:36pamauryildarion: here
20:17:42bluebrothercstcyr: do you have Itunes running?
20:17:55ildarionpamaury: ok
20:18:08bluebrotheryou need to shut it down completely (the icon must not "glow"), and you might need to first enable disk access to the ipod in itunes
20:19:47pamauryildarion: download this
20:20:33cstcyrdamn I can't seem to apply disk use without syncing
20:20:49pamauryildarion: and you need a copy of the OF, uncompressed (should be called
20:21:20cstcyrbluebrother: oh well I guess I'll erase and sync
20:22:40pamauryildarion: ah wait, wrong link sorry ^^
20:25:09pamauryonce you have both, plug your device in recovery mode (hold volume up when plugging from power off state, and keep holding volume up for a few seconds)
20:25:42bluebrothercstcyr: I've installed Rockbox using OS X on an Ipod a couple of times, but I'm still using 10.6. Haven't found the time to install 10.9 yet
20:26:08bluebrotherso there might be a problem on 10.9 I'm not aware yet. Maybe some gatekeeper thing
20:27:06cstcyrSo I'm an RB newb, does RB have access to all the music I synced with iTunes?
20:28:12pamauryildarion: then open a command prompt (run cmd.exe iirc) and run "sb_loader -f" in which you replace "" by the full path to the OF and "sb_loader" by the full path to the tool you downloaded
20:29:17bluebrothercstcyr: Itunes puts your files into a special folder (iPod_Control) and scrambles filenames. Rockbox can access this, but browsing them with the file browser is a bit problematic :)
20:29:38bluebrotheryou can either use the database (which assumes your files to be tagged correctly) or rename / resync them
20:30:03bluebrotherthough the latter is something you need to do manually (or use some tool that can perform this for you, of course)
20:31:25 Quit BobJonkman (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
20:32:47cstcyrbluebrother: ok I've enabled disk use, iTunes is closed, neither Rb utility or ipodpatcher can install the bootloader.
20:33:04cstcyrRb utility can install everything but the boot loader
20:33:49cstcyrand I'm running ipodpatcher as root
20:33:50bluebrothercan you post its system trace (Help / Troubleshooting / System Trace) somewhere? Like
20:34:05bluebrotherafter a failed attempt of course :)
20:34:27bluebrothersounds like I have to install 10.9 sometime soon :o
20:36:47cstcyrThis is more clearly after a failed attempt of the bootloader
20:37:14ildarionpamaury: before "sb_loader -f" i need to put a command ?
20:37:32pamauryildarion: did you open a command prompt ?
20:37:48bluebrotherok, nothing the log reveals. Too bad.
20:38:02ildarioncmd.exe yes
20:38:07bluebrotherI guess I have to install 10.9 and debug it.
20:38:08cstcyrI can always do it when I get home on the PC
20:38:14cstcyrThanks for your help man
20:38:21bluebrotherbtw, have you tried installing without running it as root?
20:38:32bluebrotherat least on 10.6 this isn't necessary.
20:38:42cstcyrI've run Rb as both user and root
20:38:50cstcyrI've only run ipodpatcher as root
20:39:03bluebrotherso I guess Apple changed something to block applications from this kind of accesses.
20:39:24bluebrotherwhich is a bit annoying. Though also kinda understandable.
20:39:59cstcyryeah changing the bootloader of a USB connected device is pretty hardcore stuff for software to be doing on your system
20:40:12pamauryildarion: the simplest way is to first use the "cd" command to move to the directory where you downloaded sb_loader, put in the same directory and then run the command I wrote without any modification
20:40:18bluebrotherso as of now I can only tell you to either try to find a machine with 10.6 or use a Windows box.
20:40:45pamauryFor example, "cd Downloads" and then "sb_loader -f" but of course you might have to "cd" to a different directory
20:41:23 Quit cstcyr (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
20:43:42 Join rasec301985 [0] (be4a5e02@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
20:43:55rasec301985hi guys. I need a little help. i got windows 8, and when i reboot my ipod classic 6g and copy the ubi file in the 64mb disc (ipod) it doesn't show the menu to install rock box. please help!
20:45:53ildarionpamaury: so, if i write this in cmd: D:\sb_loader.exe -f D:\ isn't good ?
20:46:46pamauryonly if you put sb_loader.exe are the root of the D: driver and similarly for
20:46:47 Join BobJonkman [0] (
20:46:50pamaury*at the root
20:48:14rasec301985pamaury, can you help me with my problem?
