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#rockbox log for 2014-01-28

00:29:15[Saint]toehser: errrr....not yet they haven't.
00:29:36[Saint]And they're selling extended support licenses to 2016 for a lot of vendors, too.
00:31:47pamauryI don't really buy that it is a USB issue anyway, the player obviously doesn't reach that point of the boot, based on what he said
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00:52:43toehserGiven that I've only owned e200, e200v2, Fuze, Clip+, and ClipZip players; but never a Fuze+, I should probably just shut up and let the Fuze+ experts have all the fun.
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01:42:14chrisjjpamaury: Apropos , Creative ZEN BSoD shows here on a 2Gb unit. FWIW, since I think you've since got it reproduceable on a 2Gb unit.
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01:52:04dizzylizzyI'm having fun with Clip+ right now
01:52:10dizzylizzyand by fun I mean not very much fun
01:57:06dizzylizzymmmm I feel really good right now
01:57:47dizzylizzyi did a fsck.vfat on the player and cleaned up a bunch of problems, as well as remove some weird things I found from the previous owner before the refurbishing (why were they still there...)
01:58:00dizzylizzynow the system actually boots and rockbox works perfectly
01:58:20dizzylizzyI'm so happy I don't have to return it
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10:18:02wodzpamaury: I replied to your mail. Looking forward to hear if you are able to run code with this mode after magic scsi command
10:22:58pamaurywodz: sure, I will test tonight
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10:29:59wodzpamaury: Running lcd (from hwstub for example) is a bit complicated. The common block is well abstracted so from the rb point of view porting should be straight forward
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11:09:36[Saint]Is someone banning in the forums?
11:10:00[Saint]its impossibly slow.
11:10:03gevaertsI'll try to find out
11:10:09gevaertsGive me a few hours :)
11:10:39[Saint]Its been loading for like 2 minutes here.
11:13:26gevaertsDoesn't look like it
11:14:06[Saint]Ah, there we go.
11:14:25[Saint]Dunno when it finally loaded, made a coffe and came back and it had finally popped up.
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11:35:46wodzgevaerts: did you test h100?
11:36:17*gevaerts tells his phone to remind him!
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14:37:41ildarionpamaury, today i was doing some test. I got the issue on ma audio car. I have tried to reinstall rockbox again, still issue, now, i just completly install the OF (no rockbox/bootloader v2)
14:38:39ildarionand i still get the issue
14:38:57ildarionso it's my sansa or ma computer
14:40:50ildarionFor the issue about "trigger update on OF" if you: install the update (copy start OF, RESET setting, shutdown, Start OF, the update seem to trigger
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14:50:50pamauryildarion: thanks, so the issue doesn't seem to be related to Rockbox indeed, maybe a hardware problem
14:59:22ildarionit's easy to open sansa ?
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15:01:23pamauryildarion: you mean disassemble the device ? Yeah not very hard, but what for ?
15:01:36ildarionclean dust ^^
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15:03:07pamauryit is hold by plastic clips, be careful when you open it not to break the ribbon cable to the touchpad; then there are a few screws to remove
15:03:48ildarionyeah, i succed
15:04:22[Saint]It is easy to disassemble, but its about a 90% probability of screwing it up when it comes time to reassemble it.
15:05:03[Saint]But from the sounds of it, it is already defective.
15:05:13ildariongenerally, i screw 95% when you need to reassemble xD
15:06:26pamauryno the fuze+ is very easy to reassemble, just the ribbon cable is annoying but it's nothing compared to other players
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15:17:58ildarionI had already fix bug just in disassemble/reassemble device
15:18:08ildarionI hope for this one
15:20:09 Part dizzylizzy
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15:38:15ildarionDo you think if the issue can caused by the cable ? If it's worth it to buy another
15:38:45copperdo you have a smartphone? The USB cable is often the same type.
15:40:11ildarionnope, nothing compatible with a 2.0
15:40:54 Quit [Saint] (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
15:41:18copperwhy do you mean?
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15:42:58chrisjjMany of the builds (inc all Simulators ISTM) are missing from . Where can one find them?