20:48:53pamauryrasec301985: sorry, I know nothing about the ipods, other people in this channel might like [Saint] ?
20:50:01rasec301985can anybody help me please? :(
20:50:24copperdid you "safely eject" the 64 MB storage device?
20:51:22pamauryildarion: did you manage to run the command ?
20:51:23copperrasec301985: ^
20:51:33ildarionpamaury: yes
20:52:22pamauryildarion: what did it do ? if it worked correctly, you fuze+ should be in OF USB mode
20:52:27rasec301985hi copper, can you help me? yes i did... but nothing appears
20:52:45ildarionsansa should install update right ?
20:53:24ildarionseem to don't trigger
20:53:28pamauryif it didn't display an upgrade screen, no it didn't install anything yet.
20:53:37pamauryso you confirm you have the OF running now ?
20:53:47ildarionI will try the run again
20:54:03copperrasec301985: what's showing on your iPod's display right now?
20:55:22rasec301985copper: it shows me "please copy a UBI file to the mass storage device and safely eject it when you're done. if you booted this accidentally, just press and hold menu+select to reboot
20:55:48rasec301985copper: and i already copy the ubi file...
20:57:23pamauryildarion: your goal is to have the OF running when USB is plugged, you probably won't manage to trigger an update just this way, we need to do more stuff afterwards
20:57:47copperrasec301985: well, did you disconnect the USB cable?
20:58:03rasec301985copper: yes
20:58:14ildarionthe trigger issue is random ?
20:58:29rasec301985copper: and still the screen shows me that message
20:58:50copperrasec301985: then press and hold menu+select to reboot, and try again, I guess
20:59:18copperalso, that's a FreeMyIpod problem, not a Rockbox problem
21:00:09pamauryildarion: updated is triggered when *not* booting over USB
21:00:12rasec301985copper: ok. let me try again. please don't leave
21:00:41pamauryildarion: but since your OF since to not be working (that's what you told me yesterday), we need to proceed differently
21:01:05ildarionthe OF work, i can start on him
21:01:29pamauryhum, so what is the problem then ?
21:02:21ildarionwhen the device is plugged, it is "unknow" by windows
21:02:46ildarionwhen i'm lucky
21:02:55ildarionor just nothing happend
21:03:11ildarionso i can't install/update
21:03:19ildarionwith rockbox utility
21:04:25[Saint]Somebody rang?
21:06:53pamauryildarion: what does something happen after you run the sb_loader command ?
21:06:58pamaurydoes it print something ?
21:06:58rasec301985copper: still the same...
21:07:37rasec301985hi [Saint] can you help me with my problem?
21:07:43[Saint]rasec301985: Don;t use Windows 8.
21:07:53[Saint]Thjere's a reason why the instructions don;t mention it at all.
21:08:06[Saint]In fact, you'd be best to avoid Windows completely.
21:08:17rasec301985[Saint]: ok, why? is uncompatible?
21:08:34[Saint]We don't know why.
21:08:52[Saint]In theory, it should be perfectly fine, but theory and reality often don;t meet in the middle.
21:09:13rasec301985[Saint] jejeje right
21:09:24[Saint]I very strongly advise the use of a linux based system.
21:09:28ildarionwait pamaury, under an other PC on win XP, the device is detected and work like it should (the screen of sansa display if like normal) So i will try to update with rockboxutility on XP
21:09:39[Saint]Preferably something debian-esque.
21:09:59copperI didn't know about Windows 8 problems with emCORE
21:10:17rasec301985[Saint] ok. thanks for the help. and thank you too copper
21:10:40[Saint]Windows installation is a massive bunch of failure just waiting to happen.
21:10:54[Saint]Windows 8 just seems to add a little bit more insanity to the mix.
21:11:21[Saint]Also, it manages to piss off USB3, too.
21:11:32[Saint]...which in theory shouldn;t happen either.
21:12:17[Saint]So, yeah: 1 - Don't use Windows 8, preferably don't use Windows at all. 2 - Don't use USB3
21:16:56ildarionpamaury: the actual build of the fuze + is stable ?
21:17:01 Quit y4n (Quit: Assumption is the mother of all fuckups)
21:17:34[Saint]officially, no.
21:17:39[Saint]in practice, yes.
21:18:24[Saint]"Unstable ports
21:18:24[Saint]Rockbox runs on these players, but is incomplete, less usable or has problems that limit it to advanced users:
21:18:33[Saint] - SanDisk: Sansa Fuze+"
21:19:46pamauryin practice it is quite stable, at least for most people it seems
21:19:52[Saint]It is certainly far enough along that it is perfectly usable as an everyday DAP. But we couldn't promise that you wouldn't see any issues.
21:19:56pamaurymost crash sources are the theme engine unfortunately
21:20:10*[Saint] nods
21:20:34[Saint]FWIW, we couldn;t promise you wouldn;t see any issues even if the port classification /was/ "stable".
21:20:37ildarioni still don't understand my issue, now my rockbox install is fresh and same issue
21:20:53ildarionif i plugg my sansa on my w7, device unknow
21:20:57 Quit rasec301985 (Quit: Page closed)
21:21:01ildarionmy other device work
21:21:47*[Saint] is tempted to blame this on the host
21:22:05[Saint]This really points to an issue with your host system.
21:22:19ildarionif i plug my sansa OFF on windows 7 = screen stay black and i will ne to reset him while holding power button
21:22:42ildarionbut before the update of the bootloader, no issue
21:24:00toehserDid you try viewing it from the disk-management screen, rather than the file-explorer mounted volumes view?
21:26:25 Join stripwax [0] (~Miranda@rockbox/developer/stripwax)
21:27:02ildarioni don't see him in disk-management screen
21:27:33ildarionIf I plug sansa under rockbox ON with volume down, i get this error :
21:28:10copperildarion: I didn't follow your case, but just in case: if you have installed version 2 of the bootloader, have you tried turning the Fuze+ off, and then plugging it via USB, without first turning it on?
21:28:12pamauryildarion: try to uninstall the device under your host (use the device manager)
21:28:59toehserI mean, in Windo$e
21:29:45[Saint]Please don;t use unnecessarily confusing (and plain silly) naming schemes.
21:30:07[Saint]Remember that people may be using machine translation, and/or not have English is their native language.
21:30:10pamauryildarion: plugging USB with Rockbox and volume down won't do anything particular, if you want to boot OF you need to plug with volume down from power off state
21:31:08pamauryhowever the crash is not normal
21:32:38toehserWhen the sansa is off, and you hold the button, and plug it into Windows, it isn't popping up a folder, but Windows also has settings screens where you can view raw disks and devices, that is where I would look, in Windows, both where it enumerates the USB devices found, and where it shows the detected block devices.
21:33:41ildarionjust test on windows Xp and works like intended
21:34:11[Saint]That furthers my "your host is the problem" theory.
21:34:38 Join Tukeke [0] (~Tukeke@unaffiliated/hlvsv)
21:34:43pamauryildarion: you should try to uninstall the device under your windows 7 host, in the device manager
21:34:47toehserSo it is really just a "Figure out how Windows 7 / 8 work, maybe change a setting, maybe write a nice letter to Microsoft (Micro$oft)".
21:35:10pamauryplug the device, go into device manager, find it, right click, uninstall
21:35:32pamauryif you forget everything it knows about this device and probe it again
21:35:44ildariondid nothing pamaury
21:36:44ildarionthis issue is: When i plug on windows 7, the screen of sansa stay black, and after, i need to holding power button for reset him. This doesn't happend on windows XP
21:37:10pamauryildarion: have you tried this:
21:40:07 Quit Tukeke (Quit: Tukeke)
21:43:08 Join ikeboy [0] (
21:44:48 Join TehCactus [0] (c022dcb5@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:45:12TehCactusDoes anyone have any clearer instructions on how to install Rockbox on the Zen Mozaic?
21:49:16[Saint]I don;t think that is anywhere enar ready for end userts.
21:49:25[Saint]...hence the lack of documentation.
21:50:11 Quit TehCactus (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
21:50:14[Saint]If you do want to install it, you're going to need to build it yourself, also.
21:50:26[Saint]Easy fix.
21:51:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:53:22ildarionpamaury, didn't fix anything..... I don't understand why i get thei issue with bootloader v2 and not before with v1
21:58:15pamauryildarion: I stil don't understand how it's possible that you can't boot into neither OF and RB on the windows 7 host, it's seem plain impossible to me
21:59:48[Saint]By my understanding of the device, I think it actually is "impossible", yeah.