15:43:00 Join [Saint] [0] (~saint@rockbox/staff/saint)
15:45:16gevaertsWe don't provide simulators and bootloaders from the build system. For simulators, that's mainly because the build environments may be too variable, for bootloaders, it's mainly because we'd like bootloaders to be thoroughly tested before releasing them
15:46:47chrisjj"we'd like bootloaders to be thoroughly tested before releasing them" If the bootloader build was made available, I'd be able to test it.
15:46:50gevaertsFor other builds, only has "stable" and "unstable". For "unusable", the headers on dev.cgi are download links
15:47:02gevaertsYou can build it :)
15:47:35gevaertsSeriously though, on some targets, installing a bad bootloader means no more device. We don't want that sort of risk for end users at all
15:47:51chrisjjI though dev builds were not for end users.
15:48:10gevaertsHave you ever tried to stop determined end users?
15:49:01gevaerts*regular* builds (i.e. not bootloaders) are perfectly safe to test. Recovering can be a bit difficult for some people, but it's always possible
15:49:33chrisjj"For "unusable", the headers on dev.cgi are download links" Co... sneaky! :) Thanks.
15:49:55gevaertsWell, also for stable and unstable :)
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15:52:07chrisjjNot for ZEN bootloaders and simulators, I find.
15:55:19 Quit ildarion (Quit: Page closed)
15:55:28chrisjjCan I take it that contains the subset of that is 1) stable port and 2) player firmware (i.e. not bootloader or simulator)?
15:56:14gevaertsstable and unstable
15:56:35chrisjjOops, yes. Thanks.
15:57:01gevaertsdev.cgi is everything we auto-build on commit, which is stable, unstable, some unusable, some other stuff (like one or two checkwps and database tool targets)
15:59:02chrisjjOK, got it.
16:00:39 Quit Raptors (Quit: Leaving)
16:01:20chrisjjBTW on "For a stable build, download the latest stable release." could be clearer. I guess it means no more than "For end use of a stable port, download the latest stable release." Though nothing on the page I see says which ports are stable.
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17:43:34bluebrother^chrisjj: left side menu, "release"
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18:03:59chrisjjbluebrother^: You've lost me there BB. I see that item, but what of it?
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20:54:27gevaertswodz: my h120 with v7pre4 bootloader runs f63b42a fine. I tried all three of disk, rombox, and flashed ram
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20:58:01 Part toehser
21:00:43gevaertswodz: FS #12590 is still there though
21:00:45fs-bluebot Dircache breaks when flashing rombox or rockbox on h1x0 (bugs, new)
21:01:05gevaerts(not that I expected that to be fixed)
21:01:45 Join mirt61p [0] (
21:02:13mirt61pis there still work going on with the port of rockbox to the Zen Vision M?
21:02:27mirt61plast i checked on the wiki it seemed dead
21:02:30 Quit Raptors (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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21:03:34gevaertsmirt61p: there's no active work as far as I know
21:12:00mirt61pgevaerts, do you know who is/was working on it?
21:12:20gevaertsHe hasn't been active in rockbox for a while now though
21:13:01gevaertsBut *you* are active here now, and you care about the zvm, so it's all good!
21:13:10mirt61plet me or Mir know if anyone is interested in picking it up, please
21:13:18 Quit Raptors (Disconnected by services)
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21:13:23mirt61pyea but my crosscompiling skills are horrible
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22:01:26fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 6fc19a7, 249 builds, 35 clients.
22:04:42fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 195 seconds.
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22:34:51kugelgevaerts: can FS #12948 be closed?
22:34:51fs-bluebot Manual refers to absent "Max files in dir browser" setting (bugs, unconfirmed)
22:34:59gevaertsOh, right!
22:35:02*gevaerts forgot...
22:35:21gevaertsI'll close it right away
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22:41:18 Join bluebrother [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
22:43:58n1shmm, something is broken about the deps generation for libopus, when changing a .h it's not picked up by make
22:44:35 Quit bluebrother^ (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
22:44:36 Quit fs-bluebot (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
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22:50:19amayerkugel: do you have a sec to talk?
22:52:16 Quit sulky (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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