22:00:11*[Saint] scratches his head and gives a puzzled and slightly bemused expression
22:01:01pamauryyeah because the part which selects between OF and USB runs *before* the host connection is made
22:01:09ildarionseem to don't work on my linux laptop too
22:01:19ildarionbut is different
22:01:35ildarionthe screen of sansa don't stay black
22:01:41pamauryah, what happen ?
22:01:50toehserWhat does "dmesg" say during that time?
22:02:03[Saint]At this point I'm willing to bet that the device, the host, or possibly even both, are electrically defective in some way.
22:02:33[Saint]The behavior doesn't align with expectation at all.
22:03:05 Quit ikeboy (Quit: ikeboy)
22:04:11pamauryyeah, there is something fishy
22:05:29ildarionpamaury: the device seem to net be detected too. The screen of sansa just dispaly: boot version V2 / Boot arg / boot addr / power up source 20 / usb connecting / bootloader usb mode
22:12:06ildarionmy dmesg
22:23:02 Quit zoktar (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
22:23:05toehserI think it cut off the part we care about - we only want the dmesg stuff generated when it detects the device...
22:24:09toehserThe dmesg you posted ends when it is initializing your printer.
22:26:04ildarionWhat is the problem with it ?
22:26:46toehserDoes the dmesg you see on your screen end with the same lines that the pastebin post ends with? Or did it get truncated?
22:27:17 Join lebellium_ [0] (
22:28:03toehserAh - device not accepting address 3, error -71
22:28:04gevaertsDid you plug in before booting the PC?
22:28:14toehserI've seen that stuff before, trying to remember.
22:28:19 Quit lebellium (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
22:28:26 Nick lebellium_ is now known as lebellium (
22:29:08toehserAre you using a USB hub? Or just the Sansa into the computer?
22:30:21 Quit lebellium (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:31:07 Join lebellium [0] (
22:31:09ildarionI was plug the device after booting the PC, but now you say i'm not 100% sur. No i don't use an USB Hub
22:32:26toehserYou may have a hardware issue. When I google the errors you're seeing, I see things like : If Linux suddenly happen to fail to recognize a USB drive, check dmesg for errors. Once you see a bunch of errors likeusb 1-5: device descriptor read/64, error -32 usb 1-5: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 21 usb 1-5: device not accepting address 21, error -32 most probably it’s a result of hardware failure rather than a driver or kerne
22:32:29ildarionPlug after or before same issue
22:33:20gevaerts-71 is a timeout I believe
22:33:23gevaertsNot sure though
22:33:40ildarionBut if this is an HW issie Why it's work fine on windows XP ? :p
22:35:26ildarionthe entire problem is that: Work on windows XP, don't work on win7 and linux
22:35:26toehserLooks like it is disconnecting/reconnecting over and over... if it is software, it is down in the USB driver stuff.
22:36:08ildarionand before I update withe bootloader V2, is work fine on win 7
22:36:20ildarionSo, for me it's software
22:36:22toehserThe simple answer is to put a logic probe on the cable, connect in XP, connect in Linux, and compare... Not much help I know.
22:36:31gevaertsBah, no!
22:36:39gevaertsA USB analyser :)
22:37:16toehserSame difference - the logic probe has a USB analyzer in software, after you capture it...
22:37:17ildarionbut if it was a full rockbox issue, other users should have this no ?
22:37:31gevaertsNot necessarily
22:37:40gevaertsSome of these issues can be quite subtle
22:38:12 Quit Rower (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
22:38:44ildarionon the forums, i see post of other users there are issue with usb charging
22:40:20ildarionbut him issue seem to be softer
22:40:42 Quit bluebrother (Disconnected by services)
22:40:47 Join bluebrother^ [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
22:41:52ildarionOk, so too much sansa for today, i will use my win XP for now and let the time resolve the issue by himself
22:43:52 Quit fs-bluebot (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
22:47:10*[Saint] purchased a Snowball
22:47:24[Saint]It should make for an interesting RaaA target.
22:47:37[Saint]"SKY form-factor (85 x 85 mm), ST-Ericsson Nova A9500 @ 1GHz, 1GB DDR-SDRAM, 4GB e-MMC, 1x Micro-SD, 1x Ethernet 10/100, 1x USB OTG HS, 1x Serial Port over USB Device FS, 1x HDMI Full HD, 1x Video Composite, 1x Audio In/Out, 1x WiFi, 1x BlueTooth, 1x GPS, 1x 3 axis accelerometer / magnetometer / Gyrometer, 1x pressure sensor, 1x Li-Ion battery charger, 1x JTAG, 1x MiPi34."
22:48:20 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
22:48:24bluebrother^a snowball? Throw it at someone!
22:48:55[Saint]Its actually really nice for €35
22:49:34[Saint]I plan to mate it with a large-ish LiPo and a 7" touchscreen.
22:49:56[Saint]Chuck it all in a box and call it Lyre :p
22:50:31[Saint]It can run Android, Tizen, Sailfish OS, Ubuntu...
22:50:41[Saint]I can't wait to get my wee paws on it.
22:51:34bluebrother^ah, resurrecting Lyre :)
22:52:48*[Saint] now goes looking for a very large LiPo
22:53:42[Saint]Well, hopefully/preferably, large capacity - small form factor.
23:01:22 Quit ladyblink (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
23:01:41 Join ladyblink [0] (
23:08:25pamauryildarion: to me the fact you can't boot into the OF by holding volume down is a sign that something wrong is going and not about USB, probably hardware
23:08:55ildarionI can boot on OF
23:09:09ildarioneverything work (for now)
23:09:27ildarionbut not the USB on windows 7 and linux
23:09:52pamauryI mean, can you boot to the OF in USB mode on win7 or Linux by holding volume down ?
23:10:34ildarionyou mean i boot on the OF, holding volum down and plug ?
23:11:17pamauryyeah or power off, hold volume down and plug USB and keep holding; that's the standard procedure to enter OF USB mode
23:11:44pamauryif this doesn't work, it means the issue probably has nothing to do with USB
23:13:15ildarionbut if the work on win XP, what does mean ?
23:14:08pamaurywhat do you mean "yes", yes it works even under win7 and Linux ?
23:15:10ildarionno, nothing happend, afeter i unplugg, rockbox start
23:16:44pamaurymaybe a power problem. If the screen stays black it means the device doesn't go very far in the boot process
23:16:53pamauryis the battery low ?
23:17:32ildariona litle
23:18:30pamauryI have no explaination, it's bizarre
23:18:37 Quit amayer (Quit: Leaving)
23:20:42 Quit bertrik (Remote host closed the connection)
23:20:58 Join ildarion_ [0] (4ef2d722@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
23:21:32ildarion_I think it's maybe the boot process in USB mode, but wierd that work on win XP only
23:21:42ildarion_why win xp ?
23:21:52 Quit ildarion (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
23:22:37ildarion_I will continue to use sansa, and do the update
23:22:50ildarion_maybe someday it will be solved by himself
23:23:06pamauryyeah try to reinstall the bootloader
23:23:22pamauryI have little hope though but it's worth a try I guess
23:23:32ildarion_try also on the USB of my car
23:23:39ildarion_I will*
23:24:19ildarion_Yeah but i was already reinstall the bootloader
23:24:34ildarion_few houres ago
23:25:20ildarion_my issue if few days OLD when i was reinstall ALL and succes to trigger the OF on bootloader V2
23:26:11ildarion_I will try to completly unstall rockbox, back on a old sansa OF
23:26:35ildarion_test if the bug still here
23:26:37pamauryalso try with a different USB cable if you have once
23:27:03ildarion_i don't have another
23:27:22ildarion_but is not the cable if it's work on win XP ?
23:27:54ildarion_it will be the cable if they don't work on anything
23:28:55pamaurydepends, could be electrical and my understanding is that you have different computers
23:28:56ildarion_first, try to diagnostic if this is software and if this is rockbox
23:29:31ildarion_tomorow i will try on the audio car
23:29:52pamauryas I said, it can't really be rockbox because if you boot to OF and it doesn't work, rockbox is not involved
23:30:38ildarion_when i say rockbox, i meen bootloader v2
23:31:12ildarion_it's possible to get and older version of the bootloader ?
23:34:04ildarion_nevermind, i will consider test an older bootloader later.
23:34:28pamauryyeah but the older bootloader is very bad so I would not recommend it except if you have a convincing explaination
23:34:59ildarion_thax for your help, i will return with feedsback
23:35:27 Quit ildarion_ (Quit: Page closed)
23:38:19 Join mt [0] (
23:38:48 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 27.0/20140123185438])
23:44:59toehserMy bet is that there is some USB problem that XP is (improperly) forgiving. An XP bug, that should be fixed, to make it fail there, too. FORTUNATELY, they've End-of-Life-ed XP, so they won't fix it...
23:51:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:54:50 Quit n1s (Quit: Ex-Chat)

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